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Trump To CEO: Just Bribe Me Next Time


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Trump simply essentially informed a Chief Executive Officer that he need to approach him if he desires obtain things done. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, as well as Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us just what you think in the comment area below.

" Proclaiming "a brand-new age of American power," the Trump management approved construction of the Keystone XL pipe Friday in a sharp reversal of one of Barack Obama's most debatable ecological choices.

President Donald Trump called the oil pipe's cross-border permit "long overdue" as well as said his administration would follow it with various other infrastructure jobs quickly.

" This announcement is part of a new age of American energy plan that will decrease costs for American family members, as well as extremely dramatically," Trump in the Oval Office, where he was flanked by the head of pipe company TransCanada, Energy Assistant Rick Perry and agents of trade unions.

TransCanada still needs authorization for the pipe's path through Nebraska from state regulatory authorities there, a process that could take several much more months– an element Trump appeared uninformed of on Friday.

" So the lower line: Keystone completed. We're going to begin construction when?" Trump asked TransCanada CEO Russ Girling, that responded the company had "some job" to do in Nebraska.

" Nebraska?" Trump replied. "I'll call Nebraska."".

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Sam Angell, at Reply

    anyone here pro the $15 minimum wage?

    • Posted by Capitalist Bender, at Reply

      Sam Angell
      If I lived in California

    • Posted by Sam Angell, at Reply

      They’re all terrible ideas so doesn’t really matter. And wtf is ‘inflation companies networth and county’???

    • Posted by Ernesto Gastelum, at Reply

      Sam Angell the idea is to take into account what company the worker is working for to determine how much is fair. When I say weight in the county I mean to take into account the amount of money required to live in each state. I know I’m not presenting it perfect, just try to understand the idea. If you think is stupid that’s fine didn’t come here to fight or convince, just to expose an idea.

    • Posted by Ragnarok Sora, at Reply

      here here

  2. Posted by Ella Foroudi, at Reply

    can you guys cover the 34 black girls missing in D.C. please??

    • Posted by Steve Rambo, at Reply

      Ella Foroudi they will be patient

    • Posted by Capitalist Bender, at Reply

      Ella Foroudi
      They’re possible somewhere in Bill Clinton’s rape chamber.

    • Posted by Animelytical, at Reply

      34? Bloody hell. That’s a real crisis.

    • Posted by ron hillbilly, at Reply

      Capitalist Bender Oh look a reference to Clinton So on topic, let me guess who you voted for! No rape charges against groper that’s for sure. Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha

    • Posted by Capitalist Bender, at Reply

      ron hillbilly
      You’re offended, which means you’re a Clinton bot. Nice to know.

  3. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    Why is Trump still holding rallies? Has no one told him that he already won the election?

    • Posted by Oliver Garcia, at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! – He’s still holding rallies, because to him, that was the way he won the presidential election. He can’t get past that, he’s regressive in that sense. Well, all conservatives are regressive by definition.
      Trump holds on to rallies thinking he’s got the entire country rooting for him.
      He’s in the clouds.

    • Posted by John Creighton Crowley, at Reply

      He as already filed for 2020 re-election. They are CAMPAIGN rallies.

    • Posted by F. S., at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! He is addicted to bootlickers.

  4. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Alex Jones is Fake News

    • Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

      You are so brainwashed. Alex Jones is the truth. He exposed the shapeshifting annunaki lizard reptilians. When has FAKE NEWS TYT ever done that?

    • Posted by kamrin miller, at Reply

      Don The Con πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by GNB, at Reply

      He Litterally said trump has the cure to cancer

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ Alice also said that he was being made Secretary of State.

  5. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    Trumpcare=a failure. Trump’s presidency=a bigger failure.

    • Posted by erick moye, at Reply

      SAD just SAD

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      Donald Trump = *FAILURE*

    • Posted by SilverWing27, at Reply


  6. Posted by Mister Mood, at Reply

    lol trump health care bill failed.. XD

  7. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    My grandfather voted for T. Rump because “he talks and thinks just like I do”. My grandpa is in his nineties and yells at the radio waves to get out of his head….

