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Trump Takes Credit Again For Doing What He Didn’t Do


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Trump just took debt for "conserving" even more works he didn't save. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area below.

" President-elect Donald Trump took credit score Wednesday for bringing a total amount of 8,000 jobs to the United States, when those jobs became part of a previously revealed dedication that there's no proof Trump was associated with.

Throughout short statements outside his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, Trump said 5,000 tasks at Sprint Wireless would certainly be returning to the U.S. from abroad as well as 3,000 would be created at OneWeb "due to what's occurring and also the spirit and also the hope."

" I was just called by the head people at Sprint as well as they're going to be bringing 5,000 works back to the United States," Trump stated. "They're taking them from various other countries, they're bringing them back to the United States. And OneWeb, a brand-new business, is going to be employing 3,000 individuals."

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  1. Posted by Mike Stavenes, at Reply

    Obama should have done this every time there was job-growth during his

    • Posted by Irena Leonenko, at Reply

      Mike B
      This is a profoundly stupid comment, I’m not saying Obama was our best
      president but Busch is the reason there’s troops and instability in the
      Middle East in the first place. Not to mention Trump hasn’t even been
      inaugurated yet and he is already trouncing on the constitution, but I’m
      sure that just the liberal media telling lies again. Mark my words he will
      go down in history as the most unintelligent corrupt us president of all
      times. And truth be told I am surprised so many conservatives support a
      draft dodging cowered like him anyway.

    • Posted by Dustin Williamson, at Reply

      Irena Leonenko cuz they dont have real principles. did u see all the crap
      about marriage sanctity before they elected mister devorce

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      Thank you for using the term “politically correct” in a rational fashion.
      Most of the time, when someone says a thing is “politically correct”, they
      mean, “I find this to be incorrect, according to my political ideology”.
      That sort of usage always makes me think of Newspeak.
      You are logical and consistent. Unlike, say, +Lawrence Kithinji , who
      thinks he has lost the right of free speech if other people are allowed to
      criticize him.

    • Posted by E Clouston, at Reply

      johnmburt1960 1984 here and now

  2. Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply


    “this just in, Trump has successfully made the sun rise today…There were
    many reports (from Trump) that it was unlikely to rise…but it did. We
    know all this because Trump said so on Twitter”

    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      HucklePeel lmao

    • Posted by Son Tama, at Reply

      Okay, that’s the most Wolf-Blitzer thing I’ve ever heard

    • Posted by Eljan Rimsa, at Reply

      “Sun did rise. Obama didn’t do it. I did. I win. #makesunriseagain”

    • Posted by dropbearattack, at Reply

      Martha Holt Trump has the best erections,tremendous erections..if he saw
      your post he would tell you so immediately on Twitter…oh,i just threw up
      a little bit in my mouth.

    • Posted by Wala Lopez, at Reply

      There will never be a cnn headline like that cnn is so liberal

  3. Posted by Ironclaw Games, at Reply

    Why are so many people raging over what Cenk said? If you have a problem,
    simply don’t watch.

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Opus Dei you must have the memory of a gold fish, or maybe the intelligence
      of one b/c that comment was pure and total bullshit. The man is a racist,
      bigot, end of story. Do not sit and attempt to seriously justify his
      rhetoric simply b/c at this time, it doesn’t apply to you.

    • Posted by E Clouston, at Reply

      Adam Christopher yuuuup correctamundo

    • Posted by Opus Dei, at Reply

      Better than Hillary.

  4. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    thanks Obama

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Marco Polo Unemployment went down under Obama

    • Posted by Adam N, at Reply

      +Marco Polo
      Except that Trump hasn’t yet.

    • Posted by LastStitch, at Reply

      Marvin the Martian And Again Unemployment Went Down Because People.Got Cut
      off Unemployment …Their Bennifits Ran Out …So Again Obama is Still a
      Fudge Packer ..His Wife gives it to Him

  5. Posted by Some Guy, at Reply

    This is hilarious. So many jobs created under Obama and the right spins it
    and says it’s not a lot. Trump’s tactic: Just lie about how many you

    • Posted by GblazeVids, at Reply

      Marco Polo Hey everybody look it’s another graduate from Trump University
      with a degree in American Trollonomics. You sir have a bright future ahead
      of you!

    • Posted by GblazeVids, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 FAKE NEWS Journalist scotaloo7 reporting live

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      +GblazeVids At least I don’t lie.

    • Posted by GblazeVids, at Reply

      scotaloo7 7g7 Jeezus you Trumpets are delusional. send me factual proof
      from an independent non left or right source that says GDP has skyrocketed
      under Obama’s administration or that unemployment is up 1000%. It’s
      laughable how uninformed your kind is. By kind I mean idiots

  6. Posted by Kurama, at Reply

    Did you know, Trump killed Osama.

