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Trump Needs A News Fluffer


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Like several film bad guys, Trump DESPISES problem, so he's spending your tax dollars on a 'Excellent News Person.' Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us just what you believe in the comment section below.

" President Donald Trump is so determined for favorable news about himself that he's paying White House director of fast response Andy Hemming $89,000 to discover good tales.

As the most current CNN poll reveals, only one in four Americans count on Trump's White Home for basic info. The numbers show that also Trump's very own fans do not believe what he's claiming. The numbers make the Trump schedule much more susceptible as his coattails typically aren't strong enough to lug participants of his own party.

Politico mentioned public disclosures on the wage of the 31-year-old Hemming. Nevertheless, information that he spends his days searching radio, television and also the internet for tales that celebrate the Trump program originated from Trump's very own allies." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    Trump’s so dumb. HAHAHA. Us liberals are much smartar!

    • Posted by AstralAdventurer, at Reply

      can you give sources for those studies? Ive seen the complete opposite what you said. Theres studies showing conservatives are more better looking and also more emphatetic

    • Posted by Cavecat, at Reply

      AstralAdventure Of course! I’m always happy to share information with my conservative friends who are unable to look stuff up on their own.
      The specific study i was referring to was _”Bright Minds and Dark Attitudes: Lower Cognitive Ability Predicts Greater Prejudice Through Right-Wing Ideology and Low Intergroup Contact”_ published in Psychological science, which can be looked up on google scholar.
      And study that shows liberals have bigger anterior cingulate cortex, which among other things is involved with spotting mistakes. _”Political Orientations Are Correlated with Brain Structure in Young Adults”_ published in Current Biology.
      In addition, there is also a study that show that people who put less less effort into thinking through issues are more likely to be conservative: _”Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism”_ published in Society for Personality and Social Psychology.

    • Posted by AstralAdventurer, at Reply

      thanks for providing a source. I’m not a conservative though, more like a libertarian-conservative or centrist, and I am able to research for myself I think. I found studies claiming american “liberals” are prone to be more authoritatian and psychotic(I can attest to that watching anti-sjw videos it’s only you guys ever who oppose free speech). Also about your germanic brothers I found; “92% of left-wing activists live with their parents and one in three is unemployed. Somethig more about intolerance of american “liberals” but not gonna waste my time more, I can provide sources for those claims if you want but im sure you can research for yourself as you are not a conservative.

    • Posted by AstralAdventurer, at Reply

      Also your study is from 2012.. the new “conservative wave” that started in 2015-2016 against the leftist-establishment in america is more like cultural-libertarianism and constitutionalism.

  2. Posted by Jiggaboo Jones, at Reply

    This is exactly like that episode of South Park with safe spaces πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Etham, at Reply

      +Young Conservative

      But you’re admitting, that Trump pays people to create a safe space for him in the whitehouse? I’ve never seen such a snowflake among liberals.

    • Posted by PowdaToastFace Killah, at Reply

      Blazersfan you know he doesn’t understand all of that

    • Posted by Jimmy bonez, at Reply

      the whit house is the biggest safe space now lol

  3. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Sometimes I wonder if Trump has the autism like me…

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      *report fake accounts*

    • Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

      False Montrond and False Jordan having a conversation with one another. How bizarre.

  4. Posted by Gerard de Souza, at Reply

    Hey, it’s a tough job to find something positive about Trump. I think it’s worth $89,000.00. That’s impossible work. πŸ˜‰

    • Posted by tom johnston, at Reply

      Gerard de Souza The poor guy probably has to juggle 100 fake accounts to drop stories and give fake praise. He earns that paycheck.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      Obama had a White House director of rapid response… His name is Jesse Lee…

      surprised? Don’t be.
      It’ not to make him feel better.

      Im sure Obama did the same thing when he implemented policy changes etc.

      It’s a smart idea to do that in 2017..

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I hate Trump. So stupid.

    Damn that was difficult to type.

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      For a Liberal I’m sure it was.

    • Posted by Advocate For A TYT Canada, at Reply

      ???,… That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever,… ???

  6. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    I like it when Cenk tell us true verified stories like this. So awesome!

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Or non stories that have no importance whatsoever while ignoring the thousands of stories of Muslim terrorists attacks happening every single day.

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      Obama had a White House director of rapid response… His name is Jesse Lee…

      So… now what?

    • Posted by Jared Schwartz, at Reply

      Joshua Opell yeah we had 1600 in my city alone yesterday

  7. Posted by Young Conservative,, at Reply

    Can you blame him? 99% of news media hates him and 99% of media is owned by leftist Jews. Is Trump not allowed to have some positive non fake news for once?

    • Posted by Scott Black, at Reply

      Young Conservative. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I laugh at your ignorance, but I’m not surprised by it.

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      Young Conservative, 99% of contards are owned by the RNC/GOP Plutocracy machine. You’re one of them, dim boy.

    • Posted by Ed C23, at Reply

      Ahhh HAHAHAHAHahahHAhahAHha… Oooh, I love seeing Trumtards reach and reach as far as they could to make excuses for their orangutan leader. If it were Obama doing this they would never let us forget it.

  8. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Now Trump wants to waste tax payer money to look for a needle in a hay stack?
    This is what you voted for, Trump supporters.A child who wants to be praised because his daddy never gave him any.
    A child who is so thin skinned he will drag us into a war which *YOU, Trump supporters, YOU* were afraid of happening under Hillary.

