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Trump Publicly Workshopping Various Excuses For Firing Comey


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It's not going so well. All of Trump's excuses for firing Comey quickly crumble. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section below.

" This much is clear: President Trump's specified reasoning for shooting James Comey makes no feeling.

The head of state warranted the FBI director's abrupt termination on Tuesday with a memorandum from Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general of the United States, in which Rosenstein methodically outlined an indictment of just how Comey handled the examination right into Hillary Clinton's use of an individual email address and also personal email web server while she was assistant of state. Rosenstein billed that Comey had "appropriate [ed] the attorney general of the United States's authority by publicly suggesting making no charges, exceeded his bounds by criticizing Clinton throughout a press conference, and then notifying Congress concerning freshly located emails on the eve of the political election.

These could ready reasons to examine Comey's leadership and even to remove him, yet it is just about difficult to believe that Trump thinks them, since Trump has slammed Comey for dealing with Clinton also gently the whole time …" *.

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  1. Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

    TYT is garbage #LoserCenk #BaconGrease

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You cry way too much about TYT, Ray.

    • Posted by Path Evermore, at Reply

      wow, the white people hate white people? TYT thinks Ben Carson does no wrong? where are these secret TYT videos with all of hate hate hate TYT spews like a cat with a hairball?, i can’t believe i missed them.

    • Posted by Ray Fire, at Reply

      Path Evermore they are there, notice the four black teens torturing the disabled white kid, TYT never mentioned the race…. But the black kid getting tortured by the white dude, race was the 1st thing they covered. Both stories are f**ked up. All I am asking, all any TYT critics are asking is CONSISTENCY!!! THATS ALL!!!

    • Posted by Path Evermore, at Reply

      this proves that the white people who host the show hate white people?…. subconsciously? please tell me more, your mental gymnastics are very entertaining.

  2. Posted by Jonathan Xavier, at Reply

    Trump cuck tears incoming.

    • Posted by AegisEpoch, at Reply

      lol i always thought that was weird: cucks like being humiliated
      Wouldnt popularizing the term ‘cuck’, which has the connotation of being something sexually demeaning while making everyone aware of the practice, make it easier to cuck? wouldn’t it being known as demeaning, be everything they’ve ever wanted? its been a great year for cucks. and me ((reveals i’m black))((shock music))

    • Posted by Mary Ann Bittle, at Reply

      Actually, color is irrelevant. The desire to be shamed and demeaned by watching your significant other being pleasured by someone else is the basis for the term. It comes from the word cuckold, which really only means “a man whose wife commits adultery,” to be truthful. The new shortening of the term has brought with it a much more specific meaning, it seems.

      Although, if one gets off on such things, it would’t be demeaning, so it wouldn’t be applicable. And that kind of thing happens in orgies, too, with not a whit of shames, so that wouldn’t help, either. So, dang, perhaps it means a really, really uptight person being shown how uptight he (or, theoretically she) really is by having to sit through an example of everything he doesn’t do and should do but probably can’t do because he’s so uptight… hmmmm….

  3. Posted by Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!, at Reply

    THAT motherfucker looks extra orange in the thumbnail tho!

    • Posted by Axeman 3000, at Reply

      Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! these people really hate trump lol

    • Posted by emailchrismoll, at Reply

      They probably gave him the OJ Simpson treatment, only instead of digitally darkening him they digitally orange-ified him.

    • Posted by sunnydaze80, at Reply

      emailchrismoll 😂😂😂😂

  4. Posted by Michael W, at Reply

    Trump’s whole presidency is about workshopping various excuses for things lol He’s redefining the phrase “learning on the job.” It’ll take him 4 years just to figure out how the government works.

    • Posted by Milton Perez, at Reply

      Anzac-A1 are we allowed to exile Trump to a island yet not impeach just keep him safely away.

  5. Posted by Shadow Knight, at Reply

    Congratulations Trump, you pissed off the FBI, what next….the CIA?

    • Posted by Bogs Binny, at Reply

      if i pull that off, will you die???

  6. Posted by Darlene Bimbai, at Reply

    How long does Trump last? 6 more months? A year? Can’t come soon enough.

    • Posted by David Stagg, at Reply

      Trump won’t last through the summer.

    • Posted by Jimme John, at Reply

      +David Stagg and then he won’t last through 2017, and then 2018, and 2019………….. Remember when people said he’d be impeached by March?

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      “Remember when people said he’d be impeached by March?”


      Sounds like hyperbole anyway – are you in the habit of taking nonsense seriously? – Oh right – you’re a Trumpette, never mind….

    • Posted by Mary Ann Bittle, at Reply

      Nobody was saying anything about Comrade Drumpf being impeached by March, except maybe in your fevered dreams. Hell, it was March before the Flynn mess even started seeping out. Please, try to keep up. Your lack of coherence makes it appear you’re sadly in need of a medication adjustment.

  7. Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply

    why don’t you believe Trump? he just felt bad for Hillary

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Stephen Colbert
      “We all remember the stirring cries from the crowds at Trump rallies ‘TREAT HER FAIRLY, TREAT HER FAIRLY!'”

