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Trump SHREDDING Obama’s Environmental Rules


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Trump wants to get rid of the Clean Power Strategy, and that's simply for starters. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you think in the remark area below.

" Head of state Donald Trump on Tuesday signed an order to reverse Obama-era climate change policies, maintaining a campaign assurance to support the coal market and also casting doubt on U.S. assistance for a worldwide offer to eliminate international warming.

Flanked by coal miners and coal company executives, Trump declared his "Power Independence" exec order at the head office of the Epa.

The relocation drew speedy backlash from a union of 23 states and also city governments, along with environmental teams, which called the decree a hazard to public wellness as well as pledged to combat it in court.

The order's major target is former President Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan, which called for states to lower carbon discharges from power plants – an essential factor in the USA' capability to fulfill its dedications under a climate change accord gotten to by virtually 200 countries in Paris in 2015." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Dumb Donald, at Reply

    this being president thing is hard

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      Dumb Donald if u let me punch u in the face I wont protest u shutting down all the kids programs?? Deal??

      Do it for the people!!

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Trollup 7: Well, since he’s fucked 48 million people who voted for him, I guess Trump does win that one.

  2. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    “The environment was fake news funded by Soros anyways. Not like I live in it or anything…” – Trumptard

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      All news networks ‘cherry pick’ their stories. Do you want them to cover the weather too?

    • Posted by R Yates, at Reply

      Aesithair Runekafi
      Aren’t you cherry picking one example where scientist screwed up? All ice caps are melting How do you spin that!!??

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      “Fluorescent toxic chemical rivers inspire our hotel lobby art…” Ivanka

      “Chernobyl is the new skin spa destination, just look at me…” Kellyanne

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      “Saving the environment” “man made climate change”, etc. plays to simpletons. The Democrats need simpletons to survive. sad

    • Posted by EnderZ13, at Reply

      Trolls need attention to survive. sad.

  3. Posted by Vato Bart-Simpson, at Reply


    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Neither does anyone else.

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply


  4. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    Remember, Climate Change is a hoax invented by the Chinese Government.

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      Pfhaha there are way way easier ways to tax people then to develop a conspiracy on a global scale and get the world’s most renowned scientific institutions that you rely on on a daily basis to buy into it.

    • Posted by CountJimbo, at Reply

      Sorry – the world, politicians, and people are not that complicated. There’s no conspiracy, stop trying to make yourself special by being on the “few who knows the truth”. You’re not special, you don’t know about any conspiracy and your ideas are idiotic. Grow up please

    • Posted by Jimmy B, at Reply

      Trollip It’s one thing to think that climate change is a concept that was invented by people you are afraid of, it’s another thing to look around and not see the evidence. Crazy droughts and forest fires, melting ice caps, extreme weather (both hot and cold.) The evidence is all around you, why won’t you see it?

    • Posted by Victor Daniel Catalan, at Reply

      Jimmy B There’s Definitely better evidence than that.

  5. Posted by Katieee, at Reply

    Ugh we’re all gonna die

    • Posted by Roland Taylor, at Reply

      Not us.

    • Posted by Morhy Soumahoro, at Reply

      RJ Labs: What are you insinuating?

  6. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    This is stupid. Getting rid of these regulations will only hurt us. Coal jobs aren’t coming back because of other energy outlets.

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      As long as it makes the companies more money, they’ll flat out murder you if they can get away with it.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      I am thoroughly disgusted now. We may as well just nuke ourselves and call it a day.

    • Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

      Tell that to some dumb high school drop out red neck who can’t find another job other then digging ditches.

  7. Posted by Madam President, at Reply

    Trump wants to destroy the planet to make it more hospitable for the anti gods. Col Michael Aquino’s New World Order is here.

