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Trump Uses London Attack To Make Point On Gun Control


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Trump made a decision to make use of the strike in London to earn a factor on the gun control. John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, damage down his tweet. Inform us just what you think in the comment area below.

" London Mayor Sadiq Khan has actually implicated Donald Trump of looking for to divide communities in Britain after the US head of state utilized social media sites to criticise his leadership following the attack on the nation's funding.

Having overlooked the United States head of state's justifications considering that Saturday's assault, with his office saying he was also active responding to the horror strike to bother with Mr Trump's tweets, the mayor stated Mr Trump was not helping a tight spot. 7 individuals were killed in the incident, launched by 3 armed enemies, and also more than 50 were harmed.

" Some individuals flourish on feud as well as division. We are not mosting likely to let Donald Trump separate our areas," Mr Khan informed the BBC."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    I hate Trump for exploiting this tragedy simply to throw red meat at his base.

    • Posted by Blue Dude, at Reply

      Nah, that’s what Muslims do

    • Posted by Proud IrishAmerican, at Reply

      +Blue Dude My Mistake! Billy Bob’s Marry their Sister!

    • Posted by Blue Dude, at Reply

      Question – How does an Irish American mother know that her daughter is menstruating?

      Answer – She tastes it on her son’s penis

      (Apparently a lot of Billy-Bobs are of Irish heritage)

  2. Posted by gcirc, at Reply

    “Very hard to get a gun in the uk” lmao that’s not true at all

    • Posted by gcirc, at Reply

      shandcunt your uneducated on the Matter do some homework check my post above or below for a link

    • Posted by Paul Trought, at Reply

      I had a look at government u.k. figures on gun crime and legally held Firearms. Just under 2 million guns in circulation with permits. Nobody knows how many illegal arms out there, could be as much as 1 million. With all that, less that fifty people per year die from lead Penetration.ย  You can get access to guns in the U.K.ย  But, it ain’tย  Easy.

    • Posted by Paul Trought, at Reply

      You must have a Streak of Yellow.

  3. Posted by Karlos Jeffers, at Reply

    We in the U.K. have 99 problems, but a gun ain’t one….3 terrorists were only able to able to kill 7 civilians with their knives before they were taken out, I dread to think what would have been if they all had guns!

    • Posted by Karlos Jeffers, at Reply

      Johnny Blazem our Police do have guns, and the kind of police who are trained to use them responsibly…..not like some scared trigger happy cops we hear so much about! We’re not stupid enough to arm vigilantes to take the law into their own hands….

    • Posted by Big DWP, at Reply

      A lot more, believe me!!!

    • Posted by Tyrion L, at Reply

      Mr. Arnold lol get your facts straight. France has less restrictive laws than the UK. a regular citizen can own a ak47 with any size magazine you want in France with the right permit. in the UK, a regular citizen cannot own a ak47. any semi automatic with a caliber over 22LR is not available for a regular citizen. sad to see TYT is acknowledging trolls though. Shows they succumb to the trolling.

  4. Posted by Big DWP, at Reply

    As a Canadian I’m getting very concerned. There is something seriously wrong with your president, and nothing is getting done about it.

    • Posted by Blake Miller, at Reply

      So after a horrific terror attack you’re more worried about the US president’s words on twitter? How about the actual terrorism?

    • Posted by Big DWP, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I’m now worried about the moose or bear’s or even the beaver’s. I have a really big fence, a big beautiful wonderful fence, Hugh, Believe me.

    • Posted by Big DWP, at Reply

      Blake Miller Your President is mentally ill sir, Believe me.. Terrorism is a unbelievable problem and Orange boy is not the answer.. Believe me !!!

  5. Posted by The Don, at Reply

    I don’t like Muslim terrorism………………………sue me.

    • Posted by SilverSlayer23, at Reply

      Wow, you guys are definitely skilled at stupid.

    • Posted by The Don, at Reply

      Christian terrorism?
      From like 500 years ago?

    • Posted by The Don, at Reply

      Never heard of Christian or right wing terrorism before.

  6. Posted by coladict, at Reply

    If they had the same gun access in London as they do in America, there wouldn’t be 7, but 70 dead and a hundred or more injured.

    • Posted by Kallahan Moss, at Reply

      +William Ng That’s pretty much what I summed up. Since you just said yourself that a regulated militia is made up of non-professional fighters, an average citizen should have the right to bear arms. Besides, we based the constitution off of the ideas of John Locke, Aristotle, etc. They both have even wrote that citizens should have rights to arm, in their political writings. If you mean that only professional military forces (United States Military) should have the right, (I assume you don’t) then that is entirely wrong. The point of the second amendment is to maintain “security of the free state”, so why wouldnt ordinary civilians not have that right?

  7. Posted by Anthony Richard, at Reply

    2nd ammendment is used for corrupt government over exceeding its bounds with taking rights away from people.

