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Trump Tweets Strange Non-Denial Of Comey Tapes


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Trump seems to have consulted his legal team before sending a current tweet. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" Head of state Donald Trump admitted Thursday he really does not have recordings of his exclusive conversations with former FBI Supervisor James Comey, putting to rest a weeks-long dispute entirely of his very own making.

Trump began the craze in Might, simply a couple of days after he quickly discharged Comey. Anticipating the ousted authorities would certainly quickly share his side of the tale, Trump hinted he had "tapes" of their conferences that need to make Comey think twice about what he states openly.

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our discussions before he begins dripping to journalism!

Regardless of phone calls from both sides of the aisle to launch any type of such recordings, Trump and also his personnel played timid. White Home press secretary Sean Spicer consistently chose not to claim whether recordings existed, while deputy press assistant Sarah Huckabee Sanders wouldn't claim if a recording system even exists in the White House." *.

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  1. Posted by PK Lifeup a, at Reply

    Lmao, trump boy is starting to lose his mind.

    • Posted by tkh525, at Reply

      PK Lifeup a Starting?

  2. Posted by The legend 27, at Reply

    Donald trump looks like his breath smells like emu testicles

    • Posted by TheByzantineBeserker, at Reply

      The legend 27. What an odd thing to say.

    • Posted by Def Leotard, at Reply

      Ste H – wow, you TYT chicks know how to party with all that dirty talk!

    • Posted by Freeasabird, at Reply

      Def Leotard

      *Snickers* x) lol 😀

    • Posted by N Ben, at Reply


    • Posted by Sass Squash, at Reply

      Do emu balls smell bad? I have no idea, but apparently you do. And since bird testicles are internal, that’s kind of odd.

  3. Posted by PIXI PIXI, at Reply

    the only place republicans get love is on fox news… let that sink in…

    • Posted by Randy Scott, at Reply

      This is a falsehood or alternative fact, or lie being pushed by extreme right wing sites. It does in fact quote a study that Harvard did but this was in 2008. At the time the claim was made about Obama voters. The methodology was criticized and the study debunked. In 2017 a right wing group got a hold of the study and “extrapolated” numbers to show that Obama was elected illegally.
      The authors of the study were criticized for their methodology and the results of the survey found to be invalid. Right wing sites have reported this as straight fact ignoring the fact that it was debunked and the methodology sucked. So watch all your favorite right wing sites go crazy saying either the 5.7 million votes were against Trump but Trump wasn’t a candidate in 08.

    • Posted by dave dirk, at Reply

      because his mate owns the network

    • Posted by Despicably Irascible Rapscallion, at Reply

      A Nonymous It was done by someone getting their PhD from Trump University. Lol.

  4. Posted by Rami Laham, at Reply

    Trump is like a goldfish with his memory… and his skin color

    • Posted by Dantro, at Reply

      He also likes to be surrounded by flakes and is afraid of big hands.

    • Posted by Tony Reyes, at Reply

      Dantro lmao at both you niggas

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      Rami laham – That’s very unfair to goldfish, which have better memory than you might think, although like Trump they too are usually orange (Bastards).

    • Posted by Etheoma, at Reply

      Hey stop being racist against Umpa Lumpas he already has to bleach his hair which has caused it to fall out, do you really want him to make him bleach his skin also.

  5. Posted by checklistbeach, at Reply

    fake president

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      Fake human being.

    • Posted by Aaron Burr At the woods, at Reply

      I once saw my sister scissoring a tape. I told her” I don’t think that’s how porn works”.

    • Posted by Iris J, at Reply

      Aaron Burr At the woods Beauteous.

    • Posted by MrNadefodder, at Reply

      Don`t call him fake president, because its wrong and it doesn`t bother him.
      Call him THE MINORITY PRESIDENT  because it is factually correct and it really pisses him off.

  6. Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

    3:07 Trump scissored the tapes 😂

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply Hillary’s emails?

