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Trump Voters Now Regretting That Decision


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Some Trump citizens are having buyers sorrow. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tell you why they're dissatisfied in the individual they voted for. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

" Donna Brazile has actually lastly come clean: Yes, the solution remained in for Hillary Clinton during in 2014's Autonomous primary.

One element of President Trump's spending plan proposition could greatly decrease financing for Dishes on Tires, which supplies virtually a million dishes a day to the sick and senior.

At lunch break, Dishes on Wheels volunteer Sandra Shrub makes sees to 18 senior citizens in Macon, Georgia. One of them is Sandra Deshazer, who said her joint inflammation makes it hard to cook.

" If you really did not have this solution?" CBS Information correspondent Michelle Miller asked Deshazer.

" It would certainly be truly bad because people like myself, I don't walk or drive any more," Deshazer claimed.

" They just can't afford to go to the food store as well as acquire all things they require," Shrub stated. "They have to rely on another person."

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  1. Posted by iustitia30, at Reply

    I don’t think as many Trump voters regret voting for him as we’d like to believe

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Paul Allen yeh same as their IQ…

    • Posted by Greg K, at Reply

      iustitia30 Agreed. Trump voters have their beliefs reinforced by Fox News, Breitbart, and Trump’s tweets and lies in a never ending circle. Somehow, Obama and Clinton will be blamed for everything, and Trump will just keep on rolling.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      BOSS NASS we know plenty… all hang out here.

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Cookie Nibz sir we are only 3 months in. most trump supporters didnt even know his policy to begin with, let alone what hes doing or not doing now

  2. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    Republicans have done a phenomenal job of getting people to vote against their own self-interest by preying on their prejudices.

    • Posted by Water Water, at Reply

      Lord Luke Lightbringer there’s literally no evidence that Linda is prejudices and to just assume that, only on the fact that she voted for trump is like saying your a Muslim therefore you are a terrorist witch is wrong to do you have nothing other then, and I quote “I was under the influence (I think she meant impression) that he would help us.” She didn’t say us white people she said us, it could be taken anyway you want that doesn’t mean she is a racist.. I’m not going to sit here and say that no racist voted for trump, obviously there are, but there were also people who wanted better financial stability and thought Trump would give them that so to just say all Trump supporters are racist is vary hypocritical of us liberals to do…

    • Posted by Gavin Sherlock, at Reply

      Water Water, thanks for the reality check.

    • Posted by Anomic Anchorite, at Reply

      +Mike C It is certainly a deplorable situation but this crooked and incompetent idiot has brought out the worst in people. The notion that the antics of rampaging liberal extremists can even compare to SHOOTING HUMAN BEINGS WITH A GUN is the most disgusting form of moral relativism. Cars and businesses are not human beings. Liberals are rampaging because the fundamental rule that a democracy requires a popular vote was thrown out the window when millions of votes were dishonored. We fear that our democracy is degenerating into fascist tyranny without a fair election that respects and reflects the will of the obvious majority of voters who did not elect Trump. This sets a dangerous precedent.

      It is not PC that is dividing us, it is the cumulative effects of years of hatred and injustice are finally manifesting into what can only be described as a crisis of American conscience. It is a false belief of the most delusional kind that neighbors can’t agree to disagree without clawing each other’s eyes out because of political allegiance.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Anomic Anchorite
      Our government is a constitutional republic and not a democracy per say!
      It has Democratic characteristics but it is not a true one!
      The electoral collage was put into place so that smaller states
      would not be overwhelmed by their larger more progressive counterparts….
      Most liberals know this and should not be bitching about it!
      If we had a democracy the smaller states would have no say in the
      executive branch!
      I as a moderate libertarian accept this because it is the fairest system we have
      right now!

    • Posted by jake williams, at Reply

      Corporations are also people. As Personhood is simply a legal distinction. It can be given to humans and to corporations, to define both as legal entities deserving of certain rights, protections, responsibilities, and liabilities as a consequence of wrong-doing. While many react to the idea of “corporate personhood” as ridiculous, it’s important to think of it as simply a legal distinction which does not mean to conflate a human being with a corporation.

