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Trump Thinks A Uranium One Investigation Will Distract Mueller


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Trump is trying every little thing he can think of to toss Mueller off his route. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

" Head of state Trump's Justice Division is considering whether to select an unique counsel to check out Hillary Clinton as well as an Obama management decision in 2010 to enable a Russian nuclear agency to get a firm that had accessibility to the USA uranium supply.

Mr. Trump is frustrated with the continuing examinations into Russia's election meddling as well as possible ties to his campaign. Last month the special counsel revealed the very first charges versus Trump campaign aides.
The head of state has claimed the Justice Department need to instead be examining Mrs. Clinton's participation in the Uranium One offer and also contributions to her family's philanthropic structure.
" Uranium bargain to Russia, with Clinton aid and Obama Administration knowledge, is the most significant tale that Fake Media doesn't want to comply with!" Mr. Trump composed in a Twitter article on Oct. 19.
His demand has actually set off a political reaction and breaks with historical norms developed after Watergate." *.

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  1. Posted by Melina Hernandez, at Reply

    There was already an investigation.

  2. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    Trumptard is a Jackass Orange turd President we have in history

    • Posted by V0xX Hub, at Reply

      @angriest ..wot? Oo

    • Posted by angriestbacon, at Reply

      CNN,MSNBC,TYT and all other left media groups actively worked against Bernie and covered up the fact that Hilary stole the Democratic nomination.
      TYT,CNN, MSNBE and the rest of the left knew Clinton rigged the nomination and went along with it.
      Don’t believe me?
      Donna Brazil wrote a book recently that exposes how Hilary basically owned the DNC and stole the nomination.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      New troll angriest bacon typing bullshit on the new videos  24/7.

    • Posted by Charlie Bronson, at Reply

      Go Trump! He is the best.

  3. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    Dotard and his supporters just can’t keep Hillary Clinton name out their mouth how delusional the orange turd can be

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I think you secretly love tyt. Anytime I read the top comment under a video, there you are. Glad to know they trigger you so much that you dedicate your time to trolling. I wish I had so much time to troll, it’s hard when I have a full-time job, friends & family. I use my spare time wisely.

    • Posted by bane734, at Reply

      Poor baby still can’t get over losing lol. Love seeing the Hillary trannies crying daily

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      bane734 Poor baby, too dumb to wrap your little brain around the fact that many people hate Trump and Hillary. Sad!

      P.s You can hate Trump and Hillary at the same time you simpleton.

    • Posted by johnathan hall, at Reply


    • Posted by awdgaray, at Reply

      Because in the U.S., money and influence equals power.

  4. Posted by Loser, at Reply

    Trump is a POS , impeach the orange baboon

    • Posted by mike Jones, at Reply

      Blacks back to africa first

    • Posted by angriestbacon, at Reply

      Let me get this straight…
      TYT,CNN,MSNBC etc helped Hilary steal the nomination from Bernie, ensuring Trump’s win.
      And you are mad at Trump not Hilary and TYT etc?

    • Posted by John Romano, at Reply

      Yes you are a loser glad you were able to figure it out. MAGA

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    “Her emails’ doesn’t work anymore, so they’re trying ‘Her uranium’ instead. It’s pathetic. An obvious smokescreen.

    • Posted by slactweak, at Reply


      For any who still don’t believe, THIS… is a prime example of the Dumbing Down of America. It is, at once, Laughable and extremely Pathetic

    • Posted by ArchitectOfSound01, at Reply

      It’s all here from SGTreport under a video titled “YOU WON’T BELIEVE ALL THAT IS BEING EXPOSED NOW!!!”

    • Posted by slactweak, at Reply

      @Richard Shapiro

      When, exactly, was there a finding that the deal was “corrupt”?

      I will grant you that even the appearance of impropriety MUST be avoided, and it was NOT avoided in this case, but that doesn’t automatically mean that there was any corruption involved.

  6. Posted by Melina Hernandez, at Reply

    Trump always diverts. That is what. NARCASSTIC do. And yes the Hillary stuff is very inaccurate. That’s why happens when people get an education from FOX.

    • Posted by Drunken Mongoose, at Reply

      Yeah it’s spelled Tenk.

    • Posted by Josh Potts, at Reply

      You can’t be that stupid. The Clintons did in fact collude with Russia during the Obama administration.

