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Trump Voter Didn’t Think He’d Deport HER Husband


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This female was a zealous Trump advocate and now her partner is being deported. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, asks if you assume we ought to have sympathy for her. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark section listed below. Should we have sympathy for a Trump voter whose husband is being deported? Vote here:

" Helen Beristain is a vocal fan of Head of state Donald Trump. She's claimed in the past that she elected the Head of state since she concurred with an immigration policy that he advertised. Now, as her husband will be deported, her family members gets on the incorrect side of a system she believed would save them.

Helen's other half, Roberto Beristain, involved the U.S. illegally from Mexico in 1998, and subsequently got documentation to work in the United States and has been checking in with U.S. Immigration and also Traditions Enforcement (ICE). Yet in 2000, he unintentionally crossed over into Canada on a trip to Niagara Falls, as well as ended up being detained, and was told he needed to leave the United States. He didn't, due to the fact that Helen was pregnant at the time, according to Indiana Public Media.

Since Roberto stayed in the nation instead of voluntarily deporting himself, ICE after that had the authority to take him into protection. When ICE stumbled upon this occurrence in February of this year, they did just that, and sent him from his home in Granger, Indiana, to a detention facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is set to be deported on Friday."

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  1. Posted by Tecumseh Sherman, at Reply


    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Tecumseh Sherman you’re next, won’t matter if legal or not

    • Posted by Mandy Luxon, at Reply

      are you sure it’s not “JAJAJAJAJA” >?

    • Posted by Catherine S. Todd, at Reply

      Son, it’s spelled t-R-u-m-p!

    • Posted by Miguel Alvarez, at Reply

      jajaja pinche vieja pendeja!!!

    • Posted by Brandon Valencia, at Reply


  2. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    I feel sorry for the children, but I feel no sympathy for the woman who voted for Trump. Time to hold these clowns accountable for helping put this maniac in office.

    • Posted by Suroee K, at Reply

      Exactly. If you don’t start holding them accountable, they keep getting passes for being idiots. They need to educate themselves at some point. For her that point starts NOW since it’s officially HER problem.

      No sympathy whatsoever for her. Hope she has some answers for her husband and kids.

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      Yep! We can’t coddle these people. What they did was put the country and world at great risk. They must own it.

  3. Posted by Kevin Griffey, at Reply

    Result of Hispanics Thinking They Are WHITE.

    • Posted by MiinaVsWorld, at Reply

      Hispanic isn’t a race.
      Most Hispanics actually are considered to be caucasian, if not a mix of other races in addition to Caucasian.

    • Posted by Tommy Gordon, at Reply

      Kevin Griffey some Hispanics are white…….idiot.

  4. Posted by Neoand12, at Reply

    Why do people vote against their own interests? I just don’t get it.

    • Posted by Remy Leblu, at Reply

      Neoand12 — Basically these people hear him say one thing without realizing that he has lied over and over.
      1)The american people will never have to pay a penny for the wall. Mexico will pay for it. LIE
      2) My healthcare will have more people for less cost. LIE
      3) I will only deport the bad people… if your family contributes to the community they get to stay. LIE
      4) I will ensure only american steel will be using in the new pipelines. LIE
      5) I will not have any wall-street beneficiaries in my administration. LIE
      6) I will give people more school choices. LIE
      etc…. Its words over actions.

    • Posted by nil bogg, at Reply

      They get their own predjudices, hatreds fears and bigotry’s stoked.

    • Posted by MEDiAgamer, at Reply

      Because they hate the other candidate that much. So they’ll sell their souls just to keep that other person out of office.

    • Posted by Tom Swinehart, at Reply

      We have a Plutocracy. I voted for Jill Stein, though if I thought it would have kept Donnie out of the White House I would have voted for Clinton. I voted for Sanders in the Primary. Hillary may have been less than ideal, but Trump is going to be a nightmare. Still, I think he will be gone within 2 years. OK, there is a lot of hope in that thought.

  5. Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

    And technically, she contributed to that happening.

  6. Posted by John Aarson, at Reply

    It’s amazing the lack of empathy conservatives have until the problems come knocking on their door.

    • Posted by Andrea Kae, at Reply

      John Aarson seriously, have you ever met a pro-LGBT conservative who didn’t have a gay child?

    • Posted by B. LOVE, at Reply

      upplsuckimcool16 Great comment πŸ™‚

    • Posted by A Gu, at Reply

      If it’s their own problem it’s not empathy. In fact it is what proves their lack of empathy.

  7. Posted by Coma White, at Reply

    71% of people say : WE TOLD YOU SO!

    • Posted by Clive Yip, at Reply

      … and 29% feel sorry for her? I guess there’re always some.

    • Posted by L. Miguez, at Reply

      Yup, just like there are people who feel sorry for mass murders. I know its not the same thing, but you’re always going to have bleeding hearts. Personally, I think they deserve it. They think it’s alright to insult people who are trying to warn them. Well, some people only learn by their mistakes – unfortunately, everyone else is paying for their stupidity. So no, no compassion. Stupidity can’t be cured.

    • Posted by Jeffrey R, at Reply

      How’s all that WINNING going? Going, Going, GONE!!!

    • Posted by Phil L, at Reply

      I can say “i told you so” all day long but we are on the titanic as well guys! we better hope on one of the life boats before it sink.

