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Trump’s Black Unemployment Bragging Backfires BIGLY


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New labor statistics show the Trump Impact kicking in. Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, as well as Simone Boyce, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. This clip is given you by Desire and also

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" Throughout his State of the Union address Tuesday Head of state Donald Trump repeated a familiar brag that joblessness amongst black Americans is down under his management. New labor data released Friday, however, show it gets on the increase once more.

" African-American unemployment stands at the lowest price ever tape-recorded," Trump claimed to loud praise throughout the joint session of Congress early this week, calling it "something I'm extremely pleased with."
During December, the unemployment price of the team defined by the Bureau of Labor Stats as "Black and African-American" stood at 6.8 percent. "I am so happy concerning this Information!" Trump tweeted on January 6, pointing out it was "the lowest price in 45 years."" *.

Hosts: Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, Simone Boyce.

Cast: Brett Erlich, Francesca Fiorentini, Simone Boyce.


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  1. Posted by Vivian Pough, at Reply

    The stock market is going down, and black unemployment will go up. Trump’s economy is imploding.

    • Posted by Daniel W, at Reply

      Just like you said the economy would crash as soon as trump took office?

    • Posted by Titus0215, at Reply

      jack johnson lmao

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Daniel W now you are making crap up

    • Posted by Suhel Pa, at Reply

      Alexander Gonzalez when u have people shortage the pay will go up

    • Posted by Daniel W, at Reply

      How am I making it up? So many libtards and economists said the economy would tank with a trump presidency.

  2. Posted by sisterinlaw Inlaw, at Reply

    Ever recorded. Buffoon exaggerates everything except of the size of his hand!

    • Posted by Scorpio81, at Reply

      Can I measure your hand?

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      Aries you watch fox.

    • Posted by Xenu#Scientology, at Reply

      Noiseless Sounds fox is great man you get weeded out and watch bs spilling all over you.

  3. Posted by Daphene White, at Reply

    WOW…LOL….LOL…..LOL…..but…but…but he just fired Omarosa Manigault the ONLY black person on his staff. That would be like a 100% increase in UNEMPLOYMENT for blacks in the Administration….roflmo. But it was all Omarosa fault that Black women help push Doug Jones over the top in the Alabama Election. Go on my sistahs, you made me proud.

    • Posted by Desecration, at Reply

      “Ben Carson is black…” This is still being debated for coming 2018 Race Delegation.

    • Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

      The Black Delegation respectfully declines Ben Carsons membership.

    • Posted by D OnDeck, at Reply

      Daphene White There are other black people on his staff other than Ben Carson, do some research so you can be smarter and say smarter things.

    • Posted by Titus0215, at Reply

      Ben Carson thinks he’s a dark skin white….

    • Posted by Varekai Ascendant, at Reply

      Ben Carson’s IQ is higher than Donald’s, Gee that’s really sad…….Both men are idiots.

  4. Posted by Jared B, at Reply

    This is the problem (not black employment but the economy in general): republicans wreck the economy but it takes years for it to wreck. So Americans elect democrats who then fix the problem, but it takes years to fix, so they start turning on the Democrats and re-elect Republicans (further slowing recovery). The economy gets back on track just in time for the Republicans to get back into office (only to wreck it again with their backwards policies), then the Democrats have to deal with a down economy and can’t do all of the things that we’d actually like to get done…and the cycle continues. This cycle has been going on since Clinton.

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply


    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      BlueBell22 YOU don’t understand anything if you can’t look at MESS BUSH LEFT

    • Posted by Mary Sharkey, at Reply

      BlueBell22, we need to understand the econemy better to what end? To see why these patterns are true? I’m not being facetious here and I don’t understand the econemy very much, but the main comment in this thread certainly seems to point to a consistent pattern.

    • Posted by Chris Sproles, at Reply

      unbiased mine lost under obummer but is going up now, also 401k thru the roof.. So gfys

    • Posted by Proud IrishAmerican, at Reply

      Jared B 100% Correct! Bill Clinton is a Genius who completes the New York Times Crossword in 20 mins while taking phone calls!
      Trump is a barely literate lifelong fraudster and Casino Bankrupter!
      We created 24 Million Jobs during the Clinton administration!
      Bill and Hillary was the 2 for 1 offer of a lifetime Compared to Trump and Putin KILLING AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!

