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Trump Has Spent Close To 25% Of His Presidency Playing Golf


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A brand-new evaluation shows that Donald Trump has actually invested somewhat more than 22% of his days as Head of state of the United States playing golf. Bear in mind, this coincides guy that non-stop attacked President Obama on Twitter for going golf every once in a while. In addition to that, Trump dips into his very own training courses so he reaches pocket the money that the management spends at these hotels. Sign up for the Ring of Fire for extra:

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  1. Posted by Luna vampire, at Reply

    This show what he really cares about. Do we really want him as president? He has done nothing that will actually help America and he did is help his wealthy friend and made America look stupid to the rest of the world.

    • Posted by Brian Miner, at Reply

      but would pence be stone walling legislation, no, he would be signing bills that would hurt most americans

  2. Posted by wheelitzr2, at Reply

    didn’t Trump say several times that “he won’t be able to golf because he will be so busy being president”? k you Trumpets explain this one.

    • Posted by jean cary, at Reply

      yes, I didn’t watch the whole video either

    • Posted by Private Potato, at Reply

      To all you dems on here blasting Trump for a weekend in Florida. You do know, or did daddy Soros forget to tell you, that he works when he’s there, right? BTW, if he does take any time off, it’s usually 1 or 1 and a half days a week, So all you bitching says that you don’t think he should have a day off ever. WOW. He’s at work by 4 am. Why didn’t you tell oblamo that he couldn’t have a day off during the weekend? Pathetic hypocrites.

    • Posted by apeflac, at Reply

      Private Potato “that he works when he’s there” by work you mean twitte

  3. Posted by killercatdk, at Reply

    hehe 25% golf 25% twit and 50% cry/rage/lie

    • Posted by TheRage259, at Reply

      What did he cry/rage/lie about during 50% his presidency?
      You are obv fake news.

    • Posted by Iridium, at Reply

      And how much time did he spend watching TV, another 25%, probably.

  4. Posted by Iridium, at Reply

    What portion has he also spent watching TV?

    • Posted by lastname firstname, at Reply

      Don’t forget Twitter

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      Probably another 50% the last 25% is amount of time spent embarrassing the country and acting a fool.

  5. Posted by Bruce Morlack, at Reply

    wait I was mistaken, trump was not golfing, he periodically takes soil samples for scientific studies into climate change! heh- heh- heh !

    • Posted by Sara Beth, at Reply

      Bruce Morlack Meanwhile back at the White House Ivanka and Jared are selling our country to the Russians and Chinese.

    • Posted by Bruce Morlack, at Reply

      Sara Beth you got it!

  6. Posted by Ivan Ezell, at Reply

    Combine this with 6hrs of TV a day … SAD!!!! BIGLY SAD!!!!!

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      It’s “research”

    • Posted by #LiberalSnowflakeHilbotTearDispensersSuckBalls., at Reply


    • Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply

      T.V. being Alex Jones.

    • Posted by #LiberalSnowflakeHilbotTearDispensersSuckBalls., at Reply


    • Posted by GODSPEED 33, at Reply


      What on earth are you even saying right now? lol.

  7. Posted by Joshua Lopez, at Reply

    I don’t think Trump wants to be the president as much as he wants to play the president.

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      He does not play very well, and when he is cornered, the Reichstag is going to blow up, and his 2-week Reich is going to do a lot of damage in the short term, and possibly a major war will be started along the lines of Iraq only worse, which can not so easily be cleaned up by the next weak Democrat.

  8. Posted by nuigurumisama, at Reply

    On the bright side, the more time he spends golfing, the less time he spends destroying the country.

    • Posted by Ascended Transhumanoid, at Reply

      if there is a red button and if you push it all humans will die except you then robots will suddenly build civilization protecting animals and preserving the environment then starts colonizing the rest of the universe. would you push it? if yes do you believe Robots are more Superior than Humans?

    • Posted by #LiberalSnowflakeHilbotTearDispensersSuckBalls., at Reply


  9. Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

    “…you step down from the presidency ’cause you don’t want to do the work, and I will _never_ talk about you again. How ’bout that?…”
    That is exactly what he doesn’t want. He wants everybody to be talking about him all the time.

    • Posted by Keisha Nicole, at Reply

      Steven Davidson Yup.

    • Posted by #LiberalSnowflakeHilbotTearDispensersSuckBalls., at Reply


    • Posted by Starbright Wingtips, at Reply

      #Liberalblahblahblah. You should stop doing so much coke if you’re sniffing so badly we can hear it on YT.

  10. Posted by ric b, at Reply

    America would be a lot better off if he spent 100% of his time playing golf

    • Posted by Path Evermore, at Reply

      barry soetoro is a figment of the conservatard imagination. just the “make america great again” lie

    • Posted by #LiberalSnowflakeHilbotTearDispensersSuckBalls., at Reply


    • Posted by DraconicEpic, at Reply

      I guess the special snowflake can only type in caps or were you so triggered you forgot to turn off caps lock? U ANGRY BRO? :O

  11. Posted by Dark Joker, at Reply

    always look at the bright side 25% less beeing stupid in office

  12. Posted by Goldstein Van Fartingham, at Reply

    I will never be able to take conservatives seriously again after electing Trump.

    • Posted by LethalOwl, at Reply

      Why not?

  13. Posted by Moloch, at Reply

    Trump is using his presidency to enrich himself… this is expressly forbidden by the constitution

    • Posted by Thomas Wilson, at Reply

      LethalOwl – Facts? Let’s talk REAL facts:
      1. How does anyone truly know what he us worth when he refuses to release to tax info?
      2. What we do know us that trump had at least four (4) bankruptcies within the past 25 years.

