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Trump Wants To Replace Food Stamps With Food Boxes


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I utilized to be bad however Trump Steaks provided me the toughness to draw myself up by my bootstraps! Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us what you think in the comment section below.

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" The Trump administration has proposed a radical overhaul to the food stamp program that would certainly replace some individuals's benefits with a "Harvest box" of products like shelf-stable milk, pasta, peanut butter, meat, and canned fruits and vegetables.

The changes belong to a remarkable suggested cut to funding for food stamps, or SNAP, adding up to more than $200 billion bucks over Ten Years. Changing to "Collect boxes," inning accordance with the budget, would certainly contribute $130 countless that cost savings.

BREEZE offers about 42 million Americans, that includes low-income functioning households, and also elders as well as impaired individuals on dealt with incomes. Currently, people that get BREEZE have their regular monthly advantage transferred to an EBT card– essentially a special debit card– that lets them purchase unprepared food at licensed food store or local businesses.

Under Trump's proposal, as opposed to obtaining all their advantages to spend on groceries, BREEZE recipients that obtain more than $90 a month in advantages would certainly also obtain a bundle of food that consists of "shelf-stable" milk, juice, grains, pasta, peanut butter, tinned meat, as well as canned fruits and vegetables, all "One Hundred Percent American-grown as well as created." They would certainly pay for those boxes with their benefits and also get the continuing to be worth on the EBT card, the means the program works currently." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by My MidLife Adventures, at Reply

    Sounds like 1980’s Communist Russia, to me! LOL…. Funny how Republicans think their party is the furthest away from communism.

    • Posted by Σοφία, at Reply

      tyt viewers want communism idiot. read the comments.

    • Posted by M. Brennan, at Reply

      Read the cyrillic. Привет!, Troll!

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      how is this anything like communism. nobody is forcing you to take the food. this is just going back to bread lines of the great depression. we simply cant afford to keep spending the way we do.

  2. Posted by Rose M Neu, at Reply

    As a former beneficiaries of food stamps, and even if we weren’t – F you, Mulvaney. What do you know about it? Who are you to decide what and how people should cook or eat. Plus, how about lowering the cost of nutritional foods like produce so everyone could actually eat better? We mostly buy frozen and canned produce because fresh is so expensive.

    • Posted by Decent man, at Reply

      I’m a 33 year-old incel and I refuse to work unless women have sex with me.

    • Posted by Christine S, at Reply

      Audrey Muzingo – I agree that sodas and candy shouldn’t be able to be purchased with Snap benefits but I would like to see things like toilet paper, deoderants and toothpaste added. While not food, they are essential items.

    • Posted by Shyan Marie, at Reply

      Christine S Or feminine products like tampons and pads. Not many women can afford them anymore because they’re luxury taxed. We get taxed for meunstrating. Having a bleed week? $20 for a pack of 24 pads.

  3. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Bringing back the government cheese….

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      and powered milk…

    • Posted by lace mart, at Reply

      Canned pork 🤢

    • Posted by Capricorn queen, at Reply

      rocky19421 exactly

    • Posted by Joy Brautigam, at Reply

      Velveeta and spam for trump supporters

    • Posted by Donna Bennett, at Reply

      rocky19421 They all really have for real

  4. Posted by Andrew McFarland, at Reply

    Scrooge is alive and well and living in America, as a Republican congressman, senator and President!!

  5. Posted by Tony Tam, at Reply

    Bye bye republicans your done

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      nah white people are racist and will always vote republikkkan.

    • Posted by TheRetiredtrucker, at Reply

      LOL You guys said that on Nov 7 2016 too

    • Posted by Σοφία, at Reply

      hey dumbfuck, this affects white people the most since more whites are on food stamps than others.

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      they don’t care, those whites vote for white supremacy over their own personal interests.

  6. Posted by Namaste Om, at Reply

    lotsa gmo’s, preservatives, and un-sellable crap no doubt. agenda 21 kill the poor

    • Posted by Dielonthug, at Reply

      Namaste Om gmos lol

    • Posted by Omar Marquez, at Reply

      That was my first thought. People need to learn the art of fasting. Do not eat anything until you have access to real food. Go for a day or two if you have to, skip the garbage fake food.

    • Posted by Dielonthug, at Reply

      Namaste Om gmos are not bad for you. That’s been debunked.

  7. Posted by kpop lover, at Reply

    Many trumpists do recieve food stamps😂

    • Posted by M J, at Reply

      kpop lover exactly

    • Posted by Jrsydvl, at Reply

      kpop lover But when they go out in public, they can pretend they don’t need it.

  8. Posted by George Golden, at Reply

    Trump is just pure evil

    • Posted by madPaulX, at Reply

      Shut up you establishment puppet!

    • Posted by madPaulX, at Reply

      Anthony Garcia you sad piece of filth!

    • Posted by Mr. TIME BOMB!, at Reply

      George Golden Trump is just an extension of other monsters in the Republican party Paul Ryan Mitch McConnel Mike Pence Ted Cruz and many many more

    • Posted by NaturalHI, at Reply

      Mr. TIME BOMB! – Well said.

  9. Posted by Student Loans Are Cool, at Reply

    Trump needs to be replaced

    • Posted by Christopher Dove, at Reply

      “Blatant evil cheato”

    • Posted by Lior Holtslag, at Reply

      choiboi2 he had the lowest approval rating last election and got elected

    • Posted by SpinningSideKick9000, at Reply

      The minority DID pick the president. He didn’t even get the majority of votes.

    • Posted by gumptown7414, at Reply

      Student Loans Are Cool you surely don’t want Pence trust me.