    • Posted by Joker, at Reply


    • Posted by SilverWing27, at Reply

      rocky19421 lol Dang. I mean no disrespect, but your grandpa is into pollution, wants lots of money, and making lives miserable? Because that’s what Trump wants.

    • Posted by Telepathic Fat, at Reply

      My grandfather cucked your grandfather

  8. Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

    we the American people are calling for a complete and total shutdown of the White House, until we figure out what the hell is going on.πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by Kyle Kulinsky's Black Son, at Reply

      Your emojis confuse me.

  9. Posted by RDR, at Reply

    His proposed cuts to the EPA is getting rid of more than 3000 jobs

    • Posted by Jane Lin, at Reply

      He’ll cut at least 10 to 20 times that across the whole Federal government.
      Trump’s insane. He’s cutting the State department to ribbons.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      he seems to want to burn the whole system down.

  10. Posted by the op kingdom, at Reply

    Ana, you are really pretty and not in a gross YouTube way.

    • Posted by Jane Lin, at Reply

      That was cute. =)

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      She’s really pretty in that gross you tube way as well.

  11. Posted by Kadui Saui, at Reply

    Trump supporters love him no matter what he does. He could punch a baby in the face and they would still love him.

    • Posted by drshiz, at Reply

      Only Cam Brady can punch a baby In the face and be loved

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Oddly, the Trump campaign was even more unrealistic than Cam Brady’s.

    • Posted by Demetri Corcovelos, at Reply

      Kadui Saui if he were to punch a baby that’s the best thing that would actually make me cheer trump but I really hate kids

  12. Posted by Dollar DNA, at Reply

    The evangelicals have one thing in common with Trump… they don’t even know what’s in their own book. Read the art of the deal, Trump tells you he bribes politicians, and he tells you he’s a conman.

    • Posted by Dollar DNA, at Reply

      Trump would look at the 100 people and tell you he saw 10s of thousands

  13. Posted by Traciluv, at Reply

    Trumpites are so blissfully ignorant they don’t want to figure out anything. They are perfectly happy cheering Trump on with such nonsense as LOCK HER UP and BUILD THAT WALL.

    • Posted by David Rosenberg, at Reply

      But the comment says such nonsense as lock her up. who does that refer to hmmm? so i didnt bring it up – she does deserved to be locked up. there are some really really bad things she’s done. alot of blood on her hands.

    • Posted by David Rosenberg, at Reply

      i was referring to lock her up comment as said by original poster. man you guys are dumb.

    • Posted by Traciluv, at Reply


    • Posted by Traciluv, at Reply

      Exactly what has Trump and his Trumpturds accomplished? His healthcare bill FAILED, He has tried to pass TWO travel bans FAILED. He said he was going to make Mexico pay for that ridiculous wall FAILED. Making America great again FAILED.

  14. Posted by Travis Scott, at Reply

    Not my president.

    • Posted by Rooster Shoes, at Reply

      Travis Scott I think Trump is bold and brash

    • Posted by Chris Flansburg, at Reply

      More like “Belongs In The Trash.”

    • Posted by Rooster Shoes, at Reply

      Chris Flansburg πŸ‘Œ

    • Posted by Ben Shapiro, at Reply

      Well you’re probably not American.

  15. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    It’s astounding how brash Trump and Rs are with their corruption, racism, & desire to give their rich cronies more tax breaks. They don’t bother hiding/denying it anymore.

    • Posted by NickTheGreatAndPowerful, at Reply

      Why bother hiding it? They own all 3 branches of government for 2 years, look how much damage they caused in just 2 1/2 months.

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +NickTheGreatAndPowerful And they’ve also had their followers brainwashed so well that they would probably believe their own mother was a turnip if they said so.

  16. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Trump has repeatedly done the opposite of what he said during the campaign. His followers are just too dense to catch on.

  17. Posted by Paul Renfrew, at Reply

    Behind every great fortune is a great crime .