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Trump Spokesman Says Corruption Isn’t Illegal If Done In The Open


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Trump spokesman Sean Spicer told CNN this week that corruption can’t be considered “illegal” if it is done out in the open, so we shouldn’t worry about Trump’s conflicts of interest.  That might be one of the dumbest thing that a Trump representative has said this year. The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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  1. Posted by cycleforwardtime, at Reply

    Hey, let them keep thinking that till Trump is impeached for it. That’s

    • Posted by cycleforwardtime, at Reply

      It depends on what he does and how bad it is. Like the guy said it’s all
      out there in the open, so take your pick once he becomes President. It all
      hinges on that one thing his actions once elected. Somethings are just
      obvious in their criminality, even if you are president.

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      Don’t you need like 2/3rd of congress to impeach a president?
      I mean if a majority of electors didn’t see yet, that he is unfit to become
      president, do you think they will find 2/3 of congress to see it, while the
      majority from his own party and the democrats know that if they impeach
      Trump, they will end up with Pence, who isn’t as corrupt (or how he would
      say “crocked”) as Trump, but might be even worse policy wise!

    • Posted by cycleforwardtime, at Reply

      Jakob Schulze Trump is surrounded on capital hill. Even his own Vice
      President doesn’t like him. It’s all about the optics and Trump excels at
      optics that damage him. Trust me, if they think politically they have to
      impeach Trump, he’s gone…..

  2. Posted by Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly, at Reply

    The trump voter is an open embarrassment to America.

  3. Posted by l156a21, at Reply

    Remember kids, it’s not illegal if the President does it! That worked so
    well for Nixon, right guys?

    • Posted by byteresistor, at Reply

      Well… he only lost his job. He didn’t go to jail like any normal person
      would. So it worked fine.

    • Posted by l156a21, at Reply

      That’s not the point, I’m trying to say that not even someone with as much
      power as the potus is above the law

    • Posted by Niners Rule, at Reply

      Didn’t work for slick Willy…he got a free BJ which is not illegal but
      still got impeached

      Definitely worked for bush jr…he lied to go to war in Iraq but since he
      blamed faulty intelligence no one not even himself got in trouble

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Well there has to be a balance of power for to be held accountable. Who is
      going to hold Trump accountable…the house and senate that’s controlled by
      republicans. There will be no accountability just like when Bush was in

    • Posted by Jakob Schulze, at Reply

      And even the democrats in congress won’t impeach him, cause they know they
      will end up with pence, who might be worse on social issues and equally bad
      on economical!

  4. Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

    So thats why the darkies keep getting shot on camera??

    It makes sense now

    • Posted by NateMcBrady, at Reply

      Ryan Reed bringing the word back!

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      +NateMcBrady where had it gone??

    • Posted by Niners Rule, at Reply

      With him and his peers…it never left…at least they switched to that
      word so they feel more politically correct

  5. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I’m still trying to figure out what swamp exactly was Donald Trump talking
    about training? Because by the look of his cabinet selection… He’s only
    to make the swamp bigger, deeper and more toxic!

    • Posted by Top Cat, at Reply

      “Training the Swamp” I like it!

    • Posted by Gus Hersey, at Reply

      Top Cat i think draining is the word but training works in this current
      situation of evil running afoot lol

    • Posted by Allard Freichmann, at Reply

      It’s time to fight for democracy and social justice for everyone.

  6. Posted by Patrick Milewski, at Reply

    im gonna need a bigger facepalm to truly describe the stupidity of that

    • Posted by Zeldagigafan, at Reply

      You could always do a facedesk.

    • Posted by Monochrome Batrex, at Reply

      Zeldagigafan or a faceuniverse

    • Posted by Mrbobsack438, at Reply

      face nuke

    • Posted by Patrick Milewski, at Reply

      Mrbobsack438 that will do! (rams face into nuclear reactor)

  7. Posted by Simran Simran, at Reply

    What’s that movie: This is a robbery, everybody stay cool?

    • Posted by General Zod, at Reply

      Pulp Fiction…

    • Posted by Simran Simran, at Reply

      +General Zod thanks

  8. Posted by TOSStarTrek, at Reply

    So if I go on a mass murder spree and told everyone because I did in the
    open it was legal? Hmmm. Dose this include paying Taxes? Hey everyone I am
    not going to pay taxes!

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      It should only be a crime if the defendant was thinking “I intend to do
      what I am doing”, over and over without interruption and meaning it every
      time, while they were committing the crime.

    • Posted by anonymous messenger, at Reply

      Atmost11 why are there any loopholes. if he did it he did it. it’s not
      rocket science

  9. Posted by Richard Hunter, at Reply

    This encapsulates the entire Republican strategy. Hillary’s emails were an
    issue because she tried to keep it secret – otoh the Republicans are
    completely brazen about voter suppression.

    Just look at the 911 truthers or the Kennedy assassination CTs: People are
    obsessed with the possibility of the government having secrets : almost as
    if the secrecy is worse than the act itself.

    Go figure.

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      For example, if Bush had not tried to block the 911 investigation, over and
      over, it would not have looked like he was trying to hide something.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Richard Hunter It makes it a lot harder to attack someone when they openly
      agree with your accusations.

  10. Posted by Vladimir Putin, at Reply

    Hillary supporters now go nuts when corruption is mentioned. Uhhh hello…
    wikileaks ?

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      Vladimir Putin Well YOU did it so it doesn’t count!

