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Trump Signs Kid’s Hat, Throws It


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Just what a class act. Cenk Uygur as well as John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

" At Monday's White House Easter Egg Roll, President Trump fumbled his method through the national anthem, chatted up the Easter Bunny concerning the future of The U.S.A., after that headed into the crowds to invest a little time with the youngsters.

While drinking hands as well as welcoming people, Trump was asked by a kid to authorize a hat. He happily concurred. Then he graciously tossed the hat to … somewhere …

The hat-owner-slash-young-person could be heard yelling "no!" (albeit a little substantially) while Trump chuckles concerning the whole point. There's a hand reaching out to approve it back maybe, oh, three inches from the hat before it obtains tossed gleefully. He has fun!" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John IadarolaCast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Ravens, at Reply

    trump is a bum

    • Posted by Political Idiocracy, at Reply

      Umm throwing it to the kid would be a horizontal throw. He very clearly threw it up in the air.

    • Posted by Jimmy Crackcorn, at Reply

      It’s fake news showing a bad angle to make up a narrative that didn’t happen. Watch what really happened here:

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Jimmy Crackcorn Pretty sad when you got to defend Dolt45 even on this!

  2. Posted by ThelastGinyu, at Reply

    Trump supporters are the type to get slapped in the face and spit on and say “thank you sir may I have another XD”.

    • Posted by luis Hernández, at Reply

      ThelastGinyu sad, but true 😂😅

    • Posted by TØP Lannister, at Reply

      Living for this comment right now !!

    • Posted by Methan Unt, at Reply

      May I have another XD

  3. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    donald trump, professional jackass.

    • Posted by FisherMCboB 7, at Reply

      rouge1ful he threw the hat to the kid not into the crowd lol. this is 100% fake news.

    • Posted by Carter Montgomery, at Reply

      Basic Hunters you can be rich and pathetic

    • Posted by Jimmy Crackcorn, at Reply

      Didn’t really happen the way the Young Turks are spinning it. Watch what really happened and stop being a professional jackass. It’s amazing how easily the left buy into propaganda without making sure it’s real.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Jimmy Crackcorn Yeah, you do know Obama’s a Muslim, Michelle is a man , and Hillary has kids in the cellar of the pizza shop! Yup the left sure buys into propaganda! Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

  4. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Ok folks, that’s the moment Trump became presidential lol.

    • Posted by Terrance Franklin, at Reply

      Mathew Coe no he didn’t the guy behind him was looking at him as a idiot a simple photo oppunity he mess it up

    • Posted by Jimmy Crackcorn, at Reply

      This is propaganda and fake news. Don’t be dumb, uninformed leftist. Watch this video and see what really happened:

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Jimmy Crackcorn Triggered ,are you Trumpfluffer?

    • Posted by Jimmy Crackcorn, at Reply

      @ron hillbilly -The right doesn’t use words like “triggered”. Silly liberal. Your days are done. America is over it!

  5. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Trump hates all children except his own.

    • Posted by Jimmy Crackcorn, at Reply

      Trump the boogieman… This channel is making fake news. Watch this from a better angle and see the truth:

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Jimmy Crackcorn < and I don't care!

    • Posted by Robert Leland, at Reply

      ron hillbilly yep it’s confirmed. Umad.

  6. Posted by Colonel 100, at Reply


    • Posted by datnigga mimo, at Reply

      You know what come’s next…”get the rope”

    • Posted by Tim M, at Reply

      No, I think the point is that it’s a tradition anybody who’s stepped foot in a first grade classroom is aware of, and he’s PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. His wife (being an immigrant) shouldn’t have to remind him how to act during the national anthem.) At this point it’s like owning a shoe store and not being able to tie your own shoes.

  7. Posted by Oscar Trejo, at Reply

    Asshat, you complete assaholic, shitbag of a person!

    Lol I hope you Trump pigs aren’t triggs!

    • Posted by Raluyen Skylance, at Reply

      +Owler; Nope, I’m not switching anything. If you can’t mentally keep up with a single sentence maybe you shouldn’t participate in a thread, which was an echo chamber at this point. trololol

    • Posted by Bobby Newmark, at Reply

      Here’s another camera angle.
      Tragic isn’t it when reality doesn’t conform to your narrative. Trump clearly threw the hat *TO* the kid who promptly caught it.
      This is fake news of the highest order. TYT just pissed in our pockets and told us it was raining.

    • Posted by balderoine, at Reply

      Bobby Newmark it really shows he cares about kids throwing it to the kids and them screaming “no!!”

    • Posted by Raluyen Skylance, at Reply

      balderoine lol their hat was just signed by the president of course they’re gonna initially gasp and go “no” when they see it taking flight.

  8. Posted by Danny J, at Reply

    If you’re quiet enough, you can hear the butts of all Trump supporters being hurt right now. Listen..

    • Posted by Kyero, at Reply

      Danny J are you subbed to TYT? XD what a loser.

    • Posted by Danny J, at Reply

      Kyero Your opinion means very little to me.

    • Posted by Robert Leland, at Reply

      Danny J did you watch the videos of a different angle? Trump tosses the hats back to the same kids that handed them to him. This video is the definition of fake news.

