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Trump Goes After London’s Mayor


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Trump expanded his compassions to the people of London after that immediately pursued the city's mayor. John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and also Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you the president's tweets. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area below.

" London Mayor Sadiq Khan has implicated Donald Trump of looking for to separate neighborhoods in Britain after the United States head of state made use of social networks to criticise his management adhering to the assault on the nation's funding.

Having neglected the United States president's justifications because Saturday's strike, with his office saying he was too hectic reacting to the horror attack to trouble with Mr Trump's tweets, the mayor claimed Mr Trump was not assisting a tight spot. Seven people were eliminated in the occurrence, launched by 3 armed aggressors, and also more than 50 were injured.

" Some people flourish on fight as well as department. We are not going to allow Donald Trump separate our areas," Mr Khan informed the BBC."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    It’s just so embarrassing to have this guy as President. To think millions of people still believe in Trump and believe it truly is “political correctness” that is keeping us from being safe. Sad state of affairs right now.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      the only embarrassment is you Anti Semite londons mayor is a Nazi who wants to impose rapist sharia law on the world

    • Posted by Imran Khan, at Reply

      MaGarthur Go Trump. That pathetic politically correct mayor of London shows how weak and ineffective western liberals are. Just roll over and accept being killed. Pathetic

    • Posted by Isabel Tome, at Reply

      +Imran Khan did you read the original twiter post from the mayor ?

    • Posted by Isabel Tome, at Reply

      +Michael Cristian with Muslim you will ban. The Shias trying to survive and are disarmed. Or the Sunnis that are buying arms from USA. (and giving million dollars donation for the empowerment of Women)

    • Posted by teencalvin, at Reply

      R Yates Trump’s​ DEMENTIA is becoming more Obvious By The Day!
      He just threw his Pathetic Surrogates and Lawyers under the Bus!

  2. Posted by heythatsgangrelated, at Reply

    the attack most likely would have never happened if they weren’t allowing thousands of refugees in. so it could have completely been prevented but instead 7 had to die for their political correctness

    • Posted by Kris Taylor, at Reply

      heythatsgangrelated they weren’t “coming in” and weren’t refugees, wtf are you talking about?

    • Posted by heythatsgangrelated, at Reply

      Andrew Brown I hope you’re joking. them being marginalized justifies them killing innocent people? that’s like saying school shooters are innocent because they were bullied so they get to massacre as many people as they can

    • Posted by L Narcissus, at Reply

      Why would refugees do it logically they are escaping the horror done by the terrorists but they are all muslim therefore they are all the same i guess all american white people are just like dylan roof right

  3. Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

    It’s not just mayor Kahn, the majority of the political class failed the British people by not taking a heavy hand to Islam in the UK

    • Posted by gcirc, at Reply

      Alexander de Montfort what your brilliant idea then let’s here it ?

    • Posted by Alexander de Montfort, at Reply

      gcirc, to name but one of many suggestions, one raised by Lebanese sunni community was immediately shut down any Saudi affiliated or funded (via books, pamphlets, paying for speakers etc — anything at all) mosques, as a first step

  4. Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

    We need to stop arming Muslims with vans and trucks so they’ll quit plowing into pedestrians

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      +torinju I’m sure the families of the victims in Germany, Manchester and London etc. would take comfort in a refresher course about the Crusades era. Come on.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      Your claim that Christianity doesn’t do these things due to its nature. You want to judge a religion, you judge the whole thing. Of just ignore anything you don’t like, that works too.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      +torinju Ignoring the perils of Islam is doing wonders in Europe !!! Christians in Europe aren’t blowing up Mosques, but Muslims are slashing throats, forming rape gangs, running over crowds of people and bombing.
      There have been 1,500 acid attacks in London since 2011.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      +Troop Number So are you admitting that ” If you follow the teachings of Jesus, then nobody dies. If you follow the teachings of Muhammad, it’s an epic slaughter. ” is false then, since you are changing the subject?

  5. Posted by Why you gotta go there, at Reply

    Trump loves reading and getting news from the far-right in America. The way he handled this was the same way those sites handed it. Seriously go to the sites and see. The white supremacists have had a field day with this, like they do with any attack that involves a minority. They play right into the hands of terrorists. If you go on right-wing sites and read the comments you will see they would have loved it if even more did die. Anything to push an agenda. I never do understand why bigots think human groups are like bees. We Muslims don’t have a hive mind. We are individuals. Anyway if they understood that they wouldn’t be bigots.

    Do you really think Muslims are at war with you like you seem to be with at us? Or do you think that extremists just love people like you who think we are? The reason people like you hate all of us(because of the extremists) are the reasons those same extremists love you. They want a “Us VS Them” atmosphere more than anyone, and you puppets are great for that. You support and vote for a man that says “We have to take out their families” and is now doing just that, and we Muslims are the terrorists.