  8. Posted by Karasu Macha, at Reply

    Want to hear a joke!


    • Posted by RubyKing1997, at Reply

      Karasu Macha HA! funny

    • Posted by Gene Roles, at Reply

      Got another one for you
      Sometime in the not so distant future…..
      Panic struck him as the cell door closed and the lock engaged. He had heard all the horror stories about what happens in prison. He sank into a dark corner and fought back the tears. Just then, he saw movement from the top bunk. In one smooth movement, the biggest, baddest, meanest looking man he had ever seen was now standing in front of him! This monster of a man spoke in a surprisingly soft voice, “What’s wrong? Why you so upset?” Answering in a shaking voice, “I’ve heard about what happens in places like this and I am afraid you are going to hurt me!” “No, no, you have it all wrong!” the hulking man said, “That’s the old ways. Here we are very progressive and the new guy can pick to be either the wife or the husband. So which will it be?” “Really? That’s great! Then I would like to be the husband!” Suddenly the voice changed, becoming loud and threatening, “That’s just fine Mr. President, now come over here and suck your wife’s c—k.”

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Surprisingly funny. SAD

  9. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    I have to say I’m impressed by Trump! For a guy with tiny hands, he’s dug himself a big hole.

    • Posted by godonlyknows13, at Reply

      How does this comment not have a million likes?! lol

    • Posted by Cajun Scorpion, at Reply

      Ęÿūį Æßñ don’t ask why I thought of a meerkat and its tiny paws 😂

    • Posted by Mick Maphari, at Reply

      A mouse fell in love with an elephant and, despite the opposition of their respective families they did get married. On their wedding night the elephant keeled over and died. The mouse said “O fate that I have unwittingly bartered one moment of happiness and tons of imagination for a lifetime of digging a grave!”

      Trump is the elephant – the mouse his supporters.

    • Posted by AG C, at Reply

      Trump hired an illegal immigrant to dig that hole, and then refused to pay him.

  10. Posted by Aslan Khedira Diego, at Reply

    This is all gonna make a great film in 10 years

    • Posted by necroryda, at Reply

      Aslan Khedira Diego its already been made into a tv show called braindead.

    • Posted by Ciarán Neely, at Reply

      I’m more thinking a netflix original. “Trump”.

    • Posted by 221 b, at Reply

      You mean a play, performed among the radioactive remains of the USA?

    • Posted by gorrillawarfair, at Reply

      IgnarHusky420 Cannabis Sessions McCabe imo looks really similar to doug stamper but with more hair.

    • Posted by Mary Ann Bittle, at Reply

      Nah, “Drumpf,” @Ciaran Neely.

  11. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    Lord marmalade is immersed in his own parasitic diarrhea. Can we all say money laundering and coup? Orange motherfucker is going to be prosecuted.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U When he goes down I’m going to play Paul Williams’ “The Hell of It” while drinking a mix of champagne and Trumptard tears from a silver chalice.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      We will have to have a skype party. Haha.

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +INDIVIDUAL 👍😂

  12. Posted by Lorna Ginette Harrison, at Reply

    As any woman who’s ever been in the vicinity of Donald Trump could’ve told Comey, NO ONE is untouchable.

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      Lorna Ginette Harrison lol

  13. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    well clearly this need to be privately investigated now, but of course that wont happen.

    • Posted by futurestoryteller, at Reply

      Don’t be too sure, there are a lot of kinks in that armor.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      if i’m wrong i’ll be happy.

  14. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    It’s simple folks – trump is a pathological liar and his supporters are pathologically gullible…

    • Posted by Bat Shit Crazy, at Reply

      Syrup Forever I’m a leftist and I don’t believe that science proves there are 18473828.7 genders and you are in fact the gullible ones

    • Posted by Mary Ann Bittle, at Reply

      *whispers* (actually, it’s ‘cuckold,’ sorry – I was really rooting for you, but I have to make sure you don’t make the same mistake again)

    • Posted by Mary Ann Bittle, at Reply

      Hey, SyrupForBrains, there is and has never been a study proving any such thing. Gender is a spectrum, plain and simple. There are no numbers answering ‘how many “genders” exist,’ because the question is, on its face, false. Please, do try to keep up.

    • Posted by Jimme John, at Reply

      +Mary Ann Bittle what is the definition of gender if it’s not make and female?

  15. Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

    The only enemy of ALL people, no matter your race, are corrupt billionaires.  It’s us against them.

    • Posted by sacamigo1, at Reply

      to be a smart alec: Arent’ currupt billionaires a part of “ALL people”? are they against themselves? JK

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      I wish I could laugh about it.

  16. Posted by J gossy, at Reply

    trump couldn’t outwit a class room full of pre-schoolers

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      That’s an insult to Trump followers.

  17. Posted by Ginger Weatherbee, at Reply

    i think it was within that same hearing that Kamala Harris implored McCabe to go to the committee if he needs resources (money,prosecutors,more agents etc).. so hopefully this will keep going forward