    • Posted by Snigdha Malik, at Reply

      Marco Polo hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha

    • Posted by disagreeablesob, at Reply

      Have you SEEN what Hillary Clinton looks like when she’s pissed off?She’s a
      pantsuited fury from Hell.She could have killed Osama,but she would have
      used a shiv like Martha Stewart showed her how to make,instead of a
      bullet,and she’d have been whispering into his ear in a soft Arkansas drawl
      “Honestly,Hillary,I never touched her.” while she stabbed him over and over

    • Posted by M Jave, at Reply

      Kurama That’s funny.

  7. Posted by Solar Horse, at Reply

    he is making jobs by constantly firing his staff

    • Posted by Chinmay Gyamlani, at Reply

      Solar Horse 😂😂😂

  8. Posted by Chad Boswell, at Reply

    So when is Trump bringing his tie and clothing line jobs back?

    • Posted by Red Pill prime, at Reply

      Chad Boswell :Tell them Chad. Real news if Trump create 8000 jobs on his on.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Very difficult to make money in clothing manufacturing business in USA.

    • Posted by Mourinhito, at Reply

      Marco Polo Yea especially when the mascot of the company spews Bigoted lies
      and offends all of Americas allies while making friends with her enemies.

    • Posted by Shayla Crews, at Reply

      This comment ftw.

  9. Posted by Coma White, at Reply

    1:03 it might be the oldest trick in the book, but trump doesn’t read

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +Igor Ivanov I’m not lying. There is too much evidence that Trump can’t
      read. Just watch his deposition video. It’s so obvious. He’s squirming to
      get out of reading a passage from a piece of paper. They’re just covering
      it up, but the truth is out.

    • Posted by Coma White, at Reply

      +Blob Loblaw it would explain why he didn’t like teleprompters too! LOL

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +Coma White Yes, it’s not so much he doesn’t like teleprompters. People are
      saying he is afraid of them because they remind him of how his spoiled
      upbringing has failed his basic education. I’m not saying, but that’s what
      I’m hearing. Trump even said he wanted to outlaw teleprompters.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +Mike B You and Trump would get along. He can’t read, and what you just
      wrote is unreadable.

  10. Posted by Kokainuser, at Reply

    Some people deny the armenian genocide, some people acknowledge the
    armenian genocide. Donald Trump doesn’t know what the armenian genocide is.

    • Posted by number nine large, at Reply

      j j can u explain to me what the Armenian genocide was

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      We will tell Trump the Armenian genocide was done by Muslim Turks at the
      end of Ottoman Empire. And that TYT’s are genocide deniers and virulent
      bigots. Adios!

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Marco Polo So you’ll lie to him

    • Posted by LastStitch, at Reply

      Kokainuser For Sure wasn’t For Trump.I wouldn’t Have taken The Steps I have
      Taken .I Voted for Him And I will Die Defending Him and Before Trump My Man
      Guy Iistened to was Trump ..Obama ,Clinton ,Bush family and George Soros
      need taken Out

    • Posted by Kokainuser, at Reply

      +LastStitch what?

  11. Posted by JupiterMoon, at Reply

    Ape Trump is the terrorists dream come true. The Neanderthal Trump will
    destroy US on his own. Terrorists need not fire a single bullet.
    ha ha ha

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Trump is the perfect enemy for ISIS. A selfish bigot like him will only sky
      rocket their recruitment

    • Posted by Igor Ivanov, at Reply

      Shifting blame away from the true culprits. The regressive way.
      You know nothing of Islam.

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      +Igor Ivanov
      Please don’t start with the “Islam is an ideology” crap.

    • Posted by JupiterMoon, at Reply

      #Igor Ivanov So when is Ape Trump going to stop making millions of dollars
      with Muslims ? He signed 8 eight Trump business contracts with Saudis even
      while he was campaigning. Not to mention that he has invested all over the
      Muslim countries.

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      +Igor Ivanov
      Going off of what +JupiterMoon said those Muslim countries are going to
      make money for Trump. They can easily bribe him directly which violates the

  12. Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

    Trump supporters, you can skip this video. There are facts in it. You won’t
    like them.

    • Posted by Blablabla Blabal, at Reply

      They dont care about facts. They wont change their minds until they’re
      actually affected by something he does. Cause they only care about

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Blablabla Blabal YUP!!!

    • Posted by Kenny Clay, at Reply

      Not really. He didnt take credit for anything.

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      +A. Whiteman
      Those jobs were coming before Trump was even elected. Did you watch the

  13. Posted by Cory Weston, at Reply

    SoftBank isn’t a bank Cenk. it is a technology and mobile company. And the
    parent company of Sprint.