    • Posted by Chill, at Reply

      just like TYT looooves when a white guy attacks minorities, its a two way street simpleton

    • Posted by AtheistRedStarRM23, at Reply

      Darius Truxton and Conservatardism has turned you into a brainless sheep who has become an echo chamber for his right wing masters :^)

    • Posted by AtheistRedStarRM23, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer if you don’t Kill Homosexuals, Non-Believers, Adulterers, Rebellious kids, Sabbath breakers, Witchcraft worshippers, and sinners whatever that means then you aren’t a real Christian either :^)

  6. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    Yes, because he says terrorism is a fact of life now and should be accepted!

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      “One of the reasons a lot of muslims dont get a job is not because of racism but lack of education.”

      That’s simply not the case:

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You’re going to compare corrupt cops and insurgents to innocent people that get screwed over in the job market, yet somehow, I’m the dumb one? Yeah right, pal. By the way, you do know that ISIS wants you to class all Muslims as terrorists, right? You do know that you’re playing right into what they want, right? That’s why ISIS likes Trump, and celebrated when he was elected. That’s why ISIS calls the Muslim Ban the ‘Blessed Ban.’ Seriously, right-wingers love to talk about Islamist Terrorists, yet know zero about how they operate.

  7. Posted by Nylphinx, at Reply

    Trump keeps lying and embarrassing the USA to the rest of the word. Insulting a mayor after his city just experienced multiple terrorist attacks, must be bad (or sick) guy. Sad!

    • Posted by jesse di maurizio, at Reply

      Trump’s lies are driving trucks into crowds!!!

    • Posted by Free Bee, at Reply

      Its not gonna stop until america gets outta middle-east!

  8. Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

    Environmental disasters and pollution kill a lot more people than terrorists. Let’s push for 100% clean energy. That means no more need for oil, and no more intervention in the Middle East, meaning way less terrorism (no more flooding the region with oil money and weapons).

    • Posted by Hillary For Prison, at Reply

      So because the U.S. is in the middle east, that is why there is terrorism? You are stupid

    • Posted by Of Woodbridge and Hedgely, at Reply

      + The bearded guy. 75% of produced oil is used for fuel. That needs to be 0%, no matter how much people call you an oil bigot. The main problem with oil is its burning and subsequent release of carbon into the atmosphere, not its use in making lubricants and plastics. Although crude oil is a source of raw material (feedstock) for making plastics, it is not the major source of feedstock for plastics production in the United States. Plastics are produced from natural gas, feedstocks derived from natural gas processing, and feedstocks derived from crude oil refining, according to the EIA. Then there are more ecofriendly bio-plastics and plastic substitutes coming online.

    • Posted by mkrulic517439, at Reply

      h for p, wow you guys are clueless. truly.

    • Posted by Thexxan, at Reply

      Of Woodbridge and Hedgely we are pushing for clean energy. its a lot more complicated than you might think and it won’t happen overnight though. and we can’t use climate change as an excuse for kids being blown up

    • Posted by Decimator334, at Reply

      Of Woodbridge and Hedgely so how is having and regulating energy going to stop jihadists?

  9. Posted by Guy McGenius, at Reply

    If conservatives hate Muslims so much, why aren’t they outraged by Trump’s billion $ arms deal with Saudi Arabia (who sponsor terrorist)?

    • Posted by Rob d, at Reply

      Guy McGenius /you should be more concerned about the Iranian deal that insane Obama made handing over a hundred fifty billion dollars in cash and letting them proceed with their nucular ambitions

  10. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    and the trump apologist only prove they’ll believe every lie or excuse our orange president will tell! he was clearly wrong on this one!!!

    • Posted by Joe Jones, at Reply

      I’m looking at London. It’s raining. Everyone’s going about their usual daily routine. We’ve been attacked twice in the last three months alongside the horrendous attack in Manchester, yet we will not be divided, not be cowed and will not live in terror or suspicion! Our Mayor has proven himself to be a leader for our city that shows your orange buffoon in chief for what he is, a nasty, petulant narcissist with the intellectual ability of a slug.

    • Posted by Louis Cyfear, at Reply

      Chris Parker is that why every time they hear firecrackers they run for their lives?

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Call to prayer!!! When will Christians denounce Donald Trump’s misadventures in the mid-east and pray alongside jews and muslims? Why isn’t TYT covering the praying in NYC?

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Doritos J. Chump.

    • Posted by efcdk92, at Reply

      It’s a cult.

