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Trump: Puerto Rico Too Rich For Hurricane Relief Money


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Republicans are simply the most awful. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area below.

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" IMPLIES TESTING HAS ACTUALLY currently come to disaster aid– as well as it just relates to Puerto Rico.
When Congress passed a $36.5 billion disaster relief bill to reinforce reconstructing efforts in several wildfire and hurricane-damaged areas in October, it bamboozled Puerto Rico, offering it a $4.9 billion financing as opposed to the give that locations received. Currently, it appears the financial obligation- and hurricane-ravaged island won't also obtain that money.
First reported in El Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico's day-to-day paper, the Federal Emergency Management Firm as well as the Treasury Department informed the Puerto Rican federal government on January 9 that they will certainly not disburse the finance via the Neighborhood Disaster Finances Program, after finding that Puerto Rico had a cash equilibrium on December 29 of in 2014 of $1.7 billion for recurring procedures. The letter also cited $6.875 billion spread in different city government accounts. Given that the loan was meant to fill in a void in day-to-day financing, FEMA established Puerto Rico does not need the cash at this time." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Correct!, at Reply

    It’s the end of the World 🗺✅

    • Posted by Kimberly Rea, at Reply

      Correct! As we know it….

    • Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

      … But I feel fine.

    • Posted by Adria Goff, at Reply

      AS WE KNOW IT!!..R.E.M. Knew what they were talking about 27-30 yrs. ago. Damn that song is that old?🤔

    • Posted by Kimberly Rea, at Reply

      Adria Goff omg. I used to sing that to my kids when I was ready to beat asses…… they would line up ready for the “no ma’am, yes ma’am, we’re sorry ma’am” session. They tell me when the hear the song now, they sit up straighter and then laugh.

  2. Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

    These Republicans should be hung.

    • Posted by Charles Karl, at Reply

      Let’s go to war already! Civil war now!

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      Princess Ameatia I would settle for Scandinavian style euthenasia.

  3. Posted by BoneMeringue, at Reply

    So they’re shitholes when it comes to letting immigrants in but they’re too well off when it comes to emergency relief funding. Sure Jan.

    • Posted by Mery Love, at Reply

      Are you refering to Puertoricans as immigrants? You DO know they are american citizens, right?

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      Mery Love yeah but as far as Trump is concerned they aren’t. Americans, that is…

    • Posted by Jose Torres, at Reply

      Pr is the usa

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      Jose Torres yes it is but not as far as Trump is concerned. To his mind, those people are too brown, their mayor is a woman – and she was rude to him…😒

    • Posted by Reincarnation escape 1, at Reply

      Jose Torres no it’s not. Puerto Rico is a distant land colonized by an imperialist power. It’s not anymore u. S. A. Than the Philippines were when USA colonized them. They’re not Americans. They deserve their own nation free from the schemes of D. C

  4. Posted by The Phenom, at Reply

    Meanwhile in California, a local barber in my area just got arrested for selling drugs. Blew my mind. I’ve been his customer for years. I had no idea he was a barber.

    • Posted by MatchstalkMan, at Reply

      The Phenom Badum-Tish!

    • Posted by caca, at Reply

      Love it 😘😂

    • Posted by Ettore Evangelista, at Reply

      timeless classic

    • Posted by Khaotic Twist, at Reply

      Mrs. Bobby You missed the joke…

  5. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    Imagine all the paper towels they could buy with that extra billion.

    • Posted by Jose Rodriguez, at Reply

      You must mean “Big Beautiful Towels”

    • Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

      Bruce Leroy
      Yes, I’m sure he though they could just wipe the hurricane clean with a few wipes. He is an absolute horror story of a human!

    • Posted by Marilyn Harper, at Reply

      Bruce Leroy great comments!

    • Posted by devin edwards, at Reply

      Mannnnn lolol.

    • Posted by G Horn, at Reply

      Still waiting for “the power of the glow”. Shonuff.

  6. Posted by ChapDatText, at Reply

    Trump still refuses to believe that Puerto Rico is part of the US.
    Cuz they speak Spanish

    • Posted by Dani P, at Reply

      Martin Pêcheur Puerto Rico’s president is Trump you idiot.

    • Posted by Stewart Owens, at Reply

      Guess nobody told trump that they speak Spanish in Texas also…. I sure would like to see Texas step up and help Puerto Rico out.

    • Posted by Khaotic Twist, at Reply

      Wonder what Trump thinks about New Mexico.

    • Posted by Karuska22ps, at Reply

      Khaotic Twist
      He would probably build a wall around it too

  7. Posted by Waken Bake, at Reply

    “Puerto Rico isn’t a state though….” – a random Republican

    • Posted by Osk57, at Reply

      Puerto Rico is a conquest, part of the American Empire. Either treat them as Americans give them statehood or give them independence.

