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Trump Starts Fight With Soldier’s Grieving Widow


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Trump declares to have evidence that an Army widow is existing about their call. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below. Join TYT:

" On Tuesday, Trump telephoned to the widow of UNITED STATE Military Sgt. La David Johnson, who passed away throughout the procedure, minutes before her hubby's casket landed at Miami International Airport Terminal. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) told neighborhood Miami TV terminal WPLG that during the 5-minute call, the president said of the expecting widow's husband: "he understood exactly what he signed up for … but when it happens it injures anyway."

The "he knew just what he signed up for" line stimulated prompt outrage online as a callous moving of blame from the commander-in-chief into the dead soldier for his decision to serve. Given Trump's penchant for utter rhetorical gracelessness in times of emotional gravity and compulsive blame-shifting for practically anything, it's not hard to read his remarks as a not my bad interjection. That's definitely how Rep. Wilson, who apparently existed for the phone call, heard Trump's words. "It's so aloof," Wilson told WPLG. "He ought to have not have claimed that. He shouldn't have stated it." Better supporting that line of analysis is the fact that Trump could have been really feeling defensive concerning these particular fatalities as they are among the very first on his watch as head of state as well as they came throughout a procedure that drew objection for its execution." *.

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  1. Posted by Narratives of Old, at Reply

    well.. John Kelly  is *Stunned By Selfish Congresswoman* Who Recounted Trump’s Call With Soldier’s Widow..

  2. Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

    Obama treated grieving widows far worse than TYT claims trump did. how about at least pretending to be fair?

  3. Posted by RiverRoadWarrior, at Reply

    The highest ranking person to contact the family should be taking personal responsibility for the fallen being where they were when it happened and explaining to the best of their ability, without going into the details of the operation, what happened. This a-hole will never accept responsibility.

  4. Posted by Rick Papineau, at Reply

    Note – the fight 45 has started is with the family of the only black soldier killed in this ambush. Coincidence?

  5. Posted by jeff dimirra, at Reply

    according to everyone present in the room, the president expressed his sincere condolences, however inartful a job he did. low-class/racist congresswoman chose this oppurtunity to increase her profile

  6. Posted by FREELAND FOREVER, at Reply

    All I see is another dead american soldier and a heartless commander, am I surprised.?

  7. Posted by Aurora Jones, at Reply

    Im certainly not defending the so called president but im not surprised. He is a insensitive moron. I say that literally im not trying to call him names I honestly seriously think and believe he is a moron and you should look it up for its definitive term. The man should be stripped from office, If I were in control Id go a step further and prosecute the man for the many crimes committed since in office.

  8. Posted by jack johnson, at Reply

    You libturds just got ANNHIALATED by COS Gen. Kelly…..OUCH!!!
    It`s not only EMBARRASSING to be a libturd…it`s PAINFUL!!!!
    “Joan Wayne” is a DISGRACE….

  9. Posted by sun dial, at Reply

    Listen to John Kelly about the politicisation of a dead soldier by the evil congresswoman on WH daily briefing and you will realise how demented TYT are with their non stop Trump bashing which is only backfiring

  10. Posted by Luar87, at Reply

    Why would the US president call the widow of a soldier? Is this a normal procedure. I’m in UK

  11. Posted by veronicajade20, at Reply

    This orange-colored Voldemort is a national disgrace. 🙄

  12. Posted by Asgeir, at Reply

    How was this guy serving the US in Africa?

  13. Posted by BALL JAR, at Reply

    The fact that the democrats or anyone else would politicise such a thing as this unfortunate thing shows how depraved they are………The Young Turks are just as bad……..

  14. Posted by Eric Desmeules, at Reply

    I bet that if that solider was white he wouldn’t have said it that way

  15. Posted by Tia J, at Reply

    Let me correct Cenk’s “facts” = Rep. Wilson knew Sgt Johnson since he was a child as he  participated in her mentoring program for young boys.  She was also accompanying a constituent in the receipt of the dead soldier’s remains, this is what elected officials do or should do.  Please do your research before speaking publicly.

  16. Posted by Ingrid Vampiress, at Reply

    this is all bullshit from the liberals AGAIN!! the biggest sore losers in history first it was the Russians which was all bullshit and now this apeish congresswoman making up crap like this!!

  17. Posted by james jones, at Reply

    This show is bullshit to

  18. Posted by Jack Rasmussen, at Reply

    Other than his family, I wonder how many people will be at Trumps funeral? I was a grave digger for 16 years. I had compassion for people I did not even know. Even those that all they wanted was get this over so we can see what we get in the will.