    • Posted by Freddy 69, at Reply

      Melina Hernandez.. excuse me I got my education from TRUMP UNIVERSITY.. TRUMP BEYOND 2020

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      Melina Hernandez9 hours agoTrump always diverts. That is what. NARCASSTIC do. And yes the Hillary stuff is very inaccurate. That’s why happens when people get an education from FOX.

  7. Posted by Ali, at Reply

    But what about Hillary?!? (She didn’t win the election so what about her?). But what about Bill Clinton (he isn’t president and hasn’t been for over 15 years?). But what about the Democrats? (They aren’t in power?). But what about not talking about others and concentrate on the man who IS President and how he’s bowing down (or kneeling) to Putin?

    • Posted by Josh Potts, at Reply

      Actually you’re wrong. Trump signed the bill, and even snubbed Putin over the weekend by withdrawing from a 30 year arms treaty with Russia. Putin took offense, and publicy declared U.S- Russia relations to be in a state crisis. Manafort’s Russian ties happened while he was working for the DNC. Trump fired Manafort after just 1 month. You’re grasping at straws. You’re misinformed. The entire U.S intelligence community wasn’t in agreement. Only 4 agencies claimed Russian interference. The 17 agencies story was proven to be false.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      So by that logic we shoukd not investigate possible crimes when someone is not in office.. Lol you do realise hiw ridiculous that sounds and thats not how our system works right?

    • Posted by steve french, at Reply

      Josh Potts Trump hasn’t enforced any sanctions approved by congress. What’s that orange dust on your. ……..ohhhhhhh my bad.

    • Posted by John King, at Reply

      She got 3 million more votes than Trump. In a democracy she would have won.

  8. Posted by John Frank, at Reply

    No it does not, Bill Clinton made that speech as a private citizen. She was a part of an approval process signed on by members of the president’s cabinet at the time. She lost the election because, she was a lousy candidate, not because she was throwing Uranium around. The entire investigation was exhausted back when it happened nothing was found to be illegal. Distraction, Deflection and lies!

    • Posted by BlackHearthguard, at Reply

      Josh Potts That’s a crock of shite. Not the gag order, that may well be real, but if he’s got actual evidence, he’s protected by law and must comply with _any_ investigation he’s called to witness to. It’s written into your codes of laws that he’s protected as long as his evidence is legitimate. Any assertion by involved parties to the opposite is obfuscation.

    • Posted by Mr. Seemingly Expected, at Reply

      He is clearly misspeaking, mostly because he is mistaken. The gag order didn’t apply to not testifying in court but rather not testifying to Congress, which considering the length and depth of the investigation makes sense. Especially when the calculation is to allow some bribing to continue in order to better map intelligence and financial systems of the Russians.

    • Posted by BattleMage, at Reply

      i wish liberals would stop taking this Hillary bait!

    • Posted by Everblue Freediving, at Reply

      John Frank she lost the electoral college, she didn’t lose the election. ..and she was no better than Trump. ..

    • Posted by Jorge Eduardo Garcia, at Reply

      Who’s HIllary? I don’t remember her. Let’s all move on.

  9. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Traitor Trump still desperate to distract ppl from the truth.

    • Posted by fireofenergy, at Reply

      Is the truth, corruption on both sides or is it just the Cherry picked truths against the “other” side?
      Corporations donated to both sides, so neither is innocent.

    • Posted by angriestbacon, at Reply

      TYT helped Hilary steal the nomination from Bernie, ensuring Trump’s win.
      And you are mad at Trump not Hilary and TYT?

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      New copy and paste troll angreistbacon typing bullshit on the new videos 24/7.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Why does it have to be one thing at the atime??? Why cant the FBI investigate Trump and his minions, whole the DOJ investigates clintons b.s??
      They are two separate organisations, I dont understand how anyone would be against investugationg on two people from both sides who are KNOWN for corruption. Sure the investigation on clinton is motivated by partisanship, but so was the russia thing. In the end if they find corruption on both sides and we see people on bith sides get Punished, whats the problem?

  10. Posted by Corey R, at Reply

    I hope you feel better anna

  11. Posted by Inbred Trumptard, at Reply


    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      curious how so called “liberal elites” and conservative elites are both guilty of the same sorts of crimes.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Long live the TruTards!

    • Posted by Phillip Ray, at Reply


  12. Posted by Liberal in Oklahoma, at Reply

    The donation to the Clinton Foundation, not the Clintons, was made during the time she was running against Obama in 2008, the uranium deal was approved in 2010 when she was Secretary of State . There is nothing to prove anything unethical much less criminal.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Wait, how would you know CNN reported the timeline? ~Dramatic music!