      Also. Corporations have rights because natural persons have rights. It is sometimes said that corporations are “creations of the state,” but that’s not really true. Corporations are created by people they are merely recognized by the state. True, corporations get some benefits from the state, such as limited liability and perpetual life, but in our modern society, most people get benefits from the state.

  3. Posted by Hugo Martinez, at Reply

    Trump is going to lose the Old vote for sure, btw my 2020 presidential election prediction is Bernie Sanders 405 electoral votes

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      +yknot000 – Bernie may have the ‘no country for bald man’ issue but Trump’s hair is about to give up from too many windy Maralago trips. In any case, either Bernie/ Warren/ Biden/ Hillary could still win big with violent backlash against Trump/Republican. The whole point though is not to poison the team Bernie is in. Bernie’s myopic vindictive fans still demand Bernie to play solo Batman. As unreasonable as Trump nuts.

    • Posted by Last Guy Minn, at Reply

      +Diva Artist – Hillary? She’s done. This isn’t baseball. You don’t get three strikes in presidential politics. It’s rare that you a second chance, and she didn’t deserve that.

    • Posted by Zack, at Reply

      Noam Chomsky who physically looks a lot like Sanders is 88 years old and still healthy. Mentioning age is nothing but unnecessary worry aimed to discredit Bernie Sanders as a potential runner for 2020. Besides, even if Sanders spends only a day in office and sets up his administration it’s better than not at all.

  4. Posted by ernstbtmn, at Reply

    And Clinton was the crook, looking to rub us blind? Then again, facts didn’t matter. Right Trump voters?

    • Posted by Porkchop Periwinkle, at Reply

      I would let Hillary “rub” me blind…

    • Posted by chrisgm, at Reply

      ernstbtmn Trump voters hate facts. If it’s against their saint of a president Trump they don’t like it.

    • Posted by j jay, at Reply


    • Posted by BillPrestin Esquire, at Reply


    • Posted by j jay, at Reply

      Well then you had better get rid of schumer and the rest of the DNC assholes who fucked over sanders because as long as they are the head of your party regular people will not give you their vote

  5. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    I really don’t feel sorry for them. Instead of chanting “build that wall” and “lock her up” they should have been paying attention to policy specifics.

    • Posted by SuperKamiGuru, at Reply

      All I wanted was Bernie to get in

    • Posted by pitster110, at Reply

      Even Bernie told his supporters to support Clinton and not to protest vote. Trumps policy will affect America for decades and will put all of Bernies ideas in jeprody.

    • Posted by Vent Des Iles, at Reply


      Let’s see what kind the lyrics they gonna use for their guy; maybe “Lock him up”?

  6. Posted by Oscar Martinez, at Reply

    Turns out Hillary was the lesser of the two evils.

    • Posted by Cesaire Cote, at Reply

      Gasai, check out trumps ties to Jerry epstein and the lolita express

    • Posted by Terry Peace, at Reply

      +Gasai Yuno​ do you not know that we are discussing the top 1% of the nation THEY ALL HAVE TIES TO EACH OTHER. Does that make sense to you. When you are talking about a small portion of the nation ofcoarse they are hiding each other’s secrets, for fear of their own skeletons falling out of the proverbial closet. Take notice y’all while the lower classes are being entertained by this, that, and the other, they are off doing things that would make the enamel fall off your teeth. Get with it young people. I have been watching this game being played out sense President Carter (probably the only honest President we have ever had). I am 50, and not educated for politics, so my age group is relying on the youth today to make better of the mess we made. I thank you in advance and pray y’all will do better

  7. Posted by Heath Roush, at Reply

    Is it wrong to want to tell these people, “You’ve dug your grave, now lay in it?”

    • Posted by Angela Welch, at Reply

      Heath Roush its “you made your bed, you lay in it”

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      The truth is that it goes both ways. This is why we see a shift in control. People who voted for Obama regretted it shortly after and voted in republicans.