    • Posted by Danny J, at Reply

      Robert Leland Meh, it really doesn’t matter to me. I am more concerned about the innocent people he has allowed to US military to continue killing needlessly.

  9. Posted by comochinganconesto, at Reply

    Jesus!, Don’t give the guy a baby to kiss lol

    • Posted by ydoomsc, at Reply

      Trump & Pence
      SHAKE & BAKE

    • Posted by Conker Squirrel, at Reply

      dam typo, I was thinking he made you whine after giving you wine.

    • Posted by schmemily, at Reply

      i just imagined donald trump throwing babys why am i like this oh mY

  10. Posted by It's the Blum-Fox, at Reply

    This isn’t news…………………

    • Posted by It's the Blum-Fox, at Reply

      You right, instead of TYT talking about Trump calling Turkey to congratulate them on becoming closer to a dictatorship, I should focus on him throwing a kids hat in the air

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      You seem upset.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      +It’s the Blum-Fox
      Why can’t you decide for yourself what to focus on? Are you 5?

  11. Posted by RandomU5erName, at Reply

    Pretty much sums up how he treats his supporters

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      Pretty much sums up how he treats everyone really.

  12. Posted by OsamaBinLaden, at Reply

    Trump supporters are the type to let Trump rub his Nut sack across their face and still say Thank you!

    • Posted by Kyero, at Reply

      TheIDGE pretty sure it was the military that did.

    • Posted by Kyero, at Reply

      OsamaBinLaden as are Hilary supporters.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Kyero Hillary who?

  13. Posted by Comedian Moe Brown, at Reply

    He has dementia or Alzheimer’s

    • Posted by Stingjay 4000, at Reply

      Comedian Moe Brown otherwise known as dem-heimers

  14. Posted by larry Bess, at Reply

    Omg when the kid said Nooo…I lost it lol

    • Posted by EFK93, at Reply

      Me too

  15. Posted by annieandkat, at Reply

    trump fans are cucks

    • Posted by Elijah de Castro, at Reply


    • Posted by MANTLE, at Reply

      wow half of the country are cucks

    • Posted by Elijah de Castro, at Reply

      actually, no 26% of the country voted for trump. jokes on you

  16. Posted by Khristmas, at Reply

    Nobody heard that kid shout “no!” ?

    • Posted by Erick Baddy, at Reply

      dude I lost brain cells watching this because when i first saw i it wasn’t on here with the subtitles so i thought to myself he can’t be that dumb to throw the kids hat he must have brought those hats to give away. So I rewatched it and heard him scream No I was like I’m no longer going to underestimate him

    • Posted by Joel Nunez, at Reply

      Mathew Coe You are right, he threw it at same kid, this people are creating news out of nothing just to get views. There are more important things happening in this country and the world and this is what they focus on.

    • Posted by Lacidios, at Reply

      Joel Nunez, you think people are halting presses to ‘focus’ on this? No. This is add-on, relevant because this is the same man trusted with important things happening in the country and the world. Just another in a long list of baffling impulses that make reasonable people just ask, “Why?”

    • Posted by Gregory Oropesa, at Reply

      Was it the same kid who owned the hat though? It might’ve been done other one

  17. Posted by Dead Man550, at Reply

    I think an iq test should be mandatory for all future US presidents
    Who’s with me?

    • Posted by 6998Aj, at Reply

      Dead Man550 not to be a total party pooper but iq tests actually are kinda bullshit. you cant accurately gauge intelligence through a test focusing primarily on academics and literacy. he could actually be booksmart enough to pass, but hed still ultimately be moronic in every other way.

    • Posted by Firstname Lastname, at Reply

      IQ tests aren’t focused primarily on academics and literacy though…
      I agree that IQ isn’t the most important quality when it comes to being successful, but it’s not entirely accurate to say it’s outright “bullshit.”
      IQ tests measure a very specific quality, but they do so with considerable accuracy.

    • Posted by 6998Aj, at Reply

      Firstname Lastname fair enough. i just dont think its relevant to measuring intelligence.

    • Posted by xponen, at Reply

      @Mathew Coe, Trump really did threw it upward. The kid (with blue shirt) had to lean left to catch it back. Trump didn’t hand it back to him.

    • Posted by Dark Rayne, at Reply

      Dead Man550 That’s why hilary isn’t president.

  18. Posted by Eguzzisme, at Reply

    Dear Lord, he gets dumber and dumber every day. He’s such an embarrassment Even his Secret Service agents couldn’t believe what he did. I watched their expressions and just cracked up.

    • Posted by Kristi Smart, at Reply

      Gah… Now I have to watch it again.

    • Posted by Primalxbeast, at Reply

      Eguzzisme That’s who I was watching. The one on the left was looking at him like WTF is wrong with him, and I’m supposed to take a bullet for this moron?

  19. Posted by Josh Chung, at Reply

    Just stoppin’ by to say that The Young Fucks are cancer.

    • Posted by Rise Against The Hate. Ignorance Will Never Win., at Reply

      Josh Chung you must be bored.

    • Posted by Nobody Cares, at Reply

      Josh Chung.. Yeah the TYT where the men have pussies and the women have dicks.