      But he is the expert negotiating-businessman? More like a Bernie Madoff clone.

    • Posted by snowbaordguru, at Reply

      Trump never divested himself of his businesses therefore he earns the profit from them. Taxpayer funds go directly to Trumps profit margins. You’ve got some nerve talking about facts and casting that “oaf” charge about.

    • Posted by snowbaordguru, at Reply

      He has only released one year, 2005. It would be extreme to say that was transparent.Only Gerald Ford and Trump have not released anything of substance since 1970. Hell, even G.W. Bush and Cheney released 8 and 7 years respectively.

      Traditionally a POTUS divests himself from his business. Trump has not. Therefore he makes his public salary and his private business income which now includes a taxpayer teet funneling profits to him personally.

    • Posted by Kris S., at Reply

      He _is_ a failed businessman. What he’s not failed is earning money. There’s a vast, vast difference. Trump ran half a dozen companies into the ground and looted them on the way out, and refused to pay workers, pay back money, and in every case (be it Chinese steel, or workers using incorrectly stored fish at Mar-A-Lago) he cut corners on materials. He also took millions in loans from banks.

      Being a successful businessman, is potentially admirable. You are producing a product and running an institution, come hell or high water. Bezos, Gates, these are businessmen. What morality you attach to their business practice is up to you to interpret, but you cannot deny that they have run businesses in order to make money. Trump has _looted_ business and betrayed workers, contractors, investors, and shareholders. That makes him a robber baron.

  14. Posted by Mcfishy First, at Reply

    Btw it’s all publicly funded

    • Posted by LethalOwl, at Reply

      .. “Publicly funded” – do you think golf is expensive? He’s got enough of a personal fortune to spend the few dollars it costs for a round or two.
      For the record, if you sincerely believe he spends close to SIX HOURS A DAY at a golf course, I feel sorry for your delusional state of mind.

    • Posted by Screaming PHOENIX, at Reply

      LethalOwl How much money to you think it takes to fly in the entire secret service as well as house them for every trip they take accompanying the president? it’s not a coincidence that the secret service often has to stay at Trump hotels, the money goes right back to Trump. Trump is essentially getting paid to goof off.

  15. Posted by Sam Smith, at Reply

    would you rather him be golfing or building a casino and apartment complex over Yellowstone national park? that’s what I thought.

    • Posted by Fernando Ruiz, at Reply

      Sam Smith I’m no trump hater but just step back and read what you just typed

  16. Posted by Alex Buisson, at Reply

    This president is such a moron.

    • Posted by Kris S., at Reply

      He’s not a billionnaire. Most intense reviews of his monetary wealth by neutral parties, and anecdotal evidence _from friends and allies close to him who work with him,_ suggest he has hundreds of millions at most, and has repeatedly gone deep into debt. Also, he didn’t outsmart anyone; Hillary lost. There’s a vast difference between outperforming someone, and being less of a failure. He got closer to the finish line, but still didn’t cross it.

      Lots of people said he _could_ be President too. Go back and look at Cenk Uyger, the Humanist Report, David Pakman, Kyle Kulinski, stating, “Hillary will _probably_ win, but they’re acting like this could never happen and that’s dead wrong. There are warning signs all over the place that we could end up with Trump as President.”

      You need to stop assuming that being successful and being an admirable person are the same thing. The world is littered with examples of the opposite.

    • Posted by Clorox Bleach, at Reply

      Tommy, actually he only won electoral college if you honestly believe that nobody illegal voted using a dead guys name which is actually possible in all states that have laws against VOTER ID. this makes it so you can get a bus full of illegals and drive them somewhere where they don’t got voter ID, then they vote. This was captured on film if you bothered to look for it.

  17. Posted by davinodf, at Reply

    Where is Sean Hannity criticizing all the golfing trips that Trump is taking? I remember when Sean was criticizing Obama for playing golf. Sean where are you?

    • Posted by JuL3r, at Reply

      Probably busy playing golf himself

    • Posted by willows26, at Reply

      Leave Sean alone! He has tunnel-vision!

  18. Posted by Duffercity1, at Reply

    The Trump Toads are at it again.  Trying defend the ineptitude of our intellectually impotent President. Trump got to the White House spewing using his lies and deceit, fails to deliver on his promises, and yet his supporters want to believe that Trump actually cares about them, or America.  He doesn’t! This whole ruse has been about what Trump can do for himself, and himself only. He is using his supporters as stepping stones to get what he wants, then he will simply bury the stepping stones behind him. Sad!

    • Posted by EdEdd&Eddy, at Reply

      So explain to me how playing too much golf is worse than putting guns in the hands of terrorists? Love to hear your explanation, thanks.

  19. Posted by Fur Lass, at Reply

    Conservative trolls have nothing to refute this. All they have is ad hominem.

    • Posted by doeboyelsancho, at Reply

      Fur Lass Trump’s approval is bette rthan Obama… trump has done more for amreiKKKa in 6 months than Obama did in 8 years!!”

      -trump Turds

    • Posted by EdEdd&Eddy, at Reply

      Obama let soldiers get murdered being careless, he put guns in the hands of terrorists, he put guns in the hands of drug cartels to try to catch their leader but at the expense of thousands of people losing their lives over the guns illegally handed to them………………… vs Trump playing a lot of golf. Can you explain to me how playing golf too much is worse?

    • Posted by Fur Lass, at Reply

      “How playing golf too much is worse?”
      Once again, they cannot refute the hypocritical laziness of a Republican, so they try to change the subject. Now it’s Obama. Trump has swindled you people through Trump University. Now he’s taking your “hard-earned taxpayer money” to play golf, profiting himself at the same time. Conservatives have always voted against their own interests.