    • Posted by Sean Turner, at Reply

      hold this L

    • Posted by Kinoko, at Reply

      +Moz R Nope, it does not. It is still something Cenk should have known,

    • Posted by Moz R, at Reply

      that is true you are right, research is always important as the story also
      tells us.

    • Posted by Damia Savon, at Reply

      Soft Bank is also funded by the Saudis.

  14. Posted by Thomas “TheGreatestLiberal” MacKelly, at Reply

    He is embarrassing conservatives right in their faces. He really thinks
    they’re that dumb.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Trump is not even President and he’s doing better job than Obama. LMAO !!!

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Marco Polo Better? Trump’s transition is sloppy at best

    • Posted by Adam Christopher, at Reply

      Thomas MacKelly apparently they are

  15. Posted by kirkgrniis, at Reply

    The lying con man that lies more than anyone in history is our next
    President. You gullible Trump loving morons.

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply
    • Posted by LastStitch, at Reply

      kirkgrniis Trump is Bringing Truth to America just Wipe.the Chit out your
      Eyes ..This Guys a Moron anyways ..Young Turks Are Idiots On Most tge Stuff
      They Post Also …Not eceryone Trump Talks to is Broadcasted ..So Again he
      Could have Had Influence Just This Channel Is Racist

    • Posted by LastStitch, at Reply

      kirkgrniis ..I do Know Something Also I sure Hope Trump Starts Going After
      Drug Users And Drug Smugglers ..Because People Who Smoke Weed Are Idiots

  16. Posted by Mac Veritas, at Reply

    So the headline should read Trump is a liar , insted of What they print it
    , but the fact is he keeps on playing the media , and media Seems to Love
    being played

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Well the media is full of stupid libtards.

    • Posted by Christopher Burgos, at Reply

      Fox, Alex Jones, Tomi Lahren, Daily Mail.


    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Marco Polo So Fox News is liberal? Never knew…

    • Posted by Christopher Burgos, at Reply

      Thanatos3 nope, which is exactly why his comment is ignorant.

  17. Posted by Michael Kahr, at Reply

    Trump started the lying. Now everybody wants to jump the Trump train and
    lie lie lie. Lying crooked Trump.

    • Posted by Igor Ivanov, at Reply

      Michael Kahr
      You’re a dumbass!

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      Igor Ivanov Nope not at all

  18. Posted by Jane S, at Reply

    Liked, loved, shared. Thank you TYT.

    • Posted by charna crews, at Reply

      Igor Ivanov I find what you’re spewing more offensive than anything TYT has
      ever said.They show us the real America,the America we live in,not the
      tight fit circle you’re in who doesn’t know the reality for most Americans.

    • Posted by Igor Ivanov, at Reply

      Oh how progressive, how virtuous.
      Diversity of color doesn’t make something valuable. A persons color is
      irrelevant. It’s what they can bring to the table that matters.

      What’s wrong with white as snow anyway? What are you racist against white
      You are aware that America is majority white? 63%. And BTW we just had a
      mulatto president?

    • Posted by Tim Hose, at Reply

      Sorry Brian. Just one more: Ideological Subversion takes 15-20 years to
      implement. You might be right about it, but it appears to be coming from
      the corporatists and the right wing. Check who in your government is
      creating fake crisis and normalising extreme views.

    • Posted by Thanatos3, at Reply

      +Igor Ivanov
      My point was you can’t call Cenk anti-white when he works with all colors.
      I’m not anti-white but Trump does not reach out to African Americans seeing
      as he neglected to have rallies in inner cities where African Americans are
      a majority.

    • Posted by ReAlignParadigm, at Reply

      yea he just went to Flint and continued reaching out to em during his
      entire campaign. IF YOU DONT REMEMBER HE WENT TO CHICAGO DUMBASS! how did

  19. Posted by Tal Moore, at Reply

    You know who else was a genius marketer? Goebbels.

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      He’s not going to ring a bell with 99%.

  20. Posted by Dennis Taaffe, at Reply

    This guy is a child, a child in the body of a big, fat white guy.

    • Posted by Danni Carrillo, at Reply

      Dennis Taaffe he’s not white lmfao

    • Posted by Nick A., at Reply

      Trump isn’t that fat!

    • Posted by Kerry Bellio, at Reply

      Actually he is technically considered obese by medical standards. He likes
      to fat shame people but if he took off his shirt you would see a fat doughy
      out of shape 70 yr old.

    • Posted by Nick A., at Reply

      That’s why he always wears a suit. You won’t see any shirtless pictures of
      him riding a white horse.

    • Posted by ReAlignParadigm, at Reply

      Are you “Denise” in the Body of “Dennis”. DONT LIE! lol