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Trump Incest Tweet Gets Reporter In Trouble


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Julia Ioffe sent out a nasty tweet about Donald Trump that got her in trouble. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“As the world watches President-elect Donald Trump transition to take office come January, news about his Cabinet appointments, meetings, and his tweets, of course, continue to spark interest and concern for many. One concerning angle about his presidency is the role his family members will potentially have in his administration. Particularly, recent meetings involving his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have raised quite a few brows. And this week, more reports on Ivanka's potential role in the White House have come out — specifically, that Ivanka might even get her own office in the White House. The allegation from CNN has prompted more questions about nepotism laws and breaches of protocol as it relates to Trump's transition.

Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for Trump, responded to a request from Romper regarding reports that Ivanka Trump could possibly have an office space in the White House. "This report is false," Hicks said in an email to Romper.

According to a CNN report on Thursday, there have been talks surrounding a possible forthcoming "Office of the First Family" in the White House's East Wing, where Ivanka could allegedly have an important spot. According to Jezebel, the idea that Ivanka could get an office resulted from the fact that Melania will not use her's since she's not moving to D.C. with Trump. But Hicks, Trump's spokesperson, dismissed that report, telling CNN that no decisions concerning Ivanka have been made.”

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  1. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Julia loffe forgot that free speech only applies to republicans.

    • Posted by Ryan Evans, at Reply

      +flypurplecat what?

    • Posted by TheRainbow Queen, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond apparently so 😂

    • Posted by Anne Fidler, at Reply

      TheRainbow Queen

  2. Posted by LordHealey, at Reply

    The alt-right are so pathetic. How far can they bend over for Vlad Putin
    and the Russian state? The right-wing used to be patriotic

    • Posted by Unbeknownst One, at Reply

      The alt-right, especially Alex Jones and his followers, LOVE to bend over
      so Putin and evangelical pastors and secret service and sheriff can massage
      their prostates while they’re being shafted…

    • Posted by polyseed12, at Reply

      Leftest? The whole world is to the left of Republicans.

    • Posted by E Lee, at Reply

      Obama curbed press freedom worse than Bush did according Jon Stewart, and
      expanded the secret services power.

      And Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were doing biz with Russia. You guys
      make no sense anymore.

    • Posted by xShadow, at Reply

      Patriotic? They and Trump are the first to cower under Russia’s power.

  3. Posted by Lord Caelvanir, at Reply

    Gotta love that classic right wing hypocracy!

    • Posted by michelle stonebraker, at Reply

      Mr. Guiterrez since you are altright and claim to be
      non-anglo/non-European, then why did Milo Yiannapolous at his University of
      Wisconsin speaking event out a transgendered person and then leave their
      picture up the whole time while insinuating that people who live in this
      manner are freaks? If alt-right wants to make change where we are all
      accepted into the fold then why do that? Can you please direct me to a
      place that can explain that operating tactic, especially if you are trying
      to create a diverse coalition

  4. Posted by Eric Dickson-Peppler, at Reply



    • Posted by Beast80001, at Reply

      Eric Dickson-Peppler Shrecking

    • Posted by TheBaconlaser, at Reply

      0:15 Ana is so eager and delighted to badmouth Trump she actually misreads
      or mispronounces the word shirking lol.

    • Posted by Fa1c0, at Reply

      Eric Dickson-Peppler oh, someone already posted this before I could.

  5. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    Trump supporters got TRIGGERED with a tweet.

    • Posted by Plur, at Reply

      Trump supporters act like they have a teenage crush on him. It is so
      pathetic, and pretty disturbing.

    • Posted by barry allen, at Reply

      Trump is OUR president and there’s NOTHING you can do about it! LMAO!
      Have fun with that FACT!

    • Posted by K Johnstone, at Reply

      Wait and see. Dec 19th 😉

    • Posted by Rockyblack smith, at Reply

      +barry allen
      And you got triggered by the OP appearently.

  6. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    That tweet triggered a lot of right wing SJWs

    • Posted by Manc26, at Reply

      Holypikemanz Yes there are. And right wing PC police. This story is a
      perfect example of that.

    • Posted by Coodie Plum, at Reply

      +Sinessa It doesn’t matter. You were against Trump, so you’re still mad.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      +Coodie Plum
      The only response you should be typing to me is an apology for being so
      wrong and dumb.

  7. Posted by thesweatleaf, at Reply

    Donald Trump is an illegitimate imbecile of a ‘president’ #AmericaHatesTrump

    • Posted by Cis White Male with extra privilege, at Reply

      If you don’t vote, you don’t matter.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You silly willy. We as the American people elected him. We can’t wait until
      he takes office!

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      +Dragon1717 No, You silly idiot. American voters didn’t elect Trump,
      Hillary has over 3 million MORE votes than Trump. PUTIN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR

    • Posted by Travis Rogers, at Reply

      No, Most of America can’t wait until he’s assassinated.

  8. Posted by Mark Halley, at Reply

    Completely agree with what they said at the end. Cenk’s commitment to real
    journalism and diversity of opinion is truly admirable. Does he agree with
    everything Jimmy says? Of course not. So did he fire Jimmy? Nope. He
    launched Aggressive Progressives. Can’t imagine many corporate networks
    would do that.

    • Posted by Jack Smith, at Reply

      Dennis King half of the subscribers are alt right sjws who sit by their
      computer all day waiting for tyt to post a video so they can dislike it and
      argue against it no matter what it is.

