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Trump Makes America Dumb Again


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Trump's budget plan slashes education and learning funding. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you exactly what programs are at threat. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

" A lot of the investing goals outlined in Donald Trump's recommended education and learning spending plan show his project unsupported claims. The head of state, that has actually long asked for decreasing the federal government's duty in colleges and also colleges, intends to cut the Education Department's funding by $9 billion, or 13 percent of the budget approved by Congress last month. Minority areas that would see a boost concern institution choice, a suggestion that Trump as well as Education Assistant Betsy DeVos have repetitively touted as a top concern. In the White Residence's spending proposition, hundreds of numerous the dollars would certainly go toward charter-school and coupon campaigns, while one more $1 billion in grants would certainly urge states to adopt school-choice policies.

Yet other aspects of Trump's funding strategy fly in the face of his past declarations on education and learning, increasing complication about his top priorities. He wants to reduce state gives for job and also technological education (CTE), as an example, by $166 million, as well as nearly cut in half funding for the approximately $1 billion federal work-study program. Both CTE and also work-study are education models that enjoy broad bipartisan assistance and are specifically palatable to Republicans and the white, working-class citizens who clinched Trump's election. Tellingly, there's little agreement between Trump's spending proposal and also the bipartisan appropriations bill unveiled by Congress previously this month."

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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    only proving once again, that his followers will excuse ANYTHING Drumph does……until it affects them!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      the very FACT that this man is our president and was the best we could do as a country? only proves why we are the laughing stock of the world and his staunch supporters are more concerned about supporting a republican……and not what’s morally right for all Americans!

  2. Posted by Andy Brown, at Reply

    A decent education. The thing the religious fear most. Religion is based around being able to subjugate people incapable of critical thinking.

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      Religion is pure fantasy, knowledge is power.

    • Posted by Blade Strikes, at Reply

      _tips fedora_

  3. Posted by Living plant base with Rosie, at Reply

    Love how these Trump supporters write brave comments but afraid to show their identities… ๐Ÿค”…. not proud of them selfs or their hate obviously!

    • Posted by Living plant base with Rosie, at Reply

      Yes I did and no i do not, you just proved my point you are a great example lol …thank you!

    • Posted by Living plant base with Rosie, at Reply


    • Posted by DemonFoxAkira, at Reply

      +blistified One last note, I suggest you take some entry-level English classes for your own sorry excuse for grammar before criticizing others. You’ll look less like a hypocrite that way.

    • Posted by Living plant base with Rosie, at Reply

      Lol right… point proven!

  4. Posted by Shadow Runner, at Reply

    America was always dumb…

    • Posted by Pedro Ordonez, at Reply

      Shadow Runner Yup that’s why we deserve Trump.

    • Posted by Richard Mitchell, at Reply

      Shadow Runner lol

  5. Posted by Stave Smith, at Reply

    I don’t understand why there is some people here disagreeing with this news education is the key for success instead of trying to implement new cuts on education, he should be adding more for education.

    • Posted by Ro Jaws, at Reply

      Anti-intelectualism is popular among Trump supporters.

  6. Posted by Mark Kirn, at Reply

    I just approved a bill in my house called, “Make my house great again” where I stop paying taxes to nitwits who can’t give me any return on that investment.

    • Posted by Cliven Longsight, at Reply

      Mark Kirn
      Quakers oft tried that centurues ago, since the taxes were going towards military spending, which, as pacifists, they were morally opposed to.
      The government, of course, used force to ensure that they paid their taxes.

    • Posted by Mark Kirn, at Reply

      Oh, I figured if I dressed up tax evasion with a prettier name that they wouldn’t catch on until it was too late. Seems to be a winning strategy since that’s how they put lipstick on a pig as they screw us over and over and…

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      So you’re going to starve your own kids?

    • Posted by Mark Kirn, at Reply

      Guys, I was just beingโ€‹ sarcastic ๐Ÿ˜Š
      I’m fully aware that I’m being extorted by a system that can’t be defeated so I’m going to keep letting them get away with it.

