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Trump Voters Angry He Sold Them Out


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Trump voters were surprised that he authorized the costs to offer their private browser history to ISPs. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why they should not be shocked. Tell us what you assume in the remark section below.

" WASHINGTON– Head of state Donald Trump authorized an expense on Monday that reverses guidelines that would have outlawed telecom and also cable companies from sharing clients' personal details, including web surfing history, without their consent.

Yet the large bulk of Americans– consisting of Trump supporters– don't assume internet service providers should be enabled to share consumers' sensitive information without their consent in all, inning accordance with a HuffPost/YouGov study published Monday. Prior to the head of state signing the bill into regulation, virtually three-fourths of Republicans and also Democrats said they desired him to ban it.

" That allowing your [access provider] to share your most sensitive individual information is wildly out of favor across the political range is no shock." said Gigi Sohn, who previously acted as counselor to former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler. "Last year, the FCC provided Americans the devices to secure the personal privacy of their information, yet congressional Republicans merely took those devices away," she included.

Republicans pressed via the resolution last month that reverses Obama administration rules prohibiting access provider, or ISPs, from sharing or offering "sensitive" information, like web searching background and Social Safety and security numbers, without consumers' explicit approval. Firms likewise had to notify clients as well as law enforcement if a problematic data violation occurred. (The regulations had actually not yet entered into result.) Lawmakers used the Congressional Testimonial Act, which prevents agencies from writing a "substantially" comparable guideline after the original one has been rescinded."

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  1. Posted by Sturmovik, at Reply

    Republicans turned out to be the biggest suckers on Earth

    • Posted by DΔRIO MΔRCHESI, at Reply

      Who woulda guessed?

    • Posted by Martin Collmer, at Reply

      ????????wtf is this English??????????

  2. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    So, Trump supporters. Still think you’re winning?

    • Posted by Praise Kek, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Obama is a criminal Bernie sanders policies have been tried before ever heard of socialism? That proves he would bankrupt America. Try again.

    • Posted by Diego Rodrigues, at Reply

      Praise Kek You’re right. Bernies policies have been tried before. And they continue to succeed in various parts of Europe.

    • Posted by Praise Kek, at Reply

      Diego Rodrigues You mean the rape infested hell holes that censor anything right wing and manipulate their statistics? Look at Venezuela or any other socialist country throughout history and you will find death and economic instability.

  3. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply


    Don’t worry, I’ll drag Flynn with me.

    • Posted by Fred GFY Smith, at Reply

      ProjectSoul because your username is on TX’s backdrop wallpaper on TX’s youtube page. Could be a coincidence, anything is possible. What is project soul?

    • Posted by bfour88, at Reply

      You and Hillary are going to be in the slammer for the while. Hope you enjoy each other’s company, pervert!

    • Posted by Fred GFY Smith, at Reply

      ProjectSoul click on Gilberto TX’s page and he has a Project Soul backdrop.

  4. Posted by Camphor, at Reply

    I love interracial porn.

    • Posted by unitedjt345, at Reply

      You would basement dweller

    • Posted by Candie P, at Reply

      Camphor me too 😩🙈

    • Posted by michael preston, at Reply

      So does the Fake right.

    • Posted by Camphor, at Reply

      unitedjt345 send nudes?

  5. Posted by Nature Boi 601, at Reply

    Like hell they are angry at trump, that man could literally kill one of their family members and they would still vote for him.

    • Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

      Nature Boy 601: _…that man could literally kill one of their family members and they would still vote for him._

      I believe that idea was called “Trumpcare.”

    • Posted by LastxNamexEver FirstxNamexGreatest, at Reply

      Ken Bob Hilarious. It’s true.. Unreal.

  6. Posted by Amh Amh, at Reply


    • Posted by Lilac Lizard, at Reply

      Stephen YOU might not need a government to force you to act like an adult, but people like donald do!

  7. Posted by Jay Aiko, at Reply

    Awww you trump supporters aren’t happy with him, now you kinda now what we feel

    • Posted by g br, at Reply

      There is always SOME socialism in any government ie aid to poor, subsidized this or that, but socialism as an entirety is bad. Which is why we have inequality after 40 years because of the socialism we’ve had for the rich through tax evasion, policies, corruption, theft, fraud, handouts, bailouts etc. Ironically, we’d need temporary socialism to redistribute that wealth if we ever want to fix the problems in this country.

    • Posted by Sigkim, at Reply

      +g br “if we ever want to fix the problems in this country.” Our constitution clearly defines the role of the federal government, and it has stepped far outside it role in the past few hundred years and THIS is part of the problem.

      The other part is We the People, remaining apathetic to the constitution (as your comment clearly reflects).

      Case in point is BLM. They like to march around and break stuff and what has this accomplished? NOTHING.

      They have all the tools in their tool box to “fight police harassment”…and such, in the form of OUR RIGHTS, the law itself, and understanding the limits of law enforcements authority.

      Instead of educating their fellow americans, they yell alot, wave signs, and break stuff.

      Of course, their goal is not to gain knowledge for their benefit, but to remain ignorant and spread hate.

      When is the last time you ever heard a police chief say “Ya’ll need to learn your rights for when dealing with our officers”……in any of their speeches, after one of their cops screws up. When has the media, or the government ever encouraged we the people to learn our rights and the law? NEVER. They love an ignorant citizenry.

      As far as “wealth” is concerned, our country would be in great shape if Americas monetary system was in the hands of whom it belongs, which is congress, NOT a private entity, such as the Federal Reserve (central banking).