    • Posted by Mista Kixnlo_718, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 Not true. Obama voters didn’t trust Hillary. Most would have voted for a 3rd Obama term.

    • Posted by Ethan Michell, at Reply

      Healthy TYTards-bot comments you’ve got going there.
      Mentally instable people will take these things literally.
      But hey that’s your goal right, so..

    • Posted by jussayin mipeece, at Reply

      have you been living under a rock?  Obama left office with the HIGEST approval rating of any modern president when demitting office that means he could have EASILY won a third term if it were allowed.

  8. Posted by javier d, at Reply

    It’s sad because they would somehow blame the black guy that was president before the white savior

    • Posted by Jeff Hooker, at Reply

      the black guy tried to help their @sses.  But their @sses were like WE Don’t Want No Obamacare.  Add no more meals on wheels and their @sses are in a world of trouble.

  9. Posted by Sam Fitt, at Reply

    Now let your racist ways help feed and pay your own way. Trump cut meal on wheels to fund his golfing.

    • Posted by DeVaughn Currie, at Reply

      Murph Reed yes that’s why she was under the influence.. Like Trump said I love the uneducated!! The uneducated will vote against there own interests

    • Posted by Fark Googol, at Reply

      It my country, Meals-on-Wheels receives no government funding and it runs just fine. It’s better to cut out the middle man. If you REALLY like Meals-on-Wheels (I do) then donate money to them. Don’t be lazy and just outsource your compassion to faceless bureaucrats or demand that the government take money from everyone who has earned more than you.

    • Posted by zita willingham, at Reply

      Fark Googol most people are living pay check to paycheck these days most people can’t put food on the table in their own homes I think helping to feed the elderly and disabled is more important than building a fence or buying more bombs. beans not bullets

    • Posted by t brbrb, at Reply

      Hey dumbass fake account troll, thats what we are doing by giving them the money in our taxes. It saves me time for them to do that. That is the point of society. How do you not understand that. Collectively we pool money together, when we do that it can gain large amounts of interest that can make it go even further, but you know that dont you? The end result is some seniors and handicapped people get to eat. Rich republicans behind the news outlets who pump your head with this crap forget that with out a society to recognize their money as wealth they will have nothing. People who earn more should pay the same rate as everyone else and stop living off the backs of the poor.

    • Posted by norcodaev, at Reply

      Austin Daniels Hahaha, I have coffee comming out of my nose I’m laughing so hard….great comment Austin!

  10. Posted by Magic B, at Reply

    I don’t feel the slightest bit of sympathy

    • Posted by Aaron ___, at Reply

      Lani Anthony Trump didn’t say he’d cut their programs, but rather said he’d help. if these people believed his message how are they in the wrong? you, and all the other spiteful people in this thread are no better than Trump and his people.

    • Posted by Darth Vader, at Reply

      trump supporters are dumb af

    • Posted by Mista Kixnlo_718, at Reply

      Aaron ___ They trusted him because, why? Nothing about him should ever be trusted.

  11. Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

    The military needs money. Solution: close the bases in the middle east and leave. 50 billion right there.
    Cut corporate subsidies and 80 bil a month we give to banks for quantatative easing. Problem solved.

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      I would love to see all the wearing of sackcloth and ashes and gnashing of teeth that would cause. Of course until you clean up DC on BOTH sides of the aisle, that ain’t happening.

    • Posted by hoda ahmad, at Reply

      AboxoroxRoxursox they would have saved trillions of dollars if they hadn’t gone to Iraq I mean since America got there the middle east is now a disaster Syria gone, Iraq gone, Palestine gone, Yemen has famine, Jordan and Lebanon have too many refugees, and Saudi drinking the blood, it wasn’t like that before America went in

    • Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

      +hoda ahmad Agree, just talking about right now.

