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Trump: I’ll Shut Down The Government If I Don’t Get My Wall!


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Trump is as comfortable not paying the United States federal government's financial debts as he is not paying his own. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the remark section below.

" WASHINGTON– President Donald Trump is threatening a government shutdown if legislative Democrats do not give in to his demands to fund a border wall in a costs expense following month, but Democrats do not appear to be backing down.

" If we need to close down our federal government, we're building that wall," Trump stated during a Tuesday rally in Phoenix az, Arizona, recommending that he would certainly enable a shutdown come October if a U.S.-Mexico wall was not moneyed.

Democratic leaders reacted swiftly Wednesday early morning making it clear that the incorporation of wall surface financing in a bill to keep the government open would suffice for them to elect no.

" If the President seeks this course, against the desires of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as most of the American people, he will certainly be going in the direction of a federal government closure which nobody will certainly such as and which won't complete anything," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) claimed in a declaration." *.

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  1. Posted by Christopher Reyes, at Reply


    • Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply

      american people??….we dont want an “american people”….just people…ok?…..

    • Posted by Chris Deleon, at Reply

      And probably broke

    • Posted by Greg Raines, at Reply

      Christopher Reyes and a cuck.

  2. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    Mexico will pay for the wall. And if Congress doesn’t pay for the wall, I will shut down the American government.

    • Posted by Meg C, at Reply

      That fun moment when some people think they’re really yelling at Donnie Tiny Hands and miss the sarcasm. Well done. 😉

    • Posted by orignal tough guy frank cornflake!, at Reply

      as an Australian yes i wanna see you shut the government down and destroy your country then conservatives will be shot.

    • Posted by Pierre Louis, at Reply

      Donald Trump is doing a NUTJOB. That i can tell you FOLKS.

    • Posted by MR. Right, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump easier said than done!

    • Posted by Bertie Wooster, at Reply

      Trump, you’re a crazy man! What are you doing on YT

  3. Posted by Kingdom of Israel, at Reply

    Walls work.. but not without supportive technology.

    • Posted by Karine Angell, at Reply

      How? Do you have a plan that the Orange man doesn’t know about?

    • Posted by Raymond Ha, at Reply

      Kingdom of Israel A wall exists to be defended. Israel’s wall will be about 400km long when completed. The yearly maintenance cost is about $260 million. I don’t believe that includes personnel. The proposed US wall is 1600km long, which doesn’t cover the entire 3000km border. Are Americans, who are always clamouring for lower taxes, prepared to add hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars to the yearly deficit to pay for maintenance, and personnel?

    • Posted by Warren want, at Reply

      USA pays for that wall as well

    • Posted by Daniel K, at Reply

      So does Korean DMZ. Nobody gets through there. Ever. But both Israel and Korea are incredibly small compared to the United States. It would definitely take hundreds of billions of dollars to make it effective like the Israeli wall or Korean DMZ. If we bring back our troops from overseas and have them guard the wall, that would be a different story and we can make it work considering how much we spend on military. but nobody’s talking about ending deployments in Afghanistan or other countries. The money needs to be allocated where it is needed, not where your ego is.

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond also lets occupy mexico, and say they are anti american if they crtizize our illegal wall… wait that already happend israels doing the same thing

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    If this crybaby wants the wall so bad why doesn’t he pay for it himself instead of making americans pay for it. Must not be the billionaire he claims to be.

    • Posted by JESUS IS KING, at Reply


    • Posted by Theary Koy, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond …right😲😲😲😢😢😢

    • Posted by Nathan Long, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond heck if i was Trump I pay for it myself and try to build it by my hands or something.
      If he shutdown the government then we have every right to get him out of office.

    • Posted by Mike Rodriguez, at Reply

      Not with those porcelain hands sweat heart

  5. Posted by Anomic Anchorite, at Reply

    Is Amerika great yet?

    • Posted by Andrew Reed, at Reply

      Exarch of Justice nope!

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      Exarch of Justice. It’s been better. (Every time there was a democrat president.)

    • Posted by Dennis King, at Reply

      Anomic Anchorite Are there still LUNITIC LIBERALS running around? Yes ! SO NO AMERICA IS NOT GREAT YET. WHEN YOU ARE ALL DEAD THEN IT WILL BE.

    • Posted by ThunderDog97, at Reply

      Dennis King – it’s actually spelled ” LUNATIC “.
      You should know this in case people ask “what’s wrong with you?”.

