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Trump Turning On Jared Kushner?


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Is there anyone Trump won't throw under the bus? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us just what you think in the comment area listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" President Trump is apparently condemning White House advisor Jared Kushner for his role in decisions that led to the consultation of special advise Robert Mueller, according to a new record by Vanity Fair.

In a phone call Tuesday to previous White Home chief strategist Stephen Bannon, Trump placed blame on Kushner for the part he took in selections to fire previous nationwide safety and security adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI supervisor James Comey, Vanity Fair reported.

Roger Stone, a long time Trump ally, likewise just recently said Kushner had not been providing Trump great recommendations– a view which Trump reportedly concurred with, according to a person accustomed to the discussion." *.

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  1. Posted by Acid Tongued Arab, at Reply

    Throw the Jew down the well

  2. Posted by Shauna Brown, at Reply

    Geez!! What a mess .. The world is laughing at us so hard right now!!

  3. Posted by Jess G, at Reply

    J-Kush is a smarmy playa, I wouldn’t count him out just yet

  4. Posted by moreno franco, at Reply

    Thank you My Uygur! Perspective always. I Love it. I’ll carry the nail bag. And you just keep on HAMMERING!

  5. Posted by DerekCully, at Reply

    Just a thought:
    I wonder if the the orange Buffon realizes he can resign?
    Nah, he won’t to that…
    That’s too rational.

  6. Posted by Donna McDonald, at Reply

    When are you going to talk about Ivanka get red flag by the CIA go back to 2015 and 2016 ? all the trip she make to russia with out her husband or father Trump.

  7. Posted by Scott Cox, at Reply

    If you’ve ever aligned yourself with a monster like trump you deserve to go down with the ship.

  8. Posted by william harmon, at Reply

    Jared is going to bring trump down on purpose. Jared is jewish his kids are jewish. trump refuse to denounce nazis is going to bite him in his butt. The sabotage method is underway.

  9. Posted by Rita Butler, at Reply

    Trump will be impeached as soon as the Republicans believe him to be a bigger liability than benefit. Right now he provides a major distraction from the systemic corruption that pervades the top leadership in the Republican party.

  10. Posted by James Kidd, at Reply

    Why would Trump be upset about Kushner’s view on Comey, et al? I thought he was his own man.

  11. Posted by Philip Hall, at Reply

    Whoever thought it was a Liberal fever dream that Trump would be impeached is really out of touch with reality

  12. Posted by John Myers, at Reply

    They are wrong: Trump is back at at 39%. 1.5% each day. Probably they stand in to him because he is attacked so viciously and unfounedly (according to their view of the world).

  13. Posted by crab_aesthetics, at Reply

    Lol Kushner is your only guy in the whitehouse.

  14. Posted by Leroy Lowe, at Reply

    “Who’s that under the bus?” Call the cops, cause I am gonna steal that!

  15. Posted by Fancy Pancy, at Reply

    What was bad about firing Michael Flynn?

  16. Posted by Mark Klein, at Reply

    Trump is way out of his depth.

  17. Posted by Slutty McTits, at Reply

    Kushner may be a total idiot, but who is the idiot who put so much faith into that total idiot? šŸ¤”