    • Posted by hoda ahmad, at Reply

      +AboxoroxRoxursox yeah but it was all SUPER avoidable even now I get isis is a huge problem since the Muslim or either leaving or been killed same with the Christian and the yazidis are now sex slaves, I get it its a problem but he really did nothing to help that if trump blocks off the sex slave trade then isis would have less money because the only way organization can save the girls are to buy them and that’s how isis 3ts the money ,let alone they sell the girls online now it’s should be a piece of cake to track them down and he more focus on bombing them and the civilian he refused to take in (which is a war crime) and he wants to steal the oil (another war crimes) then leave Iraq in ruins while the country splits in 3 (for the kurds,yazidis,and muslim) and another war will spark let’s it’s just a never ending cycle

    • Posted by Daniel Casillas, at Reply

      AboxoroxRoxursox and cut the f35

  12. Posted by Dr Dermix Girl, at Reply

    Dear Trump supporters:

    Don’t say we didn’t warn you. There was plenty of evidence before the election from his business practices over the last 40 years that pointed to Donald Trump’s corruption, self dealing, racism, misogyny, and lack of integrity. The man didn’t pay federal taxes for 18+ years! His charitable foundation was nothing but a shell to pay himself. Trump university was a fraudulent enterprise. He shipped jobs overseas and when he wasn’t doing that he was using undocumented Polish labor. He uses Chinese steel in his big beautiful buildings. His textiles are made in foreign sweatshops. All to make or save a buck. Everything Donald has EVER done is for his benefit only. This is who you thought would make AMERICA great again?? HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THE MIDDLE AND WORKING CLASS. He never has. Congratulations, you got EXACTLY what you voted for.

    • Posted by Vana Phill, at Reply

      yeah, what she said!

    • Posted by DDuMas, at Reply

      bu bu bu, the moneys gonna trickle down. lol XD dumb asses.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Last Guy Minn maybe it was a fake return! If the conservatives can use fake birth certificates for Obama’s
      Proof then non trumpers can say the same of Trumps return! IDK Why maddow would even have a 30
      Minute show about it! Unless she is an idiot!

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Hiz hunny they are the three stooges of demagoguery! TRUMP who hears no evil, PENCE who speaks no evil
      And RYAN who sees no evil! Blind, deaf and mute trio…..

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      lagaman11 Hillary that gave us the Libyan fiasco and Benghazi! She is as bad as the Orange Orangutang!
      I would have preferred Stein or Johnson for office but the American public can’t see beyond two dimensions….

  13. Posted by Draft Codger, at Reply

    lol, why is this wolf eating us??

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      The wolf in wolf’s clothing howled like a rabid wolf last two years, people still went nah…he’s just a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Some also insist his opponent is a wolf in sheep clothing though she’s clearly a sheep in robot clothing. Many also claimed sheep-robot cry-wolf at Siberian wolves. Now the wolf unleashed biggest wall street wolves and feral Siberian wolves all ready to eat us, some still whining sheep robot had wolfy friends. The story continues… 🙂

    • Posted by carl1223, at Reply

      Draft Codger Do you say the same thing when Muslim terrorists attack us?!

  14. Posted by Nick -, at Reply

    Trump supporters would rather see America burn than admit to their mistake.

    • Posted by bgregg55, at Reply

      Ascanius Oh, I forgot. It’s all Obama’s fault isn’t it?

    • Posted by 1981menso, at Reply

      No unless they throw us in a re-education camp, which I am sure a budding fascist like yourself approves of.

    • Posted by Bomb Cherry, at Reply

      Ascanius idiotic and ignorant. I need not say more! I’m not wasting my time on fools. Only reason I said this much is because you acknowledged that mostly all these presidents screwed this country. Only reason I’m against your statement is because you won’t recognize how bad it can get with Trump. All the others threw the American people a bone 🍖 . Trump is taking away all the bones while militarizing the government to ensure they force us to obey and shut up.

    • Posted by 1981menso, at Reply

      Go take your meds, you sound like a lunatic.

    • Posted by DDuMas, at Reply

      Trump supporters ‘ohhhh, this is what he meant by making America great again’.

