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Trump Thinks He’s Better Than Lincoln


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Trump declared that Orrin Hatch said he was the greatest US head of state. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you think in the comment area below.

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" Throughout a Thursday interview at the GOP resort, Head of state Donald Trump applauded Legislator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) for calling him the greatest president in American background.

" Orrin is– I love hearing him talk … he in fact as soon as stated I'm the greatest head of state in the history of our country as well as I claimed, 'Does that include Lincoln and also Washington?' He stated yes. I claimed, 'I enjoy this guy,'" Trump informed a group of press reporters in West Virginia. Throughout journalism seminar, Trump talked about work and the economy and said he looked forward to talks about migration.

An agent for Hatch told Newsweek that the legislator "has said that he wishes to collaborate with the head of state making this the greatest presidency in background for the American individuals." White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders validated Trump's statement."

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  1. Posted by liberal ontheleft, at Reply

    He thinks he is better than Abe Lincoln, George Washington and others? A recent poll said he is worse than GWBush so I’m going to say no, he’s not!

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      liberal ontheleft Well I dunno, Abe freed the slaves, but Trump made it ok for elderly men to use spray tanner… its a pretty close race for best

  2. Posted by Sparckman, at Reply

    I’m the best because… oh wait… I actually have no skills…. but I inherited money. Jeff Besoz, that guy got skill. He started with nothing and he’s now the richest man on the planet. Now that’s f*king skill bro.

    if you have to say you are you aren’t.

  3. Posted by MrEd, at Reply

    He was Joking, it was a light hearted moment and here you are crying about it. Are you not self aware?

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      If a senator said Obama was the greatest PTUS in history you wouldn’t say it was a joke MrEd.

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      MrEd Everything is a joke with this idiot. If he wanted to be a comedian or court jester he should have done that. He decided to be President so is it too much act like a damn president?

    • Posted by Fitri Mahadi, at Reply

      of course the world is aware that you have a clown president

  4. Posted by Phlebas, at Reply

    Funny how the “best president ever” also managed to hold the lowest approval rating since approval ratings were a thing.

    Trump and everyone who supports him live in a world of lies and narcissistic delusion.

    • Posted by Lukasz Marzec, at Reply

      Phlebas the most brilliant people are often the least popular. Wake up sheeple!

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      Can we please erect a bronze statue of him taller than the Washington Monument, please, please, please?

  5. Posted by Jimmy Estrada, at Reply

    I for one founded odd that Obama got a Nobel Peace award for winning the presidency He was a very standard politician by the end but for winning a election is a weak reason to get an award or man of year

  6. Posted by Jack Glastra, at Reply

    Donald Trump is just trolling at this point.

    • Posted by Homo Quantum Sapiens, at Reply

      in his mind, he is going strong … cause he is a sociopath

  7. Posted by Radja Callier, at Reply

    Lincoln would be ashamed at what the Republican Party has become.

    • Posted by rsuriyop, at Reply

      That is an understatement.

  8. Posted by Kennedy Linder, at Reply

    What has this clown done again??

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing 01, at Reply


    • Posted by Ignar Husky Progressive Maddog, at Reply

      Kennedy Linder Tax Cuts for the Rich…

      That’s about it. Everything else is just reversing and repealling

  9. Posted by Lord Kizzle, at Reply

    But his state of the union address got more TV views than Washington and Lincoln combined!

    • Posted by Nature Boy, at Reply

      You can’t argue with facts like that XD

    • Posted by the one winged angel, at Reply

      Cherrypicking is fun, but in seriousness, the real experiment would count heads present for the address because views did not exist back then. Honestly curious as to who had the largest physical turnout.

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing 01, at Reply

      Because the nation is bigger now? And because we have telecommunications devices that allows us to see the State of the Union without having to travel to Washington.

  10. Posted by Jőnesy, at Reply

    lmaoo im starting to believe trumps alzheimers rumors

    • Posted by stardude2006, at Reply

      Jőnesy It’s dementia

  11. Posted by Leonardo Fernandez, at Reply

    hahahahaha laughed out loud when i read the title of this video and saw trumps face on thumbnail

  12. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    sounds like his dentures are becoming unglued during this speech. Also, his mind.

    • Posted by ting280, at Reply

      dangerouslytalented they are, Newsbroke has a whole video on his dentures

  13. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    Yes, he is bragging about how easily he was  manipulated into destroying the Alaska Wildlife Refuge.

    • Posted by alaskanmes, at Reply

      dangerouslytalented nah, it’s still here… and nothing special.

    • Posted by RepublicAgent, at Reply

      +alaskanmes Plenty special and worth protecting

  14. Posted by John Habig, at Reply

    your trump sounds like rodney dangerfield doing joe pesci

  15. Posted by Tourists Discover, at Reply

    People keep saying Trump has lost his mind, but he’s actually never had one.

  16. Posted by Fabian C, at Reply

    We got an idiot as president wtf!!!!!!

  17. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    All Trump supporters kowtow to their liar leader.

    • Posted by Lumby1, at Reply

      Athletic supporters they are, too.

  18. Posted by Arris VonBorne, at Reply

    Trump literally can not help himself. Any kind of butt kissing is an automatic win for him. He can’t speak publicly without blasting his own horn. Sad!

  19. Posted by Zone 9, at Reply

    Jesus Christ, what a narcicist!

    • Posted by john clhugyugihjbvgbkj, at Reply

      Zone 9 Don’t compare his narcissism to Jesus Christ.👼 😇 😆