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Trump To Go After Colleges For Allegedly Discriminating Against White People


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According to an internal memo at the Department of Justice, the agency led by Jeff Procedure is wishing to pursue colleges because the Trump administration believes that they are discriminating against white individuals. This is a ruse by Trump and Sessions to do away with affirmative action programs, which have in fact aided to create racially diverse college universities and also give minorities a boost in a country that plainly favors white individuals. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

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  1. Posted by L vamp, at Reply

    This is so laughable and dumb, white people don’t know the true meaning discrimination.

    • Posted by L vamp, at Reply

      If you don’t mind tell me what happens in Zimbabwe

    • Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

      Discrimination based on race…

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      L vamp: White Jewish people do.
      When you generalize, you’re no better than other racists.

    • Posted by L vamp, at Reply

      Yeah you’re right that I should have been a bit more specific but do you understand my point though

    • Posted by ι›ͺε±±, at Reply

      L vamp Whites were violently forced to leave Evergreen college

      That’s near the level of lynching

  2. Posted by The Persian Atheist, at Reply

    What’s wrong with preventing discrimination against Whites? *Oh Wait…. I just realized this is TYT; SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS HATE BLUE-EYED STRAIGHT MEN*

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply


    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Why the hell would I find Milo attractive? He’s a pedo-protector that has committed felonies. He is a monster, and he belongs in a cage. No wonder you like him.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Milo is fabulous and I want to have his babies!

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Dude it’s not me. It’s a d-bag imposter pretending I’m gay! I’m going to complain to YouTube and TYT.

  3. Posted by The Hellfire Club!, at Reply

    This is so funny! However, my heart goes out to white people in America. They have been treated barbaricly. Ever since the Pilgrims came over and the Natives decided to mass genocide of the Pilgrims. Then the whites suffered slavery for over 200 years by the savages and treated as second class citizens. Even today Whites are still treated badly because of the colour of their skin. I understand that the colleges in America are racist towards whites because when I see these colleges I dont see ANY white students…like at all. This needs to be addressed πŸ˜‰

    • Posted by John Connor, at Reply

      Actually the whites suffered slavery for over 1000 years by the muslims savages (barbery slave trade) and treated as second class citizens for 500 years .. in muslim Spain and Turk occupied SE Europe(still waiting for Cenk’s apology).
      “I see these colleges I dont see ANY white students” .. of course you see , because White people are better even when everything is being stacked against them .. the rest are just low IQ affirmative action useless parasites

    • Posted by Patricia Patton, at Reply

      +John Connor OH john….STTOOPP Living the lie!! Ha hahahahah hahahahah

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Lots of triggered racists here.

    • Posted by ι›ͺε±±, at Reply

      The Hellfire Club! A college telling whites they have to leave is discrimination to be fair

  4. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    Poor white people they don’t like being discriminated for their skin color

    • Posted by Lataco Grande, at Reply

      Benji this is a native of American people country go back to europe

    • Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

      +Benji this is native American land, go back to the Caucasus mountains

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Hate all you want however the fact remains the nation that we all know as the USA was started by white supremacists who gave only white landowners the right to vote, started the country. Native Americans didn’t have a nation they were wearing tribes who tried slaughtering the whites but failed miserably with their inferior technology.

    • Posted by Chuck Norris, at Reply

      TheRealSerio attack the offenders and not the skin color you dumb racist.

  5. Posted by Bloo Balls, at Reply


    • Posted by jim jones, at Reply

      You do realize that Asians have a far harder time getting into Colleges compared to White people do with the same grades right?

    • Posted by MrEnglewood78, at Reply

      jim jones not on the west coast. Besides Asians have it way easier than blacks, (especially chinese) and that could be based on the u.s. relations and trade with the Chinese government. The Chinese send their best and brightest and many families are sponsored, and many other little gifts they receive. Blacks and Asians really don’t have the same struggles, unfortunately many (not all) Asians develop/has the same discriminatory mindset as many whites. Asians are in a position to outshine whites and these sick whites don’t realize they are setting up their own children to fail because they so worried about Blacks.

  6. Posted by Bill Anderson, at Reply

    πŸ˜‚ nothing better than a white snowflake bitching about not getting into the best of the best schools.

    Stop pulling the victim card, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

    • Posted by Benji, at Reply

      Stay in school

    • Posted by scotaloo7 7g7, at Reply

      I bet you would have no problems if black people needed to get higher grades to get in some universities right…?

  7. Posted by The Great Bambino, at Reply

    Fun fact: White women benefit the most from affirmative action, not black people.

