Trump Says He’s Accomplished More Than Anyone Since FDR. Not Even Close. | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Trump Says He’s Accomplished More Than Anyone Since FDR. Not Even Close.


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Throughout his extremely uncommon cupboard conference on Monday, Donald Trump made the claim that he's accomplished a lot more at this moment in his presidency compared to any individual given that FDR. While the head of state did note that there were "a few exceptions" to that case, he neglected to point out that he's essentially done much less during his time in office compared to all of his predecessors. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reviews this. Sign up for the Ring of Fire for extra:

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  1. Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

    It will be awesome when Trump gets fired.

    • Posted by Casey - The Original Conspiracy Realist, at Reply

      John D’oh
      And whose after that…Tillerson? We’d still be in deep ♨️and need a backhoe to get out from under it….

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      Casey. Ryan is third in line. but don’t be fooled Trump is the worst ever. Even GW was 100x better.

    • Posted by Casey - The Original Conspiracy Realist, at Reply

      Conker Squirrel Trump hasn’t had a 9/11 (yet) on his watch, and Bush is by his lies and default annihilated more people worldwide than any President in modern history. And for treason and the 3,000 citizens he is complicit in murdering on our own soil Trumps Trump for the worst on record.
      That’s not to say Trump isn’t climbing thst ladder as best as he can… I hope he doesn’t pass Bush for all our sakes, and the world’s too.

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      Casey. Bush has him on American that were killed. but Everything else Trump is way worse.
      Keep in mind Trump’s budget/Wealthcare could end up killing millions of Americans.
      and He weakened America bad already dividing The U.S. n our allies. (just like Russia wants)
      Trump’s deregulating way more than Bush did recession 2 is going to happen and will be worse on the middle class.

  2. Posted by kalbs89, at Reply

    He is Delusional, we all know it, problem is, his team keeps affirming his “greatness” this to him. “The emperor wears no cloths”

    • Posted by TheArtkaw, at Reply

      When we’re done talking about the election again for the umpteenth time, let’s talk about the possibility of Trump getting rid of Steve Bannon, in a recent quote saying that Bannon wasn’t all that helpful and he only came in very late to help his election. Now many insiders are saying Bannon is increasingly frustrated at being alienated by Trump and White House staff, and may quit his position. Trump doesn’t trust Bannon, he trusts Kushner.

      So yeah, what happens now that Bannon may be getting pushed aside in favor of Trump’s son-in-law?

  3. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    He’s done more golfing.

    • Posted by Jesperado, at Reply

      Sinessa, True story!! After criticizing Obama for it, Trump decided to spend Obama’s entire 8 year travel budget in just a few short, but seemingly very, very long, months 🙄

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      Imagine trying to explain this dumpster fire of a presidency to visiting aliens.

    • Posted by Jesperado, at Reply

      Sinessa, No wonder they’re not speaking to us!! 😳

  4. Posted by Strings410, at Reply

    To be fair…he has greatly improved his golf swing.😂

    • Posted by Anthony Smith, at Reply

      Strings410 and I here he sucks at that too!🏌🏿🙈

    • Posted by DarkLadyvanStar, at Reply

      Strings410 What if he has not? What if he golfs so much because he summoned a lot of meeseeks who are trying to get him to win at golf but he keeps failing? Either way, we will get rid of him soon. The meseeks are getting impatient.

  5. Posted by Neil Price, at Reply

    Someone might want to check this, I’m from the UK so I don’t know too much about the US that isn’t exported to the world, but Trump might be in the record books for being the most unliked President in US History.

    • Posted by DarkLadyvanStar, at Reply

      Neil Price I think the other day it was reported that he had the lowest approval ratings of any president.

    • Posted by Gollum Sessions, at Reply

      Still over-investing in ratings and polls? Really?

    • Posted by Luis Camacho, at Reply

      +Gollum Sessions trump still talks about his “crowds”.

  6. Posted by B4 Trump, at Reply

    No other President could compete with Donald when vying for the title of ‘The Lowest of Low POTUS Ever’. Trump makes Tricky Dicky look like a choir boy and Bill Clinton seem a virgin. UTube should cash in with an ‘Epic Crap POTUS Battles of History’ site.