    • Posted by Chris Broughan, at Reply

      Tsinat Gebreselassie …… yes let’s give it back to Spain. So we can be flooded with illegal immigrants awesome idea. Your woes will be 10,000 times greater. Perfect idea you should implement this.

    • Posted by Chris Broughan, at Reply

      Tiger Lily ….. the only reason Puerto Ricans were able to serve in the military is because of the status of forces agreement. Which means we built a base there, to help them survive, have jobs, create an economy. Without are presence they would be Haiti. Why don’t you ask the Puerto Ricans if they would like the bases to leave, do you really think they want independence from the us? No, they are dependent on the US.

  8. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    just as a reminder trump owes hundreds of millions in back taxes to Puerto Rico.

    • Posted by deniseloc1, at Reply

      rouge1ful most people are clueless

    • Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

      I remind everyone of that every chance I get. Surprising how many people don’t know about it.

    • Posted by Zappa Woman, at Reply

      What an absolute POS this POTUS is.

    • Posted by Judy Malley, at Reply

      Put leans on his properties

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      rouge1ful ok right smh

  9. Posted by rocked30, at Reply

    So, billions of US tax payer dollars spent to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan but Puerto can’t get the support they need to rebuild their infrastructure.

    • Posted by Danice Malone, at Reply

      David Kinney He’s manipulative. He test the water, the mood, you.. just like a pimp, a rapist, then, when he feels your strengths + weakness
      he moves in on you with the fake NEWS, lies, and media to create his diversions! We have videos, tweets and proof now.. Ewe!🗣️🗯️🍼👶🐸🐸🗯️🍼👶🤡🗯️

    • Posted by Danice Malone, at Reply

      Jason Reeve Drugs too. Ask Afghanistan!

    • Posted by UNCD Inc, at Reply

      Billions of dollars spent on Iraq were spent they finished raping and pillaging that country. so they can do it over and over. They destroyed Peurto Rico’s economy by allowing US criminals go there and be bound by no laws. Then the US goes in their and takes away the countries right to declare bankruptcy. With friends like that who needs enemies? Oh yeah the United States of Deception.

    • Posted by Vic HN, at Reply

      rocked30billions of US tax payer dollars spent to destroy those countries, then it was those countries money to rebuild it by US contractors. yes, some US tax payers money spent, but it was for US military base and personnel there.

      now just because US contractors got the rebuilding contracts, some idiots think it was US money. you got to be smarter than those idiots.

    • Posted by Kareem Colebrooke, at Reply

      Jesus J. EXACTLY they squandered the money and now, their blaming trump when alot of Americans don’t want to pay for their politicians neglect

  10. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    So Puerto Rico, with its triple digit billions in debt to the US is somehow rolling in dough (obviously given their roads are still impassable and its been over 100 days since they had power). Yet Texas, Florida , and California (world’s 7th largest economy on its own) are somehow pressed for cash? Riiiiight.

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      hudsle they are alot like liberal shitholes like Chicago Detroit and California. They want everything for free when they have the money to take care of it but noooo they want everybody else to do it. They could of done been mostly back to normal but like liberal fucks want everybody else to do it for them

  11. Posted by Cookie Nibz, at Reply

    I don’t have evidence, but I just KNOW… Trump wakes up in the morning thinking “Hm, what can I do to be a bigger prick?”.

    • Posted by Nizzle FoShizzle, at Reply

      Hey, it’s a goal. What was Obama’s goal, exactly?

    • Posted by Mlpfanboy, at Reply

      Cookie Nibz he dosnt have to think about it, it’s involuntary, it’s like him blinking or his heart beating it’s built into his brain as being instantaneous.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Cookie Nibz – Sounds about right.

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      + Nizzle FoShizzle to get the US out of recession and create millions of Jobs in the Healthcare sector while also giving million of people a health insurance …

  12. Posted by Jose Rodriguez, at Reply

    How could anyone dislike this video? Honestly… they are explaining how a territory of the United States is getting treated by the President, the views of the republican’s in power, Not the republican people, and how things have been done in the past and contrast to now. To dislike this video of facts must be an acknowledgment that you don’t care what the Truth is if it conflicts with your personal views. For those who dislike something like this, I hope you never find yourself in need of help and confronted with the same response that Puerto Rico has gotten by its “Fellow People”

    • Posted by weston0614, at Reply

      Jose… Thank you for breaking it down so the morons that don’t know anything about Puerto Rico can learn something. Don’t forget the millions upon millions that the evil, dumb,orange orangutan owes Puerto Rico.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      Jose Rodriguez Face it, the world is full of deplorables.

