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Trump Kicks Puerto Rico When They’re Down


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Trump appears to blame the Puerto Rican individuals for their present suffering. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Elegance Baldridge, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment area below. Join TYT:

"" Texas & Florida are doing wonderful but Puerto Rico, which was currently suffering from broken infrastructure & enormous financial debt, is in deep problem," he tweeted to his 39 million fans.

Simply just what is wrong with the President's tweets about these locations coping a tremendous recuperation?

Allow's begin with Puerto Rico, an island of 3.4 million American residents (more than numerous states) that has actually been plunged right into darkness for the near future. However it had not been till Tuesday, six days after Maria hit Puerto Rico, that Trump made a substantive late-to-the-disaster declaration during an interview with the Spanish international priest at the White House.

" All offered sources, including the armed forces, are being aligned to save lives," he stated. And also "we have been really treated very, extremely well by the governor and also everyone else." He enabled that individuals of Puerto Rico "are very important to everybody."" *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Grace Baldridge.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Poise Baldridge.


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  1. Posted by Dy2k .a, at Reply

    I’m Puerto Rican and I’m white, pale. And so are my sisters, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, son, dad, mom….not all PRcans are “Brown”. According to my DNA, I’m 66% European. just putting it out there, in case 45 is watching…..

  2. Posted by Dawn Baker, at Reply

    Puerto Rico was a disaster before the disaster. What do they want!!!!

  3. Posted by StephaniePisces, at Reply

    Thank you for saying this, Ben. I feel like I’ve been screaming into the void. Jesus Christ.

  4. Posted by godonlyknows13, at Reply

    Trump is just practising b/c he wants to be his idol for halloween. Joffrey Baratheon.

  5. Posted by Fleck Smugbrother, at Reply

    My money would bet that Trump would be surprised to find out Puerto Ricans are actually Americans….

  6. Posted by Biker's for the west M.C., at Reply

    Aren’t Turks the biggest thieves in the Middle East, or am I thinking of the Egyptians.

  7. Posted by Cole O'Driscoll, at Reply

    I usually side with TYT but I disagree with them on their view on the Puerto Rico electrical grid point. Trump was making the point that Puerto Rico’s electric grid wasn’t powerful enough to withstand tough hurricanes and a more powerful electrical grid needs to be built to withstand future disasters. On the topic of the remainder of that tweet, I definitely agree with TYT, though.

  8. Posted by maya L, at Reply

    Trump probably had to add disclaimers about the state of PR’s finances and power grid because assholes like you attack him for every little thing (e.g., Mankiewicz’s astute observation that “its” was misspelled) so he’s trying to cover his bases, knowing that the relief effort will be slow to start. It has nothing to do with Trump hating anyone so this idea that his response to PR’s crisis is intended to be *punitive* is just absolutely disgusting.

    Are the people of PR responsible for their current suffering? No … the hurricane is. But with their mangled financial situation and comparatively primitive insfrastructures, and lousy government for years and decades, they certainly set themselves up for this to be as horrible as it is.

  9. Posted by Edwin Gonzalez, at Reply

    No worlds for a jerk hi his

  10. Posted by F M, at Reply

    Let’s not forget their brown

  11. Posted by nicolee croteau, at Reply

    Donald Trump is a Huge Disgrace to all Americans let alone Humanity .  He is Sick ,Sick , Sick,  Time for him to GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  Impeach should begin now, the world cannot let this absurd behavior go any longer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, PLEASE BEFORE ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE, THIS IS GROSS AND NEEDS TO STOP, HE IS NOBODYS PRESIDENT!!!!!

  12. Posted by DB, at Reply

    These niggaz is gay af Yo it’s obvious

  13. Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

    Poor people aren’t people to Trump. The only people that actually exist in Trump’s mind are his millionaire and billionaire buddies.

  14. Posted by The P, at Reply

    Trump will help the Rich
    Not the poor
    It’s in his pathetic nature

  15. Posted by Lady Jae, at Reply

    Can anyone besides me see that anytime anything BAD happens in any Country this fool Trump attacks them like it is a PERSONAL attack on him??? He will not admit he doesn’t know what to do as POTUS so he wastes time lying about issues that doesn’t matter???? When are they going to finish that Russian probe and get his azz out the White House!

  16. Posted by TCN8202, at Reply

    Please someone explain this to Trump:
    – If Puerto Rico is looking destroyed, then the USA is looking weak, because Puerto Rico is part of the USA.
    – Cuba has been hit by hurricane Irma just like Puerto Rico has been by hurricane Maria. As things stand Cuba puts USA to shame.
    – Europe has been there just a few years back: when Brussels and Berlin mocked and disparaged an embattled Greece, they have appeared weak and cowardly. When they agreed to help, spitting in the face of speculators, they have projected strength.

  17. Posted by Theugly Sirmadame, at Reply

    And the majority of your country chose him ^_^

  18. Posted by Liza B, at Reply

    Why even watch the news the American people aren’t going to do anything anyway