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Trump Orders Military Parade


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Trump and five-year-olds like huge ceremonies with tanks as well as Army vehicles. Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, and also Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area listed below.

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" WASHINGTON– Containers, jets and other eliminating machines paintinged olive-drab and also tan can be rolling the courses of the nation's funding later on this year for a peacetime ceremony motivated by President Trump.
The Pentagon is in the drawing board for an occasion that was last held in Washington in the summer of 1991, after completion of the 41-day Gulf Battle was celebrated with a $12 million dollar success parade. But on Wednesday, Defense Assistant Jim Mattis avoided the word "ceremony" when tersely reacting to press reporters at the White House who inquired about the feasible show of force.

" We're all aware in this nation of the president's love and respect for the military," Mr. Mattis stated. "We have been creating some alternatives, we will send them as much as the White House for decision."

With a Government afflicted with readiness and spending plan concerns, a huge display screen of military spectacle will not come low-cost or conveniently. It likewise highly likely runs unlike Mr. Mattis's top priorities." *.
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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by DarthCipient, at Reply

    He wants to pay tribute to the military he wussed out of serving in.

    • Posted by soukup, at Reply

      How much time did you put into the military?

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      soukup …. unlike draft-dodging treasonous trump, I spent 6 years in the Army, serving in Central America and Iraq, as well as tdy in several other domestic and foreign stations…. was wounded in Iraq and decorated… graduated from numerous US Army schools, as well as schools of other US branches…. and you?….

    • Posted by Pamela Worley, at Reply

      Maybe he will get a solider or two with bone spurs to march

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      DarthCipient Bone spurs. What a laugh!

    • Posted by Keith Whitehead, at Reply

      Captain Covefefe did his bit avoiding STDs instead of IEDs

  2. Posted by Dawn piplup, at Reply

    Btw this isnt north korea😂

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      Could’ve fooled me.

  3. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    I wonder why adults are just letting the country be run by a mad man.

    • Posted by Len Martin, at Reply

      Ignorance and complacency. Plain and simple.

    • Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

      Because they were stupid enough to think Hillary would be worse.

    • Posted by M. Brennan, at Reply

      Boosted Avian: “non-millennial adults”? Who do you think supported Bernie? Go play with your I-phone. Better yet, try reading a book sometime.

    • Posted by François St. John, at Reply

      AgentDearestZ because Americans are docile apparently

  4. Posted by Jason C, at Reply

    You know, you can’t make this up, Trump’s brain is out on the astroid belt, so he wants to prove he’s more Kim Jun Un than Kim Jun Un is..

    • Posted by William Ng, at Reply

      trump has small hands syndrome

    • Posted by James Guilford, at Reply

      Airborn Gibbon; Criticism of the government on behalf of the citizens in general, or the media, that is largely ignored by the government, is even less effective, than criticism of a government, that responds to and punishes criticism.

      Government tyranny does not always transpire suddenly, or all at once. Many a democratic nation, some with constitutions similar to our own, have fallen into despotism and tyranny, only after a gradual and sustained erosion of the institutions, which had traditionally functioned to prohibit government tyranny.
      There is no doubt in my mind, that Trump certainly can not take credit for the fact, that he as of yet, can not behave entirely, as a dictator would.

      Here in America, we have already seen the merger of state power, with that of the corporate sector. It is this merger, that is the heart and basic frame work for fascism.
      We have as president, a man whom believes as most fascists do, that our country should be managed as if it were a business. This same man has repeatedly attacked the media, and even made the claim that the media is the enemy of the people.
      This man has the support of more than a few ” Neofascists ” as well as the support of tens of millions of voters, whom, though they would never claim a title of fascism, they either out of ignorance, or perhaps knowingly, are accepting of the tenants of fascism, as the means of; the way they see it, MAGA.
      In short, our nation is racing at breakneck speed, towards becoming a fascist hellhole. Unfortunately, this speeding train, even if Trump, was to be thrown off it, would likely remain on track, towards the same destination, even though it probably would slow down.
      For fascism to die, it must first die in the hearts and minds of the millions of people, whom view fascism as the means to security and prosperity. This will not happen until the overwhelming majority of Americans, come to understand that freedom and democracy, should never be exchanged for security and material wealth. I do not see that happening, any time too soon.

