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Trump Pulls Out Of Paris Climate Deal


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As a result of course he did. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you think in the comment area below.

" Multiple information electrical outlets are reporting Wednesday early morning that President Donald Trump plans to draw the United States out of the landmark Paris climate accord, citing White Residence authorities. Trump himself remains to tease out the remarkable finish to a decision that he has postponed for months …

What's not clear yet is whether Trump means to pull out of the Paris contract itself, or the whole treaty underlining all global environment change negotiations, called the United Nations Framework Convention on Environment Adjustment. To take out of Paris but maintain the USA involved in the more comprehensive UNFCCC procedure would certainly take more than three years, but withdrawing from the whole framework would certainly be easier– though the reaction for doing so can be also stronger. Withdrawing from the UNFCCC, developed in 1992, would be a much more extreme move to weaken climate progress." *.

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  1. Posted by Thelogicalape, at Reply

    I’m so sick of all this winning!

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Thelogicalape You know how people type “lol” but don’t actually laugh?

      I actually laughed out loud at this.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      That is the secret, isn’t it? Trump thinks winning means losing and losing means winning. Literally everything he ever said makes perfect sense then.

    • Posted by Audrey Eisenstadt, at Reply

      thank you for making me laugh at a not funny think. It is an upsy tervy world with a psycho pres. he loves it this way. unfortunately the world and earth do not.

  2. Posted by zyzz doggie, at Reply


    • Posted by Lord Short, at Reply

      zyzz doggie Guny Gugu…

    • Posted by I Am Pagliacci, at Reply

      Trump just went full covfefe. Never go ful covfefe.

    • Posted by MrJuicekrew, at Reply

      @ I Am Paglacci – You just made my day. Top dollar. 🙂

    • Posted by Rm EPD, at Reply

      COVFEFE means blabbering idiot–according to Ivanka.

  3. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Fake news. The earth is flat and enclosed in a dome.

    • Posted by MrBrownsugar85, at Reply

      Pallas AnitaSarkeesian queer

    • Posted by Audrey Eisenstadt, at Reply

      So sad today. Another sad day with the worst president we have ever had. He was handed a growing economy, with peace deals and climate addressed. But to think a black man did that. Repulsive to the trump and republicans so up is down, black is white and the entire world let alone the USA suffers. I can not accept americans are that stupid. Dont they want to drink water, breath air and live, if not now but for generations to follow. Trump thinks he has the money to cover it, but air doesnt know from money and he clearly knows nothing about science.

  4. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    side note: there are over 650k jobs in the US in the renewable energy market but trump wants to rely on the dying industry that is coal.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +Matt LongBall the coal industry is dying and has been dying for decades now even coal CEOs have said that those jobs are not coming back. Do you know how many coal jobs were lost since just 2014? 191000. Nearly 200,000 jobs lost in less than five years. They are not coming back.

    • Posted by dantonliam, at Reply

      Raaghav G.R. What an idiot…are you sure that you are from this planet?

    • Posted by dantonliam, at Reply

      nexus1g so just stop innovating…

    • Posted by don Reeves, at Reply

      +rouge1ful you’re wrong ,do some research.

  5. Posted by Joe O'Donnell, at Reply

    I wish trump’s dad pulled out!

    • Posted by Martijn Rutte, at Reply

      At least he gets to built a wall against the water…

    • Posted by Alex A, at Reply

      There may be climate change but is it man made or is it a natural phenomenon? It’s been said that ‘they’re’ blaming it on man to introduce more carbon taxes!

  6. Posted by xCaptxCrunchx, at Reply


    • Posted by MegaMementoMori, at Reply

      You know that USA did not have a China-esque sky before signing the agreement? What makes you think that after withdrawing from the climate accord it will suddenly get worse then when the agreement was not signed in the first place?

    • Posted by lololee24, at Reply

      You’re an idiot and idiots can’t be taught anything because they’re idiots. So, thanks idiot for your very enlightened opinion.

  7. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    This is beyond disastrous. When North Korea has a better environmental policy than the U.S., that’s when you know you are fucked.

    • Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

      SH – please explain

    • Posted by the evil shed, at Reply

      so how is it fair that china in the deal have no restrictions on emissions on building coal plants, india and europe can build what they want but america isnt allowed to do that.

    • Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

      the evil – there is nothing in the agreement that is anything like that.

    • Posted by Matt LongBall, at Reply

      John O’Malley you are useless to this world.

  8. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    *The trump voter has failed the United States of America.*

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      Nah … it’s a cultural issue. In the USA, politics is considered “dirty”. People think it is in bad taste to talk about politics at social gatherings, and as a result, voter turnout is dangerously low. The 55% of the 2016 elections aren’t just average when looking at the last five elections; they are average for the last 25 elections. Same goes for the midterm-turnout of less than 40%. Americans need to learn that politics are part of your life. Instead of worshipping a piece of cloth every morning, students should have to swear that they will always try to keep informed about politics.
      (To all you Americans out there – yes, your attitude towards politics is unique. No one in Europe treats politics as a taboo topic.)

    • Posted by Mae Dae, at Reply

      ekinnike93 – Thank you.

  9. Posted by The Unapologetic Leftist, at Reply

    Trump will get us all wiped out! It will be TREMENDOUS! Trump: “I give the best extinction, BELIEVE ME! We will go out bigly! We will have the best extinction, it will make the dinosaurs heads spin!”

