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Trump Reconsidering TPP


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Trump ran against TPP yet is currently reevaluating the profession agreement. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, discusses why he transformed his mind. Tell us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

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" Head of state Trump claimed Thursday he would take into consideration returning to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) profession contract if the terms were extra beneficial to the United States

" I would certainly do TPP if we had the ability to make a significantly better bargain," Trump told CNBC throughout a meeting at the World Economic Discussion Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Trump called the Pacific Edge profession deal a "dreadful deal" as composed.

The remarks mark the very first time Trump has elevated the opportunity of rejoining the sweeping profession arrangement, which was promoted by former President Obama.

It's an unexpected stance for Trump, that won the 2016 political election on a promise to take a much more protectionist stance on trade.

Trump railed versus the TPP as a prospect and introduced the U.S. would certainly take out of the agreement in among his first work as president. At the time, Trump stated leaving the TPP is a "excellent point for the American worker."

But it's uncertain just what, exactly, can attract Trump to return to the arrangement. The head of state did not state just what particular adjustments he wants to see made."

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  1. Posted by Zoë the Pirate, at Reply

    The last person who spoke to Trump caused him to change his mind? Say it ain’t so!

  2. Posted by QuarterMan88, at Reply

    Hey Cenk… OF COURSE!!!!!

    • Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

      its spelled “coarse”

    • Posted by QuarterMan88, at Reply

      What are you British? lol

    • Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

      no… just making a joke about cenk’s voice

  3. Posted by Jesus Velazquez, at Reply

    Trump’s loving his uneducated blind deplorables. Lmfao

  4. Posted by Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol, at Reply

    Cannot argue, Cenk called it 100 percent. People are idiots to believe anything the President says.

    • Posted by Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol, at Reply

      We are beyond the point when where anyone would question whether a sitting president is a pathological liar. This isn’t funny anymore and if this is the case then we have a Nixon scenario where someone that has serious psychological problems is the leader of our country. We need him to resign immediately because millions of lives depend on it.

    • Posted by Wheat and Tares, at Reply

      Ye, no. He said this about the nafta deal. He said this about the iran deal. And he said this about tpp. If they would be better deals he would reconsider any of them. He has always been saying this. And he is actually a politician that does things he had promised.
      Even Trump hating News network CNN called him in an article “keeper of promises” And no. You just want him to resign, cause you do not agree with him politically… Get over it. Donald Trump won… Now you have to live with a republican leader for the next 4 years. And if democrats and “progressive” regressives keep pushing with open borders, fake news and identity politics I am pretty sure it will be 8 years. You have disconnected from the reality of how normal people think. But I just laid it out for you and how it will be. Do whatever you want with it.

    • Posted by Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol, at Reply

      The deals dont go sideways because of labor cost. That’s what the whole issue is about. Trump is saying the corporations can reap more profit as they see fit and so did Obama. That’s the whole issue we are discussing. Tariffs like Germany have negate the difference.

    • Posted by Hehe Noelo, at Reply

      Well now when US got probly lowest effective CIT in TPP, it might be really great for US, that’s obvious.

    • Posted by Thiosemicarbizide Benzoyl Alcohol, at Reply

      We cant renegotiate the trade pact because its a done deal and essentially the end of the agreement states no other participants will be involved including parts of Europe. Trump is reduced to single trade partners which is the best way to get investment but he says I want to do the original deal for the corporations sake..

  5. Posted by Sean Hayes, at Reply

    Ehhh… everyone is moving forward w/ the TTP w/o America (Canada et al). Except, it’s a version of TPP without all the American corporate bullshit, lol. We’re all way, WAY, better off without you, ‘Murica.

    • Posted by WarScorn, at Reply

      Sean Hayes except the Corporate Sovereignty part of TPP where your country will actually mutate into what mine already is, but worse

  6. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    Trump lied? I’m “shocked!”

  7. Posted by Violent2aShadow, at Reply

    Re-named it to the Trump Pacific Pact.

    Trump: “There! Fixed it. I’ll sign it right now.”

    • Posted by stoeger 2, at Reply

      Violent2aShadow lol

  8. Posted by llongone2, at Reply

    Wow! That’s like the only thing he got right. Now, tRump is completely wrong on everything. No one is more wrong about everything, all the time, as tRump is.

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      Cenk has no idea what is going on. The TPP was binned when USA pulled out. The CPTPP has none of the demands USA made on behalf of US Corporations. That’s why it’s now just a clean fair Trade deal with none of the Sovereignty over reach of the TPP.
      Cenk is wrong. US Corporation WILL NOT want to join the CPTPP. If they push him to ask for all the benefits they had under the TPP, all the other nations will reject it.
      Cenk hasn’t read anything about this deal since Trump pulled USA out. He looks like a Fool.

  9. Posted by Ignar Husky Progressive Maddog, at Reply

    Credit to Cenk for literally predicting Trump here. And the lemmings will still follow him to the cliff and on

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      Cenk go it entirely wrong though. The CPTPP only works because USA is out of it. NO USA CORPORATIONS will want to join the CPTPP (TPP is DEAD) because all the BS that US CORPORATIONS demanded have been removed.

    • Posted by Occassional Sinner, at Reply

      I have to agree with Ashley here.

  10. Posted by Anthony Pennza, at Reply

    Why did this guy run for president again?

    • Posted by Ammon P, at Reply

      Anthony Pennza he didn’t think he was going to win, when he first started in the race no one was backing him, when he started to win they all jumped on the bandwagon.

  11. Posted by David Kalnins, at Reply

    Ummm – The TPP has just been recast (pending ratification) by all the countries except the USA. If the USA is admitted, then you can bet the terms will be worse than before. I bet the message he got was different to the one you talk about in this clip – the short version is that if the USA doesn’t get into it they are screwed and all the trade is going flow right past them. Great deal.

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      BINGO! All the BS in the TPP was put in to get USA in.
      The CPTPP is a different deal. It would have to be renegotiated to get USA In and wouldn’t work for the other countries.

  12. Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

    I never believed Trump on this, it just made no sense that someone who outsources his own jobs woul be against a trade deal that makes it easier for him to do so. Duh.

  13. Posted by ThewayICit, at Reply

    Trump can consider and reconsider the TPP as many times as he likes without ever coming close to understanding it.
    Which is exactly why his supporters like him, they too, haven’t got the brains to ever understand it.

  14. Posted by Osama Bin Laden, at Reply

    I love all this Winning!!!

  15. Posted by Justin Symbiosis Brosey, at Reply

    Trump is so easily predictable because you only have to follow the money, if someone offered Trump a few million dollars to push through a slavery bill, he’d jump on it right away. He’d say “it’s great for the average American” and his supporters would be on board.

  16. Posted by PurushaDesa, at Reply

    ” *Trump’s Pacific Partnership.* See? Better!”

  17. Posted by CN NC, at Reply

    Is this better deal going to be like his Mexico paying for the wall deal?

  18. Posted by Dann Marceau, at Reply

    He’s going back on everything he campaigned on, and dumbass’es voted him in on.