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Trump Has Told 1,318 Lies In 263 Days


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Inning accordance with evaluation done by The Washington Article, Donald Trump has made 1,318 incorrect or deceptive cases in the last 263 days. This standards bent on a little bit more than 5 lies daily, or one lie every four as well as a fifty percent hrs. This needs to stop. Conservatives are falling for these lies each and every single time, and also as Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins clarifies, every one of these lies has a real life consequence.

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  1. Posted by Raymond Leggs, at Reply

    Donald Trump told the truth once but that was just a lie.

  2. Posted by TheNZJester, at Reply

    Wrong he has not told 1,318 lies, he has only been caught out by those fact checking telling 1,318 lies. His real number of lies in that time is way higher.

  3. Posted by Buch, at Reply

    Liar in chief

  4. Posted by Susie G, at Reply

    You know, this may be all a big snow job. “feuding” in public to through off the press. It’s kind of how Trump won the Presidency. Nobody saw it coming.

  5. Posted by Iouse Iou, at Reply


  6. Posted by Texas Made, at Reply

    WoW!Holy Shshshsh! WTF! Can you imagine if Obama administration or even Obama himself told a fraction of these lies!?!?!? Seriously,WTF!

  7. Posted by Monsa Mgi, at Reply

    I have a friend who is pathological liar, so i am not surprised. My friend is very outgoing, so i believe about 25 percent of hes stories. Sometimes he forgets we have been in same events, and quite often tries to wright all the cool stuff others did to hes own account. He is not even embarassed when caught on a lie.
    Hes my friend, so i dont mind much, but wouldnt want him to be president of any country….

  8. Posted by Zachary Xavier, at Reply

    Wrong, he’s told about 100,000+ lies.

  9. Posted by Davon Harlem, at Reply

    Make America great again?this guy don’t even know what he’s the president of

  10. Posted by BraniusBalki, at Reply


  11. Posted by Mike Garcia, at Reply

    Nailed it

  12. Posted by Chason Wright, at Reply

    Well that explains why he’s litteraly being immensely destructive, and when theirr are more countries that hold a grudge against the population…yeah

  13. Posted by Adam GreenBarr, at Reply

    Great video and it’s amazing how trumptards believe anything. It’s mostly stubbornness but very disturbing

  14. Posted by King Stannis Baratheon, at Reply

    *Fact checkers at the Washington Post*

  15. Posted by Linda g, at Reply

    You sound surprised that Trump has lied that many times, he lied his way through the primaries and general election.

  16. Posted by President Vladimir Putin, at Reply

    Fake news, trump told wayy more lies than that

  17. Posted by mkjboise, at Reply

    1318 lies is a mere pittance to the amount of lies TYT tells per month!