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Trump Leaked Highly Classified Information To Russians


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Is Trump a bumbling moron? Endangered by the Russians? Both? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment section below.

" Head of state Trump flaunted regarding highly identified knowledge in a conference with the Russian foreign priest and ambassador last week, providing information that could reveal the source of the info and also the fashion in which it was accumulated, an existing as well as a previous American government authorities said Monday.

Mr. Trump's disclosure does not show up to have been illegal– the president has the power to declassify virtually anything. But sharing the details without the express approval of the ally who gave it was a major violation of reconnaissance etiquette, and also can jeopardize a critical intelligence-sharing relationship." *.

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  1. Posted by Undeniable, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

    • Posted by TheFluttershyFan, at Reply

      Common_sense No. Cenk shouldn’t be arrested for fake news cause that goes against the Freedom of the Press in the First Amendment. However, we can always call Cenk out and correct him on the facts.

    • Posted by Sheila Reid, at Reply

      Common_sense it is not fake news.

    • Posted by Dr. Hugh Bumazz, at Reply

      Undeniable Fresh Fish, Fresh Fish. Then he’s gonna start to cry and not be tolerated.

    • Posted by Dr. Hugh Bumazz, at Reply

      And let’s hope he doesn’t drop a bar of soap in the showers.

    • Posted by Jay Jackson, at Reply

      Who obama or cenk?

  2. Posted by Chris Vasquez, at Reply

    TRUMP IS AN IDIOT! jesus christ. I can’t believe anyone ever supported him.

    • Posted by Mr. Lion, at Reply

      Lol! Nice try but, uh, no! TROLL!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Mr. Lion, at Reply

      Um, TheSuave101, you are aware that Donald Trump himself, said he released the information on live television and on Twitter, right?

    • Posted by TheSuave101, at Reply

      big pop riots ??? lol where… maybe one state. Some where in the woods… let them. we out number them lol

    • Posted by Save the USA, at Reply

      The reason they support him is because they are idiots.

  3. Posted by DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest, at Reply


    • Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply


    • Posted by KVN Joa, at Reply

      I was hoping for public execution

    • Posted by riheg, at Reply

      DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest for what? How do we know that the intel is classified? The United States have been sharing Intel with allies for years

    • Posted by CgS Nightmare, at Reply

      riheg Russia is not an allie and has never been.

  4. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    cant we just arrest him now? i mean multiple counts of obstruction of justice, threatening a private citizen, releasing classified information, and the list goes on and on, can we please arrest this jackass before he gives russia the Nuke codes next?

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      rouge1ful the noose is tightening. I suspect theyre trying to rope in as many trumpanzees that incriminate themselves.

    • Posted by Андрей Мишин, at Reply

      +The Fruitcake Tweeting out nuclear launch codes is also legal for preside t, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything with this

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      rouge1ful well, if we couldn’t arrest Obama and Hillary for all THEIR crimes, then, NO. 🙂

    • Posted by Nexiro, at Reply

      You’re extremely uninformed on the legality of his actions

  5. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    Jesus, what a disaster.

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      For Democrats and liberal media after they were exposed for their BS. Advisers that were in the room said Trump did nothing wrong and it backfired on the Washington Compost, CNN, NBC, etc.

    • Posted by Sam Burns, at Reply

      That orange truffle of mummified smegma has essentially confirmed that, as far as the aggregate intellect of all the Presidents of the United States of America is concerned, his abject stupidity is of a truly-legendary magnitude.

      What does that suggest regarding his staunchest supporters who continue to back him despite the cascading cacophony of idiotic behavior and stunning incompetence?

      One might argue that America is full-to-bursting with world-class village idiots who unfortunately are able to navigate their collective presences to a corresponding voting booth.

      PS: ‘In Trump We Trust’ by Ann Coulter shall inevitably be relegated to the annals of ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ literature. Well done Ann.

  6. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    Don’t really think the majority of white Americans care. Apparently they think “Russia is our friend” now. Literally zombies lmao, no mind of their own.

    • Posted by Xavier Stewart, at Reply

      G Washington – Yeah, because black people had Obama’s number on speed dial (Points if you get that reference). Btw I don’t agree with a whole race divide for all of this and generalizing it to such, just making a joke xD

    • Posted by Xftbllplyr, at Reply

      wajdef Israel isn’t our friend. At least with the Russians, they actually have resources we can share. Israel is a leech…a parasite

    • Posted by D Mc, at Reply

      That’s the majority of Trump supporters. Most Americans think he should be impeached.

