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Trump STILL Polling Better Than Hillary


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People ACTUALLY do not like Hillary Clinton. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" President Trump has actually undertaken initially six weeks as head of state. However at least Americans don't seem to have buyer's remorse.

As Hillary Clinton makes her reemergence with a speech at the Kennedy Facility in Washington on Wednesday evening, a brand-new poll reveals her with her worst photo numbers ever before. The Suffolk College pollshows that just 35 percent of registered voters have a beneficial viewpoint of Clinton, compared to 55 percent who have an unfavorable one.

The very same survey, at the same time, shows Trump– for the first time ever before– in substantially much better shape than Clinton: 45 percent beneficial and 47 percent unfavorable.

Also as Trump beat Clinton in the 2016 political election, his picture numbers were often even worse than hers, and also he, obviously, ended up losing the preferred vote, 48 percent to 46 percent.

A few polls towards completion of the 2016 race showed Clinton in region similar to where she is in the brand-new survey, yet Suffolk's very own ballot at the time revealed her in fairly good shape: 46 percent favorable vs. 47 percent negative. This is additionally the very first public survey testing views of her considering that December– when her loss was fresher in individuals's minds as well as Trump had not yet presumed the presidency. As well as, if anything, Clinton's survey numbers have actually worsened over that period." *.

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  1. Posted by Josh W., at Reply

    That’s my president GO TRUMP!!!

    • Posted by Jaxson Davis72, at Reply

      Josh W. HE’LL YESSS

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Yes GO AWAY Trump before you flush the country down the drain #taxreturns #TangerineSnatchGrabber

    • Posted by theLegend27, at Reply

      King not really since the next option is worse

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      FAKE POLLS! oh wait they are not fake now? Jesus Christ you lot are flip flopping idiots

    • Posted by Craig Sips, at Reply

      King nobody is getting impeached, get your head out of the clouds.

  2. Posted by Timefliesbye, at Reply

    Progressive heads exploded when they realized the man who fulfilled half his campaign promises in his first week would be popular.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +Steven Gonzalez That’s cool. Donald Trump is the president. sooooooo…….

    • Posted by Chris Ducat, at Reply

      Lol…Donald Trump will never be a popular president. That would require more than 50% of the country to have even wanted to vote for him, he wasn’t even close (more people stayed home than voted for Trump or Clinton).

    • Posted by H, at Reply

      It’s amazing how much traction this dumb talking point has gotten. Republicans and the Alt Right still think *they* won the election for Trump, without looking at the places that went from Obama to Trump. Most of the swing voters don’t have an ideology, little religious feeling, lean right but aren’t fully conservative, and most importantly, a large segment of them didn’t vote for Trump for the ban or the wall. Making a big show of fufilling exactly those promises, while the GOP publicly flubs the healthcare bill, is already making some of the “give him a chance” Independents I know pretty nervous. People aren’t going to publicly admit they made a mistake, yet, but given that we’re getting close to Bush’s last bastion of supporters (30%), which presumably held on for McCain and Romney, there’s going to be less enthusiasm in the next election. I think we might see a reverse of 2016 in 2020, with less conversative Republicans staying home and Democrats coming out in force.

      What happens then depends on what else goes wrong and ultimately who runs. Unlike other progressives, I don’t think the Dems are being as stubborn as people like Cenk claim. Perez is soft, but he’s not dumb. The political bosses and corporate donors demanded someone stop Ellison, but I notice he’s been rubbing shoulders with bigger name politicians since the run. Perez appeases the entrenched upper class supporters, while Bernie is out there making soundbytes for the middle and working class to rally around. Donors are kept from going to the other side while moderate Dems are begrudgingly waiting it out. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  3. Posted by Ęÿūį Æßñ, at Reply

    Well stealing the primaries from Bernie certainty didn’t help her poll numbers.

  4. Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

    It’s because Trump voters are blind idiots. They can’t acknowledge he played them because racism and xenophobia are more important to them than their own well-being.

    • Posted by Jake Simmonds, at Reply

      its an alternate universe if you think reality is what you see on CNN. Brainwashed sheep

  5. Posted by Dejay Rezme, at Reply

    Of course she is less popular now BECAUSE she “stole” the nomination and lost the election.

    • Posted by Todd Clifford, at Reply

      So do you believe that Hillary had no knowledge of what the DNC was doing? That she thought her and Bernie were being treated equally throughout the primary? If you do, then do you think she still believes this? If she can’t see the injustice, then she is too stupid to have been elected because she would be even more clueless than Trump.