    • Posted by Nicole, at Reply

      Dave Cradle Dave Cradle So you want me to prove my claim on legacy preferences or white women benefit from affirmative action? Or both .YOU still didn’t answer question .Then you want me prove to you non-whites are discriminated against ? When it comes to that even if I gave you stats you would still deny minorities experience discrimination. Lol there is no burden of proof on me this isn’t courtroom. You say this is false claim that legacy preferences with white people and white women dont benefit from AA. I gave you example of Elizabeth Warren is that false claim? She is white woman who used AA. I attended college and know from experience. I sure didn’t get in because of AA . They claim being WOMAN as being minority. You want proof of legacy preferences and rich white donors donating to colleges ?Theres no statistics that measure who benefits from AA but There are surveys how people feel about it . Besides i wouldnt consider the statistics accurate because in America the US census still labels Arabs as white people. Besides there’s no point in me going that deep into topic because you’re you are one those commenters that thinks you’re right no matter what . This whole AA argument is for ppl blaming others for their failures . Why did we need AA in first place why are their HBCUs or other colleges for other minorities? US still isn’t #1 in education and immigrants are surpassing “Americans “. The white woman that went to Supreme Court lost bc her GPA wasn’t high enough not because of AA. Asians are surpassing everyone but white people want AA so they can get in College . If you’re not qualified for college you will fail the first year..

    • Posted by Dave Cradle, at Reply

      You claim: “I gave you example of Elizabeth Warren is that false claim?”Β  I have no idea, you state it with no evidence to back it up.
      You claim: There are no statistics, and then in the next sentence admit there are but that you don’t like them.
      You claim: “You say this is false claim that legacy preferences with white people and white women dont benefit from AA.”Β  No I didn’t, you’re making that up.Β  The whole conversation is above.Β  Please show me where I said this.
      You claim: “Besides there’s no point in me going that deep into topic because you’re you are one those commenters that thinks you’re right no matter what.”Β  Right about what? The opinion I mentioned is that I don’t believe whites are discriminated against. I have made no statement on anything else.Β Β You just seem to be making excuses not to provide evidence for your claims.
      You claim: “Lol there is no burden of proof on me this isn’t courtroom.”Β  Incorrect.Β  Whether or not you are in a courtroom, if you care in the slightest if something is true then the person making the claims (you) has the burden of proof.

      I am not saying you are wrong, I am asking you to provide some supporting evidence for your claims.

    • Posted by Nicole, at Reply

      Dave Cradle we can agree to disagree

    • Posted by Venom, at Reply

      According to the Association of American medical Colleges, between 2013 and 2016 in the US, 94% of all blacks, 83% of Hispanics, 63% of Whites and 58% of Asians with an MCAT score 30-32 have been accepted.
      On the other hand 57% of blacks, 31% of Hispanics, 8% of Whites and 6% of Asians with an MCAT score 24-26 have been admitted.

      But yes, of course White women benefit the most because a fat genocide denier told you so.

  8. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    I’m sorry guys, but I just don’t like black people. And Trump is right, trans are degenerates!

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Well as long as we’re doing confession: I like it in the butt too, tee-eee!

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Another fake account? You have no job.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Only the lamest of trolls are so obsessed by non-contard posters that they actually create fake accounts. Your life really has to be forgetful in every respect if you have the time to do that.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Disregard that. *I suck dicks HAHAHA!*

    • Posted by ι›ͺε±±, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Samefag

  9. Posted by Magnificent Cow, at Reply

    The real reason some groups are under represented in universities is not that they are victims or oppressed. It is differences in average IQ between those groups which is mainly due to genetic factors. So no amount of Affirmative Action or government intervention will solve the problem. This is just basic science that liberals continue to deny; because they prefer feelings and emotions over facts and facing reality!

    • Posted by TheShmoo123, at Reply

      Magnificent Cow, I’m surprised you didn’t use the word savage then there would have been no change in the rhetoric of the superior White men of the past. I think there may be a gap in your own education, obviously history taught you nothing!

    • Posted by Dragonetta, at Reply

      +Magnificent Cow Are you paid to troll or do you do it for free? If you are not being compensated for your efforts, you are just pissing your life away being stupid for nothing. What else are you qualified to do except troll public forums, scratch your balls and sniff your hand?

    • Posted by Fez V, at Reply

      Jackyy H why do you bother jacky. Hes stupid

  10. Posted by Cenk Angur, at Reply

    So, racism against whites is not a cause for concern…

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      Google it= no, I don’t have proof. Nice talk.

    • Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

      I wouldn’t say it doesn’t exist, but it’s not as common as it is with minorities.

    • Posted by jack lee, at Reply

      wesley ogilvie it’s becoming pretty common lately and more or less accepted.

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      What institutional racism is holding white people back?

  11. Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

    When they have a tiered entry qualification where you need a lower or higher academic score to get into a college based on your race that isn’t a “somehow” discrimination that is a demonstrable discrimination.
    Also the memo was actually about Asians being discriminated against not white people.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You really don’t seem to understand much.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Hey Sup! Did I ever tell you I suck black penises?

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      ^Fake Hal Jordan.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      ^Fake Hal Jordan.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      You do know they can just click on your account, and see how you have zero subscribers, subscriptions, or account activity, right? Those fake likes, you place on the posts of your fake account, mean nothing.

  12. Posted by MrEnglewood78, at Reply

    Whites benefit from affirmative action, racism, and a system controlled by them for their benefit, but whites complain? Some are sick and irrational, then again I’m sure they voted for a sick “president.”

