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Trump Has Cost The Economy 40,000 Jobs


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Inning accordance with the latest numbers, the tourist sector in the USA has shed about 40,000 jobs in the last year due to diminishing tourist numbers from overseas visitors. Those in the market say that Trump is at fault, and worldwide surveys of perspectives towards the United States appear to confirm that details. If Trump is major regarding creating work in the US, the best point he can do is resign from workplace, as Ring of Fire's Farron Relatives clarifies.

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  1. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    Maga, right?

    • Posted by J Popa, at Reply


  2. Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

    They’re just idiots. Anyway, jobs are being created at a net of about 100-200K new jobs a month. Unemployment has dropped by almost 1% as well. Just get off your bias, idiots. It’s media like yours that scare people away, not Trump.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      The net job growth in the country was down in 2017 compared to 2016 by 13,000 jobs per month. 2018 is already trending downward as well, but of course, it’s only the end of January. It’s pretty clear from the facts (so far) that Obama’s admin was better at creating jobs than Trump’s and according to “unbiased” conservative media, Obama was killing the economy. What happened, bro?

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Chad, there are many factors. It’s not simple. The point is that they’re clearly biased. I’m not an Us vs. Them left-right person. I’m not going to defend Fox News. Likewise, you shouldn’t defend TYT. They’re just as biased and dishonest as one another. If Fox News were a Sith Lord, TYT would be its apprentice.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      Saying you’re not an us vs. them person doesn’t mean you’re unbiased. When you make claims like this, you need to support it with evidence, not your gut. TYT admits they have a left leaning. They’re commentary news after all. But to say they are lying *because* of bias without proof, you come off as the biased one.

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      lol, lmfao

  3. Posted by Marek Kolenda, at Reply

    US transportation drops down 50% this yers.Because Trump hour’s working regulations. Is this fake news?

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      “Trump hour’s working regulations”? what’s that?

    • Posted by Marek Kolenda, at Reply

      +Chad Austin Electronic Log’s Books. Small transport companies go out of business. Only biggest can afford this. No more business competition. Service prices go up because of this.

  4. Posted by Aaron Rodarte, at Reply

    3 more years of this? I wouldn’t want to work in tourism right now. There are other Disney lands.

  5. Posted by Marek Kolenda, at Reply

    In US working class gone disappear and only survive very rich people and very poor people. Is this fake news?

  6. Posted by Raed Farraj, at Reply

    “He took mah jauubbb” lmaoo

  7. Posted by Malik Rath, at Reply

    Yeah, screw going down there….. wth?

  8. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    So much (for) winning.

    • Posted by J Popa, at Reply

      Well, you mean ‘getting tired of’. Yeah, I didn’t think I’d get tired, either..

    • Posted by mike lewis, at Reply

      J Popa winning wat lol

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      It’s getting sad watching people deliberately ignoring that they’re on fire and tell us everything is fine.

  9. Posted by M H, at Reply

    This is factually incorrect…

    • Posted by Tom *, at Reply

      Mister Tee Start with yours first, Leftist bum.

    • Posted by Rik Hammond, at Reply

      Tom – or should that be Simon? As in simple? Dopey twat.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      MH you are a pretty lame troll.

    • Posted by Nick Reichwein, at Reply

      Keep telling yourself that lol

  10. Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

    Just ignore the gazillion companies that are increasing wages, giving bonuses, hiring more and donating more to charity. If people don’t want to come to the US it’s because of you. It’s really hard to like Trump when all you hear is lies from far left propagandists.

    • Posted by Pal läo, at Reply

      @Prophet Ascending:
      Somebody who is talking about a “gazillion” obviously has no source.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      A claim with no source or unnamed sources is fake news, right? are you saying *scotaloo7 is a liar*

    • Posted by Pal läo, at Reply

      You have to use actual existing numbers to be able to lie.

  11. Posted by victor soto, at Reply

    @ RING OF FIRE…my suggestion to y’all gringos is to use MORE drugs, then you’ll be happy.

    • Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

      Victor Soto . Trump is your drug . Also known as a streetdrug ” Orange ” .