      Not to worry, congress is going to exercise some oversight and audit the Federal Reserve, which is LONG overdue, and CANDIDATE Trump supported such an action, and went as far as to invite a panel of financial experts to advise on ways to pay down the national debt in ten years, which has been implemented into his tax proposal.

      Why dont we hears about THIS on “the news”?

  8. Posted by PIXI Ears, at Reply

    well well well….. looks like you Americans are having trouble… from your own leader.

    • Posted by Nico Russell, at Reply

      Jeez PIXI, now is not the time to tease us…

    • Posted by Dee Y, at Reply

      Nico Russell Lol 😂😂👍🏽

    • Posted by Amy Spencer, at Reply

      That is is not 100% truth facts, and you can not deny that.

  9. Posted by NON NEGOTIABLE, at Reply

    Too late now green frogs. Who you thought was dear old daddy is really the drunken step father banging your mom😭😭thanks for failing America Trump supporters.

    • Posted by bobboblaw123, at Reply

      NON NEGOTIABLE lmaooooo

    • Posted by Dr. Pepe, at Reply

      damn Pepes

    • Posted by Based Trill, at Reply


  10. Posted by Anna Fitzpatrick, at Reply

    Drumpftards are mad now everyone will know they are cucks addicted to gay and interracial pornography.

    • Posted by Victor Velea, at Reply

      Daniel Cooper Yes, I’m 19. I support Trump because I like his policies about not inviting everybody willy-nilly into our country. I like that he is not afraid to be patriotic as that has seemed to be linked with white supremacy for some reason. I love how he is focusing on our military and keeping it the most powerful on the globe. He wants to improve relations with Russia, which somehow everybody sees it as a bad thing because oh no russia “interfered in our election”
      To cast your vote for a third party candidate is honestly a waste of a vote. Nobody is well educated enough to vote for a third party candidate so they vote for the one the MSM says to vote for. Well in this case the MSM wasn’t enough to persuade Americans of Hilary’s deceptive self was it?

    • Posted by Victor Velea, at Reply

      Brad Derks I mean.. before this election y’all said “… Trump as president?…hahahaha!” but now look where we are *yawns*

    • Posted by KC Nwaneri, at Reply

      +Bill Smith
      She didn’t interfere. The entire world knew what was happening and she agreed with the evidence citizens provided to watch groups corroborating what Putin had done.

  11. Posted by 9TheMajor, at Reply

    Someday I how to watch a video of Trump being eaten alive by billions of red army ants.

    • Posted by jean cary, at Reply

      +Ian Meadows you would be the queen, sir

    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      I’d rather see him go more comically, like an endless cartoony banana peel slip into a rocket set to launch to Mars.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Don’t worry. “They” are breeding an army of Zikas for the coming Zombie War. It is believed that the brain-craving Zombies won’t notice the small-headed Zikas, and thus will be easily defeated.

  12. Posted by labrane hit, at Reply

    I’m feeling more and more sorry for you Americans, even though you are responsible for this.

    • Posted by XxDemonicGamer, at Reply

      labrane hit half of us didnt want him in though QQ. help us bruhhh. send help!

    • Posted by Sophie Jameson, at Reply

      I’m English and I’m sorry for Americans too.

    • Posted by bcdhifi, at Reply

      XxDemonicGamer – Way more than half.

    • Posted by DJMixxMastaAce, at Reply

      It was way more than half of us that didn’t want him! He lost the popular vote by a few million the outdated electoral college vote got his Carrot colored a$$ im the white house.

    • Posted by bcdhifi, at Reply

      DJMixxMastaAce – Not ONLY did he not get the popular vote but the voter turnout in total was lower than the two previous presidential elections.

  13. Posted by theshadowcircus, at Reply

    So Basically: *We All Fucked.*

    • Posted by Cynical Cyanide, at Reply

      Lol.. Yeah basically.

    • Posted by Jay D, at Reply

      we have been…

    • Posted by Telepathic Fat, at Reply

      Except for Ana. No cream pies for Ana.

    • Posted by Maroon Horizon, at Reply

      theshadowcircus what do you think i’ve been saying since the oompaloopa said he was running

  14. Posted by Frost, at Reply

    It should have been Bernie

    • Posted by i Will, at Reply

      zech, so to you, having 3 million fewer votes than Hillary is wiping the floor with her? Keep proving how dumb you are.

    • Posted by black queen melanin, at Reply

      Frost exactly

    • Posted by LightSound Geometry, at Reply

      das kapital and marx are more jew creations. you been jewed once again .

  15. Posted by Greyven, at Reply

    Trump supporters acting like we don’t already know they search incest porn 😂😂

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Cynical Cyanide THANKS

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by westingtyler ideas, at Reply

      trump voters probably mainly search for cuckold porn. they seem fixated on it.

    • Posted by Sebastian Miranda, at Reply

      i mean did you really get us by just saying oh wow they have different opinions than me, therefore they have secret incestual fantasies? pure ad hominem

  16. Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

    cool, when can i buy the browsing history of the entire Trump family

    • Posted by ocsurfgirl, at Reply

      Dave Smith-Love it!

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      “Ivanka Trump Nip Slip pics”


    • Posted by Hugo Vieira, at Reply

      Let’s make a Kickstarter campaign!

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      For $1000, I sell you just a few juicy tidbits. Whereas, I can only get a nickel for all of yours or mine.

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      The creator of “Card against Humanity” said if the bill goes through he wants to buy all the members of Congress and Trump’s personal information and make a card game out of it.