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Trump Lifts Obama-Era Restrictions On Drone Strikes


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Obama-era drone restrictions were minimal. Now they're just about gone. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ben Mankiewicz, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" The Trump administration believes that the targeted-killing plan of its predecessor is as well restrictive, as well as authorities mean to provide what some telephone call "the administrative state" and also others call "the deep state" the ability to utilize dangerous force with much less oversight.

Anticipate extra deceptive murders by the CIA.

Former Head of state Barack Obama commanded roughly 10 times as several lethal air strikes as George W. Bush in hidden war-on-terror operations outside the war zones of Iraq as well as Afghanistan. The killings targeted terrorists coming from teams like al-Qaeda and also ISIS, along with other militants that posed threats to allied programs however not the USA.

American officials described those procedures as "remarkably medical as well as exact," as if innocent guys, women, as well as youngsters had nothing to fear from the strikes. But UNITED STATE strikes in simply 3 countries– Pakistan, Somalia, and also Yemen– killed a minimum of 384 innocent private citizens and also as numerous as 807, along with terrorists, according to a reliable tally maintained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Rephrase, tries to preempt terrorism from those nations killed at least 128 times much more innocents compared to the Boston Marathon battle.

A doctor as sloppy as that would be indicted." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz.


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  1. Posted by BioCapsule, at Reply

    Drone strikes makes killing people far too easy, casual even. And killing should never be easy.

    • Posted by ashitakaharuo, at Reply

      yeah, it’s almost played like a computer game. people lose the connection to reality while human beings in real life are dying.

  2. Posted by Robert Holloway, at Reply

    Terrorist: someone who uses terror and fear to influence society. Sounds familiar Trumpy?

    • Posted by ben ben, at Reply

      Robert Holloway drumf is the biggest traitor and the most disrespectful I know!

  3. Posted by Tom George, at Reply

    photos of children who live in areas where drones strike should get posted

  4. Posted by plwpahi, at Reply

    ISIS hasn’t achieved their recruitment quota. Trump to the rescue.

    • Posted by Dominant Persona, at Reply

      plwpahi Lmao libtard idiots… Obama help fill those quotas during the “LIBYAN DRONESTRIKE CRISIS”

    • Posted by plwpahi, at Reply

      Lmao cucktard… I just wanted to make a quick comment “NOT WRITE AN ESSAY ON ALL SHITTY PRESIDENTS”

    • Posted by Yanassa Blacovich, at Reply

      plwpahi Obama’s Drones Have Killed at Least 176 Children in Pakistan Alone

  5. Posted by Takeoff, at Reply

    USA is a declining empire, the election of trump just proved it

    • Posted by Jordan Gabrielle, at Reply

      The election candidates for the past decade have been more than sufficient evidence.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      China received the Dragon’s Head at the end of 2012. They are poised to first consolidate the East, then to dominate the world, especially the undeveloped world. America is too old, literally. However, without our fiat currency, and with wounded idealism, America will be forced into self-reliance, and this will make us great again, in about 70 years.

  6. Posted by BishopBer, at Reply

    “If you kill your enemies they win”

    – Justin Trudeau

  7. Posted by Matthew Hynds, at Reply

    Excellent video, calling out the drone programme for what it is: state sponsored terrorism.

  8. Posted by Richard Z, at Reply

    trump is a fascist war monger

    • Posted by RiotforPeacePlz, at Reply

      Richard Z the state’s have had nothing but war mongers in charge so….

    • Posted by Yanassa Blacovich, at Reply

      Richard Z Obama’s Drones Have Killed at Least 176 Children in Pakistan Alone

  9. Posted by Tyler Brock, at Reply

    Wait wasn’t drone striking on the list of reasons why trump supporters hated Obama?

    What a pathetic lot of “patriots” Trumps loyalist are.

    • Posted by Sha Dow, at Reply

      Tyler Brock
      The republiCons are Pharisaical (hypocritically self-righteous and condemnatory). The so-called “right” love pointing fingers at the “other team” for doing the same thing, or less than, what they’re doing themselves.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      There exists a huge discrepancy between what “Trump Supporters” believe Trump believes, and what they believe, and what Trump actually believes. And they cannot agree. Many claim Trump’s top advisers and cabinet members are traitors, and they say the same about top Republican leaders in the Senate and House, too. We should argue issues only, and not rely too much on the absurd visions of “Trump Supporters” to win our arguments on issues.