    • Posted by Vladimir Putin, at Reply

      +Manda White She got exposed SOOO badly just SOOO BADLY it was a total
      disaster. She should be charged with treason after what she did with haiti
      and how she does deals with Saudi Arabia. LOL talk about russia meddling in
      us election if foreign oppressive goverment gives dozens of millions to a
      crooked canditate

    • Posted by Vladimir Putin, at Reply

      +Atmost11 yea truthful information that should result in CHARGES of TREASON

  11. Posted by Lankey Bastard, at Reply

    These people don’t think the “law” applies to them.
    They are the law. Or at least above it.
    And as long as everyone allows them to get away with what they’ve been
    doing, they’re going to keep doing it.

    • Posted by NeoSeraphi, at Reply

      Lankey Bastard Thing is, the president is in charge of the executive
      branch, and the executive branch enforces the law. Who do you get to arrest
      the chief of the chief of police?

    • Posted by Lankey Bastard, at Reply

      A new chief chief?

  12. Posted by landfair123, at Reply

    Trump will make everything he and his goons want to do legal. Rome is
    burning and Trump owns the match company.

    • Posted by NeoSeraphi, at Reply

      landfair123 It’s the best, most long-burning fire imaginable. Believe me.

    • Posted by mark haas, at Reply

      You’re delusional. Go take your meds.

  13. Posted by Tony Young, at Reply

    trump could literally take money out of his supporters pockets and they
    would be to dumb and ignorant to notice.

    • Posted by Delectable sustenance that is Clorox bleach, at Reply

      Lol nope they would praise him for it. Probably thank him to.

  14. Posted by ssddsquare, at Reply

    If I grab Trump’s daughter openly in the public, it’s ok then?

    • Posted by roof pizza, at Reply

      Depends on whether or not you’ve had a Tic Tac first.

  15. Posted by Lynn Mccabe, at Reply

    with is an experiment by the power elite that are seeing just how far lthey
    can push USA before they rise up together…..which won’t happen, too many
    iodiots, too many selfish, greedy ignorants…so they will continue as they
    they have for 60 years..,dumbing down the people, pitting people against
    eachother, giving them shiny balls….and drugs so the power elite can
    continue blatently, in your face!!

    • Posted by Empty Existentialist, at Reply

      Lynn Mccabe I agree completely my friend

  16. Posted by Karl Heven, at Reply

    unfortunately he’s right:

    People voted for Trump the corruptor.

    • Posted by Popeye's chicken, at Reply

      Karl Heven while trying to avoid Crooked Hillary lol

    • Posted by Karl Heven, at Reply

      +Popeye’s chicken

      yep sad reality for Trumpsters:

      He sold out to big business.

    • Posted by S. Pope, at Reply

      Karl Heven he is big business. I mean he could have sold out to himself.
      how big of a check do you think he wrote himself, I would have put at least
      7 figures on mine.

    • Posted by Karl Heven, at Reply

      S. Pope Trump is barely a billionaire thats surely not Big business.

      I’m talking about much bigger corporations.

      Rex Tillerson

      Trump is corrupt

  17. Posted by stephen mackay, at Reply

    Breaking the law in the open doesn’t make it legal, it makes you stupid.

    • Posted by S. Pope, at Reply

      stephen mackay “what difference does it make”

  18. Posted by Nicolainjumse Nørregaard, at Reply

    That is LITERALLY what hillary advocated for when she said she only wanted
    to get DARK and UNACOUNTABLE money out of politics. But trump is way worse
    than hillary, right?

    • Posted by John Freedman, at Reply

      I think to believe that her statement, she would have to get the hundreds
      of millions of UNACCOUNTABLE dollars out of the Clinton Foundation. We
      could not have gone into Aleppo and helped, which would have started an
      actual war with the Russians, wtf is this caster talking about? Not to
      mention she wanted to give weapons to the rebels.

      Now the last time that happened was in the 1980s when they gave a ton of
      weapons to a group known as the Mujaheddin. As we all know two very
      prominent members of this organization were Osama Bin Laden “needs no
      intro”, and Mullah Omar “leader of the Taliban”. The group split into 2
      factions known as the Taliban, and the Northern Alliance. How did that turn
      out in the long run?

      Honestly the bullshit will always be in politics, but I prefer my bullshit
      in the open. It is a wait and see what happens sort of deal. An impeachment
      process could still be detrimental to the family business reputation that
      they would not be happy with, but should be done on actual policy mistakes,
      and not this blind racist rhetoric the left keeps pushing on the right,
      which is mostly blue collar workers and servicemen.

    • Posted by Nicolainjumse Nørregaard, at Reply

      +Jodomo They are both liars you morron stop being an idiot

    • Posted by Robert Pineda, at Reply

      Nicolainjumse Nørregaard Common! Why are you deflecting?!? Typical classic
      Nicolainjumse! You never change! Of all the trolls in here trolling over
      the years you are my least favorite. You have never changed over the years!
      You’re still a moron easily tricked by Trump! This year NO FRUITCAKE FOR
      CHRISTMAS FROM ME! Oh, and you have been disinvited to my family’s New
      Years party! I’ll tell my right winged crazy Republican uncle Mark you fell
      into a Trump induced “delusion comma” if he asks about you.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ ^

    • Posted by Nicolainjumse Nørregaard, at Reply

      +Robert Pineda I’m not deflecting what i’m telling is that that they are
      both the SAME you deluded fuckwit.

  19. Posted by samiamrg7, at Reply

    Oh, so if I steal someone’s car where other people can see me it’s not
    illegal? /s

    • Posted by jannmutube, at Reply

      This is probably like the fine print in Trump’s real estate and business
      contracts that says “you’re a sucker…. “. Our government is like
      permanently bent over. I wonder how long it can not fall over.

  20. Posted by mscardioqueen, at Reply

    So, if I commit murder for everyone to see it’s no longer illegal???

    • Posted by Amburkoenigs, at Reply

      mscardioqueen police?

    • Posted by mscardioqueen, at Reply

      @ Amburkoenigs


      What about them? Sorry, I don’t get the comment.