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Trump Lawyers’ New Legal Advice: STOP TALKING!!!


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Best of luck obtaining Trump to maintain his big mouth shut. John Iadarola, Michael Shure, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us just what you think in the comment section listed below.

" On Sunday, famous conservative defense lawyer Jay Sekulow made his public debut as a participant of Trump's lawful team on Today with George Stephanopolous. The enhancement of Sekulow, that has actually argued 12 cases before the High court, is likely to mitigate some issues concerning Kasowitz's fitness for standing for the president. "He's going to be the Lanny Davis of this," a source accustomed to Trump's lawful group told Axios's Jonathan Swan, referring to one of Costs Clinton's legal representatives during the Whitewater investigation. "He's sharp on his feet and polished. He's specifically what Trump suches as."" *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by T.C. Williams, at Reply

    Stop talking? *Naaaaah* let him keep going, I wanna see how big this grave is gonna be

    • Posted by Jeremy Julian, at Reply

      T.C. Williams IKR! Where would I get my comedy fix if he stops talking and tweeting?

    • Posted by RacinZilla003, at Reply

      Jeremy Julian I’m certain contemporary comedians now have tons of new material to work with

    • Posted by Jeremy Julian, at Reply

      RacinZilla003 You’re right! They still take potshots at ol’ Nixon & that was decades ago. Phew! Was starting to panic. Thanks for putting my sense of humor at ease.

    • Posted by Black Omega X, at Reply

      The grave will be bigly and yuge. Tremendous. The best grave I will have. Believe me.

      -Donald Trump

  2. Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply


    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      lock u up.clown.

  3. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Why would you work for Trump, as a lawyer, when you know the guy doesn’t pay his fees?

    • Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply

      Hal Jordan


  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    These lawyers are crazy!!! Trump needs his twitter account to survive. What else is he going to do at 3 AM?

    • Posted by TheGay Goddess, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond 😂😂

    • Posted by Raynald Chatillon, at Reply

      this is worse than prison for him..

    • Posted by Vaughn Gainey, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Sleep.

  5. Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

    Who could have guessed that a spoiled rich, reality TV star with no government experience, 6 bankruptcies, 5 kids from 3 different marriages, 11 charges of sexual assault, and 4000 plus lawsuits, could be so bad at being President?

    • Posted by Serienjunkie 007, at Reply

      John Bliss Anyone with a working brain could have guessed that!

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +Serienjunkie 007 Seems about 25% of the general American population don’t have functioning brains then.

  6. Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

    Not my Predisent.

    • Posted by Porkspray the First, at Reply

      Than apparently the last time you checked wrong.

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply


      Winning through an electoral college system is not true democracy​.

      If your country had a true democracy he would have lost.

      Remember he lost the public vote.

    • Posted by letzsee9, at Reply

      munky342 the system that has been in place for generations, nobody seemed to have problem with it. Trump won by the same system, suddenly it’s not true democracy? Is the rigging of the democrat elections through superdelegates a true democracy to you?

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply


      You’ve never had a true democracy. Not just because this over sized child won.

      A true democracy listens and acts upon the majority vote of its people.

      My country has a parliamentary system that, while flawed, at least takes the people’s votes seriously and acts upon them.

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      letzsee9 Yeah Trump won to be President, but I wouldn’t say fair and square.
      Just like I said, “Not my Predisent.” I’m not a lawyer so I’ll ask you, What the hell is a Predisent?!

  7. Posted by Sooner Arrow, at Reply

    *_”People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.”_* – *President Richard Nixon 18 November 1973*
    If Trump’s innocent of everything, then why doesn’t he release his taxes and stop attempting to obstruct justice? He should, just for once in his life, come clean on anything and everything publically. He also needs to tell these men testifying to Congress to answer all of their questions, instead of impeding their investigation. He and his men are acting like a he’s guilty person.

    • Posted by long trần, at Reply

      he did released his taxes and it was done by someone else. you can find it on youtube. all it prove that Trump is rich and he pay his taxes.

    • Posted by P Miedler, at Reply

      Long T. Nope. His tax returns were always classified. Did Pence leaked them?

    • Posted by Sooner Arrow, at Reply

      +long trần – I watched the Rachel Maddow show that night and I, like everyone else, was underwhelmed at what was leaked. It wasn’t his *_ENTIRE_* filing. There were just two pages and they just show highly summarized view. It should be scores, if not hundreds of pages. Navigate here to view the documents:

    • Posted by Sooner Arrow, at Reply

      +long trần – He may not be paying all the taxes that he legally owes. The link provided is from Fortune magazine’s website and Fortune is typically well respected and trusted among the wealthy, which are usually Republicans. Check out:

  8. Posted by zarkoff45, at Reply

    Did anyone ever read Trump his Miranda Rights?

    “You have the right to remain silent. If you give up the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. …”

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      He thinks he’s still above the law.

    • Posted by bancoran, at Reply

      RandomRobin He thinks the Miranda rights refer to wearing a fruitbowl headdress and singing “Mamma Yo Quiero.”

    • Posted by zarkoff45, at Reply

      RandomRobinwrote: “He thinks he’s still above the law.”
      He is the president, he thinks…

  9. Posted by Mishket Ayari, at Reply

    People with less knowledge like talking too much = Trump

    • Posted by dra6o0n, at Reply

      People with lots of knowledge can sometimes mutter to themselves, and people with a lack of knowledge tends to try to be outward in socializing, not for the sake of getting more knowledge for the sake of understanding, but for the rush of Euphoria when someone responds to them uttering nonsense.