  10. Posted by Aaron Green, at Reply

    TRUMP IS JUST HERE TO HELP USHER IN THE N.W.O. Everyone is pitted against the President right now but once America is at its breaking point it will be much easier to control the masses. The people of America better watch their backs.

  11. Posted by Jo Pao, at Reply

    US republicans must be having a party… “weee, more non-whites being killed by our bomb”… might even help some muster some form of erection for a couple seconds.
    No more electoral college. No more voter restrictions. Send them packing… they are maleficent and a bunch of congenital idiots.

  12. Posted by Dlas S, at Reply

    Who the hell told that dotard about the drones? Why? Just Why?

  13. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    And Americans really wonder, why the rest of the world lost all the remaining respect it had???

  14. Posted by Bucur Ilie, at Reply

    Electing Trump just show haw racist America is and all way was. What’s weird about is the fact that all the less skilled, less
    educated fall for his promises. I understand they fell for “make America great again” people who never where able to make themselves great in the first place. But the poorest people in this land as these in the south states, who’re never able to lift themselves from poverty, they trusted the first snake oil salesman that come along. sad.

    • Posted by Jalen Johnson, at Reply

      its very racist lol

    • Posted by Osama Obama, at Reply

      Jalen Johnson name a single country that has a minority under 13% of the country’s population that obtain the highest position in office where people can vote

    • Posted by Jalen Johnson, at Reply

      south Africa L lmaooo

    • Posted by Osama Obama, at Reply

      Jalen Johnson pretty sure that’s when they were in a apartheid regime whan blacks couldn’t vote

    • Posted by markponicki, at Reply

      they always do, because their leaders are working SO HARD to keep them stupid and uninformed. those are the only kinds of people who will vote against their own interests. it’s sad and it sucks, but we have to improve their education down there and wait a few generations before we’ll see a big change in the south. just like the southern strategy took 30-40 years to complete, it will take at least one generation to lift the south up out of their hole of stupidity.

  15. Posted by KLM Hooked Moore, at Reply

    That’s Trump’s entire agenda – Undo any and all things Obama did. He’s suck a jealous, small minded little prick that the only way he can feel superior to Obama is by dismantling his work.

    • Posted by Yanassa Blacovich, at Reply

      KLM Hooked Moore Obama’s Drones Have Killed at Least 176 Children in Pakistan Alone

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Trump’s agenda means Borrowing $1.444 trillion per year for the next nine years, and Giving Everybody what they want. War Hawks get war, the poor and elderly keep their entitlements, the people get shiny, high-tech infrastructure, and the Corporations get to repatriate their overseas profits at low tax rates to invest in America. Win-Win-Win-Win!!!! Then, on 09/23/26, there’s the wealth sacrifice and Jubilee to forgive our debt. Of course, they sacrifice their wealth to Invoke Lucifer, the son of man, right there on the Temple mount, as all the world cries out, “No more war. Forgive our debt. Save us. We will do Anything!”

  16. Posted by greengabe5, at Reply

    The point is when we bomb a building that we think is a ISIS hideout or HQ and it turns out to actually be a preschool we are helping ISIS prove they are right. “You see what the American devils did to you daughter!? You want revenge right!? Join us and take this bomb into that elementary school and make them pay just as they did you…” This is their logic and the sadness of it all it that this is what will happen. So get ready for more terrorist attacks America, you asked for it.

  17. Posted by Daakist, at Reply

    Its all about money and control. Life only matters as much as it affects our money and control.

  18. Posted by giuls19891, at Reply

    I will never understand how the US seems to have a infinite military budget, but once you mention healthcare, education, veterans care, homelessness or infrastructure we’re all of a sudden broke. And the mear mentioning of these issues makes you economically ignorant?

  19. Posted by Adam Cortright, at Reply

    “I think things are intentionally escalated because there’s a profit motive behind it.” – Ana you are so close! Rejecting capitalism outright has to be your next intellectual step.

  20. Posted by adam hunt, at Reply

    Great now they are gonna hate us even more thanks……