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Trump Won, So Fired Racist Official Gets Her Job Back


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A West Virginia official was fired for calling Michelle Obama an “ape in heels.” Now she’s getting her job back. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"The director of a state and federal-funded nonprofit in West Virginia will return to work after she was temporarily removed from her job for calling first lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels,” the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported.

Following Donald Trump’s presidential victory, Clay County Development Corp. Director Pamela Ramsey Taylor posted to Facebook, “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Rather than condemn Taylor’s racist comment, Clay Mayor Beverly Whaling replied, “Just made my day Pam.” Whaling later stepped down from her post.

Meanwhile, Taylor deleted her comment and seemed to deactivate her Facebook account after gaining widespread attention. But screenshots of the post continued to circulate.”*

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  1. Posted by Krisha, at Reply

    Trump will soon legalize Incest

    • Posted by Niklaus Fletcher, at Reply

      Krisha incest is illigal? Excuse me for a sec i need to go break up with my

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Back up your assertion with Trump’s detailed plan.
      –Do it and be vindicated.
      –Do it not and remain the eternal buffoon.

    • Posted by Maria Valkyrie, at Reply

      He isnt going to wait for an official ruling.

  2. Posted by Eugene Sidebottom III, at Reply

    Surely she should never be allowed to work again. We shouldn’t let this
    stuff go unchecked.

    • Posted by Donaldthustra, at Reply

      +Leah Williams Do you realize that you are advocating punishing people for
      thought crimes?

    • Posted by Jordan Ricketts, at Reply

      She is deemed wrong and a threat to society for her ideas and thoughts, it
      is a crime to think like her and she must be removed from our land, along
      with anyone perceived to think like her in any way.

    • Posted by Terrence Anglin, at Reply

      Donaldthustra….a crime is a crime and people have been killed for less

    • Posted by Terrence Anglin, at Reply

      KuopioKallavesi…yes it does…if your opinion is blks are criminals (for
      instance) you will always treat them like criminals…so you can still work
      but not helping people

    • Posted by Jaywalk 2020, at Reply

      That’s going too far along the lines of Trump. West Virginia can make its
      own choices just like every other state.

  3. Posted by Walt Thomas, at Reply

    It’s West Virginia. What did you expect?

    • Posted by Mc Daniels, at Reply

      Yes indeed, I think 99.9999% of whoever hears this would agree. Of course
      its that 1/1000th of people who would think she looks like an ape. Those
      1/1000th are all the people at an opticians office today.

    • Posted by bret mayer, at Reply

      KeepItReal long not log

    • Posted by bret mayer, at Reply

      bone is white blood is red,all the same family

  4. Posted by Tacet the Terror, at Reply

    All the racists are coming out of the closet. xD

    • Posted by Robe Spier, at Reply

      +marcus howard so why antiracist get butthurt about them? you’re the one
      insecure and worthless, that’s why racism hurt you

    • Posted by Boxy Brown, at Reply

      +Robe Spier Haha, nice attempt at a complete sentence there champ.

    • Posted by Mc Daniels, at Reply

      After this last election it was clear to see the closet is huuuuuggge!

  5. Posted by Golly Po, at Reply

    The irony of sasquatch woman calling anyone an ape in heels is delicious.

    • Posted by Ash Phillips, at Reply

      Golly Po and she cannot grammar like most inbred racist white cunts. Always
      jealous of us.

    • Posted by Golly Po, at Reply

      +sumper man
      lol she really does!

    • Posted by Walter Carter, at Reply

      Ursula from the little mermaid

    • Posted by I Ko, at Reply

      Walter Carter You nailed it!

  6. Posted by Walt Thomas, at Reply

    Whites kill me referring to blacks as apes/monkeys. Apes have straight
    hair, light eyes, thin lips and the males have small dicks. Now, you tell
    me who that sounds like.

    • Posted by jihein87, at Reply

      lol @ No one.. like 2 Chainz would say…” True”!

    • Posted by mac dee, at Reply

      +Heinz Arsch​ Yes u can sir while that Troll watches miserably from the
      side lines mauhahaha

  7. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    Pamela has the nerve to call Michelle an ape? She needs to take a look in
    the mirror I almost puked when I saw her face.

    • Posted by White on White Crime, at Reply

      gangstervural Sorry to burst your bubble but hu(e)-man’s are NOT white
      people, they are black! Hue is color, beings are man….human! Secondly,
      white people have rhesus monkey DNA, neanderthal DNA and are closely
      related to apes NOT BLACK people!! You see when you lack education and
      knowledge you tend to sound,as idiotic as yourself but more importantly you
      sound jealous and full of envy!! Thank the Most High I don’t need sun block
      to enjoy a nice sunny day nor am I biologically and genetically

    • Posted by Gabriel Swee, at Reply

    • Posted by marcus howard, at Reply

      Robert House agreed

    • Posted by Rodney McKay, at Reply

      Robert House. I thought she was running Hazard County trying to catch them
      Duke boys.

