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Trump: I Don’t Blame China For Taking Advantage Of America


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Trump hammered China during the 2016 election. Now not a lot. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below. Join TYT:

" BEIJING– Head of state Trump showered appreciation on Chinese leader Xi Jinping below Thursday, promoting "excellent chemistry" in between them while choosing not to slam his counterpart for the trade discrepancy that Trump railed against during his project.

Speaking at a joint look with Xi in front of business leaders, Trump said the United States profession relationship with China is "a very one-sided and also unreasonable one." Yet, he promptly added: "I don't blame China. Who can blame a nation that has the ability to capitalize on one more nation for the benefit of its people? I offer China fantastic debt."

During the governmental campaign, Trump charged China of "raping" the United States economic climate and intimidated to label the country a "money manipulator"– even though economic experts have said Beijing has not unnaturally reduced the value of the renminbi for several years, a technique designed to earn exports more affordable. In his comments here, Trump repeated that the United States must "transform its policies," but he supplied no information about activities his administration will go after."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by Jparodyy, at Reply

    Trump cucks to China.

    • Posted by John Daniels, at Reply


    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      TYT cucks for Islam

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      You simpletons will never understand “the art of the deal”. (rolls eyes)

    • Posted by Erika Erikson, at Reply

      You don’t know what a cuck is.  Cucks want to take care of somebody else’s kids instead of their own like how Democrats and Republicans have plenty of money to take care of Mexican kids but not our own.

  2. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    hey trump supporters what happened to you agree with trump when he said global warming was a Chinese hoax and that china was a currency manipulator?

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 fine i miss read your comment whatever it still doesnt change that exxon hid their own scientific findings for literally decades though.

    • Posted by slaughterhome, at Reply

      The argument isn’t and shouldn’t ever be that climate change is man made; climate change happens on its own naturally. HOWEVER, there is a substantial amount of evidence that human activities have accelerated the rate at which natural climate change would occur.

    • Posted by Atharkas, at Reply

      Still denying reality listenbuddy? Remember, empirical evidence do demonstrate that the speed by which the climate is changing is due to human. There is no denials about that.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Jason C I wasn’t talking about Trump, Cletus.

  3. Posted by Loone Wolf, at Reply

    He is a shape shifter whenever it serves his own benefit and whatever his current rhetoric is… 😒

    • Posted by Sarcastic Space Leopard, at Reply

      It’s almost as if he’s some kind of politician

    • Posted by Trish McGreal, at Reply

      Loone Wolf Absolutely, a genius.

    • Posted by Trish McGreal, at Reply

      Sarcastic Space Leopard Nothing like a politician. Politicians around the world are embarrassed at their own ineptitude.

  4. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    Donald Trump is in hog heaven among dictators! I would guess he is actually intimidated. They have no respect for him because, as anyone with a brain should see he is an idiot. The supposed most powerful nation in the world, is commanded by a twelve year old! By the way, buy American is bullshit, his entire wardrobe is manufactured somewhere else.

  5. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Trump complains that China is taking our jobs, but him and Ivanka have not made any attempt at bringing their China based business’s back to the US!!!
    I believe Trump speaks with forked tongue!!!!

    • Posted by Lakers fan, at Reply

      BLAIR M Schirmer damn 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Erika Erikson and they speak with terrible grammar. (rolls eyes)

  6. Posted by Green Fury, at Reply

    im starting to feel sorry for Americans, i feel like there should be a charity for middle and the lower class

    • Posted by BLAIR M Schirmer, at Reply

      Or we could just institute a 100% tax on all incomes over $5m a year, and institute a 95% estate tax on estates over $20m.

      You can have the right to make as much money as possible, or you can have a democracy.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      LOL If you aren’t an American you are below us.

  7. Posted by Dek Cgi, at Reply


  8. Posted by Straight Outta Markarth, at Reply

    So Trump lost his balls. What happened to “chiiiina” this and that during the campaign? The currency manipulation and all that.