    • Posted by MrEnglewood78, at Reply

      Johnny the Boy First off Affirmative action programs were set aside for whites, to help them recover from the depression years. Affirmative action programs helped rural ebires especially in the south who were hit hard. Many programs GI bill, home loans, etc.. the power and benefits benefited whites, actually blacks were excluded from many of those programs. Whites also historically benefited due to the amount of land they stole from the natives, and free labor they received from Blacks. Whites still benefit from Affirmative Action, and now blame Blacks for conditions whites created. Whites need to thank natives and native Blacks for all the wealth they accumulated.

    • Posted by MrEnglewood78, at Reply

      Ben Kasher Imaginary system? Haha white denial is also a cancer.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      MrEnglewood78 they have to deny it exists…and sweep everything under the order to keep control in society

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      MrEnglewood78 – yeah, right, the US government had ‘set asides for whites’??? WHO was the group these ‘white set-asides’ were being ‘set-aside’ from? Blacks? Browns? Reds? Yellows? If whites were in charge, why would they do ‘set-asides’ for whites? What a ridiculous claim.

      Ummm, I never ‘stole any land from the natives, NOR did I receive any ‘free labor’ from blacks. This notion that individuals should be punished for stuff other people did 150 years ago is a massive REGRESSIVE notion. Native Americans ‘stole land’ from each other since they first came to the Americas, so maybe you should punish native American people in 2017? Blacks sold each other into slavery in Africa, so punish black people in 2017.
      The whole problem with you leftist regressives is that you think in terms of GROUPS instead of INDIVIDUALS. You really think that stuff your ancestors whom you don’t even know their names did or had happen to them should have any bearing on what YOU receive in the present day? It’s just asinine.

  13. Posted by Biggerstoriessmallerminds, at Reply

    Oh white people !!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Posted by bill spiva, at Reply

      You’re only were you are because of affirmative action.Β Β You can’t compete with whites on equal terms.Β  Oh black people.Β  LOL

    • Posted by Biggerstoriessmallerminds, at Reply

      bill spiva πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚you don’t even know where I am ?? And I could care less, because this will effect white women the most, since they are the main beneficiaries of affirmative action, not black people, so as I said….oh white people!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‹

    • Posted by fitnready4, at Reply

      If it’s white – it’s right, if it’s black then its whack.

  14. Posted by Internet Tuff Guy, at Reply

    TYT is Triggered

    • Posted by Carl Woodard, at Reply

      Internet Tuff Guy TYT troll is triggered

    • Posted by Chris H, at Reply

      Internet Tuff Guy Go back in your hole and smoke your weed til you bleed.

  15. Posted by emprisedll, at Reply

    Did you just delete my comments?

    This is what I’m talking about man.They can’t handle free speech.

    If you take all the white men of European descent out of the US you get Venezuela 2.0.

    • Posted by Midget Goliath, at Reply

      Tr4newreck Not only do Jews rule the west they also started modern civilization. Goyim trying to take credit for things they didn’t do, how adorable.

  16. Posted by Dean Kelso, at Reply

    Affirmative Action is “racist”, it’s very simple.

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      Dean Kelso No, it’s a correction against racism. It’s not simple.

    • Posted by TySchnydes 23, at Reply

      AndroidDoctorr no no it is racist, but not against whites. It gives an easier time to minorities because “they’re just not able to get through college as easy as white people can”.

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      TySchnydes 23 No, it’s because even with identical resumes and qualifications, companies are less likely to hire a black person than a white person, although this is becoming less true over time.

      I’m sure nobody thinks their hiring practices are racist, it’s mainly due to unconscious bias

      “they’re just not able to get through college as easy as white people can”. – who are you quoting there?

  17. Posted by Cenk Uyger, at Reply

    *TYT hates white people*

    • Posted by Trump Is fucking ivanka, at Reply

      Cenk Uyger find another channel then

    • Posted by captain bigballs, at Reply

      Cenk Uyger-Clone. I hate your face.

    • Posted by ffairlane57, at Reply


    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      Nah, just assholes.

  18. Posted by Xtard Destroyer, at Reply

    Are libtards still desperate to deny the echo chambers and problems with free speech that happen in Daycares…i mean colleges?


    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply

      I’m a liberal, and if I had my way colleges wouldn’t just welcome conservative speakers, they’d have public forums for students to debate and discuss anything they want.

      I don’t understand why people are so against bringing free-speech to campus… If anything, college campuses should become the epicenter of academic discourse, not discouraging to it.

  19. Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

    The only privilege that exists is rich privilege and political privilege.

    • Posted by Laitharex, at Reply

      HEAR HEAR!

    • Posted by Gillbergs Advocate, at Reply

      and white privilege

    • Posted by John Connor, at Reply

      And affirmative action privilege

  20. Posted by John Connor, at Reply

    “Affirmative action” .. a code word for racial discrimination
    Liberals are new Nazis. For them everything is about race.

    • Posted by Melinda Usoro, at Reply

      John Connor so stupid pick up a history book

    • Posted by John Connor, at Reply

      Affirmative action is literally on par with Nuremberg laws

    • Posted by Kevin Daniel, at Reply

      Melinda Usoro just ignore the troll

    • Posted by Jubilee, at Reply

      Whites invented race and now they’re annoyed that everyone else is calling them on it.