    • Posted by Orphan BlackOps, at Reply

      Robert House I did puke but afterward somehow had a craving for a pork

  8. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    They hate Michelle because she had the audacity to care about children.
    Remember, children are just moochers to republicans, but fetuses matter.

    • Posted by bkjay08, at Reply

      She voted for Trump how is she a Democrat?

    • Posted by Mimi Woodrum, at Reply

      LincDN , NAILED IT!!!

  9. Posted by Kal Sizzle, at Reply

    Who is this woman to call anyone an ape? she literally looks like a hog

    • Posted by Mc Daniels, at Reply

      or a pit bull with lipstick (like Sarah Palin)

    • Posted by lcastillotx, at Reply

      Kal Sizzle hopefully her teeth fall off with all that Mountain Dew they
      drink in them there part of the country

    • Posted by MajorKeys, at Reply

      This is what racism is all about, really. People feeling so insecure about
      themselves that the only superiority card they can play is their race and
      depend on it to get jobs and money.

  10. Posted by stupidkitty84, at Reply

    This woman looks like Shrek’s wife, who is she kidding? They must’ve banned
    mirrors in WV. 😂

    • Posted by Simran Simran, at Reply

      stupidkitty84 Take that back! Fiona was beautiful!

    • Posted by Bigahk, at Reply

      stupidkitty84 she looks like something off the hills have eyes

    • Posted by William Muyphy, at Reply

      Bigahk lmaoooooooo

    • Posted by marcus howard, at Reply

      stupidkitty84 lmao

    • Posted by Michelle, at Reply

      stupidkitty84 Facts!!!!! Lol

  11. Posted by Luis Torres, at Reply

    if Michelle is an ape on heels, is pamela a hippo with lipstick?..🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Posted by Logan Wright, at Reply

      Luis Torres She’s probably one of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever seen.
      Confirmed West Virginia swamp spawn

    • Posted by christopher tracy, at Reply

      Eliza M. nope, Miss Piggy is way better looking.

    • Posted by Boxy Brown, at Reply

      More like fat racist bitchy trash with lipstick.

    • Posted by jihein87, at Reply

      No.. she is just a Pig with lipstick..

  12. Posted by michael castner, at Reply

    See?Trump is bringing jobs back.

    • Posted by Paul, at Reply


    • Posted by Revan, at Reply

      believe me, tremendous!

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      trump had nothing to do with getting her job back. TYTards grasping at

  13. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    When you cross time zone boundaries, you adjust your clock by an hour. When
    you cross West Virginia borders, you adjust your calendar by two hundred

    • Posted by Ollie, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog This is so true xD

    • Posted by loki2240, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog – I know you’re joking, but some people don’t realize that
      people like this are all over this country.

    • Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply

      That pretty much applies to most places where people sound like a twanging
      banjo mixed with a mouth harp when they speak.

    • Posted by Mimi Woodrum, at Reply

      Coos Oorlog , speak it!!

  14. Posted by xithappens, at Reply

    Hillary was right about the basket of deplorable after all.

    • Posted by xithappens, at Reply

      So between 7 and 9 percent of the country’s population could be labeled as
      deplorable? Again, those numbers seem aligned with what we’re seeing. Thank
      you for the help.

  15. Posted by Passions Star, at Reply

    Unfortunately, racism is on the rise.

    • Posted by Colin, at Reply

      +NinjaRider777R I never said it wasn’t legal. A hate crime is different
      than hate speech.

    • Posted by The End Begins, at Reply

      Its exactly as it always has been they just feel emboldened.

    • Posted by NinjaRider777R, at Reply

      The statistics that track hate crimes only track a small part of racist
      activities, they do NOT track racism itself, which is basically what you
      claimed the FBI did.

    • Posted by Proud IrishAmerican, at Reply

      Trump’s a Racist who has renormalized Racism amongst the poorly educated!

      He loves the Poorly Educated, they elected him!

    • Posted by NinjaRider777R, at Reply

      +Proud IrishAmerican
      Try doing some actual research instead of puking out libtard talking points
      that were force-fed to you by CNN’s lies.

  16. Posted by Michael Foley, at Reply

    a vast vast majority of men would choose to date/sleep with Michelle if
    given a choice between the two

    • Posted by Arya Bhatt, at Reply

      +Aviri Char If you say so….Who is standing in the mirror? Why do I need
      to change him?

    • Posted by Aviri Char, at Reply

      ^doesn’t know how mirrors work? wtaf?

    • Posted by Aviri Char, at Reply

      +Lannister Power what? are you often confused between the subject and
      object and other parts of speech? third grade called and wants its remedial
      student back

    • Posted by Aviri Char, at Reply

      who dah fug lets all these <12yo's on the friggin Intertubes... srsly,
      parents, chain up ya dam children