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      It was no secret the DNC preferred Hillary over Bernie. But you’re giving the DNC way too much credit if you think they had that much influence over people of colour, who frankly won Hillary the nomination. And for the record, NO ONE is more clueless than Trump.

    • Posted by Todd Clifford, at Reply

      And since the DNC “preferred” Hillary, they did everything they could to keep Bernie’s name from getting out especially early in the primary race. Then they limit the number of debates they would hold and stated that if any democratic candidate participates in any debate not sanctioned by the DNC, then they would be thrown out of the democratic party. So, maybe you are not giving the DNC enough credit for rigging the process. If the DNC did nothing wrong, then why did their top leadership resign when the truth came out?

    • Posted by Todd Clifford, at Reply

      Absolutely! I couldn’t agree with you more. I just didn’t like the policies of the establishment democrats so I voted for Dr. Jill and any progressive Dems I could find on my ballot. I think/hope the progressive movement will be much more successful in 2018 and beyond.

  6. Posted by Michael Dob, at Reply

    And yet, they can’t shut up about Russia yet. Come on Dems, you lost. Stop nominating corporate shills like Hillary. But hey, you picked Prez to head the DNC so you proved that you didn’t learn anything.

    • Posted by San47di, at Reply

      The Funniest Thing about This is that the Vast Majority of the people who will be Negatively affected by TrumpCare, Voted for The RepubliCON TRUMP. BYE BITCHES; YA GONNA DIE :::Wavin:::: LMAO !!

    • Posted by Michael Dob, at Reply

      Jerry Winters, idiot, I’m a dem. I don’t like Trump. When did I support him? I just think idiots like you who can’t seem to have a conversation is why Dems lost and will loose.

    • Posted by Michael Dob, at Reply

      Therrydicule, sure the gal who put those emails for everyone to see isn’t a national security issue, Russia is. More idiots are showing up tonight.

  7. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    Talk about the crack head know as snoop dog reprehensible video on trump

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      HeartBlade89 Neither was Trump when he made those comments in private.

    • Posted by HeartBlade89, at Reply

      So Clinton`s speeches to Wall Street should not be an issue at all because she wasnt president when she made those comments right?

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      HeartBlade89 She wanted to be president and she was actively selling policies to corporate intrests.
      Are you really going to compare that to locker room banter recorder on a hot mic?

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      While Snoop Dog was growing up in the hood and early in his career, Donald Trump was having so much fun with America’s true pimps and misogynists- Hugh Hefner and Larry Flint. But since those guys are built into the traditional Americana fabric, and fit that certain “mold,” they’re acceptable to the same people who attack a guy like Snoop. And you want to talk about “thug” culture??? Donald Trump literally BARELY escaped federal prison with Gambino and Columbo New York mafia families over racketeering and conspiracy. Lucky for him, Fred was still alive and was able to get the New York AG to back off of him. The only difference in the “thug culture” between Snoop’s life and Trump’s life is that Snoop’s thug culture is out there in the open, Donald Trump’s thug culture is white collar and behind closed doors and in smoked-filled backrooms plotting to ruin unsuspecting people’s lives while wearing a nice suit and tie.

  8. Posted by Karl Ditz, at Reply

    she was never going to win Russia or no Russia… her health was failing…she was stumbling.. and Trump at 70 yrs old was like the energizer Bunny running from place to place… speech after speech. The man showed power and strength….he seems in excellent health for a 70 yr old.

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      Excellent health. The best health. Nobody has better health than Trump.

    • Posted by Cassandra T, at Reply

      The health of his brain is another matter, however.

  9. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    Imagine wanting a future in journalism and ending up working for TYT.

    • Posted by med panda, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump right 😂

    • Posted by Dom Douse, at Reply

      Jacob Hansen – I think many would be pleased to work in an independent progressive news outlet – especially one as successful as TYT – it is the largest online youtube news channel in the world – So why anyone would be disappointed by that i do not know! The potential for growth is unknowable!! – Working at TYT would give someone interested in journalism one of the few remaining chances to enter into investigative journalism – a form of media that is in decline but sadly needed, perhaps TYT will reverse this trend further! It is still a viable recipe for news in Europe and other countries in which the media isn’t as compromised as in the US.

