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Trump Keeps Stacking EPA With Fossil Fuel Stooges


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Trump's war on the setting is working out. John Iadarola and also Jayar Jackson, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Trump's budget slashes the EPA's primary scientific research programs by 47 percent, according to the former staffers' analysis. "This location would certainly be one of the most severely cut, unlike verbiage in the Budget plan record recognizing the vital function of scientific research in performing EPA's regulative, allowing and enforcement responsibilities," says the record. "The damage is not only to EPA however to scientists across the nation." The budget consists of an additional 7.9 percent cut to the Scientific research Board of advisers, which supplies professional advice on the science that underlies EPA rulemaking.

The record from the former EPA staffers additionally provides some numbers that bring into question among Pruitt's oft-stated speaking factors that the Trump administration's adjustments will certainly enable the agency to redouble on its core obligations– tidy air and water– and return ecological obligations to the states. Pruitt prefers to call thisa "back-to-basics agenda."" *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson.


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  1. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    I love fossil fuels. So i have no probs !

    • Posted by Bernie Smith, at Reply

      Meanwhile, they are stealing our tax dollars.

    • Posted by Liberty Crusader, at Reply

      Lisa Mcguire your happy about dapl getting shut down? how will you heat your home in the winter? how will you fill up your car so you can drive? you hate fossil fuel, but how u gona live without it? solar panels aint gona do the trick…

    • Posted by Liberty Crusader, at Reply

      The Young Turds exactly, they just do what ever fake news tell em to do.. they dont do much independent thinking on if what they are doing makes sense

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Liberty Crusader very true my friend. Lovely crusader symbol dp btw. It is Very relevant today.

  2. Posted by phuk offndy, at Reply

    So much for draining the swamp.

  3. Posted by Justin Norton, at Reply

    Once again, Trump is stacking the deck for his pockets and his scumbag administration. Trump doesn’t believe in global warming, doesn’t believe in clean water, doesn’t believe in education, or doesn’t believe in anything that will make America great again. Trump and Trump supporters are traitors and should be sent to North Korea, because they have the same beliefs.

  4. Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

    Federal direct subsidy to wind and solar is 33 times that for fossil fuel per unit of energy produced.

    • Posted by dudekool 888, at Reply

      +luvcheney1 Federal govt will now burn more coal, reduce renewable, will increase the pollution, reduce subsidy for healthcare and will give you a Trumpcare so that Morons like you cease to exist soon

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      dudeisuncool The Federal Govt must burn some coal, as coal is electricity to some degree. In fact, Tesla`s are coal fueled vehicles, to a large degree. My point was this…… Federal Direct subsidy to solar and wind is 33 times that of to Fossil. This is a direct, but invisible cost all consumers of electricity are paying. The reason WHY it must be subsidized is because if people were free they would refuse to pay such a huge subsidy.
      In this way we see Global Warming simply being a leftist scheme for Govt force upon the people. To ignore their opinions with how they spend their own money.

    • Posted by dudekool 888, at Reply

      +luvcheney1 what’s your age and what is your educational level?

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      dudeunkool666 Your question is to avoid reality. Govt subsidizes wind and solar many times more than fossil, referenced from Energy Information Agency of the US Federal Govt.

  5. Posted by Lisa Mcguire, at Reply

    Biggest swamp in presidential history. Believe me. Sad.

    • Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

      Lisa Mcguire No, nobody who’s been brainwashed by anti-Trump propaganda will believe you.

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      Yes all this evil Propaganda … ist not like the right called Obama a Terrorist, Muslim, communist, Marxist, Demon, Devil …. etc.

  6. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I’m starting to assume when trump said he was to “drain the swamp “? he meant any and all of the beneficial aspects of the governing body, because it’s obvious……the swamp has become more and more toxic by the day!

  7. Posted by Mwamba Simon Kapss, at Reply

    I fear for America and the world because the damage this scam bag is doing now will set the USA and many others backward for decade. It will literally take years to fix what this fool is doing now.

    • Posted by Mwamba Simon Kapss, at Reply

      Decade from today these politicians will be dead and gone but Kids, Grand kids and Great Grand Kids will be the real victims of what these greedy bastards are doing today.