  6. Posted by smittyd4801, at Reply

    We need to build a wall around Trump and a mental institution.

    • Posted by RANDOM MAY, at Reply

      smittyd4801 Best idea I’ve heard in a loooooong time

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      I’d rather see it behind the walls of a supermax prison, honestly.

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      +Kevin Montrond Loser

    • Posted by Mona M, at Reply

      smittyd4801Now ,this is a wall Mexico and the rest of the world will gladly build .

  7. Posted by David Jacquez, at Reply

    Wah! Wah! Just quit paying for trump towers secret service.

    • Posted by Alonzo Quiñones, at Reply

      Actually the secret service is out of money. Look it up.

    • Posted by David Jacquez, at Reply

      hudsle no kidding. Just one more way trump is ripping off the government. Why is secret service is whats on everyone’s mind?

    • Posted by Stan Robertson, at Reply

      Maybe if Trump didn’t charge them $75,000 for golf cart rentals (and who knows how much for accommodations at his resorts and tower, and security for his family and relatives to travel around the world), they would not run out of money!

  8. Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

    Trump is trying to use our tax dollars on his stupid worthless wall.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply


    • Posted by Drunken Mongoose, at Reply

      I say build the wall. We’re going to borrow every dime of it anyway. It won’t cost one additional dime to taxpayers will because they will never pay the debt they already owe. Our entire economy is built on debt and Trump is better at that than anyone.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      He’s using the wrong Tactic. He should Legalize American Grown Marijuana, and claim American Jobs need protecting and the Cartels need defunding.
      But he can’t because Marijuana is schedule I and the Republicans are NOT Progressives.

    • Posted by Harvey In the flesh, at Reply

      humboldthammer that’s ingenious

  9. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    What the hell happened to Mexico paying for the wall? Are we going to make the wall out of Trump’s lies, instead of bricks, for there are so many of his lies?

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      I wanted a tortilla van on every street corner!

    • Posted by Derek Anderson, at Reply

      Hal Jordan Heliograf created more than 500 articles, with little human intervention, that drew more than 500,000 clicks.

    • Posted by MrMacal1, at Reply

      Tacos! not tortilla.

    • Posted by Marshall Dan, at Reply

      First the wall gets built, then mexico pays for it. That was always the plan.

      Also, have you bothered to watch Cenk debate Sam Harris? Ben Shapiro? He gets spanked everytime he goes up against anyone who knows their stuff, because he lies constantly.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      lmao oh really? That’s what Mexico said? Huh.

  10. Posted by Joshua Fontenot, at Reply

    This is nothing more than a monument for Trump. He wants to plaster his name in the history books at any cost.

    • Posted by JCLeSinge, at Reply

      And in a decade or two, all that will be left is miles of crumbled rubble, broken fencing, and unfinished foundations cutting a line through the desert.

      And on the one still intact stretch of wall, one wit will scrawl:

      “My name is Trumpymandius, King of Kings, look upon my wall, ye mighty, and despair!”

    • Posted by Wolfgang H, at Reply

      awesome post

    • Posted by MrMacal1, at Reply

      Sooner than a decade…. it will not work anyway.

    • Posted by Bertie Wooster, at Reply

      That’s actually insightful.

  11. Posted by Lonnie Frank, at Reply

    Antifa sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Julie Ake, at Reply

      Mr407Mike Truth!

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      Rosencrantz23ph Far left terrorism definitely exists, like the guy who shot Scalise. Antifa is despicable and they’re just as bad as alt-right. They label anyone they disagree with fascist to justify physically attacking them. There’s a reason New Jersey labeled them a terrorist organization. They make liberals look bad and they definitely don’t represent the left wing

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      john k Idk if you’re naive or what but antifa are anarchists, communists, and people who are against free speech. New Jersey Homeland Security labeled then a domestic terrorist organization.

    • Posted by Benito Mussolini, at Reply

      hizzle mobizzle Being against a dangerous communist organization doesn’t make someone pro fascist…

  12. Posted by SweatyShivers, at Reply

    I’m Canadian so I may be mistaken about this, but wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for the wall?

    • Posted by ben ben, at Reply

      Eleanor Sanchez yea but the delusional think he’s done more in six months than Obamas done in 8 years

    • Posted by stormwatcher59, at Reply

      No, donnie just said they would.

    • Posted by Cee Montana, at Reply

      Trump promises a lot things for his supporters, which of course he cannot deliver. Like finding out he couldn’t bully a sovereign nation into paying for his great wall scam.