    • Posted by Ghosy01, at Reply

      I havent seen this troll account since hillary lost

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ Lol, no this lady gets around.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Ghosy, correct. You’re seeing this troll because Hillary remains a THREAT! Hillary the Dem warrior head terrifies evil billionaire global dirty dealers! Hillary is also in the way of Indie 3rd party personal ambition! Their trolls will have you believe OMG it’s unholy for Hillary or Warren to earn $10-20 million from lectures/ speeches/ books income! OMG Hillary is out to grab your healthcare your organic garden gnomes! πŸ™‚

  8. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    We are SOOOOOO fucked.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Noiseless Sounds 2 hours ago (edited)
      But which of these bog weirds are causing you trubarb?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      We are SO fucked by Trump-Tillerson-Putin Oil King Complex!

      And fxkk you too Trumpanzees and Alt Left Democrat-Nitpickers!

    • Posted by Adam Evil, at Reply

      Diva, blow me.

    • Posted by Ibin Rogers, at Reply

      Super Ultra-Mega Fucked!

  9. Posted by Victor Daniel Catalan, at Reply

    “And when the last tree is cut down, humankind will realize it cannot eat money.”

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Desecration So MAYBE you could get that number to 7 or 8 percent. It’s still not worth it. The poor always had emergency rooms, Medicaid, charity, etc. All NuttyCare was REALLY was a left wing power grab. Nothing they did was “because they care about people”, barf. 🀒

    • Posted by Victor Daniel Catalan, at Reply

      +Listenbuddy1 Sometimes I wish people like you lived in poor conditions. Not because I wish you a terrible fate, but I wish you just experienced what it is like to live in such conditions. Unfortunately, I fear that people of your kind will never know these feelings. Ultimately, you’ll never know what a life struggle really is and I think that is beyond sad.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Victor Daniel Catalan I grew up dirt poor in Detroit and even then I wouldn’t have wanted the entire healthcare system ruined because of it.

  10. Posted by blackfemme, at Reply

    Trump voters did this

    • Posted by Ben Barry, at Reply

      blackfemme I know I did thank you

    • Posted by Mimi Keel, at Reply

      *Miss Katz Life*, Exactly.

    • Posted by Morhy Soumahoro, at Reply

      Hell yeah, I’m happy for my actions.

  11. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Clean air is only for liberals. Us trumpanzees can survive off nothing but ignorance and stupidity.

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Let’s build a fake news wall – > (I TYT I) MAGA!

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      we breath MAGA and white powder!

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      If they run everything you won’t be able to get elected by telling people that they’re going to lose their entitlements.

  12. Posted by Sidney Manzanita, at Reply

    I hope this is the beginning of the end of short sighted resource plundering. It’s time for humanity to make the environment a huge priority!!!!!!

    • Posted by Adam Smith, at Reply

      Sidney Manzanita Ok start by getting rid of everything you own, it is all damaging to the environment after all….

    • Posted by Sidney Manzanita, at Reply

      Ok, I’ll shut down my coal mines, oil extraction industries, nuclear power plants, oil pipe lines and pesticide and weapon manufacturing plants, today. From now on I’m only doing organic farming and clean energy production.

  13. Posted by drsw36, at Reply

    I don’t understand how can anyone still support Trump at this point.

    • Posted by slick stream, at Reply

      Those who do are just as stupid as him, and think he will make America great for once.

    • Posted by C T, at Reply

      drsw36 his approval is at around 34% so clearly not many are

    • Posted by Gavin Sherlock, at Reply

      Because many people don’t have deeper reasoning powers, and they also never think further than next year.

    • Posted by DarkEpyon123, at Reply

      drsw36 you are naive to the amount of racist, sexist people are in america still.

  14. Posted by Randomguy, at Reply

    Trump sounds more and more like a supervillian. In this story he sounds like he is from an old Captain Planet episode.

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      The power of propaganda.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      #LoserDonald and his family look like a clan on vampires in their photographs.

  15. Posted by John Jeffry, at Reply

    Polluting Environment is Terrorism ,These people should be treated like Terrorists

    • Posted by C T, at Reply

      John Jeffry they lead the country idiot you’re trolling is idiot

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      C T – Typical poorly educated Trump supporter.

  16. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Go Trump! End the war on coal. Why end it there? Lets bring back steam engines and typewriters as well. Still not enough? Make America Medieval Again.

    • Posted by Zebulon Crawford, at Reply

      Tony Stark Very funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