  5. Posted by Joe Denson, at Reply

    Hilarious. Shut black people out of jobs, deny the ones who lost jobs unemployment so that you can say “see their unemployment claims are down”, then when they turn to entrepreneurship take credit for that and say, “see I created jobs for them.” GTFOH lol. We aren’t buying.

    • Posted by jayden patriot truther wadsworth, at Reply

      Kayla Farnum yeah Kayla it is amazing. Poor foolish people

    • Posted by The Hypnotoad, at Reply

      Abber Dabber , if trump cured cancer he’d give it to the elite, free and triple charge the poor!

    • Posted by Caroline Beltran, at Reply

      Nicole, better economy & more jobs = better opportunities for everyone including blacks. Child porn was not found on Trump’s computer, unlike Anthony Weiner (D).

    • Posted by AwesomeBlackDude, at Reply

      Abber Dabbed is there any chance I can remove you from the conversation?

  6. Posted by Phoenix540, at Reply

    The momentum of Obama is starting to taper off, NOW we see Trumps statistics.

    • Posted by jufulu, at Reply

      +NearEDGE Yes we do know how to read graphs and yes, spikes are normal. However, the last spike was in relation to tRump’s statement and the time period enclosed in his term of office. The point, for those who can’t put it together themselves, actually watch the video.

  7. Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

    Say what you want about Trump, but the lowest record black unemployment did happen under his presidency.

    • Posted by Darrell Pickett, at Reply


      Poppycock! Name one thing Tweety Trump has done that increased the hiring of black who are often last hired first fired😈😈😈

    • Posted by lolfeg, at Reply

      Darrell Pickett
      Empowering American businesses by massive deregulations has led to the creation of jobs

    • Posted by Titus0215, at Reply

      The lowest black unemployment happened when I turned 33 I need some credit as well for black unemployment…

    • Posted by Kaiya 。。, at Reply

      he took credit for it despite doing absolutely nothing. it was already on a steady decrease.

  8. Posted by love black, at Reply

    Reading is important , rather then listening to someone on a power trip

  9. Posted by NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia, at Reply

    No one talking about what happened to the Stock market?? today.

    • Posted by CJCryer Buzz, at Reply

      NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia Fox News won’t be until they find a way to blame Obama.

    • Posted by Scorpio81, at Reply

      CJCryer Buzz What makes Obama so great to you?

  10. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Let’s not forget that Trump actually endorsed a slavery apologist in Alabama.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      chairman lmao what’s wrong with abortion? your mother should have taken advantage of that

    • Posted by jayden patriot truther wadsworth, at Reply

      As a black man from flint Michigan I’m here to tell you that the only people who believe trump is racist is stupid white people

    • Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

      chairman lmao You don’t know what that word means. And so what if he got that Ellis Island award in the past? Right now he has shown clear signs of racism that you’d have to be an idiot to not notice.

    • Posted by Kayla Farnum, at Reply

      jayden patriot truther wadsworth yes I am from Flint too. I’m on the north wby? Isn’t it great seeing the industrial section of the city come back to life? Money back into the community. Praise Trump

  11. Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

    Please be quiet TYT. Unca Donald is living in a nice place where reality is not welcome. You keep stirring him up with all the stupid things he does. Donny can’t stand that and lashes out. Just give him his dose of Barbituates and let him rest all Day.

    • Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

      Ste H, How much can the Ginger Ninja stand. As you know, the old fellow is over the hill. Great comment though.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

      You need a Psychology report on your brain function little one. Leave your pee-pee alone and stop licking it.

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


    • Posted by riplstrip, at Reply

      Hey, what old Chap, Has your fingers run away with your Neuron Old Chap? A friggen Pommie that has nothing better to do than whine. F*ck you and the crew that ride you.

  12. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    Damn libs. Trying to take credit away from trump. Everyone knows trump was the one that freed the slaves. Duuuhhh!!!

    • Posted by D OnDeck, at Reply

      onlyhalfbad333 I was waiting for them to blame chattel slavery on Trump, considering racism didn’t exist until he took office.

    • Posted by aibousephira, at Reply

      This scares me cause these days I don’t know if this is just a joke or a trump supporter who actually believes this.

    • Posted by Stylez Beast Mode, at Reply

      only half bad 333 lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Posted by david smith, at Reply

    The stock market down lower than 2 yrs… I’m waiting for the it’s Obama’s fault tweet or speech

    • Posted by D OnDeck, at Reply

      You wouldn’t know what the deep state is if it smacked you in the face. Keep thinking things don’t exist that really do.