    America is bleeding to death.

    • Posted by R. McBride, at Reply

      @Maii Degeese Correct! And Trump will never have the class, smarts or enjoy the same affection the Obamas have.

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      Megan Henderson your an idiot

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      Maii Degeese obummer was a terrible president libtard

  9. Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

    Yo, Trumptards are you winning yet??

    • Posted by Napalm Warrior, at Reply

      News out that a pre-dawn search warrant was executed at Manafort’s home. Someone is in serious trouble.

    • Posted by R.P, at Reply

      PK Lifeup a triggered haha

    • Posted by Willie Gardner, at Reply

      We might go to war, millions of people may lose healthcare, and wages will remain stagnant but hey at least you triggered those libs right?

    • Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

      R.P coming from the guy, who couldn’t help himself, but to post “triggered derp” in the damn thread, lol. Trumptards just can’t help, but be stupid…

    • Posted by Mmandude, at Reply

      I’m pretty down the middle, but this POTUS is disappointing to me. I don’t understand how people can support him. is it just to say ” Told you so” to liberals? This is a disappointing and sad time in american politics.

  10. Posted by Gasper Ghost, at Reply


    • Posted by The History gamer, at Reply

      By any chance are you a girl that found out that was pregnant and that you and the baby would die if you went through with pregnancy and you have old people calling you a demon cause you don’t want the child to die during the birth and you yourself to die to me conservatives aren’t for the people cause they only fight for themselves never for others.

    • Posted by The History gamer, at Reply

      This is for MJONLIR

    • Posted by Pick Collins, at Reply

      *Don’t want a war

  11. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Is Tomi Lauhren interested

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      Paul Finelli No way

    • Posted by rnstl68, at Reply

      she would just do porn instead.

    • Posted by Pick Collins, at Reply

      rnstl68 she’s too hideous for porn

    • Posted by Pick Collins, at Reply

      Tomi is*

  12. Posted by Mike K, at Reply

    The Problem is the baby generation are running things aka the baby boomers. They never had to grow up just one big party their whole life…… Thank them for burning more nonrenewable oil than any generation.

    • Posted by Cows_n_Muffins, at Reply

      It’s ok, in another 10 years or so most of the boomers will be dead from old age, and we can move forward as a country without their ancient, idiotic, ideas weighing down modern society.

    • Posted by Joe Sinkovic, at Reply

      Cows_n_Muffins Man are you in for a surprise.

    • Posted by Cows_n_Muffins, at Reply

      +Joe Sinkovic Like what? Less racism and bigotry? Bring on the surprise then. In case you weren’t paying attention during history class, when the baby boomers grew up in the 1940-1960, civil rights were not exactly a priority. Is it any surprise that most of their generation is quite racist and misogynist? Once these old people go out of government, and fresh blood comes in to replace them, we will see things improve for all people, not just the people the boomers like.

  13. Posted by Bad Man Skill, at Reply

    Has he made America great again? Did he give a timetable for that?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Bad Man Skill I believe America was supposed to be great after ISIS was gone which, according to Trump was supposed to happen in the first 30 days of him in office. So no he has not made it great again and he’s long missed his deadline.

  14. Posted by Lorna Ginette Harrison, at Reply

    This is sad…Bigly sad.

    • Posted by Onyx Wind, at Reply

      he’s weak league.

  15. Posted by Alexander, at Reply

    wasn’t this in a south park episode?

    • Posted by Onyx Wind, at Reply

      they predicted that stuff again? which episode was it?

    • Posted by Pear A Docks, at Reply

      Safe Spaces

    • Posted by God is so dead., at Reply

      Bullet proof windows, troll safe doors, in my safe space, my safe space

    • Posted by Etham, at Reply

      South Park has become real life

  16. Posted by Adrenalized1099, at Reply

    Media outlets like Tyt are fake news

    • Posted by Michael 마읡흘 Aronson, at Reply

      Be kind, Garen. He’s still looking for a job.

    • Posted by Grey Mouser, at Reply

      If the rubel isn’t worthless….it soon will be.

  17. Posted by Wyyrdo Jim, at Reply

    Narcissistic Personality Dissorder! Look it up on Wikipedia.πŸ™„

    • Posted by TrumpaTouille, at Reply

      I can’t possibly have that disorder because I am perfect.

  18. Posted by Tamas Varga, at Reply

    Can you imagine if Obama was doing this? πŸ™‚

    • Posted by Sir Usopp, at Reply

      Tamas Varga People would praise him.

    • Posted by Pick Collins, at Reply

      Tamas Varga conservatives would be on the ceiling if Obama was doing this

    • Posted by Tamas Varga, at Reply

      Pick Collins I know… conservative hypocrisy beats everything.

    • Posted by DadiarFS, at Reply

      Trump is the lowest common denominator.

    • Posted by moonlily1, at Reply

      Obama didn’t need it.

  19. Posted by Ana, at Reply

    Wasn’t there a South Park episode where Cartman got someone to go through his social media, print out the positive comments and give them to him? And a certain musical moment, ‘My Safe Space’!

    • Posted by Pick Collins, at Reply

      Ana I think ur figuring out where he got the idea for a fluffer

    • Posted by Lucas Kluender, at Reply