  11. Posted by John Smash, at Reply

    I’m going to take a huge guess now and say TyT won’t condemn the London attacks, or if they do it will be 5 seconds of condemnation and 20 minutes of muh Crusades.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Says a Nazi Anti Semite
      Americans love to laugh in your Anti Semite face as B-52s with pigs blood flys over your muslim terrorist heroes

    • Posted by Lester Brunt, at Reply

      No ronin, we live in reality where TYT does a video about yet another terrorist attack in London and makes it about the IRA and the USA. You people are truly sick.

  12. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    I just reported each and every racist comment below ENJOY!

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      I reported your comment for sexually explicit material, you paedophile scum.

    • Posted by Thexxan, at Reply

      jarjon76 “racist” – critisicing a muslim man for fair reasons

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      Mud slime is not a race

  13. Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

    Was Trump so stupid he took that quote out-of-context, or was he willfully deceptive?

    • Posted by antimatter, at Reply

      Ragitsu probably did it just to take a piss at MSm lol

  14. Posted by Prostitute Trump, at Reply

    Sadiq Khan will destroy that orange child molester. The Sadiq Khan story is the most inspirational one nowadays. By the way: Human Values at the Culture Level of Christians = roughly zero. 😀

    • Posted by Bullion Forever, at Reply

      An orange child molester, liberal trolls are trying hard today to make it snow.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      You’ve been reported to the security services. Clearly you hate Christians and hate white people. You should be in Guantanamo.

  15. Posted by Aroon 5, at Reply

    Muslims make up over 20% of American doctors and are only 1% of the population

    • Posted by carl1223, at Reply

      To advance the leftist agenda that Muslims are indispensable in the west.

    • Posted by Sam Vimes, at Reply

      +The bearded guy​​​ *wise not was I can your speach patterns your an imbecile….and my figures are incorrect? So…list terrorist attacks in uk this year that were not carried out buy Muslims. And I’d LOVE for YOU to attempt that slap sunshine.

    • Posted by Satyam Khan, at Reply

      Well,maybe not.
      I mean,where are those statics from?
      The ratio is certainly higher than their share in the population,but it might not be as high as 1 in 5.

  16. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    these guys are angrier at Trump than the Terrorist that killed innocent people. way to go TyT 👍

    • Posted by Cajun Scorpion, at Reply

      Olivia Grant lol…you’re such an idiotic hypocrite 😂

    • Posted by Hillary For Prison, at Reply

      Do you even know what hypocrite means?

  17. Posted by Emma Smith, at Reply

    Londoners are keeping calm & carrying on, I’m proud of them

    • Posted by Thexxan, at Reply

      batshitcrazy007 i honestly hope you’re being sarcastic

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      Have fun terrorist attacks our way of life said mayor Khan

    • Posted by Decimator334, at Reply

      Emma Smith yeah just carry on as the attacks begin occurring om a daily basis, great mentality!

  18. Posted by Amber Russel, at Reply

    The london terrorist attacks do not represent the entire muslim people. All muslims are not terrorists. Today in Orlando a conservative white christian man killed 10 people and no talks about banning conservative white men and no talks about terrorism. The biggest threat to America is not isis, it is conservative white men. I’d gladly accept refugees in exchange for terrorist rapist trump supporters.

    • Posted by Hillary For Prison, at Reply

      All of you liberals say that it is just a few of them that are terrorists, and that they do not represent the entire population. What you just did was take one time that a white christian man killed 10 people, and just labeled the entire group as terrorists. That is one of the most hypocritical things that I have ever heard

    • Posted by KPgames, at Reply

      the women in germany and france are all wishing they didn’t let those refugees in now and you’ll be wishing the same lol

    • Posted by Shawna, at Reply

      Amber Russel, isn’t it interesting that the people so eager to blame Muslims and brown people for their problems are the first to cry about racism?  All you did was feed them their own medicine (but with truth) and they can’t handle it.  Amber spoke of something that just happened that did not get coverage or labeled as terrorism, that was just that.  Why wasn’t it called terrorism?  Is it because you aren’t afraid because they aren’t targeting you?Thousands of black men, wormen, and children died at the hands of the KKK.  They are the terrorists we have to worry about in this country.  Same as the other white christian men who are serial killers, and mass murderers (usually through gun violence).  If all you can do is come back with some “black on black” crime garbage, then yes, you also are part of the problem, because you can’t see past your own sense of guilt.  You don’t want to be labeled in that group, so stop labeling others, and realize you fell for the lie.  You drank the koolaid.  It’s not your fault, you were fed these lies since birth.  But now, it’s your responsibility. Does this make you mad?  Then actually get to know someone who isn’t like you, and you’ll see that they really are like you.