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Trump Team Gangs Up On Republican Senator


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Kellyanne Conway as well as Fox & Friends rallied to safeguard their leader against Sen. Bob Corker. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tell you why they're ganging up on Bob Corker. Tell us just what you assume in the comment section below. Join TYT:

" Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) on Sunday countered after Head of state Donald Trump blasted him on Twitter.

" It's a pity the White Home has actually ended up being a grown-up day care center," Corker tweeted. "A person undoubtedly missed their change this morning."

Trump on Sunday claimed Corker "asked" him for a recommendation and "quit" of the 2018 midterm elections after Trump transformed him down.

" I would totally anticipate Corker to be a negative voice and also stand in the means of our great schedule," Trump tweeted. "Didn't have the guts to run!"

On Wednesday, Corker commended Assistant of State Rex Tillerson, White Residence principal of staff John Kelly and Assistant of Protection James Mattis as "those individuals that aid separate our nation from mayhem."

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  1. Posted by The Young Turks, at Reply

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  2. Posted by Williiam Windsor, at Reply

    Kelly Anne Conway still can not say Trump lost the popular vote. We will see what the Supreme Court rules on gerrymandering possibly making a case that Trump fraudulently won the electoral colledge.

    • Posted by Swnsasy _, at Reply

      Williiam Windsor I really, really hope they get rid of gerrymandering.. The most simplest of things would be have each and every individual vote.. We no longer need the electoral college.. Our forefathers put it in place because there where not enough states with a population.. It’s time to catch up to the 21st century..

    • Posted by Williiam Windsor, at Reply

      Gerrymandering should be almost eliminated if the Census Dept. would genrate the districts by a bipartisan computer program.

  3. Posted by tuan truong, at Reply

    Kellyanne Conway is a lying Witch. I wish this batch suck Donald lol..

  4. Posted by Susie G, at Reply

    Well Kelly has a straight face because of Botox.

  5. Posted by azameth anon, at Reply

    There is something seriously wrong with people that support this idiot we have as a president.Trump won’t even show his taxes and I don’t know what Corker does in his private life,but this Trump embarrasses the people of this country every time he opens his mouth,and still you follow him blindly.The blind leading the blind. Ignorant republicans !

    • Posted by BeautifulSoftVeryGood Towels, at Reply

      Not to mention what he does to me when the cameras are off. 😢

  6. Posted by David Davies, at Reply

    Kellyanne Conway … what’s her job title again? Regime propagandist?

  7. Posted by Kelvin Waters, at Reply

    So Bob Corker a republican can’t accept the election results? The results where his party won?? Lmao

  8. Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

    It is amazing how patriotic our leaders are – draft dodging, spending money on war abroad, spending taxpayer money on themselves, not paying taxes, investing offshore, lying to the people, denying healthcare to millions of the people, condoning state violence against the people, and imprisoning the people ( often because they are poor). THE GOP DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND ARE TRAITORS.

  9. Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

    Oh, WE can’t accept the election results? We’re not the ones denying the MILLIONS he lost by in the popular vote….

  10. Posted by Roy Paris, at Reply

    The elephants all grabbing the tail of the one in front with their trunk and walking around in circles……

  11. Posted by Jason Nysa Cleomedes, at Reply

    Faux (Fox) News at it again.

  12. Posted by Foo Kelevra, at Reply

    I can’t believe that moron is still president

    • Posted by Miro Mato, at Reply

      I still can’t believe that moron is president.

    • Posted by Mz B58, at Reply

      I believe Tillerson said he was a f’ing moron. It just adds a bit more flavor to the description of our fearless leader…

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      Foo Kelevra. The inability to comprehend something that’s occurring in reality should is a personal shortcoming.

  13. Posted by Carl Millholland, at Reply

    What drug do they feed her? Because, gawd, its effective.

  14. Posted by WiseKing, at Reply

    So Trump was nice to Obama on Twitter? Stupidity and madness combined.

  15. Posted by Keith Clark, at Reply

    Conway has committed career suicide by hanging with her boy, she better hope Trump has a job for her because she’s done in the republican party.

  16. Posted by Peace Dog, at Reply

    The irony meter has been irreparably damaged by this overload.