  7. Posted by edward cunha, at Reply

    their secret plan is to make everyone dumb enough to vote republican

    • Posted by Bruce Swearingen, at Reply

      One in three Republicans have been found to be as stupid as the other two

    • Posted by Shan Tv, at Reply

      robert justus Say alternative facts …way to go man (edited twice)

      Read more

    • Posted by Homo Quantum Sapiens, at Reply

      that’s you voted for Trump…who just sold this country to Russian mobsters… now that’s smart

  8. Posted by Rafe Seropian, at Reply

    I get the feeling the current republicans at the white house are up to sabotage America and its future….

    • Posted by Damian Cairns, at Reply

      Nate-Although I don’t agree with you, the insult was pretty funny.

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply

      Thanks. I live to bring people happiness with a little insightful vulgarity mixed with a little wit.

    • Posted by Nate, at Reply

      But thanks for clarifying he’s a hideous 3rd world alien and not a White human from Switzerland. This is too easy.

  9. Posted by DO NOT REPLY TO ME, at Reply

    The United States of America is dying.

    • Posted by Beth Gramkow, at Reply

      DO NOT REPLY TO ME In alot of ways you are right. We have a higher birth mortality rate than most other countries. also our education comes in way below other countries like Germany, Japan, Canada places like that

  10. Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

    Republicans need an extremely stupid and uninformed electorate. Its their base, the only way they can get elected besides outright cheating.

    • Posted by Vincent Westerband, at Reply

      Remember that there are also the smarter republicans that vote based upon racist ideology, or so they can keep the dumber republicans stupid, more easily manipulated, and easy to take advantage of.

  11. Posted by choibacco, at Reply

    GOP: Keep America Dumb so they vote for us. If they want an education they have to join the armed forces and feed our war machine.

    • Posted by Damian Cairns, at Reply

      And then we will end your tour 1 week early so you don’t qualify for veterans benefits. Because “We support the Dupes”

  12. Posted by Mark Rist, at Reply

    What do you mean “..makes America dumb again”… you elected Donald Trump as POTUS, that was the dumbest thing you’ve ever done, you just can’t get dumber than that.

    • Posted by Thick Skin, at Reply

      truer words have never been spoken

    • Posted by Damian Cairns, at Reply

      Don’t tempt them, “can’t get any dumber eh? we’ll show you how dumb we can really be, U S A! U S A! U S A! NUMBER WON!”

  13. Posted by SeriousLife, at Reply

    i watched “fox news live” on youtube today and read the chat there for 30 to 40 mins or so…and it was quiet an experience…

    honestly, im glad im not from the states and have to deal with those nutjobs everyday…i am really sorry for you (normal thinking) guys… ๐Ÿ˜•

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      SeriousLife thank you. we appreciate it. forgive us for we are lost currently

    • Posted by Chuck U Farley, at Reply

      you made it through 40 minutes. my eyes started bleeding after 20 minutes

    • Posted by J. Wright, at Reply

      SeriousLife Indeed, I am Canadian and most very glad not to live in the harsh insanity of America. I actually grew up in the American south and have experience of living there. Americans have no idea of how badly they are being treated relative to the ctizens of so many countries considerably less wealthy than the USA.
      The role religion plays in American politics and the social culture is part of why America is such a dangerous insane place with such a disabling level of anti science and anti intellectual ideas.
      I grew up in Alabama, believing that America was the best place in the world to be. That was probably true in the 1950s but it has not been true for a long time now. Many Americans would be shocked to see and understand how m6ch better life is in so many countries. To look at them now, it appears that America was defeated by both Germany and Japan and is still paying the price for that defeat.

  14. Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

    Why wouldn’t he cut education funding? It’ll create more conservative voters.

    • Posted by mr patrick, at Reply

      Daniel Jones MS TN KY LA GA ….voted for no education…wtf.

  15. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter has failed America.