    • Posted by Vicki Coleman, at Reply

      SweatyShivers Hell Yeah!’👍🏼

    • Posted by Bertie Wooster, at Reply

      Mexico probably doesn’t have enough money to pay for the Wall…

  13. Posted by Dracke Stalen Torgen, at Reply

    Im mexican, we wont pay for it but you know what? build your useless wall thatwont be compleat even if he somehow managed to stay in power for 8 years, it will certanly be taken down by the next president or the people themselves, all you are going to achive is bank rupt your country and then no one will want to live there, have fun.

    • Posted by CREvothegreater, at Reply

      dems only want mexicans 4 slave below min wage labor……

    • Posted by leqaf, at Reply

      Republicans too, I don’t see them pushing for penalization for hiring illegals.

    • Posted by OpenlyTranshumanist, at Reply

      Mlpfanboy healthy citizens dont make a profit, but dead men dont. Sick people do

    • Posted by Slawischstreiter, at Reply


      50% of US foreign aid goes to Israel and every year you “loan” them 5 billion $ which is then forgiven at the start of every year. This is how Israel can afford universal healthcare and why they’re the only country who isn’t in a yearly deficit.
      And that’s ignoring who knows how many weapons and equipment you send them so they can run their military. That probably goes into the billions too which they are again saving since they don’t have to spend their own money.

    • Posted by Slawischstreiter, at Reply


      I am in favor of both the wall and universal healthcare

  14. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    Why doesn’t the orange buffoon just say forget the debt & not pay it like he did when he claimed bankruptcy 6 times!

    • Posted by Slawischstreiter, at Reply

      Because the Jews running the FED would have him die in a plane crash like the last guy who suggested that like 80 years ago.

    • Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

      Boy you need mental heath help bud, seek it, get it!

    • Posted by Mlpfanboy, at Reply

      Slawischstreiter he’s the president, even if your paranoid white nationalist moronic delusion was true in anyway shape or form he flies on a private airplane accompanied by fighter jets and the FEDs can’t get anywhere near it.

    • Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

      No one wants the orange buffoon dead, just locked up for the criminals things he’s done, laundering money for years for the russian mafia!

  15. Posted by Stryker A. Wolfe, at Reply

    Congratulations America you voted for a 6 yr old child that likes to throw a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants, the voter has failed the country.

    • Posted by Beenthere Donethat, at Reply

      Stryker A. Wolfe I didn’t vote for him.

    • Posted by Greg B, at Reply

      American voters voted for Hillary, the shitty electoral college elected Trump

    • Posted by wearypirates, at Reply

      Stryker A. Wolfe he lost by nearly 3 million votes. Our stupid electoral system failed America.

    • Posted by ThunderDog97, at Reply

      wearypirates – Actually trump lost by more than that if you count all votes.
      Trump = 62,985,134,
      Clinton= 65,853,652,
      Write-ins= 1,154,084,
      Johnson= 4,489,235,
      Stein= 1,457,226,
      McMullin= 732,273,
      Other= 453,880.
      So according to my math, Trump=62,985,134 – Not Trump=74,140,350 .
      Totals show trump had 11,155,216 more votes against him than for him.

  16. Posted by Larry Byrd, at Reply

    Every time trump says “believe me”, I put a dollar in a jar: I’ll have enough to pay off my mortgage next week….

    • Posted by Drunken Mongoose, at Reply

      I did the same thing with CNN and the phrase “according to unidentified sources”. I just made the Forbes 500.

    • Posted by spiderfan1974, at Reply

      Drunken Mongoose I did everytime fox so called news lied and retired in two days.

    • Posted by Tommy Jarvis, at Reply

      Drunken Mongoose
      I did something almost the same, I put a dollar in a jar every time trump has lied or said something stupid, I’m happy to say I have enough to pay off the US debt

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Larry, it’s cheating if you watch the same video over and over and over.

    • Posted by Vyvyn Lazonga, at Reply

      Lol, love that

  17. Posted by Sense of Reality, at Reply

    How the hell do you get a Shutdown in government, WHEN YOU HAVE THE RULING PARTY IN THE SUPERMAJORITY.

    • Posted by Moke, at Reply

      Nitpicking but the GOP don’t have a supermajority in either house (ie 3/5ths of the voting members).

    • Posted by Sense of Reality, at Reply

      I meant supermajority as in controlling the presidency, house, & senate