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Trump Goes To WAR With NFL


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Trump invested his weekend attacking the NFL. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, informs exactly how the NFL responded. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" SOMERSET, N.J.– President Trump on Sunday called for football fans to boycott N.F.L. games unless the organization fires or puts on hold gamers that choose not to stand for the national anthem, claiming that gamers have to "stop disrespecting our flag as well as country."

" If NFL fans refuse to most likely to games till gamers quit disrespecting our country, you will see change occur quickly," Mr. Trump created, on the 2nd weekend early morning in a row in which he aired vent over the issue on social media. "Fire or suspend!"

The tweet recommended that the president, that made use of an expletive on Friday evening to refer to gamers that kneel or sit in objection throughout the anthem– a technique that took hold last season among some African-American players after Colin Kaepernick, the now-former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, did so to object racial as well as social injustice– is bent on deepening a bitter culture-war fight with the N.F.L

. It is an extremely charged dispute, with unmistakable racial undertones, matching advocates of free speech who argue that specialist athletes ought to have a right to utilize their positions to call attention to social problems against those who contend that refusing to honor the anthem disrespects the armed forces as well as the country, which sports is no place for such displays.

In a second publishing on Sunday early morning, the head of state recommended that fans were currently punishing the N.F.L. to protest players' behavior, suggesting that they were eschewing not only the "monotonous video games," but additionally athletes that fall to one knee throughout the anthem."

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  1. Posted by Ovidio Cavazos, at Reply

    When are they going to impeach this guy!

  2. Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

    Jesus Christ, frigging George W Bush had more humility and decency when he spoke.

  3. Posted by Elinor Fadgen, at Reply

    It just seems weird and wrong that this politician keeps talking about patriotism when he back in the 60’s was a draft dodger who said that his personal Vietnam was being able to avoid ST
    Ds during the sex he had at parties. What a Joke this man is!

  4. Posted by N0T Enrique, at Reply

    Another own goal by the orange Buffoon.

  5. Posted by Peter L, at Reply

    The faith of all mankind I see is in the hands of fools.

  6. Posted by Aubrey, at Reply

    Wow, Cenk, this story really brought out the Russian trolls in the comments section below! Excellent story anyhow! Thank you!

  7. Posted by Tanya37red, at Reply

    How can Trump even talk about patriotism when he’s a draft dodger .

  8. Posted by Z, at Reply

    The Dump has NO ACHIEVEMENTS to brag about to his pathetic crowd! NO ACHIEVEMENTS! So, he picks on the NFL to create some cheers from the deplorables. What a LOSER! No Achievements to brag about???? Sad Sad Loser.

  9. Posted by Blu, at Reply

    the draft dodger is telling nfl players they are not patriotic? oh man, this is too funny! what a dotard!

  10. Posted by Peter, at Reply

    Just goes to show once again that Trump is not fit for office, his priority is the NFL and their ratings. How can his dumbass loyalists still support this poor excuse of a man is beyond me.

  11. Posted by CS Lew, at Reply

    Players are the NFL’s money makers. You can’t have a game without them. If you tell people to fire their money makers? WTF?

  12. Posted by James Scully, at Reply

    I think you need to look to see the color breakdown of the sports. He praised NASCAR; mainly white and patriotic to a fault. Not one of those drivers would ever consider doing down on one knee. Baseball – yes; hockey – no; soccer – probably no. The closest NASCAR driver was Dale Earnhardt Jr, who evoked JFK in extolling the right for peaceful protest. But there was no way he would ever consider a protest during the anthem. Another Trump distraction.

  13. Posted by Daryl McSweeney, at Reply

    I get why ppl are saying that this has co-opted the movement from Kaepernick’s original goal, and that’s a legit concern that we should all keep in mind. Some of these statements from the owners are very broad and full of fluff, when Kaepernick was very clear that he was protesting the way that police treat black Americans compared to white Americans.

    But this IS a net win and it’s okay to celebrate those. The divide over Kaepernick and his national anthem protests wasn’t split 50-50. A majority of people supported him, and while a sizeable portion of the country hated him for it, an even larger group just didn’t care.

    Now Trump has forced everyone to pick sides, and whoops, his side has less people…

  14. Posted by Lanwarder, at Reply

    Come on Trump show some empathy! Football is rough! You know what pain is….remember your bone spur you poor poor man?

  15. Posted by Narratives of Old, at Reply

    wasn’t it during the National Anthem that Melania  had to nudge him because he did not have his hand over his heart..?..

  16. Posted by loungeblogger, at Reply

    trump is so cringeworthy, and when the crowd started chanting USA it was like from a simpsons episode 😀

  17. Posted by Pat Gannon, at Reply

    Got to admit, Trump can certainly whip up a racist crowd. It looks like he would like to have the blind loyalty and nationalism of North Korea. Would it surprise anyone to find out that his conflict with Kim Jong-Un is based on Trump being envious?