    • Posted by Fredrick Nietzsche, at Reply

      Coma White
      An illegal gets deported , nothing to see ….move on.

  8. Posted by CharlizeQ, at Reply

    Why should I have sympathy for someone devoid of empathy? Hell no.

    • Posted by RIP LITTLE, at Reply

      Blue TigerΒ  Not according to Drumph.Β  According to that idiot, Three-Million undocumented immigrants did vote.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      1. These are the very undocumented immigrants who should be grandfathered under a “Dreamer” program.
      2. Ef, her and him. They shouldn’t have voted for Trump. You have to be incredibly stupid to think he wouldn’t – the Republicans have been against any sort of Dreamer program forever.
      3. She can move to wherever he came from and live with him and the kids. Enjoy.
      4. Too bad for the daughters… they shouldn’t have to lose a Dad because their parents are stupid.

    • Posted by DjDedan, at Reply


    • Posted by Tina Clark, at Reply

      Empathy for whom?

    • Posted by oboogie2, at Reply

      And that makes you the same as them. If someone is scammed by a slick conman, such as the elderly out of their retirement, do you blame them or have empathy? If you blame them, you might be a Republican.

  9. Posted by [NQZATR], at Reply

    Roflmao, I love it. Honey, no one cares about your husband being deported. Did you think that your man was exempt?


    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      In my view, the story gets even better if you know Indiana.

      Granger is the wealthy suburb of South Bend. That’s likely why she thought her husband was exempt. They’re upper-middle to upper class. HA!

      (Edited to change it to upper-middle to upper class. Still just as amusing.)

    • Posted by Kellie Malone, at Reply

      I live in Granger. NOT TRUE

    • Posted by Aaron Humphreys, at Reply

      It absolutely is true. The median household income of Granger, Indiana is DOUBLE the median household income of the entire state of Indiana. Nearly half the population of Granger make over 100k. (46%). Nearly a third make over 125k (29.8%) While nearly a full one fourth of the population of Granger makes over 150k a year (24%). Rounding the figures out, 13% of the entire suburb’s households make over 200k a year.

      It’s a wealthy suburb no different than Carmel, Indiana is to Indianapolis.

      You’re utterly delusional, Mrs. Malone.

    • Posted by amazed66, at Reply

      From Wiki about Granger:

      “The racial makeup of the CDP was 94.15% White, 1.74% African American, 0.12% Native American, 2.63% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.26% from other races, and 1.07% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.21% of the population.”

      Apparently the income per capita in Granger is 42% higher than the national average.

  10. Posted by perotal, at Reply

    Typical conservative: only care about an issue when it affects them personally or a member of their family.

    • Posted by killachris28, at Reply

      perotal Beat me to it. Very selfish people.

    • Posted by Dustin Sawyer, at Reply

      Yep. Just look at the one Republican against torture. He had to go through it personally to understand it doesn’t work. Totally incapable of putting themselves in other people’s shoes and no critical thinking skills at all.

  11. Posted by MrFooFoo14, at Reply

    They deserve everything he throws at them. We tried to warn them, but they didn’t listen. As a Trumpanzee would say: “Suck it up, buttercup!”

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Poster you forgot to add, “and here are your bootstraps.”

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply


      Did you see the picture of Ivanka vacationing with Putin;s girlfriend? It is now only a matter of time since the FBI has declared an official investigation.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      @Aaron: The FBI *is* already investigating.

    • Posted by ЕвгСния Антонова, at Reply

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  12. Posted by Tommy D., at Reply

    A dumb Trump supporter. Are there any other?

    • Posted by THE BRAIN SPECIALIST, at Reply

      Tommy D. Here’s the problem with your statement, not all Trump supporters were dumb. A lot were but most weren’t many were moderate republicans who didn’t want to to vote for Hillary for any multitude of reasons. By dismissing the opposite sides you blind yourself to the more moderate issues. It’s the same as when a conservative calls someone a Libtard. You have to know your opponent in order to beat them, and dissmissal is a cheif reason why Hillary ended up loosing.

      -A Center-Left Political Science Student.

    • Posted by Tracy Gates, at Reply

      THE BRAIN SPECIALIST I could agree with your statement if it was anyone but trump who was the Republican candidate. he was extremely clear in his plans for Mexicans, and other immigrants. also, the rights hatred of Hilary is absurd. she used her own private server so she must be burned at the stake?!!! oh please 😣

    • Posted by Carlos Montero, at Reply

      THE BRAIN SPECIALIST doesn’t matter how you put it…supporting trump is a dumb choice.

  13. Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

    Perfect! That is SO fucking perfect!!! I finally found a Trump story to make me smile!

    • Posted by gitarrillo 20, at Reply

      same here. i literally laughed out loud. i do feel sorry for the kids though

  14. Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

    I have very little sympathy here. Conservatives never care about these humane issues until it affects them personally. They are too busy crying about gay people getting married or women having abortions. Which actually don’t effect them. I do feel sorry for her kids though.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      or trans women using the women’s restroom.

    • Posted by Matthew Sarson, at Reply

      Ah yes can’t forget that one. I hope kicking poor trans people out of the bath room was worth losing their healthcare for…

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply