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Trump Has No Clue What NAFTA Is


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Precious reporters: please ask Trump what the letters in NAFTA represent. Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, and Alonzo Bodden, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" President Trump was readied to reveal Saturday, on the 100th day of his presidency, that he was withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Contract– the sort of turbulent announcement that would upend both global and domestic politics and signal to his base that he was keeping his campaign promise to end what he when called "a complete catastrophe" and also "among the most awful offers ever before."

" I was good to go to terminate," Trump claimed in an Oval Office interview Thursday night. "I eagerly anticipated ending. I was mosting likely to do it."

There was just one problem: Trump's group– like on a lot of problems– was deeply separated." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur,.
Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Alonzo Bodden.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, John Iadarola, Alonzo Bodden.


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  1. Posted by Adi Rodriguez, at Reply

    Love TYT!!

  2. Posted by Joker, at Reply

    “NAFTA is bad” — Trump 2017

    • Posted by Leroy Middleton III, at Reply

      Black Terry So all the welfare and free subsidies the uber wealthy get doesn’t affect this country worse. Please wake up my friend. You’ve been hoodwinked and led astray.

    • Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

      You know were at a low point in our history when people think welfare spending is bankrupting our country…
      Lemmings. You’re getting raped by the corporations daily, and they have you brainwashed to blame the little guy.
      *When will you comprehend your own deception?*

    • Posted by alanrtment porter, at Reply

      Oh, you again. Still winning?

    • Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

      Always winning

  3. Posted by Tobby Olumba, at Reply

    Trump does not know about the North American Free Trade Agreement. That is what NAFTA stands for.

    • Posted by justmemadison, at Reply

      You think he knows what google is…lol. That’s funny.

    • Posted by Mathias Jakobsson, at Reply

      NAFTA stands for unfair taxes, not free trade.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      No, NAFTA literally is about free trade. It’s in the name.

    • Posted by Foreseen G., at Reply

      BadWebDiver it’s a joke…he’s operating under the idea that Trump doesn’t know what NAFTA stands for, he learned from his rallies that his supporters don’t like taxes and they don’t like NAFTA, so obviously NAFTA = unfair taxes.

  4. Posted by Donald Trump, at Reply

    FAKE NEWS! Pathetic!

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Prove it.

    • Posted by RassBrass, at Reply

      What’s real news, what comes from the white house?

    • Posted by Kesha Nation, at Reply

      Hal Jordan on the clock but the party dont stop no

    • Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

      This story is fake news. And trump is a competent leader, well respected across the globe.
      *i couldnt even type that with a straight face.

  5. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Protectionism > Free Trade

    • Posted by Nicholas G, at Reply

      Y2K We have people kids protesting in the streets and disrupting everyday life here, because they’re upset with corporations outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. American corporations provide millions of jobs to impoverished nations. It’s not possible to spoonfeed every poor person in the world. We barely have enough jobs every one of for our own 300 million citizens, how in the hell our we supposed to employ the every one of the billions of poor people in the world?

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      +Nicholas G​ Who said we are “supposed to” employ every poor person in the world? I’m not saying that we should force corporations to give jobs to poor people. I’m saying that we should stop forcing them to give jobs to rich people (almost everyone in the US is rich by global standards).

    • Posted by Nicholas G, at Reply

      Y2K Don’t get me wrong, I donate money and resources to help causes in impoverished areas of the world. I’m just saying we shouldn’t mess with our system, as our system keeps us safe from the cruel realities of the world.

  6. Posted by Magnumanxl, at Reply

    #MAGA (morons are governing America)

    • Posted by Mary Barsaloux, at Reply

      fangal12 Wherever do they think Betsy DeVoss came from?

    • Posted by goddidit4, at Reply

      McAndrew Rants REALLY???? I guess that’s why he’s filled the republikkkcan swamp with billionaires

    • Posted by goddidit4, at Reply

      Specific Nerpo pls get over bernie why don’t you!! in the end it was between Hillary and trumpanzee. so, bernie’s minions and the trumpturds gave the go ahead for trumpty dumpty and the republikkkcan swamp to destroy this country

  7. Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

    Let’s be real. No one really understands NAFTA. But maybe the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES SHOULD know.

    • Posted by Justice Democrat 82594, at Reply

      vinnythewebsurfer true, but Ross Perot nailed it on what the effect were going to be.

    • Posted by Plat inum, at Reply

      vinnythewebsurfer it’s a free trade deal to improve the economy? Lol

    • Posted by La Nausée, at Reply

      Let’s be real. No one really understands Trump. But maybe the CHEETOH MICROPENIS DICTATOR WORSHIPPED BY SUBHUMAN CUCKS SHOULD know.

