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Trump Reportedly Asked Comey To Jail Journalists


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Trump is a natural strongman, not an all-natural clever male. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" A press liberty advocacy team is speaking up on reports that Head of state Trump asked former FBI Supervisor James Comey to consider imprisoning journalists, claiming the comments "cross a hazardous line."

" The remarks credited to Head of state Trump go across a hazardous line. But no head of state reaches jail journalists," Bruce Brown, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Flexibility of journalism, claimed in a statement Tuesday.

" Reporters are protected by judges and juries, by a congress that relies on them to stay educated, as well as by a Justice Department that for decades has actually honored the duty of a free press by repudiating prosecutions of journalists for releasing leakages of classified details."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by American Insurgent, at Reply

    Look what u did to the country white people

  2. Posted by Æ Æ, at Reply

    *Liberals > conservatives*

    • Posted by Skeptic simba, at Reply

      SIU kys

    • Posted by Phil Yo, at Reply

      Is racism a feeling? Cause I think Conservatives have that one on lock.

    • Posted by Yorkshire Lad, at Reply

      Æ Æ
      No, just no.

    • Posted by squatch whisper, at Reply

      Yorkshire Lad Conservatives R Bad People!

    • Posted by Yorkshire Lad, at Reply

      squatch whisper
      At least we’re literate.

  3. Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

    Fortunately Trump’s already a lame duck.

    • Posted by Jimmy Johnson, at Reply

      Kirk Johnson Ducks have corkscrew dicks, and are serial rapists. Donnie would like ducks!

  4. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

    What could have possibly made this idiotic rat bastard think he could compete with someone Iike Comey? He’s mentally challenged. Trying to outsmart our intelligence agencies? ROTFLMAO. Who woulda thought being a crook was so hard?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      He really thought that being president made him a king. He is so naive and vain.

    • Posted by Depression Real, at Reply

      JUSTMISH 2U trump is dumb journalists release classified information yet he’s out in public reading the classified info

    • Posted by JUSTMISH 2U, at Reply

      +Depression Real Its difficult to become more idiotic than Dump.

    • Posted by TheHunkIsSprunk, at Reply


      That title belongs to his braindead supporters.

  5. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    The only people that’s going to be jailed after the investigation is the Ouragutan in Cheif and his cabinet of misfits.

    • Posted by Kyle Crnkovic, at Reply

      Ęÿūį Æßñ Damn, right. You remember that during the general election how Trump said he was going to throw Hillary Clinton in jail because of her being corrupt. Well, Trump should be tried for treason. The penalty for treason is death. Although, I wouldn’t mind if someone were to assassinate Trump either, but I don’t think anyone would have the cajones to do that.

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      Obstruction of Justice

    • Posted by Tom Martell, at Reply

      Kyle Crnkovic they don’t usually execute traitors anymore. Not in the US. More likely the punishment will be life in solitary at Florence ADX – and that is a fate worse than death.

  6. Posted by UNC GRAD, at Reply

    *Comrade Trump is just fulfilling the orders he got from Putin….*

    • Posted by SuperEliasKhoury, at Reply

      i wish

    • Posted by Cyber Billy, at Reply

      Trump is making out to be a great soviet dictator

    • Posted by Corinne Yaworski, at Reply

      UNC GRAD Perhaps he idolized Castro.

    • Posted by christnapa4, at Reply

      Cyber Billy The greatest soviet dictator is Putin.

  7. Posted by DJ KHALED SQUAD #WeDaBest, at Reply


    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      “Another one. Another one. Another one.”

      – DJ Khaled Reacting To Continuous Trump Scandals

  8. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    “We can’t have someone in the oval office who doesn’t understand the meaning of confidential or classified information.” — DT

    • Posted by Darkpool, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci Preach, President Peach! Now walk the talk! 😂

    • Posted by GURU ZINI, at Reply

      truman told stalin we had nukes…..FACT

    • Posted by Zed O'Haughy, at Reply


    • Posted by scandinavia l.h.r, at Reply

      Alex da Vinci,,,,, he cant read , how would he understand . it took him 20.min. to write a tweet

  9. Posted by I support the gay agenda, at Reply

    Trump supporters and Alex Jones fans cannot read the Constitution because they cannot read.

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      I support the gay agenda they can read. They don’t comprehend

  10. Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

    Impeach the traitor

    • Posted by traydevon, at Reply

      +Tad Pratt I’m one of the few who still has a mind. Two-party politics is EFFECTIVELY a dictatorship, which is where we’ve been since the Clintons decided to turn the Democrats into moderate Republicans in the 1990s; in an economic dictatorship. I don’t give a crap about Trump’s style. It hurts the GOP agenda. As soon as he’s gone, they’ll start getting much more of what they want, and we’ll be even closer to WW3.

      And Hillary Clinton will still have lost because SHE SUCKED as a candidate.

    • Posted by etherraichu, at Reply

      You’re a fool whos convinced himself he knows everything, when in fact you know nothing and just repeat the words of others.

    • Posted by Tad Pratt, at Reply

      traydevon you do have a point about the current two-party system.

      I’ve said for years that we need to start a strong, independent party.

      A party that represents the voice of the people, and not lobbyist and donors. You know, The Rock said he may run. Therefore, I say we rally behind him and form…

      The People’s Party!