  10. Posted by Steve Hirsch, at Reply

    Just the millions of meals that never made it too Puerto Rico… Bad idea… $90 worth of food might last a week if your living off Top Ramen…

    • Posted by TheRetiredtrucker, at Reply

      It is a supplemental program, food stamps were never intended to cover 100% of food costs

    • Posted by Gabriel Savin, at Reply

      You mean the island that suffered a hurricane, was flooded, and 90 percent of roads were unusable?

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      if you eat 90 dollars of top ramen in a week you have serious issues. 90 dollars worth of top raman should last a person at least two or three months.

  11. Posted by James O'Brien, at Reply

    Can’t wait for Trump to say nobody knew food distribution was so complicated.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Amazon to the rescue. The only way to make money off the poor, is to get the Government to pay you to help them. Since the poor will always be with us . . .

    • Posted by Magdalena Castillo, at Reply


  12. Posted by Alan Heath, at Reply

    Wouldn’t giving food be much more expensive to administer? I agree with the idea on nutrition though. Can stamps be used for anything edible?

    • Posted by Christine S, at Reply

      Alan Heath – shelf stable things last longer. What happens when single moms ability to feed her children when she loses her lights 3 days before payday and a months worth of perishables spoil?

    • Posted by Christine S, at Reply

      Troy Goldberg – Farmers markets, if they have one in your area, often take food stamps

    • Posted by Christine S, at Reply

      Missy Rose – 100% agree on the canned fruit and vegtables. Possibly an exception for apple sauce which can be unsweetened.
      I like the idea of providing a box of healthy pantry staples. Beans, brown rice, whole grain pastas would be incredibly useful in almost every household. But they would need to include recipes. I don’t think many people know how to deal with dried legumes anymore.

    • Posted by X Marks, at Reply

      TheRetiredtrucker there are people that drive drunk, so don’t sell private cars anymore instead make everyone ride public buses.

    • Posted by X Marks, at Reply

      Alan Heath FYI, postal stamps are not edible and you cannot buy food with them.

  13. Posted by J Purple, at Reply

    He just wanna give government Money to his Friends as suppliers of the food he wants

  14. Posted by Roedy Green, at Reply

    This makes no sense. Consider a box of cereal. Most people don’t like most of the brands stocked in stores. They will be stuck with the brand chosen by a corrupt congressman. This is very meddlesome. The government is telling everyone exactly what to eat.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      the government is not telling you what to eat they are offering limited options. you do not have to take the box of FREE food.

  15. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    Rich people making decisions for the poor. What a joke. A person who owns a yacht or take yacht trips have no clue how hard it is to buy $100 worth of groceries.

    • Posted by asian1erTheDestroyer, at Reply

      Richard Reyes can’t wait till you’re on the other side of the wall lol. Keep watching your propaganda msm bs lol

    • Posted by Richard Reyes, at Reply

      asian1erTheDestroyer I’m a citizen you sad little racist, born and raised, Glad you saw my last name tho kinda brings out true colors n such, a plus of being a citizen from birth I’ve come to understand the liberties and institutions america was founded on, something you may want to look into. Fyi ironically your youtube name is Asian 1 “the destroyer” were you born here as well to be speaking to me in regards of immagration and a wall? propaganda is called news and again it’s supported by facts, you should check it out sometime ; )

    • Posted by asian1erTheDestroyer, at Reply

      Richard Reyes lol news is a little bit of truth with lies built around it so you sheeples will believe it lol.

    • Posted by marshall mcphink, at Reply

      Piromyśl Is that why sweat shop kids at poor. I thought it was just because they weren’t working hard enough.

    • Posted by mitchell duchesne, at Reply

      @ Josh Porter, I was wondering if anyone was going to mention this. the dog whistle racism is strong here. Lots of whites think this will only hurt the blacks and Hispanics. really though. it will mostly hurt poor whites in the southern Red states, Republican voters.

  16. Posted by NerdyChat, at Reply

    Dietary constrictions make this near impossible to do. People can be allergic to all sorts of things. My friend is allergic to peaches, I’m allergic to pineapple, another friend can’t eat grapes. I have clients that can’t eat red meat or diary or pork. There are too many complications. And that isn’t even debating whether or not the government should decide what people eat.

    • Posted by Dawn's Beauty For All, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 “I own the company” translates to unemployed loser who’s jealous of workers getting free food. Moron.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Dawn’s Beauty For All I’ve never been on assistance, even I was poor in Detroit and could get it. I can take care of myself. You libs would feel better about yourselves if you’d try it.

    • Posted by Shad Ara, at Reply

      NerdyChat by your post, you have assumption that the government actually gives a damn about a poor person, they don’t. This is The way that the government has been treating indigenous people for centuries.

    • Posted by Shyan Marie, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 I work unlike you. I can afford my own food unlike you. And wow, what a story change! You went from ‘two jobs’ to ‘owning a company’. Must be because you’re bullshitting.

    • Posted by Jeff me, at Reply

      The food stamp system is entirely broken too though. I agree this food box program is incredibly stupid, but something like coupons is not, and is already used for wick. I have been on food stamps, and relied on other programs especially the churches that offer meals and etc. As a tax payer now, I can’t help but gringe when I see people on food stamps either eating better than me, or worse yet wasting my tax dollars on chips, soda and other BS. Welfare is a joke as well, give them jobs to do, there is no reason 90% of these people can’t be given a job such as picking up garbage, or even sitting at home with a government given PC and enter information into a system.

  17. Posted by Marcus lewis, at Reply

    The government could not even get food to Puerto rico.