    • Posted by Jose Garza, at Reply

      like Mr. Garrison of SouthPark *yuk*

    • Posted by Dominion, at Reply

      troll or moron?

    • Posted by Jane Ryan, at Reply

      Daft Leaf Cenk’s face when he got that though… 😂😂😂

  7. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Someone needs to rewrite “Bippity Boppity Boo” with lyrics about Trump’s presidency and call it “Flippity Floppity Fool”

    Someone make it happen!

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Trollop 7 While I am still smarter than Trump, I admit I’ve never had the brains for writing stories or songs. I’m an amateur poet at best. Apart from that it’s mostly concepts. But it isn’t for a lack of trying. And Azathoth knows I’ve tried. It’s like the ideas are there, but as you say, they’re only shadows. No real color or solidity.

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      @OutlawRebel117 Careful. You’ll bring out her maternal streak.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Woody Grill lol, wow you actually made funny joke for once, bravo!

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      That would be great.

  8. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Cenk and John should play Dunk and Egg on one of the Game of Thrones spin offs. John could be a Targaryen.

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      john can play a cuck

  9. Posted by John W, at Reply

    I miss having a real president.

    • Posted by Hijiku Brynjar, at Reply

      I miss having rights.

    • Posted by George Palko, at Reply

      Which rights have been taken from you and when were they taken?

  10. Posted by Aza Smith, at Reply

    Elect a clown, expect a circus.

    • Posted by Mike Carter, at Reply

      Aza Smith Nice.

    • Posted by stanj85, at Reply


    • Posted by Aduro Tri, at Reply

      He’s a failed clown. Having flunked out of clown college. He failed because he didn’t know how to do the make up and instead ended up with a cheap spray tan and a Dead, furry lobster on his head.

  11. Posted by Henry Albrecht, at Reply

    *_Who is stupider? Our so-called president or his supporters?_*

    • Posted by Mayg Wenz, at Reply

      His supporters, no question.

    • Posted by Lucas Martinez, at Reply

      His supporters are the reason Trump is president in the first place. So yeah. Definitely his supporters.

    • Posted by PM Viewer, at Reply

      His supporters. It’s not even a close contest.

    • Posted by Aritul, at Reply

      Henry Albrecht His supporters.

  12. Posted by TheLazyAngel89, at Reply

    He’s obviously guilty. How he was allowed to become the president while being a well known conman that regularly sexual assualts women while fantasizing about his daughter is still a mystery. The only clue we have as to why it happened is that most Americans are braindead stupid.

    • Posted by dave dirk, at Reply

      fake president fake daughter fake news fake wife does this guy have anything that’s real LOL

    • Posted by dave dirk, at Reply

      yes his bank account

    • Posted by Peter Martell, at Reply

      if you owe more than you have then the bank accounts are not real either

  13. Posted by Impromptu, at Reply

    It’s also a giveaway that these tweets are correctly spelt, grammatical and properly punctuated. He wasn’t just advised what to write, it was written for him. This is an indication that he’s following advice for once, and that means he’s very worried.

    • Posted by Andrew Owens, at Reply

      That is true. Trump only listens when he has no choice. And the thing is, if he had tried to fight the subpoena he would have lost and then criminal charges could have been brought up (because that means you willfully knew you didn’t have the evidence the subpoena called for, and thus were lying to law enforcement) so his lawyers told him to give that carefully crafted tweet to avoid that.

  14. Posted by Albertus Vergilius, at Reply

    You know Hannah is bad when I am happy to see John at the start of a video

  15. Posted by Coy Hampton, at Reply

    Trump couldn’t get the cassette recorder to work.

  16. Posted by Michael Granja, at Reply

    anyone else feel pence will be the 46 president soon

  17. Posted by HDLowrider03, at Reply

    Interesting point of view. I concur.

  18. Posted by mud cat, at Reply

    That was one of the few times trump didn’t write the tweet

  19. Posted by My Space, at Reply

    This is Trumps split personality at at work, you have to split the tweets and figure it out.