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Trump Targeting Affirmative Action


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Trump's Justice Division is utilizing it's own Civil liberty Department to go after Affirmative Activity. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about affirmative activity. Inform us what you believe in the comment area below.

" The information that broke last night that the Trump Administration would certainly take a fresh appearance at affirmative activity as well as possibly file a claim against institution of higher learnings over admissions choices viewed to victimize candidates based on their race restored a long-simmering debate over that obtains access to the nation's elite universities.

Admissions plans that take race into factor to consider are most pertinent at campuses where there are even more applicants than there are areas in the fresher class. There have to do with 200 colleges in the United States from some 5,000 organizations that approve fewer than half the pupils that apply. To put that into viewpoint, those colleges enroll less compared to 10 percent of the nation's undergraduates.

Despite their tiny piece of the marketplace on the whole, these establishments, from Harvard University to Amherst College to the University of Michigan, play an outsized duty in American college. It's not due to the fact that the education and learning is a lot better at those institutions; it's due to the unmatched network pupils connect to, via the moms and dads of their classmates, alumni and also ultimately when they become alumni themselves. That's why admissions to these places is so valued by lots of students as well as moms and dads."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Kathic, at Reply

    Racism is racism even if it seeks to address past racial discrimination.

    • Posted by Kathic, at Reply

      Racism is about shifting people into different categories based on physical appearances like skin color, nose or eye shape or hair. Treating people differently because of their race is racism. It doesn’t matter if the person thinks that one group is better or worse based on these differences. Giving preferential treatment to one group because of their race is the same thing as giving another group negative treatment because of their race. There does not need to be a power disparity between groups for there to be racism.

    • Posted by Narwhocalypse, at Reply

      TradingKid1998 I’m furious that affirmative actions exists, no matter who it helps.

    • Posted by Dan S, at Reply

      That’s too much logic and common sense for youtube. Most people here are lobotomy patients.

    • Posted by James Liams, at Reply

      bad logic bubba

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      Racism : “Discrimination or prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity”. Having higher standards for white people to get into university is by definition discrimination towards people based on their race or ethnicity. You don’t know the definition of racism. How is this not racism? Tell me buddy. I’d LOOOOOOOVE to hear.

  2. Posted by Thomas R, at Reply

    Police racial profiling = racist
    Affirmative action = not racist

    • Posted by Mister Stevo, at Reply

      Adult conversations on race = Over Thomas R’s head.

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      They commit less than whites

    • Posted by Rasheed Barnes, at Reply

      Jim Crow wasn’t about socioeconomic condition Cenk.

  3. Posted by Saltvadoor, at Reply

    Affirmative action is garbage.

    • Posted by Robert Acosta, at Reply

      Saltvadoor As of Right Now I think you are right, but right on the money



    • Posted by Dean Yasuda, at Reply

      Banjo Pink Since the Jewish homeland is in Asia, Jews are considered Asians. My officemate is from Israel, and I remind him of that fact sometimes.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    White student applies to big university.
    *Has bad grades*
    *Cant pass tests*
    ————>Blames black people and racism against whites.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @chris dexter cenk went to ivy league schools which is where you find the most legacy students. i’m guessing that most of them where that helped them like the idea of their parents legacy helping them to get in. most of us though don’t like that idea though as you said. it’s just like the way that the only people who like crony capitalism are the ones involved in the crony capitalism.

  5. Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

    About time too. Universities are for the brightest and the best.

    • Posted by Abraham Hernandez, at Reply

      You’re stupid rich people who aren’t the brightest have a higher chance of acceptance because they’re out of state or international

    • Posted by MrG0TH1ER, at Reply

      Trollop 7 Or morons with money.

  6. Posted by Msfeminista, at Reply

    If you’re white and can’t get into college, the problem is you.

    • Posted by John Wagner, at Reply

      Patriot 1776 same as with a job and everything else

    • Posted by John Wagner, at Reply

      James Jacobs only on a level playing field

    • Posted by John Wagner, at Reply

      Msfeminista because to idiots like you every thing that hose against your narrative is white supremacist. That card has no value anymore. There’s commons sense for you.

