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Trump Loves “The King Of China”


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Trump connection with Chinese Head of state Xi Jinping seems to be going … well. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks down Trump's meeting with Lou Dobbs. Tell us what you think in the remark area below. Sign up with TYT:

" Head of state Trump throughout a meeting on Wednesday touted his "very good relationship" with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

" People state we have the best relationship of any type of president-president, because he's called head of state likewise," Trump claimed throughout a meeting with Fox Company Network's Lou Dobbs.

" Now some people might call him the king of China. However he's called head of state. However we have an excellent relationship and that's a positive thing."

Throughout the meeting, Trump repetitively highlighted his favorable partnership with the Chinese leader.

" He's an effective man. I happen to think he's a very good person," Trump stated of Xi.

" Now with that said being said, he represents China, I stand for the U.S.A, so, you understand, there's mosting likely to constantly be problem. However we have a great relationship."

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  1. Posted by Jos Nijsten, at Reply

    Covfefe, the king of the Congo …

  2. Posted by Mathead, at Reply

    Just wait for Trump to officially call himself the King of America.

  3. Posted by thisguywhocamps1, at Reply

    100% the conservacucks didn’t know that.

  4. Posted by SJP, at Reply

    I have… the best dementia.. the BEST… everyone says so… my dementia… is… yuge… okay? Believe me.

  5. Posted by Cynthia Hawkins, at Reply

    Oh,  BTW.. about dementia:  My mother (bless her) was 95 when she died peacefully in her sleep. Gotta confess tho’ – until the last week of her life: mama’s dementia, still made  HER sharper than Trump is NOW!!!

  6. Posted by BluePrint, at Reply

    “I happen to think he’s a very big person”..
    Because for Drumpf, size matters.

  7. Posted by Doug Fry, at Reply

    Every time Trump tweets or opens his mouth to speak, it makes George W. Bush appear intelligent. By the end of Trump’s first term, we may be calling Bush a genius. 😎

  8. Posted by Theosphilus Thistler, at Reply

    Xi Jinping would be more an emperor than a king, and some might call President Trump is the septic sphincter of America.

  9. Posted by Corporations are People 2 Fascism Finest, at Reply

    I am crying right now.. PRESIDENT PRESIDENT LOL Dotard.

  10. Posted by Sabrina Williams, at Reply

    So the Caribbean Sea is now an “ocean”, why not call a President a “King”? 😄

  11. Posted by Blazing Eagle, at Reply

    Not just a imbecile but he’s your imbecile America

  12. Posted by Tokenetta, at Reply

    It would be accurate if he was called emperor. That’s what leaders were called back then. He’s not European..

  13. Posted by Juwoki, at Reply

    *Only* the President of the Virgin Islands calls him “the King of China” ………….

  14. Posted by Luigi, at Reply

    China is playing Chess and we are playing novice Checkers

  15. Posted by CoolsBreeze, at Reply

    I wonder if Donnie can go through a day without saying big, huge, biggest, or best.

  16. Posted by Jason Milton, at Reply

    Trump is a bloody idiot!!!

  17. Posted by Golf Bravo, at Reply

    The cringe….

  18. Posted by Tara Vanflower, at Reply

    I bet you he called him “the King of China” and his staff advised him that wasn’t accurate and of course he has to dig his heels in on it.

  19. Posted by Nate Hoffman, at Reply

    Every time he talks I feel like it’s a young, dumb kid explaining something to an even younger, dumber kid.

  20. Posted by Eliza M., at Reply

    America elected the male Sarah Palin.

    • Posted by trumps still in office losers, at Reply

      Eliza M. Be quite swamp donkey