    • Posted by Ian Tester, at Reply

      Then why hasn’t it been used for that yet?

    • Posted by wallytuber, at Reply

      Ian Tester it just hasn’t gotten bad enough yet.

  8. Posted by Kris Taylor, at Reply

    America is full of terrified fearful pussies who think people are going to invade their house in the sticks. Pussies!

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Shut up muslim.

    • Posted by Timothy Allen, at Reply

      acceptjesusorburn Kill the poor and sick for money to make war.

  9. Posted by Allan T, at Reply

    I’m glad it only the stupid American president who think the uk should be armed, yep if they had guns and the people had guns then lots more would have been killed, it’s hard to believe how stupid Trump is

    • Posted by Allan T, at Reply

      +advocatus diaboli what a load of rubbish, if we were armed then loads of folk would be killed, you shouldn’t be proud of the fact you have guns, you Americans kill a lot more of your own people than what any Muslim could kill

    • Posted by advocatus diaboli, at Reply

      Allan T I’m assuming you’re from the UK. you have terrorist attacks weekly. you can’t even speak out against it without being suspected of islamaphobia. you willingly made yourself weak and now you’re paying the price. we Will keep the guns, you keep the dead bodies on your streets

  10. Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

    The gun debate died a very long time ago. when US citizens decided they didnt care about mass shootings the debate became moot.

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      @delovely the gun debate died because people stood up for their rights to have guns . What liberals want and what the world wants is two different things .

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

      +The Pale Sicilian i never said people dont have a right to guns but as long as people like you can’t take the conversation past “there not taking our guns!!” the problem of so called “american carnage” will just keep growing. If you dont care fine but it just proves my point of America’s priorities.

    • Posted by The Pale Sicilian, at Reply

      your point is invalid . First priority should be safety and to defend yourself . If you think some form of gun control works , you should look around the world and see where it doesn’t work first .

  11. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    John thinks running a van into a crowd of people and stabbing is less deadly than using a gun. TYT is delusional.

    • Posted by ZCAB, at Reply

      Excuse me for reading it in a way that actually makes sense in the context of the video you commented on, rather than in the way you’re trying to pretend you meant it now you realize how stupid it was.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      ZCAB Excuse me for pointing out what John believes.

    • Posted by Ash G, at Reply

      Well of course we should be thankful he didn’t have a gun… because then he could have killed more people… What’s your actual argument?

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Ash G Why couldn’t they have killed more people via other means? Think about it moron. The reason the use vans is because ISIS is telling them to use that strategy, for terror reasons. You can see in the NICE attack that the guy killed 84 people with a truck. I can’t believe that you dumb asses argue that this is an instance of successful gun control. Moronic losers.

  12. Posted by David Davies, at Reply

    London. Attack over in 8 minutes. Only police had guns.

    Paris. Almost 4 hours. Attackers had guns.

    Mumbai … 3 days. Attackers had guns & grenades.

    Not really rocket science. The more heavily armed an attacker is, the harder it is to stop an attack.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Dx4c8, 2 terrorist shootings killing over 140 people and 1 attempted shooting in France says otherwise.

    • Posted by Dx4c8, at Reply


      1 incident isn’t representative
      look at 95% of the other attacks and see how few people died compared to the gun attacks

      i live in germany, i would be terrified when everybody could buy, EVERY terrorist would have a gun and would kill dozens of people, at least far more than the guy who tried it with an axe and killed i think 1 or 2 people??? No i don’t want terrorists to have guns, it’s like opening the box of pandora

    • Posted by David Davies, at Reply

      nexus1g – What you actually mean is that France has very strict gun laws, compared to the US. Doesn’t mean that they are strict. In France, you can still buy semi-autos and handguns, which are illegal in the UK. The **UK** has very strict gun laws. India does have strict gun laws but their case isn’t helped by the fact that next door they have Pakistan which, apart from being a hotbed for militants, has very lax gun laws. So it’s a double-whammy for them.

      In the UK, if a terrorist wants to get hold of semi-autos or handguns, they have to jump through rings of fire to get them.

  13. Posted by Ian R, at Reply

    Weren’t 8 people gunned down in Florida the other day?

    • Posted by PF, at Reply

      Mai Kawaii P-Chan why don’t we hear about this ever๐Ÿ’ฉ

    • Posted by Mai Kawaii P-Chan, at Reply

      PF cuz they news only care about Trump and everything else that happen in the world.. dont care about the little people.. if 1 or 2 people died maybe they put it on the news but if no one dies they dont care. something i wish i had the money to get a gun and carry weapon premit so I would feel save going outside.

  14. Posted by hyou zan ren, at Reply

    they go in for suicide mission, you owning guns won’t stop them to do it!