    • Posted by elijah mikle, at Reply

      Straight Outta Markarth trump has no balls. Never did. Talk is easy. Everyone runs thier mouth in hopes of bluffing. When you meet resistance… well that’s what separates the adults from the children. Children fold right away like trump. Adults put up a fair fight.

    • Posted by kharn the betrayer O, at Reply

      He said he doesn’t blame china taking advantage and yeah that doesn’t mean his surrender he going to try to get america to compete.

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      kharn the betrayer O
      Lmao! Funny joke.

    • Posted by eathenbad, at Reply

      what a moron. if Obama said it, you would be jizzing over it worshipping the black president. If Trump says truthful/intelligent things, you just deny it out of anger. LOL!

  9. Posted by Angela Grijalva, at Reply


    • Posted by Angela Grijalva, at Reply


    • Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply

      Angela Grijalva your jobs were shipped over seas by Obama.😂

    • Posted by Shaun Varga, at Reply

      Jobs were shipped overseas by people like Donald Trump, who pay for their products to be manufactured overseas.

    • Posted by RikaRieGaming, at Reply

      +Cenk Dude, he was right “Crooked Business” men DO ship jobs overseas, do some research.

  10. Posted by Sky Captain, at Reply


    • Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

      Sky Captain But you call people that say ‘black lives matter’ racist because you’re a hypocrite.

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      Whatever. Aren’t you late for your Klan meeting?

  11. Posted by Peggy Hill, at Reply

    We have the Dumbest President Ever!

  12. Posted by zarplex2003, at Reply

    Oh, my god… Did Trump just say that he gives China great credit for taking advantage of us for their citizens? Is this the Trump supporters’ idea of America First?!!

    • Posted by Don, at Reply

      Russia first, China second, America third

  13. Posted by trouble follows, at Reply

    Not surprised Trump doesn’t want to be asked questions in another country, he doesn’t want to answer questions here in the US.🙊🙊🙊🙊

  14. Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

    Trump is weak.

  15. Posted by M Neu, at Reply

    Mark is right on point. Trump wishes he was king, like the Chinese king.. emm…. President (“some people think of him as the king but he’s the President….” – Big DJT).

  16. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Yet China has Donald’s and Ivanka’s contracts to produce the goods they put out. Donald just got approval to hire 70 new immigrants at Mar a Lago. Why not hire American?

  17. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    Coward to the highest degree. He hides behind twitter. I bet he attacks China within a month when he’s back in his safe space.

  18. Posted by Klaus Gartenstiel, at Reply

    donald praised xin for taking advantage of the us. how adorable is that?

    • Posted by eathenbad, at Reply

      are you stupid? if Xi Jinping took economic advantage of other countries for the benefit for Chinese citizens, then he IS a great leader for Chinese. Liberals have no capacity to understand perspectives.

    • Posted by Klaus Gartenstiel, at Reply

      eathenbad the answer is yes. but i see you haven’t answered my question. how rude.

    • Posted by eathenbad, at Reply

      what was your question?

  19. Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

    So nobody else realized that he practically said that america should have the work standards of china to “compete” with them

    Well there go worker rights, minimum wages, safety precautions , age restrictions and environmental protection

    That’s the problem of global capitalism
    Once outsourcing becomes possible labor becomes a race to the bottom as reduced living standards are incentivised through the process of competition

    • Posted by DCee, at Reply

      floofydragon – Please share exactly where he “practically” said the things you just made up here.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      DCee achieving an “equal economic playing field” with china while we currently have a “one sided” economic balance that’s not china’s fault

      This one sidedness is caused by outsourcing due to the lenient regulations and low wages in china that have pulled global production into their nation

      I doubt that any politician let alone republicans will enforce heavy regulations to counter this because it goes against the “free market”
      Therefore the only other way to take back industry from china is to out-china china.
      And by taking taking trump’s statement into consideration, his disdain for environmental protection and minimum wage regulations (he has openly declared that the minimum wage is too high despite it not covering the cost of living) we can see that he sees china’s socioeconomic model as a golden standard

    • Posted by Vladimir Trumpin, at Reply

      fl00fydragon remember when Obama said there’s little difference between communism and capitalism?