    • Posted by GreatSpiritAyraMaxwell, at Reply

      @The White Race Is Cancer To The World Autistics are actually highly intelligent. I should know since *I* am autistic. I wish people would stop using autism to insult someone who is stupid.

    • Posted by GreatSpiritAyraMaxwell, at Reply

      @Aries Do you think you can turn off the Caps Lock? I think people would take you more seriously if you didn’t talk in all caps.

  14. Posted by G Jones8, at Reply

    I asked somebody to name one policy earlier. They couldn’t answer bc he did NOTHING!!!

    • Posted by Elizabeth Schäfer, at Reply

      G Jones8 lol same. The person got really pissed off too lolll

    • Posted by imharbinger, at Reply

      how about getting rid of tpp.i know even liberals love that. tax cut is another.

  15. Posted by Leigh Hodorek, at Reply

    A jump in unemployment that high AND an almost 700 point loss on the Dow in one day?

    SOTU victory lap is looking a tad premature…
    those tax cuts are working out great, eh, Donnie!!!
    Strap in folks, we’re in for a sharp dive into recession…

  16. Posted by Alloment Proof, at Reply

    TYT = FAKE NEWS. Businesses employ extra seasonal workers during the holiday period and let them go in January. look at the graph from the article there is a spike just before january on every single year of that graph. The difference here however is that the last month i.e. January 2018 is still ascending. Ergo, TYT is fake news.

    • Posted by Shamus McFly, at Reply

      Dfree1014 it is true there is usually a spike in unemployment following Christmas. It is observable in all Christian countries. In china it can be observed after their new year celebrations. Think about the retail sales after peak holiday season. There is only one year in that graph where unemployment did not spike, I don’t know what is special bout that year.

    • Posted by Dfree1014, at Reply

      Shamus McFly yes your right there is a spike after every holiday…unemployment goes up about 0.2% – 0.4% in January for the past years…but this year unemployment went up 1%, making it the largest unemployment spike for January in years

    • Posted by Shamus McFly, at Reply

      Dfree1014 so let’s see where it settles next month before making the claims that TYT are making. Let’s also look at a graph that covers more years. To me 1% is not much and might even be within the margin of errorof the data. Keep in mind USA had some natural disasters recently. Peurto rico needs to be entirely rebuilt which should boost employment. There were fires in California and I think it was Texas that had a bad storm. All these events could effect that 1% rise and will create a fall once infrastructure is ready for building contractors to move in.

    • Posted by Raymond Minton, at Reply

      Alloment Proof Donald Trump is a fake president. His followers are idiots!

  17. Posted by lovemoviesful2, at Reply

    Stocks dropped…waiting for Trump and trumptards to blame Obama and “but…Obama” and “but…Hillary”. Somehow they will blame Hillary too. LOL!

    • Posted by abprepboy33, at Reply

      ummmmm 401ks are still way up

  18. Posted by Stacey Story, at Reply


  19. Posted by 44th, at Reply

    So am I supposed to disregard his racism because he gave me a job?

    • Posted by abprepboy33, at Reply

      gave you a job, blew your 401k up by 30%, gave everyone you know jobs…… dont disregard racism but consider the entire package. Do a few racist comments by someone you dont personally know negatively impact your life more than having a job, having more money, more opportunities positively impact the quality of your life?

  20. Posted by Franktional, at Reply

    Pardon my question here but did these hosts mention why the unemployment is down? They criticized Trump for not making policies to help them but gave no reason as to why the rate has dropped. Is it just a coincidence? Is it racism? (doubtful) What’s the cause?

    • Posted by CTdrowning, at Reply

      Anthony Kirkwood of course it isn’t fair. Life isn’t fair.

    • Posted by CTdrowning, at Reply

      Avnit Ram systemic oppression against minorities doesn’t exist. I took those liberal classes when I was in school. Then realized I was lied to when I entered the workforce and the real world.

    • Posted by CTdrowning, at Reply

      Avnit Ram rates of incarceration are due to high rates of crime. Not racism. If one race commits more crime then they will have more people locked up. Very simple. It is culture not racism.

      In fact Ben Shapiro had this debate and left his opponents embarrassed and speechless.