    • Posted by Darkpool, at Reply

      Belgian Sebastian *Impeach the Peach!*

  11. Posted by Queen Queen, at Reply

    Donald Trump is the president of the wrong country. American democratical establishments are way too strong for Trump or anybody who wants to be dictatorial tyrant.

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      What proof do you have that he would want to be a dictator and wouldnt that contradict your comment from earlier saying he couldnt handle a strong government? If there is less government then that means he has more stuff to worry about libtard. x3

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      VotelessOrc497 Try using less peanut butter on your balls. Your dog looks ill.

  12. Posted by Andre B, at Reply

    Someone impeach this fascist fuckwad before he completely destroys our country.

    • Posted by Kk MacGoo, at Reply

      +Alex DeLarge For the thousandth time, the country did not elect him. He lost the popular vote (majority of the country) but “won” the electoral college (a very small percentage of people out of millions) although he could’ve lost that too but still got elected. We’ll never know. Thanks a lot Russia.

      Plus, foreigners need to stop acting like they “know” our country. More than half the time, your guy’s opinion is invalid and you have no clue what you are talking about. Become a U.S. citizen, then we can talk.

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      I’m very well aware that Trump lost the popular vote. So what? Your country’s electoral system is crap. Again, what country is to blame for that? Russia? No… try again.

      And all foreigners are stupid, are they? They’re opinion is invalid? Lol… you Americans elected… and then re-elected Bush Jnr and now you’ve even managed to outdo yourselves by electing Trump. So it’s pretty obviously your country which is ignorant, stupid and invalid. The US needs to spend more money on education and less money on bombs/guns and maybe you wont continue to do things like elect Trump and make stupid statements like that. 🙂

    • Posted by Enlightened Kanishka, at Reply

      Kk MacGoo

      Sometimes, foreigners tend to understand America better than the Americans themselves, because they see the Democratic and the Republican party as two wings of the same corrupt eagle, which they unfortunately are.

    • Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

      I administer a popular international socialist Facebook page. Before the elections it was literally impossible for me or anyone else to post anything negative/true at all about Trump without being absolutely buried in a pile of furious trolling from Americans. And this was from American socialists/progressives. I can only imagine what the US rednecks were saying. Now after the election, Americans seem to have buyer’s remorse. Deal with it.

  13. Posted by Andy Fruth, at Reply

    Just stopping by to let the trump voters know that they are traitors

    • Posted by Packfan69, at Reply

      +Jason Parr Perhaps he meant Trump will spend the next 10 years in a federal prison. I think they should send him to Guantanamo

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      Packfan69 yeah would be fitting since republicans wanted to keep it open…

    • Posted by George Standifur, at Reply

      what did Obama do to shut down Gitmo…lmao guess Obama is a repub on that policy as well huh? same as every other policy except racial and sexual policy.

  14. Posted by Mark Cruise, at Reply

    Trump admires Erdogan. Erdogan has already imprisoned many journalists and is seeking to imprison even more. Dictators all follow the same playbook. Every single one of them.

  15. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    If Trump has things his way, he’d fire or jail any and everyone that disagrees with him? yeah people……our current president has strong dictator tendencies!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      this nearl illiterate bafoon was the best we could do as a show piece to world? you trump supporters have failed miserably!!!!

  16. Posted by faris omar, at Reply

    I wish I was born in America any idiot can become president I’m jealous

    • Posted by tasmand wd, at Reply

      Kimberly H well if you like the taste i guess its heaven

    • Posted by Povel Vieregg, at Reply

      Nah you got to be a rich idiot

  17. Posted by Non-Smoking Lifeboats, at Reply

    Does anybody know Trump’s latest approval ratings? I was going to look for them but I can’t find my microscope.

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      Popularity’s holding with his family.

    • Posted by alexa jessop, at Reply

      What a joke? Talk about Freedom Of Speech and Freedom Of the Press.

    • Posted by Jimmy Johnson, at Reply

      P1ranh4 I just read a comment saying Obama is behind it, and is preparing his Muslim army to overthrow Trumpy and open the borders. It’s funny and scary that they live in an alternative reality.

  18. Posted by Jett XV, at Reply

    Trump will probably try to make the U.S in a dictatorship country exactly like N.Korea and our voting rights will be taken away and he’ll be in there till the day he dies, then pass it on to his kids and so forth.. need to get rid of this clown now!

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      Jett XV—- The Republicans are working on that right now trying to enforce voter suppression.

  19. Posted by roscoegino, at Reply

    Who the *uck is Trump? Don Corelone now?

    • Posted by Wildfan1984, at Reply

      roscoegino Don Corleone had more class.

  20. Posted by Brandon Jackson, at Reply

    The irony is that many anti sjw’s and alt righters supported Trump because they believed Trump would dismantle “PC culture” and restore free speech. And here is, trying clamp down on freedom of the press and free specch by asking law enforcement agencies to imprison jounalist that criticize him.

    • Posted by steelersguy74, at Reply

      Brandon Jackson Surely Milo,Crowder and Shapiro will be in the forefront of making calls to stop this. 😑

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      Brandon Jackson unfortunately most of them equate HATE speech with FREE speech