    • Posted by MAD COWS R US, at Reply

      Failed????? We succeeded to spread our mad cow virus to your lefty sheep! So many of you went mad and barked Hillary Cheat Hillary Cheat Hillary Cheat and then ran off the cliff and kill themselves! We won! Haha! MOOOGA!

  16. Posted by Martin Matte, at Reply

    The title is misleading. It assume that America was not already dumb.

    • Posted by Packfan69, at Reply

      +Martin Matte Only under Republican rule is America dumb. Just look at the last two GOP Presidents, Bush and Trump. They most likely have a combined IQ of less them 100. However the last two Democrats, Clinton and Obama probably have a combined IQ in the mid to upper 200s. Republicans don’t believe in education. They want to keep the masses dumb.

    • Posted by Martin Matte, at Reply

      I agree Packfan69. For people like me living outside the USA we are simply horrified by the vast amount of Americans who support this man. I think the USA is on the verge of collapse. I just hope it does not bring the rest of the world with it when it happen.

    • Posted by Amanda D, at Reply

      Martin Matte just getting worse

    • Posted by gumby spoke, at Reply

      Packfan69 However for ibanas 8 years we was involved in war.So which war has Trump gotten us into!!!

  17. Posted by Taylor Hennesey, at Reply

    Hey Trumplers!
    Tired of winning yet?!

    • Posted by Frantic Ktulu, at Reply

      Taylor Hennesey Nah. Not yet.

    • Posted by Unpopular Opinion, at Reply

      Not really

    • Posted by Kari F, at Reply

      Taylor Hennesey Sore losers is to be expected, but these are actually sore, miserable winners. Must be due to the exhausting winning streak that just won’t give them time to breathe between victories!?

    • Posted by Unpopular Opinion, at Reply

      Or maybe it’s due to the fact that their populist president who legitimately won, is under non-stop attack from the corporate alliance against the little people, which is spearheaded by the main stream media. Sorry the corporate alliance is one half, the other half is the liberal arts crowd that would see an abolishment of the civil rights act, and actively seek to systematically oppress whites.

    • Posted by Frantic Ktulu, at Reply

      Kari F Dems and liberals are some of the sorest losers I’ve ever seen.

  18. Posted by Azem Cancarevic, at Reply

    Well trump and the republicans won the election becouse trump got the less education voters.

    • Posted by BishopBer, at Reply

      Also how can you argue that Clinton supporters are more educated and earn more while 92% of Afro-americans, roughly 70% of Hispanics and more than half of the women voted for her? Aren’t those supposed to be suppressed minority groups suffering from systematic oppression in education and in the workplace? How can they be both smarter and earn more. Something doesn’t add up.

    • Posted by Lynda Kelly, at Reply

      mark navarro – Azem Cancarevic doesn’t lie sweetheart. Trump did get mostly uneducated voters. Check the stats. As the saying goes you can have your own opinion but not your own facts. So, instead of spouting info that is an “alternate fact”, check it out.

  19. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    First they’ll eliminate public schools. Next they will close down all the public libraries. Than they will make getting an education without using a private school illegal. I’m sure hunting down all privately own books will closely follow. The GOP base hates knowledge. They embrace ignorance. Thus explaining why they are the GOP base.

    • Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

      You know what is really sad? I think you actually believe this bullshit. By the way, ‘channel’ is not spelled ‘chanel’.

    • Posted by Dread Pirate Lenny, at Reply

      All anyone has to do is listen to their words and watch what they do. The GOP is the party of ignorance, isolationism, xenophobia, and cultural, economic, and intellectual stagnation.
      The GOP stands for freedom? Nah, bro. It stands for rich white men and their families and businesses, and nothing else.

  20. Posted by ruben garcia, at Reply

    Trump= Worst and Dumbest President Ever.

    • Posted by al 41057, at Reply

      He was smart enough to win.

    • Posted by Sandie Peace, at Reply

      al 41057 Yea with his lies to the gullible, lol

    • Posted by ruben garcia, at Reply

      Exactly lol