    • Posted by Liberal in Oklahoma, at Reply

      Faustino Asprilla I watch all kinds of reputable news, no right wing propaganda though.

    • Posted by carmay3600, at Reply

      Shep Smith of FOX news just reported the timeline and basically put this whole Uranium conspiracy to rest.

    • Posted by Kenji, at Reply

      Liberal in Oklahoma Exactly, it was unethical but no laws were broken.

  13. Posted by Sergio Estrada, at Reply

    i’m convinced anyone who believes fox news after a certain age is a complete idiot

    • Posted by pogo575, at Reply

      I’ll be sure to look for that sanity in between the Trump News Fox and Friends Legs Hour and the Crying Paranoid Grown Man Deflection at 8.

    • Posted by Balder Christensen, at Reply

      I feel the same except for tyt, if you are above 14 you should be old enough to see their extreme bias.

    • Posted by John Romano, at Reply

      You are the biggest idiot of all Sergio!

    • Posted by Drunken Mongoose, at Reply

      I agree, “the establishment media is doing a fantastic job” of spreading speculation, conjecture and outright lies. Few propaganda campaigns have been as effective at keeping their finger on the scale for so long. The legacy media, including fox, would make Joseph Goebels proud.

    • Posted by The Real Lobster, at Reply

      Faustino Asprilla lmfao what a idiot you have to be. Please please please try out for guinness book for biggest idiotic moron. No one will ever break your record

  14. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Deflect,deflect, deflect, Lie, Lie ,Lie, Deflect, Lie, Obstruct , Lie, Deflect , Obstruct, Lie, Lie, Lie, Deflect, lie & Deflect, Obstruct , deflect,Lie, Lie Deflect,deflect, deflect, Lie, Lie ,Lie, Deflect, Lie, Obstruct , Lie, Deflect , Obstruct, Lie, Lie, Lie, Deflect, lie & Deflect, Obstruct , deflect,Lie, Obstruct ! Rinse and Repeat !!

  15. Posted by Kid Zoom, at Reply

    Wow! Ana is so beautiful!

    • Posted by angriestbacon, at Reply

      She looks even better with the makeup removing app….

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      You can tell her on instagram  🙂

    • Posted by ArchitectOfSound01, at Reply

      She stores her leftover nose in a jar.

    • Posted by cyberbob19, at Reply

      Why don’t you ask her to marry you?
      …….or just keep stalking her……

  16. Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

    Pirro is a truly horrible woman.

    • Posted by Gethin ap Phylip, at Reply

      HerkimerSnerd How can anyone listen to her? One of the most grating voices ever.

    • Posted by slippingsnake, at Reply

      Pirro was fun with her TV show as judge, I still can’t belive that she turned into the psychopath we see now 🙁

  17. Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

    Trump: *SQUIRREL!* 👉

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply


  18. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Why are we supposed to forget about corruption of politicians if they lose, lock up Bush and Cheney for War Crimes, and investigate the Clinton foundation and Uranium One for all the dirty politics it was doing and stealing from Haiti etc.Haiti hates the Clintons for what they did not to mention intervening to stop the minimum wage going up a couple pennies.

    • Posted by dive_bomber, at Reply

      Absolutely, but investigations and all that takes so long Trump would be long gone (possibly even dead) before they got to him and since he’s in power, he should be prioritized above all else before he does something really stupid to enrich himself.

    • Posted by Jim Morgan, at Reply

      OK. Let’s deal with Drumpf firstly, he is president after all.

    • Posted by PS Wright, at Reply

      IT WAS ALREADY INVESTIGATED! That’s why. Nothing illegal was done. IT wasn’t even unethical. They are exaggerating, distorting, and lying to distract you. Stop being a dumbass.

    • Posted by Jose Lopez, at Reply

      Let’s investigate, sure, once the Trump criminals are behind bars.

    • Posted by Noel Makarth, at Reply

      You should repeat that for User Chickendinner2012, lord knows these trumptards have skulls thicker than concrete. IT WAS ALREADY INVESTIGATED. One more time IT WAS ALREADY INVESTIGATED and another just to be safe IT WAS ALREADY INVESTIGATED.

  19. Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

    Forget Hillary’s dumb uranium deal, we need to keep investigating Trump’s Russian urine hobbies. =)

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      more conspiracy theories

    • Posted by John Romano, at Reply

      Dark Jedi you are complete moron!

    • Posted by Tork, at Reply

      Dark Jedi is FAKE NEWS!