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Trump Tweets Fact-Checked In Real Time


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The Washington Post has added a new feature to Twitter which will fact-check every single one of Trump’s questionable tweets. They’re not going to fact-check every tweets but every once and awhile he puts something out there that maybe isn’t so factually accurate. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

In an apparent first for any American news outlet, the Washington Post released a Chrome plug-in on Friday designed to fact-check posts from a single Twitter account. Can you guess which one?

The new "RealDonaldContext" plug-in for the Google Chrome browser, released by WaPo reporter Philip Bump, adds fact-check summaries to selected posts by President-elect Donald Trump. Users will need to click a post in The Donald's Twitter feed to see any fact-check information from the Washington Post, which appears as a gray text box beneath the tweet.

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  1. Posted by Nik Rahmat, at Reply

    Brilliant..I think from now on Trump will think thrice before tweeting any
    lies on twittersphere. LOL.

  2. Posted by Danmandingo, at Reply

    *We need one of those for TYT, so we don’t hear more bullshit, like when
    they first reported on that church burning a month ago, and got up on their
    high horse, and started PREACHING down to everyone. >_________<*

    • Posted by turkssom hall, at Reply

      We need one for you to White trash.

    • Posted by Beelze Bunge, at Reply

      turkssom hall Apparently you’re less literate than white trash.

  3. Posted by Trump's Tweeting Travesties, at Reply

    the world needs to unextreme itself. extremity isnt the answer to

    • Posted by Benjamin Rogers, at Reply

      Trump’s Tweeting Travesties Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

      Hopefully the new rise in extremism will actually pull people back to the

  4. Posted by cuck, at Reply

    can’t believe people would care about this on Christmas eve

    • Posted by revenant lokoma, at Reply

      it makes me sad.

  5. Posted by Michael Campbell, at Reply

    Is the washington post going to fact check obama every time he talks about
    what is going on in Syria.

    • Posted by Ethan S, at Reply

      Michael Campbell I would love if they did that. I think Obama gets things
      wrong sometimes and I would love the opportunity to learn more.

  6. Posted by indubiopronegro, at Reply

    what a bunch of sht reporting is this?
    what a stupid thing to come up with… a reporter answering basically to a
    tweet. and then from the totally unbiased WP!

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply


    • Posted by Fibbz, at Reply

      They’re not completely unbiased. But they sure are, a hell of a lot more,
      than conservative media outlets, who trade in rumours and fearmongering.

  7. Posted by Gregory Samuel Teo (alveolate), at Reply

    please mention education more. i believe it’s a key topic that could
    actually bridge the partisan gap. i believe even the worst trump voters can
    see how education is worth investing taxpayers money. it’s probably one of
    the fundamental issues with the most traction on the right.

    • Posted by DirtFlyer, at Reply

      You would be wrong on that. Conservatives aren’t for raising taxes for
      anything. They might be willing to cut social programs that they see as
      benefiting minorities if that would free up some money for schools, but
      they would likely just see that as an opportunity to reduce taxes also. At
      this point with all branches of government to soon be run by
      ultra-conservatives….they will not raise taxes….not for one thing.

  8. Posted by Brian Hudson, at Reply

    I’m sure this will get the facts straight on Trump’s constant lies.

  9. Posted by Jordan Williams, at Reply

    so all if trumps tweets will b fact checked then..GREAT =) YOOOOO LMFAO

  10. Posted by INTUITIVE & INSPIRED ART Linda Bloom, at Reply

    LOVE IT!!!

  11. Posted by jenssdewalkaLV, at Reply

    Google propoganda app

  12. Posted by farfiman, at Reply

    Lets trust wapo…. funny.

  13. Posted by John Apple, at Reply

    Sorry, progressives, but the “fact check” cliche died a long time ago. I
    can remember some of the “fact checks” that were done against Trump. How
    about the one where he said Hillary Clinton “acid washed” her illegal
    server, when in reality the program was called Bleach Bit. This was claimed
    by “fact checkers” to be a pants on fire level lie. So if Trump forgets a
    comma, will that be fact checked as a lie as well? Totally ridiculous. All
    of this garbage about “fact checking” and “fake news” is just an attempt by
    the far left media to reassert itself as legitimate, but if you look at
    polls regarding trust in media, it isn’t working.

  14. Posted by Doc Kutter, at Reply

    trump supporters are too friggin’ stupid to believe the facts.

  15. Posted by Lark Druid, at Reply

    Wouldn’t matter to any of these stooges who voted for the antichrist.

  16. Posted by Pblock Dlreng, at Reply

    This move is unpresedented by twitter.

  17. Posted by Dex 'n Adora, at Reply

    Education is the core of the problem, if every US citizen has equal access
    to higher education, we don’t even need that many foreign workers.

  18. Posted by Kelli Barnhouse, at Reply

    I hope for impeachment
    proceedings begin on day one! Of course Pence is a Religious Nut
    and Destroyed Indiana!
    Our only chance to see real progress is to vote
    Every incombant out of office in 2018!!