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      I wish this was just a joke. Just watched Bernie Madoff ‘Wizard of Lies’. What’s on Madoff’s mind on 9/11, was relief, a death wish, one that involves everyone. 7 years before 2008, Madoff already possess a suicidal terrorist type mindset. The devils love BIG glory, Dylann Roof or Madoff. Or other megalomania sociopaths with access to weapons of great destruction. I never thought Trump as “stupid manbaby”. I have always seen him as DANGEROUS.

    • Posted by shesaknitter, at Reply

      He’s a dangerous and stupid manbaby.

  10. Posted by Tyler Gilchrist, at Reply

    So scientist can figure out the composition of a space rock millions of miles away, create vehicles to traverse those distances and beyond, create a network of wireless information accessible through waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, create weapons with devastating power through nuclear fission…

    But you people struggle to understand something as simple as climate change and the factors that cause it?

    Information accepted by 97% of scientists based on thousands of studies and experiments by the brightest minds on earth since the early 19th century.

    But I guess if the talking head you listen to on TV says it’s not real you don’t have to research it right?

  11. Posted by Peter Wilson, at Reply

    Make America Covfefe again

    • Posted by karom fattimo, at Reply

      Peter Wilson bye bye the usa 😂

    • Posted by GilbertoTX, at Reply

      LOL find this deal is complete worthless joke, more global government. LOL idiots

    • Posted by Gary Patterson, at Reply

      Since we all know that pollution ends at a nation’s borders, you’re correct. Only if pollution and CO2 could cross borders would this matter. As we all know, that’s unpossible.

  12. Posted by Scott Cox, at Reply

    This sociopath would watch the earth turn into burning cinder for a dollar.

    • Posted by Michael Hunt, at Reply

      +Jada Vex Why do you think the rich are rich? By being weak?

    • Posted by shesaknitter, at Reply

      Corruption and dishonesty can carry one a long way, if all one cares about is money. But at some point the day of reckoning arrives. 45 is not as rich as he would have us believe, and he’s now beholden to the Russians who were the only ones who would lend him money. I mean, SIX bankruptcies? He’s a big phony. A successful grifter, but under scrutiny the idea that there is anything authentic about him begins to fall apart.

    • Posted by Michael Hunt, at Reply

      Corruption and dishonesty-aka cunning. It is indicative of intelligence. Sorry if the peasant class doens’t think its fair. I truly am. But this is just the way the world works.

    • Posted by perkyporkpie, at Reply

      Or less

  13. Posted by James Green, at Reply

    if only his racist father pulled out

    • Posted by NaziGOPBallmer, at Reply

      Adam Smith No, you should’ve been fixed like Trump’s dad so you wouldn’t pollute the human gene pool.

    • Posted by shooting shark, at Reply

      If it’s not some libtard simulating a beheading, it’s some libtard talking about castration. Why can’t you people stop being crybaby losers and acting so maniacicle ? You sound like a bunch of serial murders

    • Posted by David Ramirez, at Reply

      shooting shark meanwhile racists conservatives are doing the actual killing, like those poor brave men who lost their lives trying to talk down a racist Trump supporter

  14. Posted by YouTubeExplorer, at Reply

    “But Hillary’s emails!”

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      Buttery males!

    • Posted by Édgar Mondragón, at Reply

      Please, repeat to yourselves, «progressives»: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are exactly the same.

    • Posted by Audrey Eisenstadt, at Reply

      I know, seems irrelevant know. was not important then. LOCK HIM UP

    • Posted by ReapeX, at Reply

      +Édgar Mondragón You’re completely incorrect, both candidates stated their differences multiple times. They both behave and act differently. They have different policies and methodologies. Its been over a year and some people are still having a hard time realizing they’re different.

  15. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    He’s like a dumb, cliche, badly-written villain, in a story created by a 12 year old the night before the homework was due. No character or personality, no sympathetic origin story, just evil for evils sake.

    • Posted by Parag Guglani, at Reply

      This is a graph of earth’s temp. pattern for the past ~5000 years – choke on it you media brainwashed idiot.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      +Parag Guglani
      Ok, what am I supposed to be looking at?

  16. Posted by Powerdriller Power, at Reply

    The USA is now a rogue country, and needs to be put in quarantine until this orange plague has passed over.

    • Posted by ACLTony, at Reply

      Sorry, not going to happen. The USA and China are still the world’s most powerful economies. This is why we are being pressured. China’s government shrugs it’s shoulders, as usual. If Australia, Argentina, or Greece were involved and each said no…do you think it would even make the news? Likely not.

    • Posted by 板垣退助, at Reply

      +shooting shark Yes , these great “scientists” that often don’t publish many , or any scientific papers or research papers. They simply “have the specific degree in science”. Meaning that they essentially got the degree and fucked off. We see this with ken ham’s “scientists” and we often see this with these climate change deniers.

      Also , you can stop your nation from being swamped with 3rd world immigrants and not be a ludicrous science denying fool that is donald trump. These places that do this are called the “asian tigers and japan”.

  17. Posted by Ken Adams, at Reply

    He’s literally putting all of us in danger…he needs to be arrested and tried for treason.

    • Posted by GilbertoTX, at Reply

      LOL funny I don’t recall Congress passing this unlawful law, basically went around Congress to get this unconstitutional law in place. LOL idiot

  18. Posted by Luca Ruaro, at Reply

    .. and Hillary was the lesser of two evils… SAD!

    • Posted by Pablo Cruise, at Reply

      Luca Ruaro — ikr… she really wasn’t .. just a huge 30 year smear campaign against her. RIP Kathy Griffin.