  7. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    You must have a very deep seated hatred of America to still be supporting Trump.

    • Posted by Ryukennea, at Reply

      You must be delusional to believe a conspiracy theory without any evidence. Not to mention, making a generalization of anyone without getting to know them properly is a sign of hate in of itself – So who has hatred in their heart? You, of course. You’re just polite about it – for now.

    • Posted by Jarhead1093, at Reply

      Queen Queen like you every gave Obama at least the benefit of doubt. Now that is pure hatred or racism or both!

    • Posted by NoEphingIdea, at Reply

      Supreme Leader Yikes… had to edit your reply to me, I’m guessing you misspelled multiple words? Like I said, you’re incredibly stupid.

    • Posted by NoEphingIdea, at Reply

      G Washington gonna suck when that patriots impeached and rots in a jail cell :/

  8. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    This administration is incredibly stupid. I have to ask Trump supporters this one question: If Hillary did this exact same thing, would you be calling for instant impeachment? I think you would.

    • Posted by Xavier Stewart, at Reply

      To everyone about Hillary, most if not all liberals hate her, I hate her, Dems who have a soul hate her, and republicans hate her. For Trump? We don’t like him as well, we as in the many people who comment on impeachment, ect. Some people may think its great he leaked it, he can do that, its in his power, but if we start giving an untrust worthy purview of the world to our allies it will make an ‘us vs the world’ perspective. Which is how our political party system is now maintained, and given how much the two parties fight, I’d hope we don’t end up fighting and bickering with other nations for future ‘mistakes’.

    • Posted by marvin pettey, at Reply

      If you hate hillary more than trump you have non idea what you talking about. You want to know why trump won the election? Read this comment section.

    • Posted by DSWynne, at Reply

      marvin pettey Personally, I don’t hate Mrs. Clinton. In fact, if her husband was running for the presidency again, I’d vote for him. my problem is this: if you or I were even accused if the things she was accused of, we be facing trial long before now. She is not above the law, and she neither admitted or even apologize for anything until after the facts came out, and that’s because of Wikileaks. Couple that with the fact that she ran a terrible campaign, Mrs. Clinton is not qualified to be president. And btw, neither is Trump, which is why I did not vote for him either. Obama was the last straw for me, after the disastrous Bush II Administration. He was suppose to be smarter, and be symbolic as a unifying force to begin the process of moving the country into the future. but, alas, he turned out to be a typical politician, who trolled his opponents with his narcissism and his inability to compromise with the Republicans when neccesary. Ergo, I am done with this country, its government and its society. Even though I did vote for a political candidate this time around, I enjoy watching this nation “burn” to the ground…all thanks to Trump being in office while his political opponents self-destruct. Glorious. Does feeling this way make me an awful person? Probably. But, to quote Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. Thus, let it all burn, and perhaps, in a decade or two, the US will return to its senses…or not. I don’t care anymore…

    • Posted by marvin pettey, at Reply

      almost everything you said was an opinion not facts. But hey your not the only one that does that sort of thing.

  9. Posted by Ethan Matthews, at Reply

    It’s all over for Czar Donaldov Trumpski. Bigly! Believe me!

    • Posted by Supreme, at Reply

      The word ‘czar’ is of Balkan origin, etymologically originating from the name “Caesar” as does the word ‘tsar,’ a title of sovereignty adopted by late Rurukid-dynasty (Ivan III and Ivan IV the Terrible in particular) rulers of Muscovy.

      Confusion emerged when a German traveler recorded that the ruler of Muscovy at the time was titled ‘czar,’ due to a linguistic mistake derived from the fact that the Polish, with which the German had greater familiarity, titled some leaders ‘czars.’

      The term czar was used to designate the Russian, Bulgarian or Serbian monarchs of pre-World War I Europe.

    • Posted by juan monge, at Reply

      also the word “Kaiser”.

  10. Posted by R Z, at Reply

    Quite seriously, Trump should be tried for treason and obstruction.

    • Posted by Mr. Lion, at Reply

      Name the treason committed by either of them. I’ll wait.