    • Posted by John Wagner, at Reply

      DanieB52 only on a level playing field

    • Posted by John Wagner, at Reply

      Tori Hairston wrong

  7. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    Tranny Ana denies “her” penis

    • Posted by Donut -5555, at Reply

      Circumambient Dreamsmasher That’s kinda hawt…

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Donut -5555 traps are gay

    • Posted by Donut -5555, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer nah man it’s a feminine penis, and it’s ok if the balls don’t touch

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      +PutTheNiggersOnTheBoat !
      I wish jewtube would let me restore this comment xD

  8. Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

    If you get lower grades but are ahead of the line because of your race then it’s racial discrimination.

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      zarbon700— Totally agree, we need to address the anti asian bias by removing affirmative action and replace it with a form of poverty action…

    • Posted by Antonio Rivera, at Reply

      thats just not how it works.

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      That’s exactly right! Affirmative action solves this

  9. Posted by Dook, at Reply

    Oh no. Maybe now college enrollment will have to be merit based!

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      No it is merit based with affirmative action

  10. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    *Trumptards want it to be 1960 where colleges are allowed to discriminate against anyone.*

    • Posted by White nationalism Or nothing, at Reply

      JOOGAL1111 because the system doesn’t care about asains. they only paint blacks and Hispanics as victim not white and asain

    • Posted by Supreme Imperialist, at Reply

      We should discriminate against Jews. They are 25% of the Ivy League students despite only being 2% of the American population.

    • Posted by Nuancense, at Reply

      OF COURSE!!!! discriminate against anyone and everyone based ON MERIT

    • Posted by Nuancense, at Reply

      David Gutowski I don’t know if you’re saying thats a bad thing?..

  11. Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

    Affirmative action is an inherently Racist program, The Kindly  President Trump is fighting hard against racial discrimination.

    • Posted by Lee Bates McDougal, at Reply

      All blacks aren’t for affirmative action. Stop lumping all blacks together.

    • Posted by GreatDragonGaming, at Reply

      Edward Moran Affirmative action wouldn’t be a thing if you fucks weren’t racist

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      It’s anti racist

  12. Posted by N.W.A., at Reply

    Terrible news for white women, since most white women are diversity hires. Just look at any big bank or tech company, and you’ll see their ranks are full of white women. They’re totally overrepresented. This is something that I’m assuming TYT will gloss over since, like most people, I didn’t watch the video. They won’t say that since Sessions said he’s going after colleges that “discriminate against white people,” the end result will just be AA benefitting white women even more than it already does.

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      TYT pointed this out.
      Next time watch the video. Don’t comment on stuff that you don’t watch.

  13. Posted by KingSureShot, at Reply

    Trump doing away with a policy that discriminates based on race? Sounds like a liberal

    • Posted by White nationalism Or nothing, at Reply

      how tf does that sound like a liberal? no the fact that the policy exists is because of liberals you idiot

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      Nah liberals are pro racism, otherwise they wouldnt come up with memes like white privilege, white people should die, they wouldnt support blm, and so on.

    • Posted by Daedric Dewi, at Reply

      “liberals” aren’t liberal anymore

  14. Posted by National Embarrassment, at Reply

    Worst President in USA History.😨😱

    • Posted by Lee Bates McDougal, at Reply

      Trump 2020! Best Presi ever.

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      Are you referring to Obama?

    • Posted by Spurdo Spider, at Reply

      “What a relief!” — Andrew Jackson

  15. Posted by Smash Marxism, at Reply

    Blacks are dumber than Hispanics, whites and Asians. No amount of law or policy can change that

    • Posted by Darkmire, at Reply

      Smash Marxism You sound like someone trying desperately to believe they’re smarter than other people. It comes off as very insecure. Are you actually intelligent or are you trying to feel like you are more intelligent? Because your world view isn’t supported by fact…

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 green apples and red apples are not the same, they taste different, the green ones are more sour and crispy, the red ones are more sweet and mushy inside. Green are better for pie’s.

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      Ms O don’t black people have a million year head start on the planet? Where are all the rocketship pyramids?

  16. Posted by William Gates III, at Reply

    Hey white people. You systematically stole all the land in america. Give up all the stolen land then we can talk.

    • Posted by Gutten Aug, at Reply

      We did not steal the land, we conquered it by fighting to death. we used guns knives and all sorts of weapons including disease to kill and dominate the American soil at any cost. Just like the great Vikings did England. European ancestry brought you here to America so say thank you and move on.