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Jose Rodriguez – A combination of Trump’s base and trolls, they just don’t have an ounce of common decency amongst them.

  13. Posted by sam gate, at Reply

    With not handing over the money – to puerto rico

    • Posted by caca, at Reply

      sam gate True!

    • Posted by Worrywart, at Reply

      I’m sure lots of NRA members would be only too happy to provide free security. He could choose some of those crazy white nationalists as his ‘A’ team.

    • Posted by Say What, at Reply

      sam gate, Secret service have to pay for their golf carts and their stay at Mar a logo and Trump’s Tower.

    • Posted by Fascist Swan, at Reply


  14. Posted by Alex Avery, at Reply

    Puerto Rican’s in the states voted for trump in a big way. How do you feel about it now?

    • Posted by Kossimer, at Reply

      Only Republicans change their mind on whether or not people deserve disaster relief money depending on who they voted for.

    • Posted by bauhaus, at Reply

      MaliceInCandyland, agreed. . . it’s total BS. Love love love PR. Wish they’d make PR a state already. Ridiculous.

    • Posted by Ron Rod, at Reply

      Alex Avery almost 80% of puertoricans voted for Hillary

    • Posted by Rhaspun, at Reply

      They are citizens. When do we handpick which citizens to exclude from voting.

  15. Posted by Student Loans Are Cool, at Reply

    We should stop talking as if Trump is a person capable of any kind of empathy, he is quite simply not worthy of being president.

    • Posted by The Least Racist Most Intelligent and Sexy Philantropist by the Grace of God, at Reply

      Student Loans Are Cool exactly. This is why the GOP are the real villains.

    • Posted by Tiger Lily, at Reply

      Agree with you

  16. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    They are also fighting an infestation of rats now. tRUMP has helped to make an American territory filled with US citizens resemble what he considers a sh*thole!! There’s a special place in hell for him!!

    • Posted by Fabricated YOUTUBE-GOOGLE, at Reply

      Trump secretly really likes shitholes. Ask Melania

    • Posted by Fabricated YOUTUBE-GOOGLE, at Reply

      When looking at what you said, it’s big wonder why media have stopped reporting on Trump only providing 1 year of Tax returns when all other former presidents showed theirs entirely

    • Posted by Fascist Swan, at Reply

      The liberal tears are so sweet

    • Posted by thomas reiley, at Reply

      liberal ontheleft when life hands you rats make rat stew 😎

    • Posted by M. Brennan, at Reply

      You mean whitey right wing tears. Your orange Fuehrer his merry band of shitstains are in deep dog doo and sinking fast. It’s so Unfair! No one has ever suffered as much as Donnie!

  17. Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

    Jackass in Chief continues to destroy America.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      Lucas Martinez His deplorable fanbase loves him even more for this, “makes ’em libtards cry”- cuckservatives

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      Lucas Martinez nothing like Dumbo ear obummer did

  18. Posted by CRACKER HUNTER, at Reply

    They’re causing a massive exodus…surprise MOTHER FUCKERS we’re American citizens with a strong tradition of voting…so see you at the MIDTERMS!!!

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Politics is poison against the soul. I highly advise against it. Look at studies that show how it stresses so many.

      You would feel a lot better turning your attention to something rewarding.

    • Posted by May the Science be with You, at Reply

      What strong tradition? It’s normal that about half your population never votes. They could easily bring a third party into play if they could be arsed to vote

    • Posted by Mathias B., at Reply

      On general elections the Voter Turnout in Puerto Rico is around 80% thats more then in any state if they move to swing states that could influence the next Election

  19. Posted by Richard Denson, at Reply

    They’re just trying to run down PR until they can build condos and resorts there for dirt cheap.

    • Posted by Donald Crunk, at Reply

      Richard Denson it’s already a shithole

    • Posted by bauhaus, at Reply

      You’ve obviously never been to PR. It’s not a shithole. There are, however, a lot of Democrat voting Spanish​ speaking Americans there.

    • Posted by Brad Taylor, at Reply

      Puerto Rico residents cannot vote for congress or president, so the republicans aren’t concerned about the electoral impact of these decisions.

    • Posted by bauhaus, at Reply

      It’s crazy how their hands are tied. I was just there, before the hurricane, tons of active and prior service Puerto Ricans there. It blows me away how callous​ people are toward them.

    • Posted by Stephen Faust, at Reply

      1% of the American population being shamelessly neglected, and more than neglected. If the Trumpettes can force at least some of the municipalities, let alone the whole island, into submission, they will have a transhipment point for cocaine out of South America and illegal firearms transfers the other way for year and decades to come. Is it really just resorts and condoes they want? One doubts it.