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      Vic, I’m already having 3 martini lunches. And I have 3 lunches a day. I should probably eat something.

    • Posted by victor soto, at Reply

      @ mods65…He;’s your POS, enjoy him.

    • Posted by victor soto, at Reply

      @ sailor manariel…enjoy yourself, drink as much as you like…in the end you’ll kill yourself. LMFAO

  12. Posted by jo hay, at Reply

    Well I for one am not going there….. till D.T. out

    • Posted by Sean O, at Reply

      jo hay Have room for me at your place?

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Dont come at all jo hay

  13. Posted by tin fingers, at Reply

    this is what liberal desperation sounds like. cherry picking job losses when overall jobless claims are at a 44-year low. desperately trying to push the narrative that the Trump economy is failing, on the other hand they’re trying to give Obama credit for the economy. so which one is it?

    meanwhile everyday it’s new information about how corrupt the last Administration was. using unsubstantiated Russian intelligence to get fisa warrants to spy on political opponents, and everyone of you leninist are okay with that, as long as it’s not you right? Well that’s just the problem one day it could be.

    we are going to be watching history in the next couple of months as the unaccountable Democrats collapse in on themselves with corruption. hopefully liberals will learn from it, but I doubt it.

    • Posted by RB25luvGT35R, at Reply

      tin fingers exactly 💯

    • Posted by mods65 mods65, at Reply

      tin fingers . The fact is that the economy ” began ” to ” grow ” under Obama . Obama didn’t brag about it like Trump to have the ” all because of me ” credits . Is Trump failing ? Yes . He didn’t do nothing . All he is doing is just picking the fruits of trees that were planted under Obama .

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      Mods65 these trump fans don’t care about those facts. They love their bubble of ignorance. It’s like watching a village idiots parade.

  14. Posted by Punisher Joe, at Reply

    Wrong fake news

    • Posted by mountaingoat1003, at Reply

      Oh yeah xander?  Well, Trump says your name is ‘Zany Xander”.  Now you got nothin’.  Believe me.  Tremendous.

    • Posted by xander1980, at Reply

      lol that is probably the nickname he would come up with

    • Posted by Pal läo, at Reply

      He is right – these are wrong fake news –> real news.

  15. Posted by Thomas Fernandez, at Reply

    Donald Trump is not to blame, I mean he is a problem but he is just piece of the puzzle of a much larger problem, and that huge problem is the corporate oligarchs protecting corporate profits and holding people back. And the neo conserative Republicans and the corporate Democrats are to blame, not Trump.
    Man people just love to demonize one person.

    • Posted by MrHispanicpride, at Reply

      wrong, I live in the UK and i’m not going to the USA whilst Trump is in power, I don’t want to be humiliated at the airport, so i’m going to Canada instead, I know lots of people who feel the same. Trump is a bad egg.

    • Posted by Thomas Fernandez, at Reply

      MrHispanicpride okay, I didn’t know that but are you white?

  16. Posted by Marc Santos, at Reply

    Honestly, they are going to crash the economy just like the 80s, 2000s and now 2020s. Three Trickle down crashes and your out. The global economy will no longer see the US as a reliable economic partner. Sad. Just one man’s perspective

    • Posted by sloovy mann, at Reply

      You can say that often. Even with the historical facts in your favor. The republicans will still try and deny it. Once it happens they will say the recovery isn’t fast enough. Then fool their lemming army into voting for the same trash that got them in the mess to begin with.

  17. Posted by samfeyo rozo, at Reply

    Thx for the video

  18. Posted by Ancient Paradise, at Reply

    For buildup a wall is very costly from Mexicans to pay his way and not America’s way to creates more jobs and rebuild bridges.

  19. Posted by iurhviusdfavhi, at Reply

    If we don’t count every single able-bodied human being in America that’s not working then the unemployment numbers are just completely absolutely made up bullshit that means nothing. 5%?! More like 50% unemployment.

  20. Posted by Carlos Oliva, at Reply

    I rent my car to tourist and I found out that is being going down I used to be busy with guest not any more I get like one renter a month now