    • Posted by B4 Trump, at Reply

      TheYoungTurksExposed….WTF? Yeah right, and Donald is a virgin altar boy…So, tell me more about the rape accusations made against Trump, tell me more about him stating he is rich and famous and able to do whatever he wants, please please please tell me more about Donald Trumps respect for women. Oh, and BTW, and this is the decider… who is more scared of their wife…Donald or Bill…??

    • Posted by Topp Dogg, at Reply

      Notoriety is better than mediocrity. You natural born losers just don’t get it.

    • Posted by B4 Trump, at Reply

      Topp Dogg….and you so called ‘winners’ can reflect upon that at your leisure in State or Federal prison.

    • Posted by Topp Dogg, at Reply

      Too early to call. The world is Trump’s playground now. There are many ways to wiggle out of prison.

    • Posted by B4 Trump, at Reply

      Topp Dogg…agreed….till the Midterms….

  7. Posted by ND7652, at Reply

    America got what it wanted a WHITE MAN in the WHITE HOUSE .  Guess STUPID didn’t matter .

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      merlinnj Hillary did not campaign to win electoral college. Trump did.

    • Posted by Valtteri Nieminen, at Reply

      Clinton definitely campaigned to win the Electoral College. Nobody campaigns to not win the Electoral College. The Electoral College is the only thing that matters. Both campaigned in swing states, but being the dysfunctional system the Electoral College is, it produced a completely unexpected result and now we have a monkey in office.

    • Posted by Valtteri Nieminen, at Reply

      Your words would have more credibility if Hillary didn’t get 3 million more votes than Trump

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      Valrteri The compromise that the House has seats based upon population, while Senate is simply 2 per state created the USA. Without this compromise the smaller states would not have joined the Union. They would have been ruled by Bigger states. So, opposing Electoral college = opposing the creation of the Union, ignorant motherfuckers.

  8. Posted by Gregory Frowendown, at Reply

    it’s almost like trump isn’t qualified to be president

    • Posted by This is my opinion so whatever, at Reply

      Gregory Frowendown almost,he isn’t!!!!

  9. Posted by Spirit of the Fox, at Reply

    Destroying everything that Obama did doesn’t count as accomplishments.

    • Posted by Spirit of the Fox, at Reply

      Agreed. Worshipping his gross incompetence makes his joke of a presidency even sadder. Soon enough they might see the consequences of all that destruction. When their sick kid can’t get treatment and dies, when they lose their job realizing today’s economy isn’t about coal, when they get poisoned by lead water, etc.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Spirit of the Fox Yes it does. It’s the best thing he could have done. We got hosed in all the Barry deals.

    • Posted by Spirit of the Fox, at Reply

      Sure, because Obama was such a nightmare. Saving the economy from a major crash, then allowing millions to have healhcare, trying to protect the environment / save Earth, marriage equality, making peace (sorta) with Iran and Cuba… this is so horrible.
      Note: he screwed up in many other domains (Syria, bowing to WS etc) but that’s nothing in comparison to the disaster of Trump’s first (and I hope last) 100 days. America ain’t “great again”, far from it.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Spirit of the Fox He prolonged the Great Recession as long as possible to make more people dependent on government, thus the Democrats, and EVERYTHING about BarryCare is a lie. It was also designed to fail. It’s collapsing now under it’s own weight. In fact some states only have one or two providers left. You’re defending a disaster.

  10. Posted by darkashtar, at Reply

    He has achieved a higher disapproval rating in a shorter amount of time than anyone else 🙂

    • Posted by ( O_〉O)?, at Reply

      Before Trump, Bush was the worst president. It took him 1200 days to receive a disapproval rating of 60%. Trump received that percentage in 144. Over 6 times faster than Bush. And it hasn’t been a year. How embarrassing.

  11. Posted by k williams, at Reply

    He is speaking to his supporters. He knows they’ll believe anything he tells them.

    • Posted by commentor2013, at Reply

      k williams his ridiculous claims are worse than a north korean dictator.