    • Posted by Dom Douse, at Reply

      Matthew Sarson & AR Rains – you’re ideas of what a pro Islamic news service is seem to be somewhat mistaken. TYT is not pro religion of any kind – if you think that TYT are pro-Muslim, then I would suggest you look at the facts again! TYT is uncompromising in its criticism of all religion, Islam as much as Christianity! And rightly so – just because the majority of mainstream media is vehemently anti-Islamic, does not give TYT any reason to be so biased against any religion. Attempting to be fair and rational in dealing with stories that concern Islam or Judaism or Christianity etc is a hallmark of TYT’s production values. Long may TYT remain SO STRONG!!!

    • Posted by Suroee K, at Reply

      They all seem happy working there and TYT has grown tremendously over the years I’ve been watching it and continues to grow. You’re full of it.

    • Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

      Dom Douse if they were interested in doing an actually unbiased take on Islam, they would report on the kind of stories you often see on Secular talk. But you don’t instead you get stories about how Islamic terrorism isn’t to do with Islam by Husan who is basically just an apologist in the same way fox news are christian apologists.

  10. Posted by BackwoodsHunter.243, at Reply

    Don’t see why Democrats are complaining. That’s your candidate. That’s who you gave the nomination to.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      TYT is a progressive channel, she was never OUR candidate. Plenty of us knew she was going to lose long before the “Russian leak conspiracy”.

    • Posted by BackwoodsHunter.243, at Reply

      Maybe she wasn’t YOUR candidate, but she was the candidate elected by your party. The majority of democrats voted for her in the primary, and now the majority of democrats disapprove of her. That’s all I’m saying

    • Posted by ineeda, at Reply

      BackwoodsHunter.243 though I do agree there were people who voted for Hillary because she’s well known and people believed “it was her turn,” the primaries were unfairly stacked in her favor and she was chosen by the establishment, not the constituents. Had there not been a corporate media blackout on Bernie and had Hillary actually followed through on debating with him, then more people would have heard his message and what he’s about. Instead, she avoided confrontation, the corporate media did not give him coverage, and superdelegates chose her instead of Bernie even though he had higher chances of winning the presidency against Trump. She does not represent a majority of the democratic constituents which is why a lot of them stayed home instead of voting for the presidential election.

      So basically I do agree there were Hillary voters who criticized Bernie and thought his ideals were far-fetched, but you should recognize that the system itself wasn’t fair to begin with and results would likely be different had it been a fair game.

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      If Hillary has to take responsibility for the general loss, Bernie has to take responsibility for the loss of the nomination. The guy did not (and didn’t even seem to try to) resonate with POC. That’s why he lost. If he’d spent more time with those people on their issues leading up to his run vs. preaching from lily white Vermont about white issues for most of his political career, the world likely wouldn’t be in this mess. And please don’t tell me marching with Civil Rights protestors 40 years ago, while very noble, should’ve counted more in 2016.

  11. Posted by Ty Aari, at Reply

    Must be nice knowing she’s the shittiest politician in American history

    • Posted by Dom King, at Reply

      Thomas Dewey lost two separate Presidential elections, he’s the reigning loser.

    • Posted by Nathan Dehnel, at Reply

      second shittiest

    • Posted by Suleman Malik, at Reply

      Obama dropped over 26k bombs in Muslim countries in one year alone, and he got a Nobel Peace Prize. The terrorist Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction and is responsible for 100s of thousands of Iraqis and 10s of thousands of American lives and the chaos in the Middle East.

      Ronald Reagan sold weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein, who used them to kill thousands of Iranians, and Harry Truman ordered nuclear Bombs to be dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki ect. So I honestly don´t think she deserves that title at all, because there are plenty of others to choose from.

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      +Ty Aari. Have fun living in Trump Land, stupid. Enjoy no health care.

  12. Posted by COGITO ERGO SUM, at Reply

    Thank goodness Trump won

    • Posted by A Santi, at Reply

      Yeah now we can see how much trump really sucks. The guy can’t get to work because of the scandals that are going on with in his own cabinet. And the lies he tweets out. The guy can’t govern, he’s not a leader and never was.

      In fact he’s a Russian puppet, there’s no running from that.

    • Posted by Tony C, at Reply

      COGITO ERGO SUM i got orange trump underwear with trumps head on it

    • Posted by Tony C, at Reply

      iceberg265 youmg repiblicans lile me dont get hurt so dont care. trumpcare rocks.