    • Posted by Davis Li, at Reply

      Mwamba Simon Kapss Grandkids will be benefit from the economic growth. Trump is saving the money by cutting the unnecessary funding which is used to overprotect the environment. It does not equal to destroy the environment. Wake up, delusional libtards.

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      do 1 hour of research on non-partisan websites.
      If Trump was cutting all the stupid regulations I would be fine with it, except to trump, a “stupid regulation”
      Is every single regulation that is designed to prevent people like him from poisoning the environment.

      *You* need to “wake up”, delusional, ignorant conservative.

    • Posted by Davis Li, at Reply

      Jessman9000 This comes down to how much you evaluate economy and how much you evaluate the environment. The final question is: is it worth it? Maybe cutting some findings and recitations will be damaging the environment a little bit, but if the economical benefit is significant, I will be for it. Don’t forget the nature can self heal as well.On the other hand, if the regulation cut damages the environment much more than it’s economical benefit, I will be against it. Also, I believe that with economical growth, the government will have more money to spend, hence, more money into protecting environment(if the funding percentage stays the same).

  8. Posted by Mwamba Simon Kapss, at Reply

    Decade from today these politicians will be dead and gone but Kids, Grand kids and Great Grand Kids will be the real victims of what these greedy bastards are doing today.

  9. Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

    The fat BROWN Armenian Genocide Lover won’t stop with video after video after video shitting on Trump.

    • Posted by CerBoris, at Reply

      +dancinkindofguy As if you care about Armenians let alone Armenians 100 years ago. Your a right winger. You care about yourself. Cenk has explained why he named his show The Young Turks and you choose to ignore that and go off on your own ignorant opinion. You mock them for complaining and you choose to come to their channel and complain about them. That is hypocrisy.

    • Posted by dudekool 888, at Reply

      +dancinkindofguy ask alex jones to tell you a conspiracy theory to soothen up your butt

  10. Posted by Zurround100, at Reply

    Putting these people in the EPA makes about as much sense as hiring a bunch of Megan’s Law pedophiles to supervise children in a kindergarten.

    • Posted by Liberty Crusader, at Reply

      why are you anti oil/fuel industry? your burning fossil fuels as we speak

    • Posted by Mario Giorgi, at Reply

      +Liberty Crusader being FOR the environment doesn’t necessarily have to mean one is against fossil fuels. If we can lower fossil fuel usage without negative impacts to our economy why not do it. renewable resources are the future and we should slowly phase them in more and more.

  11. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    “I’m going to build a swamp and fill it with swamp.”
    – Donald J. Trump

  12. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    The swamp just got ten feet deeper!

    • Posted by Jessman9000, at Reply

      and Rotting flesh, and rotting assholes(corporatists)

  13. Posted by Twostones00, at Reply

    Poisoning the water, land and air should be considered as a crime against humanity and a threat to all living things. Who among us wants to drink polluted water and contaminated food? Trump is destroying our entire ecosystem. The GOP is owned by corporations that only care about profit. In the very near future it will be impossible to find pure water to drink and pure food to eat right here in America.

    • Posted by Liberty Crusader, at Reply

      trump destroying entire ecosystem? your joking right? human impact is negligable. no need for hysteria

    • Posted by dudekool 888, at Reply

      +Liberty Crusader what’s your age and educational level?

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      dudekool 888, I am a doctoral candidate in physical chemistry and I agree with Liberty Crusader. Right now we are not doing much to the environment.

  14. Posted by Peter Liljebladh, at Reply

    Will he also stuff the military with gun refusals?

  15. Posted by Drangus, at Reply

    So I’m compiling a list of the average trump supporter’s rhetorical repertoire. Feel free to contribute:

    msm is fake news
    parrot a fox news talking point
    you’re wrong, now prove me wrong
    blame blacks and muslims
    blame obama
    but her emails
    play victim
    threaten violence
    pivot to another topic
    libtard pedo cuck snowflake
    downvote and run away

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Drangus BLAME MEXICANS










    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Y2K I was 18 when there was that whole millennium bug/y2k fear mongering going on and I’ve got to say-at least in the uk-it was mostly media hype, people here mostly didn’t believe anything was going to happen. Maybe America was different mind you. Ive got to say it was funny in January 1st when nothing much at all happened lol

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Hell BLAME everyone except wealthy conservative Christians! This is REPUGNANTKLAN party MOTTO

  16. Posted by Mr blade, at Reply

    let’s just get the idea in mind, the world will end soon, deforestation water,a and air pollution will kill all of us, trump is just making it easier for this to happen more tumors and different decreases will start to appear more often.