    • Posted by llongone2, at Reply

      Indeed. Truptards will believe anything their orange shepherd says.

  12. Posted by Chris Bellen, at Reply

    The only thing TRUMP had passed is GAS……….and HOT AIR.

    • Posted by Cynthia Prtty, at Reply

      Chris Bellen lmfao

  13. Posted by brad ledford, at Reply

    AMERICANS, im still wondering, HOW TF DID YOU ELECT DONALD TRUMP, i mean WTF?

    • Posted by Jazz S., at Reply

      brad ledford we didn’t…the electoral college did. The majority of voters picked Hillary Clinton. But the fact that he actually got as many votes as he did is still unbelievable to me! Right now he’s looking like Nixon 2.0 so hopefully he will be on his way out soon and hopefully that idiot Mike Pence won’t give him a full pardon as Ford gave Nixon.

    • Posted by brad ledford, at Reply

      Yup I know that Hilary got like 2 million or so more votes but damn, America is divided, to think that about half the population are full of retards

  14. Posted by Ichsuka, at Reply

    sigh he’s unrelentingly stupid and full of himself, Kanye on steroids.

    • Posted by Gr8er_Than_8 !, at Reply

      nope, trump is a hero. washington is pushing hard core for WWIII…..the senate just passed sanctions against russia bc they say trump isnt playing enough hard ball….they are trying to ramp up tensions and get us into Ukraine. i dont care what trump does, if he keeps us out of war, he gets an A+ in my book.

    • Posted by Sauron The Deceiver, at Reply

      Gr8er_Than_8 ! So basically he could literally nuke America’s own cities,etc and you’ll still support him?

  15. Posted by Martine, at Reply

    He is completely delusional, and this little show is designed to feed the fantasy world that he has created for his base. Except his base is shrinking as more people wake up from the nightmare.

    • Posted by AstralAdventurer, at Reply

      Hahaha sure, you lefties like to project your hopes so much, 50% approval rating and rising. Conservatism is the new counter-culture and is still growing, we will keep winning for the next 8 years.

    • Posted by Gr8er_Than_8 !, at Reply

      Nope, trump is a hero. washington is pushing hard core for WWIII…..the senate just passed sanctions against russia bc they say trump isnt playing enough hard ball….they are trying to ramp up tensions and get us into Ukraine. i dont care what trump does, if he keeps us out of war, he gets an A+ in my book.

    • Posted by nuk the god, at Reply

      Gr8er_Than_8 ! You are such a loser 😂😂😂😂 copy and paste is your bestfriend. Cuckservatives always say liberals repeat things, your copy and paste comments show us other evidence though.

  16. Posted by Pat Peacock, at Reply

    we know why Trump ran as a Republican because he knew that they are the only one stupid enough to believe him.

    • Posted by Gr8er_Than_8 !, at Reply

      Republicans > Democrats

    • Posted by Thomas Buchovecky, at Reply

      Historically? Yes. Today? Lol no they’re a bunch of nationalists, theocrats, corporate shills, and war hawks.

  17. Posted by LexingtonWells, at Reply

    And the guy really isn’t democratically elected. He lost the popular vote by a massive margin, and before one of you Trumpflakes tell me “But muh electoral college”, we know that because of gerrymandering and punitive ‘voter id laws’ in many states, he probably shouldn’t have won the electoral college either. Plus there’s the Russia issue which while not definitively proven yet, Trump has all but given it away he’s hiding SOMETHING.

    • Posted by wichhouse, at Reply

      layne cobain, are you that ignorant? Trump absolutely can be charged with obstruction of justice for doing something that is otherwise legal. Let me ask you this, if you’re someone’s boss in the workplace, you have the right to fire people. Does that mean you can fire people for any reason legally?

    • Posted by LexingtonWells, at Reply

      She thinks that it’s that he fired him that’s the issue. The issue was never THAT he fired Comey, the issue is WHY he did and his actions absolutely can be construed as obstruction if Mueller finds the evidence for it (and where there’s smoke there’s fire). Executive authority does not mean immunity. There’s also the separate matter of his potential Emoluments Clause violations. The administration already has an AWFUL LOT of dirt on it.