  8. Posted by JCTiggs, at Reply

    Does Trump have a clue about ANYTHING? When he speaks. his sentences are an incoherent mess of jumbled words thrown together that don’t even make sense, let alone answer the question he was asked.

    • Posted by JJ20, at Reply

      Reminds me of Sarah imbecile Palin!

    • Posted by sooph1e, at Reply

      He looks like they full blown Manchurian Candidated him..

  9. Posted by Che Bugginz, at Reply

    Trump debunked the “only blacks have low IQ’s” statistics.

    • Posted by Jayquwan Jefferson, at Reply

      Chronic AZuL no he did not and you know he did not. All you have to do is Google search crimes of illegal immigrants and it’s all there. Rape murder everything. you saying that he said all Mexicans you know you’re lying. you know he was talking about you illegal immigration and the consequences of not enforcing our federal laws. Google yourself and get informed. Trump is not a racist get over it.

    • Posted by Chronic AZuL, at Reply

      +Jayquwan Jefferson P.s. prove PROGRESSIVE democrats are stupid. Progressive democrats do not include Sjws, Black nationalist, feminazi, etc feminazis are different from regular feminist btw.
      I have to explain everything because you already generalized democrats once so there’s no reason for you to do it again

    • Posted by Chronic AZuL, at Reply

      If you search “Trump calls mexican immigrants rapist murderers etc” on the internet you’ll find it. I know you don’t wanna admit it because you like Daddy Trumps conservative views and his administration full of bigots such as Mike Pence, Steven Bannon, and Jeff Sessions

  10. Posted by Jack K, at Reply

    It saddens me to say America is becoming the world’s best comedy show and it’s all down to one man.

    • Posted by MrBiggieRock, at Reply

      Jack K ……………………………….. We finally put Chancy Gardner in to run the country, 30 years ago they make the movie ‘Being There’…………………. Now we know that this movie was all about Trump.

    • Posted by alanrtment porter, at Reply

      You talk a lot of absolute trump m8!

  11. Posted by Jacy M, at Reply

    I saw this yesterday and I love you guys but Trump didn’t misspeak. When he said, ”I don’t know who the people are that would put us into a NAFTA..” It is actually correct. NAFTA stands for North American Free Trade Agreement, so to say someone put us into a north american free trade agreement is perfectly sound. Don’t get too cocky guys.

    • Posted by MinesAGuinness, at Reply

      Hi Jacy. I certainly can sympathise with your last observation, with a similar dynamic existing in my own country, where one party attacks the protections afforded us, while the dominant faction of the other merely aims to slow the pace of attrition rather than reverse it, until they once again lose power and allow the other to erode it further – whereupon they pronounce that level as the new ‘acceptable’ consensus…

      On the other hand, I do wonder whether Donald Trump poses a quite separate threat. He may not be a smart man, but he is a talented demagogue, and this talent has enabled those with special interests to piggyback on his success and achieve things that would have taken many years via the usual channels. He uses corporate money and has his own corporate ambitions, but he also displays a fundamental lack of understanding of and respect for US institutions in general that seems detached from this. He seems willing to attack and to override checks and balances at personal whim, and uses a disregard for detail as his justification. Whether he can actually succeed in the long run is debatable, but the attempt itself will erode trust in the Federal government and public service as he uses them as tools. A few people have stood up to him over certain actions he has tried to take – but often at the cost of their jobs. To plenty of people in fear of their livelihood, simply being told by the President that he wants to do something is intimidating enough to force them to bend regulations and laws in the short term, and hope that the courts can sort it out later.

      In the realm of foreign policy, unless he can be completely engrossed in his passion for trade, the potential for disaster is immense. I suppose there is a silver lining in that he is arguing with Canada about something he doesn’t understand, rather than doing the same with North Korea!

    • Posted by Jacy M, at Reply

      How can it be THE NAFTA before it even exists???? No it is A North American Free Trade Agreement they were negotiating.
      Heat and Serve, to say something is one-sided is to say it benefits one-side. An agreement can have several parties and still be one-sided.
      Ok, I gotta stop now, I am just repeating myself.

    • Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

      Jacy M The North American Free Trade Agreement was negotiated and signed by Canada, Mexico and the United States. It was subsequently abbreviated as NAFTA. In Canada it is referred to as Accord de libre-échange nord-américain, abbreviated as ALÉNA and in Mexico they refer to it as TLCAN. Short for Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte.

      There’s also two supplements: the NAAEC and the NAALC. It is definitively THE NAFTA which is A free trade agreement.

      Trump didn’t say it benefited one side in particular. He said it benefited both Canada and Mexico (more than the US?). So even there he contradicted himself. That aside it is a trilateral agreement which all parties signed and ratified by each nation’s legislative branch. No one put the US into a free trade agreement. The democratic process had it’s due course.