  15. Posted by Kalin Leyba, at Reply

    He should take some of that defense spending and increase teachers’ wages and improve our education system. Our kids are our future, yet teachers can barely get by. It’s honestly SAD!

    • Posted by Michelle Michelle, at Reply

      Kalin Leyba Agreed

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      K-12 education is ran and funded at the state and local level. He can’t just increase their salaries.

    • Posted by Mista Kixnlo_718, at Reply

      Kalin Leyba They’re doubling down on PRISONS. They may shut down public schools entirely.

    • Posted by Jeremy Sparks, at Reply

      Kalin Leyba So you think Hillary was going to change that?

  16. Posted by ::: STICKY DROSERA, at Reply

    You can’t ask Americans to pay for programs that are, allegedly, unable to show that they work, but you *can* ask Americans to pay for increased spending in an already over-bloated military, because the military works oh so well! Look no further than the Iraq War to see what the largest and most expensive military in the world has gotten us! Obviously, the military works GREAT!

    • Posted by Leivve, at Reply

      We need another five fast attack submarines, despite the fact the last time a sub really contributed to a US conflict was back in WW2. We’ve been fighting land wars since against opponents that have a minimum to no navy.

    • Posted by Fark Googol, at Reply

      Trump was against the Iraq war. Hillary supported it.

    • Posted by Patsy Sadowski, at Reply

      Fark Googol Trump was for it on Howard Stern and wants to bomb ISIS. Even more. Don’t be stupid.

    • Posted by Chris M, at Reply

      +Fark Googol – Trump is for or against whatever he thinks will make him more popular or more money at any given moment. He said whatever he needed to in order to gain the support that won him the presidency and now that he has it he’ll do whatever he needs to get the most money out of it. If anything goes wrong, he’ll blame it on someone else or make up some BS story to shift attention away. He is a con man, pure and simple and the only thing he really believes in is making money.

    • Posted by Mista Kixnlo_718, at Reply

      ::: STICKY DROSERA Coded language for, you can’t show me PROFIT!! War can produce that quantifiable amount of profit that the rich and greedy crave so much.

  17. Posted by Panda of Hearts, at Reply

    I know someone who voted for him that will be out of a job if the cuts go through. During the campaign she was upset with me that I wouldn’t vote for him over LGBT concerns. Now suddenly her tune has changed and she posts about how much she’s against him. Oh? Now that it’s involves you, you’re position finally changed. Oh noooo. Oh nooooo. It’s the one joy I have left. The fact people like her are going to burn with me.

    • Posted by ブロンディブラック, at Reply

      Panda of Hearts Many people don’t care until it finally affects them.

    • Posted by Lani Anthony, at Reply

      I am sorry to say, but people like her will have to suffer, they NEED to learn hard This way they won’t make that mistake and vote him in again.

    • Posted by Jeremy Sparks, at Reply

      Lani Anthony I’m voting him for a second term! So excited

  18. Posted by albertrand71, at Reply

    “I never thought leopards would eat MY face,” sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.

    • Posted by Wade Haden, at Reply

      Can i steal it too? IT’S NOT COPYRIGHTED YET IS IT?

    • Posted by Mista Kixnlo_718, at Reply

      albertrand71 😂😂😂😂🤣

    • Posted by Ascalis, at Reply

      @alphamale292 Some of the best work in this country has been done by people who are apparently bad(sick) men, so go right ahead.

    • Posted by Ms Temptation, at Reply

      albertrand71 😱😂

  19. Posted by Phantasy Star, at Reply

    If you couldn’t see through Trumps lies you are an idiot and deserve everything you get.

    • Posted by Vent Des Iles, at Reply

      Phantasy Star

      You said it all!!!

      By the way, don’t I know you? You look kinda familiar!

    • Posted by mandy1339, at Reply

      you are wrong. Don’t call people idiots so easily. Disclaimer: i hate Trump

    • Posted by Kevin, at Reply

      Hillary even admitted she was lying to you. She said she has a public and a private position on everything.