  10. Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

    Let’s just call him Mr. Donald from now on, saying the P word with his name still feels fundamentally wrong

    • Posted by spiderfan1974, at Reply

      Zucchina I’ve never put the “P” word in front of the pathetic losers name. I’m Waiting with glee for the day America says Trump “you’re fired”. I usually call him Comrade Trump it fits better but glorious leader, furher, or whatever they all work.

  11. Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

    Dear Donald Trump: PLEASE testify under oath.

    • Posted by 32shumble, at Reply

      I would cancel my own wedding to watch that live!

  12. Posted by Dale Callihan, at Reply

    Who would have ever thought that the people’s house would become an active crime scene.FBI closing in.If the FBI plays it’s cards right it could break up the biggest money Laundering ring in history with Trump being the big fish not including TREASON that’s coming.

    • Posted by Tundra14, at Reply

      The forefathers. It’s a place of power, of course, it attracts corruption.

    • Posted by D, at Reply

      Tundra14 And that was what George Washington was afraid of.

  13. Posted by Mathew Thomas, at Reply


    • Posted by hoi ja, at Reply

      or from anyone who doesnt believe in 36 genders

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +hoi ja “Durr strawman”

    • Posted by hoi ja, at Reply

      lol quiet sure mayority who hate the “there are 36 genders” narrative are supporting Trump

  14. Posted by Cachi -, at Reply

    Tapes cannot exist. Why would Trump record his conversation with Comey after telling everyone else to leave the room and incriminate himself? Trump knew he was about to do something borderline shady at best and criminal at worst. It just doesn’t make any sense.

    • Posted by marleenbx3, at Reply

      hoi ja He’s being investigated for “obstruction of justice”. Trying to squash the Russia Collusion investigation. His conversations with Comey and Comey’s firing are the questionable pieces of evidence that are being used to support the crime of obstruction of justice .

    • Posted by hoi ja, at Reply

      marleenbx3 so what are those questionable pieces then

    • Posted by Cachi -, at Reply

      Here come the Neandertrumpists and their stupid argument about Trump being a billionaire. That’s arguable whether he is or not. It’s easy when Daddy ponies up hundreds of millions of dollars to start your business. I too can become a billionaire in that scenario.Getting back to the tape question, I guess we shouldn’t underestimate his stupidity; after all, he managed to get himself under investigation by asking the FBI to tell the world he’s not being investigated. Only a class moron can rise to that level of simpleton. “l’m like a smart person” – Donald J. Trump

  15. Posted by Skeezy TooBreezy600, at Reply

    LOL Trump is an idiot….complete train wreck lmao

    • Posted by Rumpled Trumpskin, at Reply

      I resemble that remark 🙂

  16. Posted by Michael Granja, at Reply

    so trump supporters think everyone who don’t like trump are liberals trump supporters are really not bright

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      Marxists hijacked the term liberal.

    • Posted by Thomas Spann, at Reply

      I have asked so many republican voters that hate liberals, what is a liberal and what do they do?? So far none of them have the faintest idea what a liberal is or what it is they spend tax dollars on. They hate liberals because the way republicans talk about liberals they must be bad people.

    • Posted by THEBULL, at Reply

      I’ll tell you, liberals are retards who think that things need to change to suit their demented reality, marriage definition needs to be expanded, men can be women, women can be men, everybody should get free everything from the government. They believe that Clinton losing the election is a crime, thus Trump is the suspect and now they have to pin a crime on him even though they’ve been investigating for a year and found nothing to charge him with except “obstruction of justice” on a non-existent crime.

  17. Posted by Clem Cornpone, at Reply

    ****A Poem for Donald Trump****

    Dumb de dumb dumb
    dumb de dumb dumb

    Dumb de dumb dumb
    dumb de dumb dumb

    White trash with money
    is still white trash
    White trash with power
    is still white trash

    You can’t polish a turd
    and make it shine
    You can’t polish a turd
    it won’t take a shine.

    You can’t gild a turd
    and kill the smell
    It’ll still stink up the place
    and make it smell like hell.

    • Posted by William Sullivan, at Reply

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Literally.

    • Posted by Aduro Tri, at Reply

      But still fitting.

  18. Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

    someone should buy trump a statue of those 3 monkeys that say: hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil.

    • Posted by fishy paw, at Reply

      +wiseass 5000 You are correct in the sense that it has become three monkeys, but it used to be four. Google still uses the fourth as it’s motto.

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      +fishy paw didn’t know that. I thought see no evil might be wrong.

    • Posted by fishy paw, at Reply

      wiseass 5000 You were totally correct. I was just pointing out the sad fact that the fourth and most important one has been forgotten about.

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      +fishy paw oh, it makes perfect sense…do no evil should be in there.

  19. Posted by Hal Bendis, at Reply

    This panel of guys combined with Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and, of course, great overall entertaining Trump impressionist, Cenk Uygur, make TYT the best. Keep up the great work guys, more important now than ever before.

    • Posted by Beenthere Donethat, at Reply

      Andrew Wells ya I’m sure you are really hurting his feelings, dumbass.

    • Posted by zarryfaz, at Reply

      Andrew Wells I’m guessing you’re a Trump supporter? If Cenk is fat, then Trump is what? fatter? I mean, have you seen Trump when he’s golfing? 😂

    • Posted by Nancy Khouzam, at Reply

      zarryfaz yeah trump is a fat slob.

  20. Posted by Kendrick Moody, at Reply

    Asking Trump to stop talking is like asking fire to stop being hot.

    • Posted by TameTusker Silly, at Reply