      And for Trump to call on NAFTA and say it’s one-sided is a bit heavy-handed if not completely wrong. The trade deficit he refers to doesn’t paint the whole picture. For instance: Many companies moved manufacturing into Mexico to utilize the cheaper labor costs because of NAFTA. Also, roughly 40% of Mexico’s exports go to the U.S. Of course it will show a trade deficit if the U.S. keeps buying more goods from Mexico than the opposite. That doesn’t necessarily mean the deal is bad. It just means U.S. is buying more from Mexico than the other way around.

    • Posted by Jacy M, at Reply

      Heat and Serve, well thanks so much for mansplaining something I already know. Can you tell me if you have a point?

  12. Posted by Andy Hirth, at Reply

    You TYT news people are wrong 10,000 times again.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Prove it. I want every detail. Every – single – one.

    • Posted by Dr tonni, at Reply

      Name 12.

  13. Posted by korkz808, at Reply

    I bet Donald Trump can’t even give the first 5 ammendments of the constitutuion

    • Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

      He does know about the Second Amendment. He knows them as the guys who could kill Hillary for him.

    • Posted by David Ekstrom, at Reply

      lol, that’s not basic enough…Obviously he would NEVER get that right, but then most people would make the argument that most people don’t know them off by heart either.. so Trump would win with that…no you gotta ask him simple questions that you KNOW he can’t answer, like what do the letters in F.B.I stand for? or, what is 2 + 2? you know, stuff like that…

    • Posted by Sean Cone, at Reply

      G Washington Actually, yes they all could dumbass.

    • Posted by Theodore Bartlette, at Reply

      simple questions will make him choke like which came first the chicken or the egg, (that question looks simple but you can write a short story on it) why are you so smart and me he say its because i’m smart. (you need a reason why your smart. by you saying your smart doesn’t make you smart )

  14. Posted by MavenCree, at Reply

    I live in Canada. Really putting some thought into a southern wall…

    • Posted by Bomb Cherry, at Reply

      MavenCree don’t lock us out, please 😂😜

  15. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    Hell, the average TYT viewer doesn’t understand basic economics so I highly doubt they even know what NAFTA is. Take your own advise TYT cucktards, you guys don’t know anything beyond pop culture. Idiots.

    • Posted by Shannon Greene, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist
      I love seeing faux brainy retorts on the dumb nature of others. Economics aside, your greasy chide is made more amusing by the fact that you are confused by advise vs. advice. These are fourth grade words.
      Sit a couple plays out genius.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Wrong. The North American Free Trade Agreement was negotiated between Canada, US and Mexico to co-ordinate trade of products at special deals to encourage the economies of the three nations, ans promote a peaceful coexistence. It was one of the byproducts of 70s-90s economic thinking, as the Trans Pacific Partnership was going to be for Pacific nations.

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      the average tyt is not president of the united states, you twat.

    • Posted by Adur Pandya, at Reply

      You are VERY wrong about this. And you’re an idiot if you think economic policies are in any way classifiable as distinguished from other policies.

  16. Posted by JabberCT, at Reply

    He is the DUMBEST president in history. In other words, he represents his supporters perfectly!

    • Posted by avin r, at Reply

      Yorkshire Lad “1+2=5
      DON’T CALL ME STUPID!!!!!!!”

  17. Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

    Trump Has No Clue What NAFTA Is, just like his voters

    • Posted by Garden-Variety Google User, at Reply

      I’m almost positive that, if an interviewer was asking him about NAFTA and them started to use “Aflac” instead, trump wouldn’t know the difference and start to refer to it as Aflac as well.

    • Posted by Brick Tamland, at Reply

      madison, yeah it gets worse with impeachment as well because pence would replace trump. pence is notorious for using electrocution in gay conversion therapy.

  18. Posted by Bix Nood, at Reply

    Wow TYT defending NAFTA, I guess they’ve  totally thrown principle overboard.

    • Posted by ngaiflex, at Reply

      Andre B Why would you ask these trolls if they even watched the clip knowing very well they only watch Alex Jones and simply parrot what he says. Heck, this is probably Jones himself.

    • Posted by Андрей Мишин, at Reply

      They are not, listen carefully to what they say

  19. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    We’re a laughingstock. For the first time in my life I’m ashamed to be an American.

    • Posted by yash agar, at Reply

      jarjon76 there so to be third world rats…..and now since you are in touch with reallity now plzz refrain from arrogantly dissing third world country as if you are better than us..

    • Posted by Jason Gray, at Reply

      If this is the first time in your life your ashamed to be an American, you haven’t been paying attention.

    • Posted by Jayquwan Jefferson, at Reply

      then go to France