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Trump To Help Doctors Discriminate


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Trump is aiding healthcare professional pick and choose which people they'll deal with in the name of religious liberty. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us what you believe in the comment area below.

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" The Trump management is poised to revamp the HHS civil rights office as component of a more comprehensive strategy to shield health and wellness employees that don't wish to perform abortions, treat transgender individuals looking for to shift or supply various other services for which they have spiritual or moral objections.

Under a suggested policy– which has been carefully safeguarded at HHS and also is now under testimonial by the White Home– the civil liberties office would be equipped to additional guard these employees as well as penalize companies that don't permit them to reveal their spiritual as well as moral objections, inning accordance with sources on and off the Hill. That would certainly be a substantial change for the workplace, which currently focuses on applying government civil rights as well as health care privacy legislations.

HHS did not react to multiple requests for comment. Nevertheless, HHS' leaders have consistently slammed the Obama management for curtailing policies dating to the George W. Bush management that legitimately insulated health care workers while verifying their religious liberties.

Roger Severino, the Trump administration appointee that now leads the HHS civil liberties workplace, has actually consistently stressed that strengthening principles securities for healthcare employees is a leading priority for his office."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by ultra ultra, at Reply

    State and Federal courts have already ruled on this. You can’t use religion to discriminate against other groups of people.

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      People do that all the time though.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Caveat – there are exceptions.

    • Posted by Megan Henderson, at Reply

      Dragon1717 no there are not.

  2. Posted by JARomero88, at Reply

    Denying people health care doesn’t sound very Christian to me…. If you don’t have the empathy and compassion to treat people that come from all walks of life without passing judgement, then you shouldn’t be a doctor.

  3. Posted by Stephanie Dionne, at Reply

    If you’re a doctor and you have an issue with saving someone’s life, or healing their pain simply because of what they think, you should probably reconsider your career instead of doing this bs.

  4. Posted by Brent Geery, at Reply

    As an atheist, I will refuse to serve those dumb enough to fall for religion.

    • Posted by Ramiro Ramirez, at Reply

      Brent Geery That’s how you go bankrupt lol.

    • Posted by Brent Geery, at Reply

      So is discriminating against any paying customer. That’s my point.

    • Posted by Analog JAC, at Reply

      +Brent As a Christian, I will forgive you and bid you a nice day and seek service elsewhere.

  5. Posted by Zachery Jones, at Reply

    The spirit of this would directly oppose the Hippocratic oath

  6. Posted by MaMa 2020x, at Reply

    The Christian Taliban Strikes Again!

  7. Posted by sam gate, at Reply

    Trump is making a dictatorship – is this what people want – how can he get away with it.
    people are lying to make out his lies are true and manipulating the everything by trying to call it fake news.

    how can this happen in this day and age.

    • Posted by Snæfridur Adda Thorsteinsdottir, at Reply

      sam gate No! As health care professionals, we have a duty to treat EVERYONE in the rest of the developed world, health care is a right, and as a patient, you have the right not to be turned away or be judged for you choices/situation. That is irrelevant to you medical treatment.

  8. Posted by James Russell, at Reply

    Hippocratic Oath or Hypocrite Oath?

  9. Posted by Mike White, at Reply

    If you’re not willing to serve everyone you shouldn’t be a doctor. Period

  10. Posted by VR24, at Reply

    this has mike pence written all over it: this is the same law they passed in indiana when he was governor and now they’re doing it federally…and of course they use the GOP-trademark irony by using “civil rights” as a way to VALIDATE discrimination…i wonder if cenk still thinks trump is a “wild card” instead of what he actually is which is a standard republican

  11. Posted by Jax Rabbit, at Reply

    Do. 👏 Your. 👏 Job. 👏

    • Posted by Ignar Husky Progressive Maddog, at Reply

      Jax Rabbit Why are you putting clapping emojis inbetween your sentence like a 12 year old?

  12. Posted by King Kodjo, at Reply

    This is bad, this is very bad.(In Trump’s voice.)

  13. Posted by The Original Gamer, at Reply

    This is gonna backfire spectacularly once they realize half of our healthcare professionals are Muslims.

    • Posted by Futa Nari, at Reply

      That’s true there is a lot of Hindu and Muslim doctors from India

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      The Original Gamer I see what you mean.
      But, its not going to play out that way. The overwhelming number of minorities who come to America are probably better “Americans” than these religious bigots who want to use religion as a tool to live out their private fantasies…
      These Muslim and Indian doctors are probably more likely to simply stick to the Hippocratic Oath, and treat all people.

      That’s why most people come to America. To get away from the bigoted idiots in their own countries…

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      The Original Gamer What does being Muslim have to do with refusing abortions? Quit being fed propaganda by this garbage channel.

  14. Posted by Layla Rose, at Reply

    Please, please someone impeach this orange cheeto already. With this buffoon in the oval office this country has turned into a Twilight Zone episode.

    • Posted by Blob Fatterson, at Reply

      Layla Rose I’m glad you are uncomfortable. This is how conservatives felt for 8 years under Obama. Your turn now, this is great.

  15. Posted by Ken Chang, at Reply

    I thought USA have something like separation of Church and States in their constitution?

    • Posted by SHUT UP!!! i'm smarter than you, at Reply

      Ken Chang but not separating people from their religion… here in italy we have this law… doctors could reject doing abortion etc… Just find a onother doctor…

    • Posted by Ollie, at Reply

      Haha…. 😥

    • Posted by Megan Henderson, at Reply

      SHUT UP!!! i’m smarter than you na man. discrimination should not be a thing, and professionals have a job. they dont wanna serve someone, they should find a different job.

    • Posted by VotelessOrc497, at Reply

      No it doesnt, and the separation of church and state doesnt even cover this.

  16. Posted by Adrian Toko, at Reply

    The oath of Hippocrates. If you are a doctor and don’t respect that, then get a different job.

    • Posted by Max Gonzalez, at Reply

      Enough said

  17. Posted by Alexandra V, at Reply

    I can’t wait to see the reaction when a Muslim doctor is going to denial treatment to a white dude base on his religious belief… This is going to backfire on everyone…

    • Posted by NNT Flow, at Reply

      Put them in jail. You’re not allowed to refused treatment to any patients just because they are different.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Islam isn’t a race

  18. Posted by ISmokeIndica, at Reply

    They’ll switch their tune once they hear about nazis being refused service because the jewish surgeon has a religious and moral objection to treating people that want to exterminate him.

    • Posted by marty704, at Reply

      ISmokeIndica no, doctors should treat everyone regardless, including Nazis. It’s their duty.

    • Posted by halflife2fun, at Reply

      im fairly certain if a nazi heard a stein, berg, or other jewish name he’d get off the operating table and walk out

  19. Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

    Hyppocratic oath violation much?

  20. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    Any healthcare professional who wants to discriminate should get out of the business. This is a complete violation of the Hippocratic oath.

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      The oath means heal or do no harm, so by refusing service they are still maintaining the oath, its not like they are SS doctors from Auschwitz, they are just keeping away from sodomites and fairies.

    • Posted by zencat55, at Reply

      as a former medical professional I would like to redirect you to first -do no harm. refusing to help a patient is harming them.