    • Posted by Kay Stone, at Reply

      Mark Halley I see comments on every Jordan video of how people are
      surprised Cenk would allow such “far-left” rhetoric on the main channel. I
      always laugh cos it’s obvious Cenk doesn’t mind differing opinions on the
      channel. Differing opinions bring in larger audiences and even more
      revenue. It’s a no brainer to keep guys like Jimmy and Jordan in the fold
      even if he disagrees with them from time to time.

  9. Posted by John Doe, at Reply

    What’s the big deal? The reporter is tellin it like is. She’s a gangster.

    • Posted by mastermill79, at Reply

      Infinite Sheldon Do they need a safe space? Are they themselves now the
      special snowflakes they criticize so much? DISCLAIMER No Ivanka was
      fingerblasted by me for more than 30 minutes in the creating of this
      comment DISCLAIMER

    • Posted by Infinite Sheldon, at Reply

      +mastermill79 “Do they need a safe space?” Yes, they used to have them
      back in the days of Segregation, and they miss those days something fierce.

    • Posted by mastermill79, at Reply

      Infinite Sheldon Was that when they created a safe space in JFK’s head?

    • Posted by Holypikemanz, at Reply

      left wing slander= “she’s a gangster”. Grow up kid.

    • Posted by Krieg Meister, at Reply

      Not to mention, I actually like when women speak bluntly, like the lady TYT
      news anchor… It was kind f hot when she quoted the tweet and said it so
      casually. 🙂

  10. Posted by Kurama, at Reply

    Didn’t Trump already imply he wanted to bang his daughter?

    • Posted by sil2222, at Reply

      +Junior Gaming
      I think those are your kids. Lucky guy you are.

    • Posted by nowwithmorekick, at Reply

      Yea.He wont shut up about it.

  11. Posted by IAN m, at Reply

    Come on she’s just saying what everyone’s thinking lol.

    • Posted by Iron Fist, at Reply

      Trump family<--------Modern day Borgia Family!!

    • Posted by Coodie Plum, at Reply

      Spartacus of Thrace Lol, Yea, “Illegal criminals will be deported” is so
      offensive to minorities.

    • Posted by Matthew Dobbs, at Reply

      Coodie Plum exactly i dont get that either…who can disagree that if they
      are in the country ilegally and are known criminals, who would want them to
      stay R or D or independent?

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      +Spartacus of Thrace give us one example?

    • Posted by Anne Fidler, at Reply

      Mark Broadhurst g

  12. Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

    Here come the trolls ready to defend __

    • Posted by MusicBreather15, at Reply

      +John Charles
      Every story about Trump is false now? Really?

    • Posted by Shining Star, at Reply

      +John Charles I might get it one day John. 😉

    • Posted by michelle stonebraker, at Reply

      SO, can I ask you sir, and I mean no disrespect, I just want to understand
      how you discern truth and fiction. How do you know anything is true? Fact
      and truth are similar, but different. Fact happen, for example- When Trump
      invited Russia to hack into Hilary’s email to find the deleted emails
      earlier this summer, or Bill Clinton’s creative use of a cigar as a sex
      toy…this happened. These are facts…truth is unfortunately subjective in
      modernity. Ok, so maybe the sex toy thing is a little truthy, but the fact
      is that he did it…see what I did there? Changed my idea..when I
      considered it further, and objectively. I would love to see one thing where
      any one who voted for Trump would say something cause he has backed away
      from so much that he has promised from draining the swamp to now building a
      tundra, i.e. frozen swamp, I have not seen a single criticism from anyone
      who voted for him about theses flip flops…that is what scares so many of
      us who do not identify in the political binary…lol

  13. Posted by Sergei, at Reply

    The journalist should not have apologized.

    • Posted by Shara Hampton, at Reply

      Google pics of Trump and Ivanka. The most disturbing one is of him sitting
      on the side of a bed, talking on the phone – she’s about 11 or 12, in a
      short black dress hiked up as far as it could go without her underwear
      showing, her legs are across his lap and she has her arms around his neck,
      kissing him on the cheek. If he hasn’t actually fucked her, he’s thought
      about it a whole lot.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply


    • Posted by SovietButcher, at Reply

      Slander requires you to present the things as facts, this was clearly an
      opinion/a joke. Know your laws ffs.

    • Posted by antred11, at Reply

      I admit that I’m not particularly well-versed about the legal situation,
      but I *think* that publicly making such severe accusations without any
      evidence at all counts as slander. And Trump having Ivanka sit in his lap
      may be creepy, but it is NOT incest by any stretch of imagination.

      Trump is giving us so much legitimate ammunition for attacking him, why
      grasp at straws and concentrate on something which you cannot prove?

  14. Posted by doxide, at Reply

    Someone needs to run a paternity test on Ivanka’s kids to find out if
    they’re Donald’s.

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      Trump fucks his sons if his daughter doesn’t put out.

    • Posted by Good Palmer, at Reply

      Cap. big balls that’s funny.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      you might needto apologize for that joke

  15. Posted by Statimtek, at Reply

    Q: How do you tell if Trump screwed his daughter ?
    A: Look for the Cheeto’s dust between her legs

    • Posted by toast1012, at Reply


    • Posted by polyseed12, at Reply


    • Posted by leo cannon, at Reply


    • Posted by Octavia Cole, at Reply


  16. Posted by Michael Taylor, at Reply

    lol didn’t he say on national television that he’d have sex with her if she
    wasn’t his daughter

    • Posted by barry allen, at Reply

      +Michael Taylor I sure do LOVE *WHITE* girls <3

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      I suspect that Barron is the illegitimate child of Ivanka and Donald. So
      Donald better bust out Barron’s birth certificate to prove that Ivanka is
      not his real mother.

    • Posted by Ellis James, at Reply

      He said if she was not his daughter, he would be dating her.