    • Posted by westtima, at Reply

      But it will stop them. How many people they kill before that is directly correlated to gun control regulations.

    • Posted by Damien Hailey, at Reply

      westtima: You realize that if guns were available to everyone, the Terrorists would’ve had them too. And a lot more than six people would have died.

    • Posted by westtima, at Reply

      You can 3D print a gun… What about bow and arrow? Machete or garden tools? Western civilians (mostly) don’t have weapons or hand to hand training so a terrorist weaponizing items (like kitchen knives and garden tools) will have a higher kill rate in a disarmed society. Even the police in the UK are hesitant to carry weapons because it is a liability so those people who died while waiting until an armed officer arrived to take down the combatant. Targeted people were using bar stools for defense. It was only luck that they didn’t use guns, not gun control.

  15. Posted by Simon Wilson, at Reply

    How many would have died if the terrorists had guns instead of knives? Keep gun control the way it is in the UK thank you very much!

    • Posted by xIgniteTheAirwavesx, at Reply

      … well why the hell DIDN’T they then?? Oh wait, because they obviously couldn’t, so they had to make do with knives, massively minimising casualties.

  16. Posted by Pocahontas, at Reply

    I am a responsible gun owner, and I refuse to let people like you take them away. My right is guaranteed under US law, so I suggest you move to a place that outlaws private ownership instead of trying to impose your will upon law-abiding people.

    • Posted by Marc-antoine Verret, at Reply

      Its a police officer…

    • Posted by Pocahontas, at Reply

      +David No, I don’t see a problem with my logic, because as we have seen a gun is not needed to commit mass murder. How many people were killed in Nice by a truck? Do you want to ban trucks as well? San Bernidino is in California, one of the most restrictive gun states in the US, so the law abiding people did not have them, but the laws did not stop the terrorists from using them. Thank you for pointing that out and re-enforcing my argument.

  17. Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

    Yes bring your guns to school to defend against school shooters. So when the shooters attack, we can fire back. Then when the police arrives they wont know who to shoot.

    Conclusion, they shoot everyone just to be sure.

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Im certain police jobs would be way easier if everyone had a gun on them.

    • Posted by smokey 336, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond you don’t think much do you? How about let’s take your thoughts to fruition. Yes I give you time to go Google fruition. Now… You ready?
      If everyone had a gun doesn’t prevent nor stop any crime. It ensures multiple crimes take place when an individual crime may have occurred. You act as if by arming people that they all of a sudden make correct decisions in a stressed situation or circumstance. Your assumptions shows more about you than what I believe you understand about yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜€

    • Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

      Im joking. Obviously if everyone had a gun police would just shoot on site.

    • Posted by smokey 336, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond you weren’t joking… Or being sarcastic. You thought you were being smart. As again your response shows way more than you understand. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. Posted by Sun worshipping Black buffalo, at Reply

    Trump supporters are stupid and he knows it.

    • Posted by Pvt. Pepe, at Reply

      Stop making lame excuses,.terrorist supporter.

    • Posted by Electrodude, at Reply

      Many Trump supporters are poor victim of lies and propaganda!

    • Posted by Pvt. Pepe, at Reply

      Winners aren’t losers.

    • Posted by Sun worshipping Black buffalo, at Reply

      Pvt. Pepe ….. they are with trump….he is a lose/lose situation.

  19. Posted by Haradion Drogon, at Reply

    The first policeman on the scene, attacked all THREE of the Terrorists, with nothing but a club.


    Compare this bravery, to American police, that will happily shoot a 12 year old kid, because he was “In fear of his life”.

    Thanks, but no thanks, America.

    We don’t need your advice when it comes to terrorism, policing, or gun control, thank you very much.

    • Posted by Queen of Kekistan, at Reply

      The policeman is lucky to survive. He will still be left with lifelong injuries. Other officers may not have been so lucky and a shotgun would have saved their lives.

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      Well maybe if the education wasn’t so shitty then The kid wouldn’t have waved a toy gun with out the orange cap at the cop. UK dose not need advice on how to deal with people ramming people with vans on famous bridges because they would just let them do it again.

  20. Posted by Arry Young, at Reply

    The UK doesn’t need any opinions on gun control from the American right wing, even our far right candidates know guns are a catalyst for violence

    • Posted by Electrodude, at Reply

      @Liam Scott BS!

    • Posted by Liam Scott, at Reply

      Electrodude BS? So you’re saying you can uninvent guns? Interesting.

    • Posted by Thetruthhurts, at Reply

      Liam Scott your a moron in the uk we vote in our leaders biased on their policies and they then act according to the will of the people it’s called democracy and what keeps us safe at all times is that we’re not constantly surrounded by guns and we have highly trained and equipped police to tackle terrorism nobody in the uk wants guns stop trying to prove a point about your own opinion because your dishonouring those that lost there lives