    • Posted by TheRainbow Queen, at Reply

      COGITO ERGO SUM disgusting

  13. Posted by Dave Miller, at Reply

    And here we have Cenk and company who were TOTALLY devastated on election night, their whining bitching and Kasparians comical insults directed at women have gone VIRAL.
    Killary the Corrupt sucks. America was too smart to fall for her ill concealed bullshit, the FACT (which Cenk DID mention) that she was under the influence of corporate donors, and the fact that the ever more unpopular mainstream media was cheerleading for her.
    Add to that the fact that SHE was blamed as much as the DNC for screwing Bernie out of the nomination (which infuriated liberals) and its NO wonder she polls as badly as she does.

    • Posted by Tony C, at Reply

      Dave Miller get ready for trumpcare. im wearing trump underwear right now

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      Yeah I know, but sometimes I feel the need to try. I’m partial to facts myself – it’s a hard habit to break 😉

    • Posted by Ember Arashi, at Reply

      iceberg265 ooops sorry didn’t know if it was proven (trumpanzies try so hard to push that fact down/bury it in miles of bs alternative facts)

  14. Posted by Heinz Rorschach, at Reply

    Imagine Bernie Sanders as the president.

    • Posted by highlander723, at Reply

      The US would be in default by now

    • Posted by Rouzbeh Modarresi, at Reply

      +highlander723: lol. yeah totally! now fix your tin foil hat, looks a tad crooked & you don’t want them waves!

    • Posted by ivan dennis, at Reply

      highlander723 oh yeah wars that cost trillions have helped our country so much. we need to spend more on wars

    • Posted by Laith Al Mason, at Reply

      Bernie is too weak. He lost my support when two BLM cunts forced him off the podium. We need a liberal who’s not a PC cuck.

  15. Posted by Werner Voss78, at Reply

    Hillary did not steal the election, though she wasn’t my first choice, and wasn’t even my second choice, she just had more votes. Even take away her super delegates, she still had more votes. Do you know why Bernie lost, (he was my choice btw) because a majority of his supporters didn’t vote in the primaries! He had a lot of support, but they just expected Bernie to just win without going through the primaries.

    • Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

      “Hillary did not steal the election….[but] because a majority of [Bernie] supporters didn’t vote in the primaries!”

      Contradiction. Many didn’t vote in the primaries because Hillary/DNC prevented it.

    • Posted by iceberg265, at Reply

      Stanford and Berkley did studies and it was mathematically impossible that Hillary won the primary without massive fraud.

    • Posted by Mani M, at Reply

      iceberg265 link pls?

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      Until people clue into the fact that Bernie lost because he only had one message (income inequality) for one target audience (WWC), this is all doomed to happen again.

    • Posted by Kay Stone, at Reply

      Bernie supporter here and I never fully bought into the whole Hillary stole the elections from Bernie thing. It’s hard to quantify to what extent the DNC and Hillary campaign collusion affected the total votes. I think closed primaries were a bigger issue because it prevented millions of Bernie supporters who were independent from voting for him. But an even bigger concern of mine is the millions that felt Hillary was a better option for America and voted for her over Bernie. They are the ones that need to be held accountable for their ignorance.

  16. Posted by CrazySeanDX, at Reply

    We’re going to lose our health insurance, hate crimes are on the rise, and sources of legitimate news are being blasted for “being mean to” Trump. Boy, we really dodged a bullet over those emails, though, right? We’re all going to be burned alive.

    • Posted by Suroee K, at Reply

      Hillary would have certainly continued her neocon agenda, but Trump is going to destroy the very fabric of this country if he succeeds. All laws will tilt in favor of the rich. The pollution will come back like it was in the 1960s. And we’ll probably get at least one new war anyway based on his love of the military and hatred of Muslims. He’s destroying all the efforts we’ve put into foreign policy for decades and ironically will make America far weaker as a national power as a result. You couldn’t as for a better Putin plant.

      Trump is still far worse than Hillary Clinton.

    • Posted by J smo, at Reply

      Done the same?!?!? COME. ON. Would Hillary have instituted a Muslim ban? No. Built a useless and expensive wall along the Mexican border? No. Killed the ACA? No. Put ultra conservatives on the Supreme Court? No. Enabled Russia/Putin’s agenda? No. Toyed with the notion of launching nukes? No. Emboldened white supremacists? No. Spare me your false equivalence. In no rational universe is Hillary “the same” or “just as bad” as Trump.

    • Posted by jsp 2081, at Reply

      (((hate crimes))) are on the rise

      lol, typical tricks