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Trump Guts Obamacare With Executive Order


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Today Donald Trump signed an executive order to ultimately remove Obamacare. Cenk Uygur simplifies on The Young Turks. Tell us what you believe in the comment section listed below. Sign up for our network:

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" Head of state Donald Trump has actually currently done a lot to sabotage the Affordable Treatment Act, whether it's reducing the program's advertising budget plan or endangering to cut off some payments that insurance providers have to cover their costs.

Now Trump is thinking of using his exec authority to do something that can be even more damaging to the law– and also, probably, a lot more threatening to people who depend on it for protection.

Sometime in the next few days, according to a report in The Wall Road Journal, Trump is most likely to instruct three essential firms to rewrite a collection of regulations that affect medical insurance. Some of the information were still in flux as of the weekend break, resources knowledgeable about the proposal told HuffPost. Yet the utmost objective of these efforts would be to achieve via executive activity what, so far, Trump and also the Republican Congress have been unable to manage through regulation. Particularly, they would certainly undermine the policies that ensure extensive coverage to people with pre-existing conditions." *.

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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply
    • Posted by R Yates, at Reply

      john edgmon-trump
      Morals are lost on you. Don’t you care about the people who depend on ACA.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      john edgmon-trump we get it, youre a miserable person. I hope you can find the proper help for that.

    • Posted by Marijuana Saves Lives, at Reply

      The GOP cut Obama care, it was a team effort.

  2. Posted by Coolness, at Reply

    Republicans are the biggest scum in this entire universe.

    • Posted by trumps still in office losers, at Reply

      Coolness someone’s triggered. Lol

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      trumps still a narcissistic child fascists – The GOP will dump Trump sooooon….

    • Posted by Vitor Silva, at Reply

      If you think like that you’re part of the problem.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply


  3. Posted by Redneck Gamer, at Reply

    If you change Obamacare then it becomes YOUR plan….if u change the rules and then it fails then it fails because of Trump not because of Obama

    • Posted by Baron MUx, at Reply

      Your name does not fit the statement your making. There’s too much logic from a red neck here. I’m impressed.

  4. Posted by Provokult, at Reply

    ” Yipi i got insurance for a low price, but it doesn’t cover me, if i’m sick; great” 😀

  5. Posted by Bobo Lolo, at Reply

    Never trust a business man in a social service

  6. Posted by Vince F, at Reply

    We don’t have healthcare in this country, we have a disease management system.

  7. Posted by FactFive, at Reply

    The biggest issue here isn’t even ACA vs Medicare for All/Single Payer. Other developed countries do not intentionally try to screw over their citizens the way we are allowing our government to do to us. The issue is we have no real checks on our government as citizens and people just don’t care enough.

  8. Posted by Michael Fiedler, at Reply

    Now those sickos get what they have voted for, welcome to Trump idiocy.

  9. Posted by Paul D Pearce, at Reply

    thankfully I live in Canada … saw a Dr yesterday cost to me 0, need xray cost to me 0 …my company has a drug plan cost for meds 0.50 cents !

  10. Posted by Epic Tree, at Reply

    I’m glad I live in Canada.

  11. Posted by April S, at Reply

    I want everyone to have the ability to see a doctor when they need it. I want everyone to be able to afford medication when they need it. I want people to not go bankrupt because they’re sick. can a conservative explain to me what it is they want from Healthcare because I honestly don’t understand.

    • Posted by Bezz80, at Reply

      Most want the same thing, sadly, Obamacare, does not provide the things you are looking for, foremost affordability, those telling you it does, are lying to you…I’m not a conservative, but I am 100% against Obamacare, the ACA, we need nonprofit single payer for all, anything else is a scam and a rip off, if anyone tells you otherwise, they are a shill and a liar. Hope that helps…peace.

    • Posted by April S, at Reply

      Bezz80 I know it’s not perfect, but I think of it as a process where we lead The Reluctant people slowly to it.

  12. Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

    What’s funny and sad at the same time is that the very people who are going to get the BIG BEND OVER on this are exactly the dumb cuck Trumptards who have been screaming to have Obamacare repealed and replaced. Wait until they see how much this is going to cost THEM. I’m waiting to see how long it will take them to figure it out and hear how loud the screams will be.

  13. Posted by dgman smile, at Reply

    trump is such an embarrassment…. i have zero respect for anyone that follows this mean-spirit bigot

  14. Posted by troglodite30, at Reply

    What is it with Trump and Obama?..Trump seems to be obsessed with Obama to the point of it being pathological! He appears to hate anything Obama has ever done and is determined to destroy it all, no matter what it is! The whole world is questioning this obsession, from his fabricated ‘birther’ thing to Obamacare!..Many believe his hatred of Obama is his pure jealously of Obama’s success which has turned into to a serious psychological problem!

    • Posted by Harry Hightower, at Reply

      troglodite30 trump racist doesn’t like blacks and did you see the White House Press dinner …

  15. Posted by Tony C, at Reply

    This is why Trump is great now I can buy junk health insurance finally

  16. Posted by RVREVO X3, at Reply

    So the circuit judges will likely overturn it again

  17. Posted by Batara Siagian, at Reply

    Given the stupidity of Americans as a group, they will probably fall for this. Sixty million morons is a lot of fodder..

  18. Posted by gryphon50c, at Reply

    The only upside is this will affect a lot of Trump-supporting trailer trash.