  5. Posted by zorroboricua brujo, at Reply

    Cadet bone spurs calling for a military parade!the irony.

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      zorroboricua brujo, my fave new name for Captain (russian) Agent Orange.

    • Posted by Moonwitch, at Reply

      zorroboricua brujo 😂👍Ikr

    • Posted by William Ng, at Reply

      you mean Comrade Orange?

  6. Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

    The dictator and idiot. Isn’t this something NK does?

    • Posted by Abhishek Mahendru, at Reply

      Johan Jerker Umm so is US. We are the biggest terrorist in the world.

    • Posted by Andrew Marrero, at Reply

      Blackatchaproduction And Cuba, Vietnam, Iran, China Penang communist or any dictatorship Runner countries.

    • Posted by Keith Whitehead, at Reply

      With some luck they will all have live rounds in their weapons…….

  7. Posted by chrismurraymusic, at Reply

    yeah, let’s spend that money on restoring electricity to American citizens in Puerto Rico

    • Posted by #1 Infowars Life Child Ease Customer, at Reply

      Trump is a racist failure. Puerto Rico, if nothing else, proves that.

    • Posted by Erik Roberts, at Reply

      Excellent idea. Keep America strong by taking cre of its people!!

    • Posted by Kain Gamble, at Reply

      We’re putting military equipment in the south China sea costing us billions but yet we cant give power and electricity to Puerto Rico and give Flint cleaner water……….

    • Posted by Erik Roberts, at Reply

      Kain Gamble I hear you

  8. Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

    Trump is not paying tribute to the military. He’s just trying to show might. Typical devilish dictator.

  9. Posted by freshair3451, at Reply

    If this happens, we should have the Trumpsuckers pay for it.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      “This is what my taxmoney should be used for, and not some fancy leftwing liberal nonsense like universal healthcare”- Trumplovers

  10. Posted by Hank Hill The Pimp, at Reply

    Wow, trump is going full dictator

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Not at all. Many countries have military parades and those countries are not dictatorships.

  11. Posted by Leopoldo Buenaventura, at Reply

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha… Five time deferment bone spurs cadet wants his own military parade…….lol

  12. Posted by Basim Miller, at Reply

    The best strength our military has is not showing our strength, Never show your hand in poker!!

    • Posted by Neko Yuki, at Reply

      I was meaning it’s well defined and blatantly obvious.

    • Posted by Quang Ha, at Reply

      This is just a distraction from the stock market crashing for the 4th straight days. I dont see Trump tweeting about the crashing of the stock market

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Basim Miller – Trump has many flaws, one of which is being an undeserved braggart.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      This isn’t poker though

  13. Posted by James Gallagher, at Reply

    Canada must increasingly be having a lot of sympathy for South Korea these days…living next to a country run by a narcissist mad man.

    • Posted by TheTechnoPilot, at Reply

      James Gallagher trust me, you are quite right! Lol

    • Posted by Schiffelers, at Reply

      Who knows? Maybe Justin Trudeau understands Trump is part of “peoplekind”? (his version of mankind).
      Or maybe he is glad there is no wall build on USA north boarder he has to pay for??
      He can say weird things and still not get heard in the world because the bafoon next door has headlines every single day, multiple on most days.
      Let’s hope humankind might coexist peaceful with the new forms of humanOIDs, in a time man-children can’t play nice in the sandpit.
      NK & SK are totally different in context than Canada and USA is. If you said South America could have sympathy for South Korea. It would be more logical. But than South Americas have been pointed out as the criminal that made USA less great. Hence the wall.

    • Posted by TheRedRaccoonDog, at Reply

      + Schiffelers You realize, right, that the “peoplekind” comment was a joke?

  14. Posted by Evan, at Reply

    This is an infuriating waste of our tax payer dollars

  15. Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

    This wreaks of North Korea.

    • Posted by A86, at Reply


    • Posted by enigmaPL, at Reply

      Stinks of soviets too.

  16. Posted by jmms429, at Reply

    He just don’t get it.

  17. Posted by Stevie84s, at Reply

    Imagine the reaction if Obama tried doing this.