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Trump Touts “Giant, Beautiful, Massive, The Biggest Ever In Our Country, Tax Cut”


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Trump made a speech to makers regarding his tax cut strategy. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ben Mankiewicz, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you who the plan really benefits. Inform us what you think in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" Head of state Donald Trump stated Friday that the focal point of his strategy to assist American services and workers "flourish, contend as well as grow" is a "giant, attractive, massive, the most significant ever in our nation, tax obligation cut."

Trump and legislative Republicans introduced the broad describes of the tax plan earlier this week.

" My administration is functioning each day to lift the burden on companies and also employees so you could thrive, complete and expand," Trump stated in a speech to the National Organization of Manufacturers. He claimed the tax cut strategy was a core element.

The almost $6 trillion tax-cut strategy delineated today by Trump as well as various other officials would deeply lower taxes for companies, simplify tax brackets and also virtually double the standard deduction used by a lot of tax filers. However numerous details remain to be expanded."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. Posted by 2viewbosque, at Reply

    Aren’t bots replacing human labor taking a job? Does that robot pay tax and spend money in our economy? Do corporations make up for this? Or, do CEO’s and shareholders just make more profit?
    Got Henry Ford America?

  2. Posted by goodgulf13, at Reply

    Trump is honest about his intentions. It’s not immigration reform. It’s a muslim ban. It’s not tax reform. It’s a tax cut. His base doesn’t mind. Keep out those immigrants. Double my taxes and give the wealthy a tax cut. I know they are suffering. Take away my health care. My niece will die but it means more money for the wealthy.

  3. Posted by Xavier Soto, at Reply

    Let’s lower corporate tax rates, even though they haven’t paid the previous rate in years by finding loopholes and what not. The average rate corporations pay is 15% if you’re lowering the rate to 20% they’re not going to pay taxes at all!

  4. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Funny, I’m not seeing that many right wingers defending this, what’s wrong dumbasses why don’t you want your rich overlords getting tax cuts?

  5. Posted by J. Matney, at Reply

    Correct me if I’m wrong but if the people voted for trump because he’s a business man and they want the country to be ran like a business isn’t the first rule of that philosophy to make a profit? Because if the goverment makes a profit then it could go to things like healthcare and free college and actually trickle down to the people. To me it appears that trump voters we’re decievedd or just simply stupid and should get a dictionary for Xmas to learn what words mean

    • Posted by steve copley, at Reply

      no the first rule of business is to provide a service or product. profit is secondary.

    • Posted by Madgamer13, at Reply

      Yeah. Trump and those who back him on the political field are taking advantage of the ignorance of his electorate. The ideal being used is based within trickle-down economics, which has absolutely no evidence that it actually works for the benefit of an economy as a whole. Just because you give tax cuts to companies doesn’t necessarily mean that those companies will employ more people. The concept of supply and demand is relevant here; companies will employ more people when they need them, not because they have more money to spend.

      When Trump talks about tax cuts, he talks about improving the circumstances for business. What he doesn’t talk about is the state of governmental and social entities that benefit from those taxes. If companies and the rich pay less into the government, where does the government get it’s funding from? Trump doesn’t answer. This produces a deficit in governmental operation that he will not explain. This means that two things are under threat: Social Support programs, and the government itself.

      What happens to a government that runs out of money? You do not want to know.

    • Posted by Kobe Bryant, at Reply

      J. Matney they stupid and frustated that why them vote this BUM

  6. Posted by Ty Brady, at Reply

    You hire workers when there is demand for your product or service. A tax cut will NOT create more demand for goods and services.

    • Posted by Sag Norm, at Reply

      No you got it wrong.

      I was groveling at the feet of david koch. I was kissing his feet and begging him and he gave me a penny.

    • Posted by E K, at Reply

      Exactly. People who think if you give a corp/business a tax cut means they will hire more people haven’t been paying attention. The whole purpose of biz is to sell more product at less cost. That includes reducing labour and saving on taxes, less taxes will stay in the biz pockets. Less taxes have never increased labour…never!

  7. Posted by MrGooner61, at Reply

    Trump is fluent at speaking bullshit.

  8. Posted by L vamp, at Reply

    I am a broken record, this will bankrupt the country and they don’t care about the middle class.

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      Hey it’s only another $5,000,000,000,000 for rich people.

    • Posted by L vamp, at Reply

      Yeah, like they need the money.

  9. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    When Trump says ” “Giant, Beautiful, Massive, The Biggest Ever” he’s referring to his daughters breasts

    • Posted by Y.B.V. on ur screen, at Reply

      shutdafup agreed☝

    • Posted by Info Illness, at Reply

      I heard he was referring to his ASSH*LE ha ha ha ha.

  10. Posted by Kobe Bryant, at Reply

    This Orange BUM need pay for destroying the States !

  11. Posted by Mark Tenzer, at Reply

    You were right, Anna. Corporations do not pay taxes on their employees salaries. They just pay taxes on profits.

  12. Posted by Mike Youngblood, at Reply

    So can I sue Trump when the corporation I work for doesn’t use their tax breaks to up my pay?

    • Posted by Jaerdin Spader, at Reply

      Mike Youngblood “You should be grateful for the job you have, so shut it”
      -Bootlickers 2017

    • Posted by FLYING DREAM PRODUCTIONS, at Reply

      Mike, you know Trump supporters aren’t welcome here, right?

  13. Posted by hermenutic, at Reply

    It doesn’t make sense because we’re viewing this as if the government actually was trying to make things better for the typical american. If you stop and think “it is being done to benefit the Elite class”, then it makes perfect sense.

  14. Posted by Squeaky Vegan, at Reply

    middle class miracle, more like the middle finger to the middle class

  15. Posted by BioCapsule, at Reply

    Stop saying these people are ‘decent’ people, because to a certain point, you cease being decent when you keep believing certain things. Most time, if they aren’t your acquaintances, you wouldn’t even do so. And them having any decency isn’t even the point, it’s about them not being able to help themselves. Trickle-down economics doesn’t work because paying downward is like taxes for them, people don’t do it willingly, let alone generously as a matter of rule, you can always fine exceptions to the rules but they are not the norm.

  16. Posted by n2meows, at Reply

    Greed Obsessed Party (GOP)

  17. Posted by Dave B, at Reply

    Hey people that voted for trump: How much have your taxes gone down? How much had your taxes go down under bush? Last I checked you only got one $600.00 check from GW that hurt the economy. By the way when you got your 600 bucks people like my father who are wealthy but not rich got 62,000 back on his taxes. He has never created a job in his life. So my family thanks you for being naive enough for us to get massive tax breaks. Have fun with your 600 bucks I got a $62,000 off a $102,000 Ferrari for my 21st birthday which cut my monthly payments in half I’m not that spoiled.

  18. Posted by valentin65, at Reply

    Business owners will only hire new staff if there are more business opportunities. It is as simple as that. It has nothing to do with tax cuts. To the other point: It has been scientifically proven that CEOs window dress the balances to boost their stocks and options (key word: Discretionary report lag). But it is also evident that they fail in their attempt.

  19. Posted by Jean Charles, at Reply

    If Trump wanted to lift a giant burden from businesses he would call for universal healthcare, single payer.