    • Posted by R Z, at Reply

      Trump has knowingly and intentionally leaked classified information to Russian agents, callously allowed foreign photographer to enter the oval office, and a high ranking official in WH has been proven to be connected to Russia. He has defended Russians and praised Russians publicly. When he was investigated, he interfered with the investigation. All those facts make a strong case for Trump putting his own interest ahead of American citizens’. If any concrete ties between him and Russians, financial or otherwise, surface during investigation, he will need to be tried for treason.

    • Posted by Nique Loving, at Reply

      Martin Speed I’m curious. What makes you think that?

    • Posted by Nick Rogers, at Reply

      lol yes and for 1940 war crimes as well, Cnn just announced trump has a time machine.

  11. Posted by Professional Pussy Petter, at Reply

    Deport Trump to Russia!

    • Posted by AbdallN, at Reply

      His mother’s land?
      Scotland doesn’t want him either!

    • Posted by CommanderM117, at Reply


  12. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Trumplers are still screaming fake news, even after Trumps aids, and even Trump admitted it.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      +E Libertine He’s a common troll on here, ignore him.

  13. Posted by Talyssa Krajenbrink, at Reply

    Can I just laugh at all of the Trump voters when the over grown Cheeto gets impeached and put behind bars?

    • Posted by Imforthewhales, at Reply

      As long as you dont mind us laughing at you right now.

  14. Posted by Salitter, at Reply

    republicans are mad that the media is reporting this treasonous act, sad, babies

    • Posted by Imforthewhales, at Reply

      I wouldnt feel too sorry for them, they still have a President.

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      the GOP is dead. We are independents.

  15. Posted by Rashad Mosa, at Reply

    Whoever gave Trump important intel must be a bigger idiot than Trump.

    • Posted by penguins forall, at Reply

      They have to he’s the president. So by extension Trump voters did.

    • Posted by deharleyva, at Reply

      penguins forall They can lie to him.

    • Posted by Robert X., at Reply

      deharleyva That would mean they have to communicate and work together; which could mean career suicide. While patriotic that idea is also idiotic.

    • Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply

      He read one of the Bullet Points from his one page daily briefings that said,
      “- ISIS working on Laptop Bombs.”
      That’s why he didn’t know much of the details. lmao

  16. Posted by Bacon Mage, at Reply

    Wouldn’t this be considered treason? That’s impeachable, right?

    • Posted by Bible Man, at Reply

      +Fyfel I wish, but no. I guess whoever came up with that little rule, didn’t expect an ADHD child to become president. We live in the ideocracy

    • Posted by Matthew Taylor, at Reply

      Actually Jack Smith the President can Not declassify information that is for the Intelligence agencies to do, so yes he did indeed leak information to Americas biggest political/global opponent

    • Posted by Matthew Taylor, at Reply

      Bible Man the President is briefed on Classified information but it is not his job or option to declassify it unless agreed upon by the Intelligence community who are able to judge if said information is still sensitive or not…

    • Posted by Bible Man, at Reply

      Matthew Taylor Actually you are wrong.
      *Experts agreed that the president, as commander-in-chief, is ultimately responsible for classification and declassification. When someone lower in the chain of command handles classification and declassification duties — which is usually how it’s done — it’s because they have been delegated to do so by the president directly, or by an appointee chosen by the president.*
      So it’s the other way around, intelligence agencies have to run by president, if they want to declarify anything. Well, in theory.

  17. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    Look at the time on Trump’s tweet. 5:10 AM. The guy is seriously mentally ill.

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      MaGarthur lmao smh. this tard is barely getting 30 minutes of sleep a day

    • Posted by Harkness78, at Reply

      The first tweet is at 4:10am

  18. Posted by Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro, at Reply

    So… how is “Give him a chance” working out so far?

    • Posted by P1ranh4, at Reply

      Ibi Onyemaechi Amuro America will start winning any moment

    • Posted by Robert X., at Reply

      P1ranh4 Uh-huh.

    • Posted by Lanoira13, at Reply

      Yep, right when Trump’s impeached, and Pence shits his pants. “Make America Great Again” indeed

  19. Posted by Lisa Dean, at Reply

    Get this moron out of the White House before he gets all of us killed. What the hell are the Republicans waiting for?

    • Posted by W Meito, at Reply

      Lisa Dean and replace him with who? Wanting Trump to leave is not enough

    • Posted by Marina Miranda, at Reply

      W Meito The idea of Pence as president doesn’t sound exciting, but at least he’s not a man-child like Trump and would handle intelligence more maturely (Pence would be worse for us, but for the allies he would be better).