    • Posted by Supreme Imperialist, at Reply

      To all those who say white people stole American land and should give it back, I say this:
      I prefer an advanced and wealthy America built by white people (and not by cotton-picking black slaves as Liberals claim to make blacks people believe they have a history (which they don’t)) than an America filled with tribal savages committing genocide against each other, engaging in human sacrifice and skinning each other alive, just like their descendants in Mexican drug cartels do to this day. I’m glad smallpox decimated the inferior Native American population and made room for a more advanced and intellectually superior race to take over.

      Race is not a social construct, society is a racial construct. If white European colonists had completely exterminated the black population of Africa (average IQ of 70) and repopulated the continent with superior white people (average IQ of 100), Africa today would be a tropical paradise of wealthy nations. Think of Australia and how superior white Europeans replaced the savage, uncivilized, dark-skinned Aborigines (average IQ of 60) to build the wealthy and advanced nation that Australia is today. According to the HDI, Australia is the second most developed in the world after Norway, another white country that hopefully remains white after witnessing what non-white immigration did to Sweden.

    • Posted by Charles, at Reply

      Did American Indians spontaneously erupt out of the ground in North America? At what point in time exactly are you fixing the world borders?

    • Posted by Bob Bobson, at Reply

      + William Gates III

      What land did I steal, exactly?

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      William Gates IIII. I’m going to file that under “non-sequitur”

  17. Posted by greensloth10, at Reply

    Affirmative Action is racist.

    • Posted by Bob Bobson, at Reply

      +zarbon700 “Racist” and “sexist” are not mutually exclusive terms. And you just inadvertently supported his claim. If more qualified asians are losing opportunities to white people (or any other demographic) partially due to their race, then the policy is inherently racist.

    • Posted by Toms Friend Kake, at Reply

      Chukwu Sure, right after I learn about cultural appropriation, micro aggressions, the entire recorded history of Native Americans and African Americans, and memorize all 100 genders, 100 sexual orientations, and 30 preferred pronouns, and their definitions.

    • Posted by James Liams, at Reply


    • Posted by p0xus, at Reply

      and sexist.

    • Posted by Big bro, at Reply

      Amy Falconer its called US history , your welcome! Every month is white history month!

  18. Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

    Why do Asian people need better grades then Black people to get in to college?

    • Posted by Jolly Cocks, at Reply

      They dont

    • Posted by flightisallright, at Reply

      Basically, all the seats left empty by black people in Advanced placement courses are taken up by Asian students so the competition is more intense among Asians. An Asian who works in college admission also told me that fewer Asians are admitted on sports scholarships or based on other extracurricular activities so it centers around grades more for them.

  19. Posted by Vecheslav Novikov, at Reply

    Any time you hear “Affirmative Action” in this piece, replace it with “Race based admissions practices” and see how you feel.

    • Posted by Vecheslav Novikov, at Reply

      It’s telling. In the end, Cenk says affirmative action actually helps whites and to “be careful what you wish for.” That reveals his assumption that anyone opposing AA must be doing it to help whites. I don’t care, I want people to be rewarded for merit, not race. If that means less whites and more asians gain admission, tough. Work harder.

    • Posted by Vecheslav Novikov, at Reply

      Zarbon, that’s fine. If Asians work harder, they deserve it more. Not everyone cares about race, ok?

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      So their stopping racism?

  20. Posted by R Z, at Reply

    Why should race be even a consideration in the admission process? Shouldn’t it be just purely based on merits such as grades, extracurriculars, and references?

    • Posted by Chris Hakala, at Reply

      R Z I’ve never seen a study that suggests that blacks have a lower graduation rate than whites after they make it into college.
      Colleges have plenty of resources, including tutoring, to ensure that students succeed.

      The fact of the matter is that the socioeconomic problems that require affirmative action (discrimination in the job market, discrimination by the police, under-funding of schools and other public infrastructure, problems such as lead contamination in Flint and East Chicago that are allowed to fester simply because the community is mostly minority, etc), affirmative action needs to remain in effect for at least a generation.

    • Posted by Shiro Amada, at Reply

      Love the comments “it unfairly effects (black people) the poor”.

      Lol, completely unaware.