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Liberty Crusader the world may not end but people will still suffer when water/air/soil is polluted

    • Posted by Liberty Crusader, at Reply

      Teethgrinder 83 air/water is already polluted and it obviously sucks. but if you want to drive cars and have heated homes, you gotta pay the price

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      Liberty Crusader I can tell your focused purely on carbon emissions which is why your talking about driving and heating homes. What about other industrial pollution?

  17. Posted by AllYourBase, at Reply

    the damage wont be easy to undo. Grats trump voters. He’s basically gutting things to make it easier for him and his buddies to do what they want. like this was not obviously what would happen.

  18. Posted by K Money, at Reply

    can this scumbag be impeached already

    • Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

      It’s all republicans.

    • Posted by AVM3798, at Reply

      K Money yes get that fat brown turk out of here

  19. Posted by unbiased, at Reply


  20. Posted by ED Martell, at Reply

    What is the end game for all of this blatant environmental destruction?
    Don’t these malicious bastards have to breathe the same air, drink the same water and eat the food grown on the same Planet as the rest of us??
    There is no Planet B !!
    These polluters act as though their children, grandparents, friends, and neighbors are all immune to industrial and agricultural filth, disease, and pestilence that will flourish after the EPA is finally abolished.
    I don’t get it?
    Is having all the money in the world worth it if there is nowhere left on Earth to live free from pollution and the suffering that it breeds?
    Perhaps that’s their game… are they in the process of Terraforming the Earth to make it more suitable for some alien, ‘PodPeople’ lifeform infecting their minds and bodies so to take over and replace human life?
    Fantastic, I know… however, can anyone else come up with something more reasonable?

    • Posted by SàiGònMan, at Reply

      Nah, just people trying to make money. Have to change the game.

    • Posted by Brian Linderman, at Reply

      ED Martell You think its only about money? Has it ever occurred to you that the USA uses extraordinary amounts of electricity and products for all industries? We generate 4,079,079 GW/h in a year (GW= 1 billion watts). The reason you have the privilege of electricity in your home every morning is because these energy companies find and use products that help generate electricity.

      Petroleum, natural gas and coal are also used in the manufacturing and use of over 8,000 commodities in this country. This includes all your fuels to transport yourself and all business products anywhere. This includes the production of plastics, rubber, lubricants, steel, concrete, pavement, asphalt, synthetic fibers like nylon for clothes, paints, chemicals for detergents or other household products.

      Take a second to recognize how impactful the fossil fuel industry is in your daily life. Yes they make a lot of money for this, but they do, because they supply the product that is used for everything in your life that you use every second. That phone or computer you typed your comment on, was able to be manufactured in part by petrochemicals.

      You might hate the specific person for what their ideals are, but act like the fossil fuel industry is only in it for the money and provides you with nothing, because that is insane!

    • Posted by Brian Linderman, at Reply

      ED Martell The “End Game” is not going to be solved with the EPA, in fact their organization primarily responds to problems rather than generating future engineered solutions. If you want to focus on the federal government your answer will most likely come from the Department of Energy who supplies grants to thousands of companies working on future technologies that can help society. The majority of these will not come to commercialization, but it can inspire you to create something as well.

      In reality the solution/ endgame isn’t going to be just government. In response to Trumps actions the people and thus the private society must create engineered solution for the better of society as well. We can help reduce our own consumption of energy, and production of our wastes. We can invest in better technologies- not only for energy but for programs that we support. This isn’t going to be cheap, which is major issue, but if you can convince yourself then go for it.

      We can change ourselves to be more adaptable to climate change. We can develop buildings that can sustain more flood water or stronger storms. We can develop agriculture to sustain harsher conditions.

      The problem is we need the media to stop arguing over basic policies and easily argumentive positions that draw easy views. I’ve been waiting over two years for just one single organization to create a debate between all forms of energy listing and draining their pros in cons with actual evidence and non-biased research; to describe potential solutions we can look for; and to discuss potential solutions in the future in terms of adapting humanity to greater climatic change.

      Stop arguing that there’s a problem for years, and instead debate about what are the actual plans for a solution.