Trump Offered Fallen Soldier’s Father $25,000 (He Lied) | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

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  1. Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

    Moron Trump has no soul and his old man balls drag on the ground which makes him salty.

  2. Posted by ebonysoulman, at Reply

    Trump is SCUM!!

  3. Posted by Kenneth Connors, at Reply

    anyone who believes Cenks lies is guilty of being stupid and liberal

  4. Posted by Dwight Schrute, at Reply

    Are we great again yet?

  5. Posted by Nosense, at Reply

    Should i get a ps4 pro or xbox one x?

  6. Posted by Zain, at Reply

    Let’s keep it 100, he IS rich.

  7. Posted by carcillian, at Reply

    The scumbag in office must go.

  8. Posted by xl, at Reply

    Why did TYT sound so fake during Obama, but now they sound right on point every time..I’m not sure how this is even possible

  9. Posted by Nestor Gonzalez, at Reply

    The Dotard king of Trolls!

  10. Posted by Derek Biggerstaff, at Reply

    Who the hell would want a call from the orange buffoon. Do you need such a reminder that the USA is probably not worth defending any more.

  11. Posted by CryinFester, at Reply

    Everything Trump says is a lie.

  12. Posted by Christian Nunez, at Reply

    It’s so enraging the hypocrisy the lying the horseshit propaganda
    I want to see him assassinated live

  13. Posted by Robert Trail, at Reply

    The fact that most of these families were Trump supporters, but yet still support him despite the fact that he didn’t call or write them about their losses speaks volumes about them. Apparently, they’re willing to overlook all his failures, lack of empathy and uncaring attitude towards the military. I don’t feel sorry for their loss because they are hypocrites in still supporting the guy that couldn’t care less about their dead military member. If you really cared about your son, you would call the President out on it.

  14. Posted by Subscribed To Life, at Reply

    this is outrageous. it’s just hard to even believe.

  15. Posted by Anita Smith, at Reply

    I feel like this story is grounds to believe he has dementia. What time of day did they make him call? Later in the day i bet …

  16. Posted by Kai T, at Reply

    Is it appropriate to call the families of the dead to ask them a personal question related to their family member’s death?

  17. Posted by Povel Vieregg, at Reply

    My father has a number of narcissistic traits (although nothing as crazy as Trump), and this is very much in line with how he would talk. He always talks about grand and awesome things he will do for me, my brother or my kids. Yet he almost never follows through. In start contrast to my mother who never brags about all the stuff she is going to do, but actually goes ahead and does nice things. My father will go on an on about how much he loves his grand children yet, never really do much with them when they are around. Again my mother is the opposite. She never actually utters the words saying how much she loves them. Instead she shows it in action in how involved she in their lives. She learns what they like and try to find things that appeals to them. She does things together with them and is keen to know everything going on in their lives.

    So to me it is painful at a personal level to see Trump basically on live TV screw over people on a daily basis. He is such an obvious Narcissist and liar, yet somehow tens of millions of Americans can’t see this obvious fact.

    I love my father, but I am a realist, I can’t fathom how Trump’s kids could support him in his bid for presidency. My family can all easily see what is wrong with my dad, and yet is isn’t even a 1/10th the narcissist that Trump is. How on earth can they not see what is wrong with their dad?

  18. Posted by Kadeem Joseph, at Reply

    Wow I think the max on military life insurance is $400,000